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View details Tolpuddle Coal Valley Pinot Noir 2015
$ 74.99 Tolpuddle Coal Valley Pinot Noir 2015
PinotNoir / Coal River / Tasmania
By those wonderful folks who bring us Shaw & Smith, Tolpuddle was planted to vine in 1988, on a highly precious site along Back Tea Tree Road, just outside Hobart. The inaugural vintage claimed Tasmanian Vineyard of Year in 2006, Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith acquired the property in 2011, with a view to elevating the excruciatingly limited release Tolpuddle wines to the status of a national Grand Cru. A singular experience in new world Pinot Noir, Tolpuddle unravels endless layers of pastoral complexity, powerfully structured yet elegant, immaculate and poised.
View details Tigress Sparkling Rose N.V
$ 25.99 Tigress Sparkling Rose N.V
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir Chardonnay / Tasmania / Tasmania
A bolder style of sparkling Rose, offering some serious complexity and varietal trademarks, bound together by a a semi-dry, and finely beaded creamy mouthfeel. Tigress are fresh and crisp, early drinking wines that aim to present the unique regionality of Tasmania. Fruit for the Tigress Rose is sourced from vineyards across the island, taking advantage of diverse viticultural conditions. A rich pink wine that's predominantly Pinot Noir, the Bay of Fires displays complex aged characters to complement its fine tannin structure.
View details Tigress Sauvignon Blanc 2007
$ 25.99 Tigress Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / Pipers Brook Rokeby Tamar / Tasmania
Tigress is the second tier of wines produced by Bay of Fires Winery. 100% Tasmanian, the wines in the range are fresh, crisp, early drinking wines that aim to capture a sense of place; the true essence of Tasmania. As with the Bay of Fires range, fruit for Tigress is sourced across Tasmania, taking advantage of diverse viticultural conditions and enabling the selection of only the most premium parcels from each region. An intensely aromatic wine with a juicy, refreshing palate offering lingering herbal gooseberry fruit flavours.
View details Tigress Pinot Chardonnay N.V
$ 25.99 Tigress Pinot Chardonnay N.V
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Tamar & Coal Rivers / Tasmania
The retinue of rich soils and microclimates along the length and breadth of the Tamar and Coal Rivers yield superlative Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. The Tigress beams with lifted, aromatic fresh peach and nectarine characters, a golden, buttery mousse and generous structure with vibrant citrus at the finish. The finest parcels of fruit have been brought together, treated to Methode Traditionelle, embellished by a small amount of reserve wine and finished with a tirage of liqueur doseage to achieve a well defined sparkling wine with vigour and panache.
View details Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2015
$ 19.99 Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Tamar River / Tasmania
A crisp, fruit forward style from Sauvignon Blanc harvested off the estate Whitehills vineyard in Tamar Valley. Tamar Ridge have been recognized for the quality of their cool climate wines, the exclusive site enjoys pure water and clean air, well drained heavy soils and effective windbreaks. The weight of flavour, perfect balance and refined complexity makes this an engaging foodie's wine, very ready to enjoy today alongside your favourite faire.
View details Tamar Ridge Kayena Riesling 2015
$ 19.99 Tamar Ridge Kayena Riesling 2015
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Tamar River / Tasmania
An exclusively estate grown Riesling wine, from the superlative Kayena Vineyard on the banks of West Tamar and estate vineyards further afield along the apple isle's east coast. Exhibiting great purity of fruit character, an identifiably Tasmanian regionality and refreshing acidity that's a hallmark of the finest cool climate wines. Kayena Vineyard is drinking beautifully alongside prawns, scallops and whiting, a wonderful Tasmainan Riesling which would pair very well alongside traditional French inspired seafood recipes.
View details Tamar Ridge Kayena Pinot Noir 2013
$ 24.99 Tamar Ridge Kayena Pinot Noir 2013
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Tamar River / Tasmania
Kayena Vineyard makes a big, generous style of Pinot Noir, unique for it's power and weight to match game recipes as strong as heavily sauced garlic and rosemary lamb. A good balance of ripe fruit, tannin astringency and cleansing acids persist, thoroughly enjoyable right now. The aim has been to achieve an elegant and complex expression of terroir, a blend of several clones is called upon to weave a fine, textural style. Maturation in French oak barriques is showing through with subtle spiciness and just a little extra grip on the palate without dominating.
View details Tamar Ridge Kayena Pinot Gris 2015
$ 22.99 Tamar Ridge Kayena Pinot Gris 2015
Available by the dozen
PinotGris Grigio / Tamar River / Tasmania
Located on the western banks of Tamar River, forty kilometres north of Launceston, choice blocks of the Kayena Vineyard are planted to unique clones of Pinot Gris. The site yields fruit of spectacular varietal definition, great purity and refreshing acidity, all are hallmarks of a truly profound cool climate wine. The weight and flavour intensity of this elite vineyard Pinot Gris make it suitable to serve with quite richly flavoured dishes, including veal, turkey or pork.
View details Stoney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
$ 32.99 Stoney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot CabernetFranc PetitVerdot / Coal River / Tasmania
The topical Medoc cépage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot, artisanaly fashioned into a statuesque Bordeaux style. The exemplary efforts of Domaine A are Langtons listed, have received great adulation from the industry press and claimed prestigious wine show competition awards. Cabernet of the highest order, her tannins are fine but firm, striking the balance between power and grace, before an immeasurably long finish. Stoney Vineyard exhibits an elegance rarely found amongst her mainland siblings.
View details Stoney Rise Pinot Noir 2015
$ 27.99 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir 2015
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Tamar / Tasmania
Stoney Rise is all about drinkability, the creation of complex, fully approachable food friendly wines, without any excessive oak or overripeness. Pinot Noir goes into the oldest barrels available to soften the tannins and refine textures without overpowering the sensual fruit characters. Stoney Rise vineyard in the Tamar Valley is planted to a meagre three hectares of Pinot Noir, yielding trophy winning wines and attracting high praises since inaugural release, by virtue of a passion for growing grapes and penchant for Pinot Noir in the European tradition.
View details Stefano Lubiana Primavera Pinot Noir 2016
$ 33.99 Stefano Lubiana Primavera Pinot Noir 2016
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Derwent / Tasmania
Stefano Lubiana believes that every sip of wine should tell you a story, like a movie or good book. It should have a beginning, a middle and an end, one that builds gradually to sustain a high level of satisfaction and enjoyment. Truly great vineyards manage to tell a compelling story almost every year. Lubiana experiments with wild or cultured yeasts and uses whole bunch fermentation where appropriate to create remarkable wines. Primavera gets better every year, ten months in oak has trimmed and shaped it nicely, go pink with lamb or rare tuna.
View details Spring Vale Melrose Pinot Noir 2016
$ 22.99 Spring Vale Melrose Pinot Noir 2016
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir PinotMeunier / East Coast / Tasmania
Sourced almost entirely off an exciting new vineyard on Tasmania's beatified east coast, a small parcel of wild fermented Pinot Meunier is included for elegance and complexity. Eight different clones are individually husbanded to provide a cornucoppia of flavour and tannin profiles. Melrose has been fashioned to a lighter styling, similar to a well structured Beaujolais Grand Cru, with delicacy and sweet fruit being the key features. An engaging Pinot wine exuding freshly picked strawberry and raspberry fragrances, enhanced by a subtle treatment of fine French oak.
View details Spring Vale Estate Pinot Noir 2014
$ 39.99 Spring Vale Estate Pinot Noir 2014
Available in cartons of 6
PinotNoir / East Coast / Tasmania
William Lyne arrived in Van Diemen's Land on October of 1826. His descendants established Spring Vale in 1875 and have pursued farming ventures in this beautiful area of Tasmania's east coast ever since. Rodney and Lyn Lyne planted 6.6 hectares of vine at Spring Vale, principally Pinot Noir in 1986. Further plantings were made in the following years, more Pinot Noir and more Pinot Noir again, with a splash of Pinot Meunier for variety. Today, Spring Vale can lay claim to the most coveted editions of Van Diemen's Land Pinot Noir.
View details Pressing Matters R69 Riesling 2013
$ 27.99 Pressing Matters R69 Riesling 2013
Available in cartons of six
Riesling / Coal River / Tasmania
Greg Melick is Tasmania's most senior barrister, he carries rank in the Australian Reserves and nurtures a penchant for fine Burgundy. A consuming desire to make his own wine lead him to a northeasterly slope along Tasmania's Coal River, fourteen remarkable hectares of well drained viticulture which had previously been used for grazing. Yields are kept very low and Melick's Riesling wines are finished at four different levels of residual sugar, R69 being medium sweet, very much in the enduring style of the exuberant classics from Germany's Mosel River.
View details Pooles Rock Pinot Noir 2014
$ 32.99 Pooles Rock Pinot Noir 2014
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Poole’s Rock are crafted by the highly awarded Cockfighter's Ghost team, they know their work well and embrace the philosophy that great wines really are made in the vineyard. Not a bad effort for a Pinot Noir that's grown and vintaged in Tamar Valley but actually made at the Cockfighter's Ghost wineworks at Pokolbin in the heart of Hunter Valley. Established by a McQuarie banker who knows his wine, nothing short of the finest Pinot Noir has been sourced to be treated to an extravagant, no expense spared vinification.
View details Pirie Sparkling N.V
$ 31.99 Pirie Sparkling N.V
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeuniere / Tamar / Tasmania
As Australia's first PhD in viticulture, founder of Pipers Brook Vineyard and Pirie Estate, recipient of the Australia Medal for his services to Tasmanian tourism and wine, Andrew Pirie's contribution to the industry is almost without peer. Pirie Sparkling is the latest instalment of a project that began with the inaugural launch of 1995, it was received with immense international acclaim. Matthew Jukes declared it the greatest sparkling wine ever produced outside of Champagne! Pirie endures as of Australia's most eminent effervescent wines.
View details Pirie South Pinot Noir 2012
$ 21.99 Pirie South Pinot Noir 2012
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Established by Andrew Pirie AM, Australia's first PhD in viticulture, a man consumed by a passion to develop Tasmania into one of the truly great wine regions of the world. The Pirie vines are fortuitously planted along Tamar Valley, at latitudes very similar to Burgundy's Cote d'Or. Pinot Noir grown here has caused quite a sensation among international cognoscenti. Pirie South is about exploiting the quality and finesse of north Tasmania's fruit, to produce fresh, aromatic wines which drink beautifully while young and complement today's uber fresh styles of cuisine.
View details Pipers Brook Vineyard Riesling 2015
$ 26.99 Pipers Brook Vineyard Riesling 2015
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Pipers Brook, Tamar Valley / Tasmania
A fully engaging Riesling with alluring perfumes and elegant structure, from sites in the Pipers Brook and Tamar Valley of northeast Tasmania, an inspiring interpretation of the steely, complex wines of Alsace. The vineyards are vertically integrated through a rigorous regimen of site selection, viticultural development and management. This style of Riesling bridges the gap between the traditional Aussie which profers citrus, chalkiness and light oil, as opposed to their French counterparts which exude floral scents and offer refined palate structures.
View details Pipers Brook Vineyard Pinot Gris 2014
$ 26.99 Pipers Brook Vineyard Pinot Gris 2014
Available by the dozen
PinotGris / Pipers Brook & Tamar Valley / Tasmania
From vines planted in the 1990s, to estate vineyards in Tamar Valley and around Pipers Brook. The fully ripe expressions of West Tamar are balanced by the naturally high, flavoursome malic acidity derived from Pipers Brook, achieving a tight, refreshing and complex style. The vines are meticulously hand tended, maximizing exposure of the bunches to the sun, realizing harvests with the most intense flavours. A generously complex wine of remarkable intensity, courtesy of the natural skin tannins, so ideal with antipasto, oven roasted turkey or white game.
View details Pepper Tree Semillon Sauvignon 2015
$ 16.99 Pepper Tree Semillon Sauvignon 2015
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Hunter & Tamar Valley / NewSouthWales
A core of resplendent Hunter Valley Semillon with a slightly smaller portion of Orange grown fruit, assembled into a tightly integrated, stylish white of soft textures and crisp refreshing fruit. Pepper Tree is through and through, a Hunter Valley operation which postulates that grapes grown ouside of their locale should be explored. So what could be better than the elegance and finesse of Hunter Valley Semillon matched with a vibrantly aromatic and exhileratingly flavoured component of Sauvignon Blanc, picked off the splendid climes of the New South Wales highlands.
View details Ninth Island Sparkling N.V
$ 23.99 Ninth Island Sparkling N.V
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
Ninth Island embarked on an odyssey to create the nation's finest sparkling by choosing the perfect ground to plant vines. In the creation of a Pipers River Sparkling, Ninth Island have intentionally aimed for an easy drinking style. Pinot Meunier plays an important role in the approachability, acting as a flavour accelerator that gives bright fruit notes on the nose and also acts to flesh out the middle palate. All is beautifully balanced by engaging Chardonnay characters of citrus, mineral and honeycomb, finishing with crisp and lingering acidity.
View details Ninth Island Sauvignon Blanc 2017
$ 17.99 Ninth Island Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Pipers Brook & Tamar / Tasmania
Ninth Island, often shrouded by ocean mists, is plainly visible across the waters from the namesake vineyards in northern Tasmania. The region has won an international reputation for producing world class Sauvignon Blanc, characterized by fragrant herbaceousness and crisp, racy fruit flavours. The Ninth Island estate vineyards at Pipers Brook and Tamar Valley are blessed by almost perfect conditions for flowering and fruit set, very well positioned to yield Sauvignon Blanc of good structure and fine balance.
View details Ninth Island Riesling 2007
$ 19.99 Ninth Island Riesling 2007
Currently out of stock
Riesling / Pipers Brook & Tamar / Tasmania
This is like a young kid when allowed, finally, to speak at the table – bursting out with passionfruit, lime cordial, grape pulp, feijoa and cut grass. But it's not big, as such – just a riot of action. It's really well balanced, and a good-value drink.
View details Ninth Island Pinot Noir 2015
$ 17.99 Ninth Island Pinot Noir 2015
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Pipers Brook Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Pinot Noir grown to a mixture of black cracking clays, characteristic of Tamar Valley vineyards, a further component from the volcanic soils of Pipers River. Both these terroirs have an excellent water holding capacity, offering a steady supply of moisture and nourishment to the vines throughout the growing season. Intensely perfumed with distinctive soft velvety textures and rich fresh vibrant fruit, Ninth Island is a wine that captures your palate's attention, offering the most sensual Tasmanian summer berry characters, appealing tannins and excellent mouthfeel.
View details Ninth Island Pinot Grigio 2016
$ 16.99 Ninth Island Pinot Grigio 2016
Currently out of stock
PinotGris Grigio / Pipers Brook & Tamar / Tasmania
From superior, low yielding estate vineyards in the remarkable terroirs of Pipers Brook and Tamar Valley. Pinot Gris is a varietal which ripens quickly in all but the coolest of climes, it is very much at home in Tasmania. The fully ripe characters of West Tamar Pinot Gris are balanced by the naturally high and flavoursome malic acid of Pipers Brook fruit, contributing structure to a tight, refreshing and engaging, food friendly style. Good Grigio makes a perfect match with anything goats cheese, a bliss alongside abalone and truffle recipes.
View details Ninth Island Chardonnay 2016
$ 19.99 Ninth Island Chardonnay 2016
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Pipers Brook & Tamar / Tasmania
The main aim in crafting Ninth Island is to maximise the natural cool climate flavours and aromas of Chardonnay without the use of any oak. An assemblage of vineyards from the Tamar and Pipers River/ Pipers Brook regions which yield harvests of slowly ripened Chardonnay, paradoxically a normally quick to ripen varietal. There is extreme flavour accumulation and plenty of natural acidity in the grapes at harvest, translating into a fresh, early drinking style of Chardonnay wine that captures the distinctive flavours and affability of all things Tasmanian.
View details Last Horizon Tamar Valley Pinot Noir 2015
$ 22.99 Last Horizon Tamar Valley Pinot Noir 2015
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
The Apple Isle is blessed by a confluence of season and clime, not dissimiliar to the great Pinot growing terroirs of La Bourgogne. Chilly nights, morning mists and an extended vintage encourage the vines to yield harvests of tiny berries, brimming with piquant sassafras cherry flavours, cossetted by a patina of refined, elegant tannins. Treated to a course of Burgundian vinification techniques, whole bunches and open ferments, hand plunges and a term of age in French oak, the Pinot Noir of choice to accompany salmon cutlets, cherry glaze and morel.
View details Kreglinger Vintage Brut 2006
$ 34.99 Kreglinger Vintage Brut 2006
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
Situated on salubrious terrains at a latitude of 41° south, from a dedicated sparkling wine vineyard, the cool coastal slopes of Pipers Brook and the southeast facing terroir of Kreglinger Vineyard yield a truly exceptional wine, one of Australia's most conspicuous Methode Traditionelle.
View details Josef Chromy Chardonnay 2015
$ 29.99 Josef Chromy Chardonnay 2015
Chardonnay / Launceston / Tasmania
Josef Chromy has been instrumental in the development of the Tasmanian wine industry. He still insists on working alongside his viticultural team and keeps close tabs on every aspect of the vinification. A discerning collation of fruit, hand picked off superior blocks of vine planted to the most splendid Launceston terroirs, are assembled into a fully endowed Chardonnay with exquisite barrel ferment and lees stirring richness, a cheesy, complex wine to savour alongside gourmandise truffle risotto, veal and succulent game meats.
View details Josef Chromy Botrytis Riesling 375ml 2015
$ 22.99 Josef Chromy Botrytis Riesling 375ml 2015
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Launceston / Tasmania
Josef Chromy was a Tasmanian meats entrepreneur with a taste for cool climate sparkling. He successfully developed Heemskerk and Jansz and established the Tamar Ridge label. Divesting himself of the portfolio, he settled down to the most opportune site he could find. Weather conditions permitting, his closely husbanded Riesling vines yield limited harvests affected by Noble Rot botrytis Cinerea, drying the grapes as they hang on the vine, concentrating natural sugars, developing the most exciting perfumes and divine flavours.
View details Jansz Tasmania Vintage Cuvee 2010
$ 34.99 Jansz Tasmania Vintage Cuvee 2010
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
In 1986, Heemskerk was joined by the noble House of Louis Roederer in a pursuit of the definitive Australian sparkling. Louis Roederer shared in the belief that the climate and soils of Tasmania, so similar to those of the great winegrowing appellations in Burgundy and Champagne, were ideal for the production of finely structured Methode traditionelle. The essential Chardonnay characters of citrus and stonefruits, mingle with the rich autolysis of almonds and brioche, to build a rich and creamy, textural weight of fruit on the generous palate.
View details Jansz Premium Rose N.V
$ 23.99 Jansz Premium Rose N.V
Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
If you like fine sparkling wine you will absolutly love Jansz Rose.
View details Jansz Premium Cuvee N.V
$ 23.99 Jansz Premium Cuvee N.V
Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
A Chardonnay dominant Cuvee, based upon wines of several vintages, fashioned to show elegance, balance and finesse, to demonstrate magnificent complexity and splendid length of flavour. Sourced from a terroir and clime very like the viticole of Champagne, Jansz offers a nose, palate and texture, that's uncannily similar to her prestigious French siblings. One of the nation's finest effervescent wines, a satiating aperitif style showing lifted fruit and complexity that supports Tasmania's claim to the title of sparkling wine state.
View details Jansz LD Late Disgorged Vintage 2004
$ 44.99 Jansz LD Late Disgorged Vintage 2004
Currently out of stock
/ Pipers Brook / Tasmania
Jansz was Tasmania's first wine to be made according to traditional Methode champenoise, the only specialist on the apple isle, solely devoted to the art of sparkling. Late Disgorge is the extravagant technique of bottle ageing on sediments for an extended period. An exemplary vigilance in the vineyard realizes meagre yields of the most extraordinary quality fruit, to be exactingly crafted into a pinnacle of the wine makers art.
View details Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling 375ml 2013
$ 24.99 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling 375ml 2013
Riesling / Hobart / Tasmania
Frogmore Creek is one of Tasmania's most highly awarded wineries. Situated at Penna, just outside Hobart, critical climate indicators such as rainfall and temperature, sunshine hours and number of rain days, combine in perfect balance to create an ideal natural environment for the harvest of richly flavoured Riesling. Slow ripening conditions yield fully developed fruit with an even acidity and exquisite balance. Dry and icy polar winds serve to dehydrate the grapes, a freeze concentration of chilled pressings intensifies natural sugars and heightens flavour.
View details Freycinet Louis Pinot Noir 2013
$ 32.99 Freycinet Louis Pinot Noir 2013
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / East Coast / Tasmania
Such are the favourable microclimes around Tasmania for the production of world class Pinot Noir, that they have attracted the interest and investment of some of the great Maisons of Burgundy. The soils that lay beneath the vines at Freycinet is terre extraordinaire, it works closely with the low altitudes, idyllic conditions and refreshing maritime winds, to encourage the vines into yielding the most extraordinary harvests of Pinot Noir. Louis brims with splendid cool climate characters, impressive for it's burgundian styling, while being unambiguously Tasmanian.
View details Freycinet Chardonnay 2014
$ 34.99 Freycinet Chardonnay 2014
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / / Tasmania
The philosophy at Freycinet is to keep things simple and allow the vineyard to express itself without any unnecessary winemaking influences. Traditional Burgundian techniques are employed, with the aim of producing a multi dimensioned, complex and creamy textured Chardonnay with generous palate. Fully ripened grapes provide the foundation to which the techniques of barrel fermentation under tightly grained French oak, lees stirring and malolactic are applied, enhancing the natural complexity, texture and layers of character in the completed wine.
View details Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2005
$ 64.99 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2005
Chardonnay / Tumbarumba, Coal and Rokeby /
Sofitel Melbourne Trophy Best Chardonnay. Eileen Hardy is the finest white in the Hardys portfolio, sourced from some of Australia's most superior vineyards.
View details Eddystone Point Pinot Noir 2016
$ 25.99 Eddystone Point Pinot Noir 2016
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Derwent / Tasmania
The maritime climes of Tasmania's windswept east, feature some of the most fortuitous terroirs in the world of wine. No grape is as eloquent as Pinot Noir in articulating the uniqueness of its provenance, Eddystone Point speaks of natural beauty and a pristine place. Long standing relationships with the finest growers, means access to the most splendid harvests, precious parcels of intensely flavoured berries, to be crafted by the stars of the Hardy winemaking team, passionate artisans with a devotion for the sublime, pastoral endowments of the apple isle.
View details Devils Corner Sauvignon Blanc 2015
$ 17.99 Devils Corner Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Crafted exclusively from choice harvests of Tamar Valley and east coast fruit, the backbone of which originates from the elite Kayena Vineyard, one of Tasmania's smartest renderings of effusive and textural Sauvignon Blanc. Devil's Corner is crafted to an early drinking style, the perfect luncheon white with an affinity for all seafood, mussels and oysters in particular.
View details Devils Corner Pinot Noir 2016
$ 17.99 Devils Corner Pinot Noir 2016
PinotNoir / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Tamar Ridge have earmarked some of their finest Kayena Vineyard fruit for the Devil's Corner, a pure, crisp and rejuvenating wine displaying vibrant Pinot Noir varietal characters and remarkable approachability. Choice parcels selected from estate blocks along the east coast of the apple isle contribute balance and complexity. Fruit driven and redolent with juicy red cherry/ berry flavours, an eager to please, fully integrated wine with supple oak and gentle tannins.
View details Devils Corner Pinot Grigio 2017
$ 15.99 Devils Corner Pinot Grigio 2017
PinotGris Grigio / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Devil's Corner is a section of Tamar River planted to the Kayena Vineyard. It is a calm area of refuge for sailors away from the potentially wild waters of Whirlpool Reach to the south, it has been used as such since earliest settlement. Devil's Corner makes a pure, crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio wine, displaying vibrant fruit qualities, a high degree of approachability and universal appeal. Like all Tamar Ridge releases under the Devil's Corner label, this Pinot Grigio is made for early drinking, preferably alongside a feast of the freshest Tassie seafood.
View details Devils Corner N.V Cuvee
$ 17.99 Devils Corner N.V Cuvee
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
Tasmania is recognized internationally as the source of world class sparkling wines. To this end, even the great Champagne Houses have established vineyards throughout the Apple Isle for the purpose of creating the finest sparklers. Devil's Corner wines are pure, crisp and refreshing, offering vibrant fruit qualities and immediate enjoyment. An assemblage of sparkling wines from across several years all contribute subtle layers of flavour and complexity, evolving the palate and artfully integrating the unique expressions from each vintage.
View details Devils Corner Chardonnay 2015
$ 17.99 Devils Corner Chardonnay 2015
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Tamar Valley / Tasmania
There really is a Devil's Corner and it's a section of Tamar River, very near Kayena Vineyard. The lee is a calm area of refuge for sailors away from the potentially wild waters of Whirlpool Reach to the south, it has been used as such for over two hundred years. Devils Corner are Tasmanian wines of the highest order, reflecting the natural variations engendered by climate and soil. Crafted from East Coast and Tamar Valley fruit, a Chardonnay wine of beautifully preserved Tasmanian bucolic charm, to accompany creamy risotto and the freshest fishes.
View details Delamere Sparkling Rose NV
$ 23.99 Delamere Sparkling Rose NV
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Pipers River / Tasmania
The masculinity of Blanc de noirs, a pure Pinot Noir Cuvée, sourced off a single vineyard within the nation's most exclusive sparkling wine appellation at Pipers Brook, treated to the full luxury of old world Methode traditionelle. Limited yields from fully mature vines and an exacting, artisanal vinification are central to the quality of effervescent wines at Delamere. Pinot Noir is a specialty, yielding an effusive sparkler of sophistication and conspicuous weight of fruit, to savour as a refined aperitif or match with haute cuisine.
View details Delamere Sparkling NV
$ 23.99 Delamere Sparkling NV
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Pipers River / Tasmania
Single vineyard Pinot Chardonnay, from the exclusive appellation of Pipers Brook, crafted to true Methode traditionelle, the full course of bottle riddling and disgorgement, liqueur de tirage and reseal. The latitude and mesoclimes at Delamere are uncannily similar to the Champagne growing terroirs of la Bourgogne, ideal for the realization of sparkling wines, endowed with old world charisma. A luxurious Tasmanian Cuvée with opulent nose and textural palate, to savour alongside sophisticated canapes.
View details Delamere Estate Pinot Noir 2012
$ 34.99 Delamere Estate Pinot Noir 2012
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Pipers River / Tasmania
One of Piper River's original vineyards, Delamere have established an enviable reputation amongst enthusiats, for releasing a continuity of profound vintages in Tasmanian Pinot Noir. Not just a home of good wine, the Delamere property is a centre of cultural events, hosting Shakespeare in the Vineyard every March, a celebration of gastronomy, the performing and visual arts. An exclusively single vineyard, Pipers River Pinot Noir, from fruit grown to fully mature vines, to be decanted before service, in the tradition of the world's finest growths.
View details Dawson James Pinot Noir 2013
$ 59.99 Dawson James Pinot Noir 2013
PinotNoir / Hobart / Tasmania
Peter Dawson and Tim James worked together at Hardy's for twenty years. Their Dawson and James label is as much about personal passion as it is about professionalism. Meadowbank single vineyard Pinot Noir is the realization of a long held ambition, also anticipated by industry peers, many of whom have been mentored by the two old hands. Their precious Meadowbank property on the banks of the Derwent makes a quality of Pinot that's highly articulate of it's provenance, tucked away in the cool and collected wilderness of the Tasmanian southeast.
View details Dawson James Chardonnay 2013
$ 49.99 Dawson James Chardonnay 2013
Chardonnay / Hobart / Tasmania
Single vineyard Chardonnay from vines planted to the Meadowbank property, bounded by the fast flowing, pristine waters of Derwent River. Gerald and Sue Ellis established their first plantings on the rugged terrains of Meadowbank in 1974, the vineyard now holds a special place in the history of Tasmanian viticulture. Stephen Hickinbotham was the first to recognise potential of the site, Dawson & James Chardonnay vines were sown in 1989 and vine age now plays an important part in the flavour development and ultimate balance of the precious fruit.
View details Dalrymple Sauvignon Blanc 2016
$ 23.99 Dalrymple Sauvignon Blanc 2016
SauvBlanc / Pipers Brook / Tasmania
Nestled within a cocoon of mixed vegetation and rolling hills, Dalrymple enjoys a unique and seductive aspect shared by only a few boutique vineyards littering Tasmania's Pipers River region. Discovered by Dr Bertel Sundstrup in 1987 after a long search for the perfect site, this small mature vineyard is now owned by the Hill Smith family and produces some of Australia's most distinctive cool climate, regional wines. Dalrymple is a textural Sauvignon Blanc, refined and exquisitely balanced, aromatic yet pleasingly dry, generous with ripe cumquat flavours.
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