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View details Yarra Yering Gruyere 2008
$ 39.99 Yarra Yering Gruyere 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz CabernetSauv Barbera Mourvèdre Merlot Malbec PetitVe / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Vintage 2008 holds significant historical value, the last time that Dr Carrodus directed winemaking at Yarra Yering. The year produced rich and generous wines, they show great ageing potential and will be a fitting legacy to the founder of the estate. Gruyere is crafted to be varietally incidental, the actual cepage of fruit is of less importance than the overall structure, balance and presence of the wine. Although it bears the name of its particular sub region of the Yarra Valley, all components are sourced from the distinguished Yarra Yering vineyard.
View details Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rose 2016
$ 11.99 Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rose 2016
Sangiovese / Barossa Wrattonbully / SouthAustralia
The butterfly on the label represents Yalumba's appreciation for the natural lifecycles of flora and fauna. Yalumba's sustainable viticultural practices and wholistic vinification techniques leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting the environment. Making really good Rosé requires a certain style and quality of fruit, Sangiovese is sourced from the superlative Yalumba property at Wrattonbully and two dedicated grower vineyards in Barossa Valley.
View details Witchmount Estate Barbera 2012
$ 19.99 Witchmount Estate Barbera 2012
Available by the dozen
Barbera / Sunbury / Victoria
The light bodied, table ready wines of Piedmont are perfect for light, Mediterranean cuisine and appetizing Al fresco fare. Barbera is the grape of choice, it thrives and readily produces a bountiful harvest, fastidious pruning and a serious limiting of yields are essential to achieving a quality Barbera wine. The Witchmount team take aim at a judiciously savoury, herbs and olive style, set against a backdrop of juicy cherry flavours and subdued, seasoned oak, ripe tannins provide the length, exquisite balance and a measure of sophistication.
View details Windy Peak Sangiovese 2009
$ 12.99 Windy Peak Sangiovese 2009
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
From the highly specialised De Bortoli estate vineyard at King Valley. Some blocks of Sangiovese are cane cut to partially raisin the fruit. This creates fantastic richness and concentration of flavours as well as conferring signature rustic savouriness which adds dryness, food friendliness and extra interest to the palate.
View details Villa Puccini Sangiovese Merlot Toscana IGT 2014
$ 19.99 Villa Puccini Sangiovese Merlot Toscana IGT 2014
Sangiovese Merlot / Tuscany / Italy
Villa Puccini is crafted to embody the traditions and enduring spirit of Tuscany. The bold flavours of Sangiovese have been beautifully integrated with the supple nature of Merlot, the final wine is an easy to enjoy dry red that offers many of the rich complexities and character of the loftiest Tuscans. Only the finest Sangiovese and Merlot grapes from family owned vineyards near Suvereto, Cecina and Bolgheri are assembled. Villa Puccini recommends this medium bodied mediterranean be enjoyed young, alongside good cuisine and the company of fellow epicureans.
View details Villa Antinori Toscana IGT 2010
$ 29.99 Villa Antinori Toscana IGT 2010
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese CabernetSauv Merlot Shiraz / Tuscany / Italy
The solid super Tuscan backbone of Sangiovese with various inclusions of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, inaugurally introduced in 1928 by Marquis Niccolò Antinor, the first Chianti ever to be made suitable for bottle ageing and development. In 2001, Piero Antinori launched a new step in the evolution of Villa Antinori, making it a pure Tuscan Indicazione Geografica Tipica vinified exclusively from fruit grown to the finest Tuscany estates. Such a well regarded and internationally renowned marque, the label has remained largely unchanged since 1928.
View details Trentham La Famiglia Nebbiolo 2013
$ 15.99 Trentham La Famiglia Nebbiolo 2013
Available by the dozen
Nebbiolo / Riverina / NewSouthWales
The Famiglia range of wines is all about fine tuning the classic Italians into a contemporary Australian styling. A profound rendering of Nebbiolo, the unique varietal grape most responsible for the lovely wines of Piedmonte, sumptuous, dry and nicely spiced. An intriguing nose with hints of rose petal, leather and tar, for which Nebbiolo is renowned, but primarily a wine driven by red and black berry fruit flavours and aromas. Dress up your turkey and bring her along for a long leisurely lunch with La Famiglia Nebbiolo.
View details Three Vines Shiraz Grenache Sangiovese Rose
$ 13.99 Three Vines Shiraz Grenache Sangiovese Rose
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Grenache Sangiovese / / SouthAustralia
Spicey Shiraz from cooler climes combined with the lovely plummy notes of the Grenache grape which thrives in warmer regions. Three Vines expresses wild floral notes and a firmer textured finish courtesy of the Sangiovese. A Rose that's food-friendly and bountiful with chummy pink characters of fresh cherries and currants, made savoury with a touch of dry tannin to the finish.
View details Tar Roses Heathcote Sangiovese 2015
$ 19.99 Tar Roses Heathcote Sangiovese 2015
Available in cartons of six
Sangiovese / Heathcote / Victoria
Sangiovese is a thin skinned grape, known for its savouryness and earthy characters as opposed to ripe berry fruit flavours. It shows an attractive red colour and can be characterised by high levels of tannin supported by ripe acidity. Sangiovese vines are well suited to soils with good drainage and abundant sunshine, both of which are found aplenty at Heathcote. The red wine of choice to accompany veal, prosciutto and sage or piquant chorizo recipes.
View details Starvedog Lane Ibrido 2007
$ 29.99 Starvedog Lane Ibrido 2007
Currently out of stock
Tempranillo Nebbiolo Barbera Sangiovese Shiraz / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
A very complex blend, skillfully handled through a combination of old and new world winemaking techniques to ensure that the distinct aromas and flavours of the individual varietals were preserved. Following a meticulous selection of fruit from unique sites, the winemakers at Starvedog Lane were inspired to release a wine that defines the hallmarks of emerging varieties in Australia. With access to premium Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Sangiovese fruit from good vineyards in McLaren Vale, the 2005 Starvedog Lane Ibrido was created.
View details Sperino Uvaggio Coste della Sesia DOC 2011
$ 50.99 Sperino Uvaggio Coste della Sesia DOC 2011
Available in cartons of six
Nebbiolo Vespolina Croatina / Piedmont / Italy
Sperino are a noble family of surgeons and physicians, like many medicos around the world, they shared a keen interest in things oenological. Their heirs returned to their roots at the Castle of Lessona in 1999, to grow healthy grapes and make good wine. Coste della Sesia is mostly Nebbiolo, with inclusions of Vespolina and Croatina grapes, hand picked off the Ormeggio, Castagnola and Belvedere vineyards at Lessona in Orolungo. A parcel from Madonna degli Angeli in neighbouring Forte, contributes savouryness and a measure of elegant minerality.
View details Sperino Lessona DOC 2010
$ 99.99 Sperino Lessona DOC 2010
Available in cartons of three
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
The Lessona castleworks and cellar have been at the epicentre of a salubrious winemaking enterprise since the 1700s, they fell derelict in the 1970s and remained unproductive until 1999. The costly restoration was a labour of love for Dr Marchi, who returned to his family estate with a view to re establishing one of Piedmont's most cherished marques. Sperino Lessona is a remarkably generous Nebbiolo wine, led by its pretty rose petal and mint chocolate nose, followed by a refreshing market garden palate of intensely aromatic black bramble fruit.
View details Sperino Lessona DOC 2009
$ 95.99 Sperino Lessona DOC 2009
Available in cartons of three
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
When Paolo Marchi returned to the family castello on Via Orolungo in 1999, he found the vineyards overgrown by wilderness and an ancient cellar with bundles of wine labels from the nineteenth century. There are now eight hectares of productive vineyard and the wines have never been better. Opulently proportioned, eloquent of the intensity and refinement which define Piedmont viticulture, the pre eminent regional classic, its polished palate of vital currant and black cassis flavours are supported by the most graceful structure and refined silky tannins.
View details Sperino Lessona DOC 2005
$ 95.99 Sperino Lessona DOC 2005
Available in cartons of three
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
An imposingly structured and elegantly balanced construct of Piedmont Nebbiolo, crafted from highly limited harvests of legacy vineyards which have been painstakingly recovered and restored. Vinified and treated to an extravagant term of four years maturation, under the historic battlements of Castello Lessona in the ancient winegrowing precincts of Biella, just an hour outside of Milan. The noble Nebbiolo wines of Piedmont are renowned for their freshness and finesse, tightly polished tannins, eloquence of fruit and exquisite velvet texture.
View details Sperino Lessona DOC 2004
$ 95.99 Sperino Lessona DOC 2004
Available in cartons of three
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
The inaugural vintage of Lessona DOC, an achievement of five years restoration amongst the graceful old vines on the sun drenched, pre alpine plateau of Orolungo. The noble Nebbiolo wines of Piedmont have been treasured for centuries by international cognoscente, they became ever more invaluable as growers concentrated their efforts on higher yielding viticulture to the south. Reclaimed from the overgrowths of itinerant weeds and delinquent shrubs, the spectacular Lessona vines are producing precious harvests of the finest vintages ever.
View details Sero Merlot Sangiovese 2006
$ 9.99 Sero Merlot Sangiovese 2006
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese Merlot / King Valley / Victoria
A totally different style, this one is made for immediate drinking, and is packed with vibrant cherry fruit. A true barbecue stopper. Excellent value and highly recommended.
View details Prunotto Occhetti Nebbiolo DAlba DOC 2013
$ 43.99 Prunotto Occhetti Nebbiolo DAlba DOC 2013
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
Single vineyard Nebbiolo from the superior Occhetti property near the Commune of Monteu Roero in Alba. Prunotto selected this very special site on the basis of terroir, its fortuitious south facing slopes and gravelled clay soils creating a mesoclime of remarkable affinity for Nebbiolo. Occhetti DAlba affords enthusiasts an approachable experience into the uncompromising excellence of Prunotto. A fruit filled wine of rose petal and raspberry characters, treated to a term of age in a mix of seasoned 500 Litre barrels and larger format 5000 Litre oak vats.
View details Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2005
$ 78.99 Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2005
Available in cartons of 6
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
From parcels of Nebbiolo grapes, picked off vines planted to an auspicious terroir of mineral rich, calcareous clays, on the Bric Turot property at Barbaresco. The wines of Alfred Prunotto can trace their origins to the commune at Ai Vini delle Langhe, Alfredo eventually acquired sole proprietorship of the cooperative in 1922 and established a brand which would utimately merit consolidation with the illustrious Marchesi Antinori. Bric Turot yields a Nebbiolo of extraordinary richness, memorable and multi dimensional, a Barbaresco of profound seamlessness and length.
View details Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2004
$ 89.99 Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2004
Available in cartons of 3
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
Single vineyard Barbaresco from a fully mature, five hectare site, acquired by Prunotto in 1996. Vines are planted to southern exposures near the very heart of the tiny region, to a confluence of propitious altitudes and mesoclimes, they yield a statuesque wine of remarkable power and sound structure, exquisite aromaticness and bucolic grace. The quality of fruit and standards of vinification at Prunetto are without peer. Choice harvests of Nebbiolo grapes are treated to an extended maceration and term of age in large 5000L format oak.
View details Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2003
$ 89.99 Prunotto Bric Turot Barbaresco DOCG 2003
Available in cartons of 3
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
At just three square miles, Barbaresco is one of the most exclusive Denominazione di origine in all Italia. Such was the reputation for excellence established by Alfred Prunotto in 1922, the eminent Marchesi Antinori acquired the brand in the 1990s and lavished the estate with an endowment of the most invaluable viticultural assets. Bric Turot is a superior site within the elite DOCG of Barbaresco, the Antinori family take a very personal interest in the management of the property and husbanding of vines. An intense wine of magnificent structure and enigmatic seamlessness.
View details Prunotto Barbera DAlba DOC 2013
$ 22.99 Prunotto Barbera DAlba DOC 2013
Available by the dozen
Barbera / Piedmont / Italy
With a provenance that's second to none, choice parcels of Barbera are picked off splendid vineyards in the illustrious communes of Treiso and Barbaresco, Alba and Barolo, planted to auspicious, mineral rich marine fossil, alluvial clay soils. All grapes are destemmed and treated to a traditional vinification followed by malolactic and term of age in large format oak vats, to integrate the tannins without masking the elegance of fruit. The Barbera of Piedmont makes an outstanding food wine, its fullness of palate and stylish savouryness makes it a match with the bravest fare.
View details Prunotto Barbaresco DOCG 2011
$ 59.99 Prunotto Barbaresco DOCG 2011
Available in cartons of 6
Nebbiolo / Piedmont / Italy
The noble house of Prunotto began life as Ai Vini delle Langhe, founded in the Barolo township of Serralunga, re established under Alfredo Prunotto, they now retain an inventory of the finest vineyards in neighbouring Brabaresco. A collation of harvests Nebbiolo, from the townships of Treiso and Barbaresco, are treated to a fortnight on skins, for optimal extraction of tannins under warmer temperatures in the traditional Barbaresco way, followed by a course of maturation in a mix of seasoned, larger format oak, mellowing the fruit and taming the tannins.
View details Poliziano Chianti 2014
$ 23.99 Poliziano Chianti 2014
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese Canaiolo Malvasia Trebbiano / Chianti / Italy
The Chianti of Poliziano have evolved over the course of generations to represent a salient and essential enlightenment into the wines of Montepulciano. A medium bodied Chianti which expresses the splendour of Sangiovese grown to good vineyards in the Montepulciano Denominazione di Origine Controllata. A wine with excellent balance between bright cherry fruit flavours and refreshing, savoury tannins. Match Poliziano with pepperonata and melanzane, fried sardines or fresh Tuscan Scarmorza cheese, grilled over an open fire.
View details Poggiotondo Chianti Superiore 2012
$ 29.99 Poggiotondo Chianti Superiore 2012
Sangiovese Merlot / Chianti Superiore / Italy
Poggiotondo are located on the western hills of Chianti region, between Vinci and Cerreto Guidi. The vines are planted to a mixture of limestone and marine sediment with the presence of white sea shells, which have the effect of imparting elegance and complexity to the wines. Ripe, engaing, perfectly balanced, extended time on skins and ageing in the finest oak delivers a wine which exhibits beautiful black fruit flavours and elegant spice, kept vibrant and nominally dry by the support of underlying acidity.
View details Poggio alla Badiola 2012
$ 24.99 Poggio alla Badiola 2012
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese Merlot / Chianti / Italy
From parcels of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes grown to the highest altitude vineyards on hills facing the Elsa River Valley just south of Castellina in Chianti, at the very heart of the Chianti Classico zone. Owned and operated by the Mazzei family since 1435, the Fonterutoli estate still preserves its tradition of a tranquil country hamlet with just a few houses, the Church of San Miniato and the villa which replaced a fortified castle from the Middle Ages. Poggio alla Badiola boasts excellent structure, smoothness on the palate and charming personality.
View details Pizzini Pietra Rossa Sangiovese 2015
$ 24.99 Pizzini Pietra Rossa Sangiovese 2015
Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
Pizzini operate vineyards on the gently undulating slopes and terrace flats of King Valley which lead down to the river. Wine impresario Gary Crittenden was instrumental in assisting Alfred Pizzini to source their Sangiovese rootstock. Pizzini are all about showing the robust yet approachable side of Sangiovese, it's made for drinking day or night. The palate is classic Sangiovese in that it bursts to life with vibrant, crunchy cherry flavour and delivers just enough savoury tannin to get the appetite firing. Match it with fine Italian cuisine and piquant Asian faire.
View details Pinnocchio Sangiovese 2015
$ 22.99 Pinnocchio Sangiovese 2015
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / Heathcote / Victoria
Pinocchio is where Garry and Rollo Crittenden have a little more fun than usual. Over the years, the awareness of Sangiovese has expanded as wine lovers begin to discover how different the Italian reds are from French varietals, enthusiasts have come to appreciate the inherent synergy between Sangiovese and food. The distinguishing character of Sangiovese should be one of savouryness and refreshing acids around an impression of morello cherry. Pinocchio will appeal to the adventurous and to red wine adherents who are looking for something new.
View details Pasqua Sangiovese di Puglia IGT 2015
$ 14.99 Pasqua Sangiovese di Puglia IGT 2015
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / Puglia / Italy
The noblest varietal grape of Italy, essential to the great first growths of Tuscany and Chianti, Sangiovese also makes a highly attractive table red, brimming with all the character and charm of the world's most approachable styles in food friendly wine. A collation of harvests from fine vineyards in Puglia, are crafted by the Pasqua team into a fruit forward style that's lined with supple tannins while being pleasingly dry. The first choice to accompany porcini pappardelle or polpettini e penne, a blissful pairing with cotoletta vitello or trancio di salmone.
View details Pasqua Rosato di Puglia IGT 2015
$ 14.99 Pasqua Rosato di Puglia IGT 2015
Zinfandel Sangiovese / Puglia / Italy
Puglia is one of the most auspicious agricultural regions in all Italy, stimulated by the warm maritime breezes of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, its fertile soils yield a bounty of the finest harvests. Everything flourishes here, ripe figs and juicy citrus, the most fragrant almonds and grain, Puglia is also source to the richest olive oils and satiating wines. Pasqua retain vineyards near the ancient towns of Taranto and Brindisi, assembling parcels of Primitivo and Sangiovese grapes for a comely pink wine with piquantly spiced fruit flavours and alluring, cherry ripe perfumes.
View details Parri Toscana Sangiovese 2012
$ 11.99 Parri Toscana Sangiovese 2012
Sangiovese / Tuscany / Italy
Montespertoli lies to the southwest of Florence, between the valleys of Pesa and d'Elsa, a range of sloping hills in an open and sun filled countryside, where cypress trees sway in the breeze, ploughed fields are defined by woodlands and olive groves, which yield a golden oil that enriches local cuisine. Sangiovese grapes are vinified by Fattorie Parri to a mix of modern and traditional techniques, into a complex and elegant wine, intense with perfume and supported by sound palate structure.
View details Parri Poggiano Chianti DOCG 2015
$ 15.99 Parri Poggiano Chianti DOCG 2015
Sangiovese / Tuscany / Italy
Real Chianti, the way it was always meant to be, Sangiovese through and through, a lovely wine with maximum appeal for all those who enjoy the stylishness and charm of all good things Italian. Fattorie Parri have been making fine Montespertoli wines for generations, crafted to an accord of new and old world vinification techniques, aimed at capturing the inimitable character of the Tuscan countryside while retaining the enduring appeal of good Chianti. Parri Poggiano is a gentle red wine which drinks astonishingly well with any and every cuisine.
View details Mr Mick Clare Valley Rose 2017
$ 12.99 Mr Mick Clare Valley Rose 2017
Tempranillo Sangiovese / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Mr Mick is all about Mick Knappstein, decorated with the Order of Australia for his role in developing Clare Valley as an internationally renowned origin of world class wine. Knappstein mentored a young cellar hand named Tim Adams, whom he encouraged to complete his studies in oenology and take up winemaking as a profession. Adams now retains access to the finest vineyards in Valley Clare, he has selected those parcels of Tempranillo and Pinot Gris which can best achieve the generosity and allure so worthy of Mr Mick.
View details Melba Mimi 2012
$ 24.99 Melba Mimi 2012
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv Syrah Nebbiolo / Yarra Valley / Victoria
De Bortoli retain some of the finest Cabernet vineyards in Yarra Valley. To make the consumate Victorian claret, parcels are assembled with a component of Syrah for suppleness and spice, while the addition of Nebbiolo contributes tannin structure and mouthfilling, old world savouryness. Resonating with fruit and filled with the weight of tiitillating pastoral complexities which will delight aspirants of truly engaging wines, match your Mimi to veal, cutlets of lamb or Bistecca alla Fiorentina.
View details Melba Lucia 2012
$ 23.99 Melba Lucia 2012
CabernetSauv Sangiovese / Yarra Valley / Victoria
The auspicious soils of Yarra Valley can be quite old and weathered, so much so that Cabernet Sauvignon may struggle to develop the solid tannins which are so beloved of Australian enthusiasts. A component of Sangiovese is included to contribute good natural tannin and some savouriness. A dulcet rendition of Melba which will inspire you to sing, Lucia resonates alongside grilled meats, braised rabbit or pasta with porcini e olio di tartufo.
View details Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese IGT 2011
$ 37.99 Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese IGT 2011
Available in cartons of six
Corvina Rondinella Molinara / Veneto / Italy
The exclusive mix of indigenous Veneto grapes, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, made to the extravagant Amarone technique, articulating the wanton intensity of the Super Venetian style. Masi were at the very genesis of the commercialization of appassimento, a painstaking process of concentrating the flavours and natural fruit sugars in grapes as they dry under the Veneto sun, achieving a powerful red wine of heightened opulence and amazing richness. Its heady perfumes presage a velvety palate, layered with dulcet dark fruit.
View details Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico DOC 2013
$ 26.99 Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico DOC 2013
Available by the dozen
Corvina Rondinella Molinara / Valpolicella / Italy
MASI vinifies a modern style of red from an assemblage of traditional Veronese grapes, mostly Corvina with a lesser component of Rondinella and minor portion of Molinara. MASI drinks well with many dishes, from grilled meats to pasta. Bonacosta refers to the area at the foot of the slopes where MASI grow grapes for Amarone. The gentle aspects are endowed with rich top soils, as the vines are rejuvenated by soft valley breezes which stimulate the fruit to develop vital flavours and cozy tannins.
View details Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2013
$ 49.99 Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2013
Sangiovese CabernetSauv CabernetFranc / Chianti / Italy
Mostly Sangiovese wth a tenth of Cabernet, Marchese Riserva is a bottling of the best Chianti Classico vintages, only ever made out of the finest parcels harvested from the most renowned Antinori estate blocks around the the elite communes of Mercatale Val di Pesa, Tignanello, Badia a Passignano and Peppoli. The management of vines is fundamental to achieving the highest quality fruit, especially in the case of Sangiovese.
View details Gracebrook King Valley Sangiovese 2009
$ 21.99 Gracebrook King Valley Sangiovese 2009
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
The noble varietal grape of Tuscany and essence of the rich Chianti blends, sassy Sangiovese requires special care in the making. Selection of soils and of clone, aspects and microclimate, all play a significant role in unlocking the inimitable mix of fruit characters within this evocative grape. Gracebrook is a product of passion and skill in the vinification. The aim is to preserve the innate qualities of chewy tannins and titillating spice, to retain the masculine nose and muscular palate in a fruit driven style that has made King Valley famous for wine.
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Rose 2014
$ 17.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Rose 2014
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese Tempranillo / King Valley / Victoria
Gapsted winemaker Michael Cope-Williams samples a myriad of candidate wines each vintage, to consider the option of Rosé styles. Five different wines from five unique varietals are made in the preparation of Ballerina Canopy Rose. In the end it is a balanced alliance between the parched dryness of Spain and savoury fruitiness of Italy, the torrid spice of the sun drenched Tempranillo marries beautifully with the cherry ripe of Sangiovese.
View details Fonterutoli Chianti Classico DOCG 2012
$ 42.99 Fonterutoli Chianti Classico DOCG 2012
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese Malvasia Colorino Merlot / Chianti / Italy
After six centuries of viticulture, the Mazzei family remains committed to Tuscan viticulture and fine Chianti. The personality and clonal composition of their Sangiovese has evolved and been perfected over generations through an ongoing discipline of research and innovation. Parcels of fruit grown to the Fonterutoli and Belvedere vineyards each contribute unique characteristics to the finished Chianti Classico. Mostly Sangiovese with the inclusions of Malvasia Nera, Colorino and Merlot, assembled into an elegant, fruit filled wine supported by malleable, drying tannins.
View details Fattoria Zerbina Torre di Ceparano 2011
$ 39.99 Fattoria Zerbina Torre di Ceparano 2011
Available in cartons of six
Sangiovese Merlot Ancellotta / Romagna Superiore / Italy
Taking the road due north from Tuscany we find the region of Emilia Romagna. Affectionately known as Il grasso, the fat, Emilia Romagna is home to the magnificent culinary delights of Parma prosciutto and mortadella, Parmigiano reggiano and the best balsamic vinegar. The wines of Fattoria Zerbina are considered by many to be the finest in the region, exhibiting good varietal definition as well as tipicita. The Torre di Ceparano is a very special wine, crafted from fruit grown to a unique vineyard, based around the choicest clones of native Tuscan Sangiovese.
View details Fattoria Zerbina Ceregio Sangiovese 2012
$ 24.99 Fattoria Zerbina Ceregio Sangiovese 2012
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / Romagna Superiore / Italy
The Fattoria Zerbina wineworks are located at Faenza in south eastern Emilia Romagna, near the base of the Apennine Mountains which separate Emilia Romagna from Tuscany. Their vineyards are the most splendid in all Romagna, and their wines are widely acknowledged as the region's finest.
View details Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2010
$ 109.99 Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2010
Available in cartons of six
Corvina Rondinella Molinara / Veneto / Italy
Welcome to the final word in libatious indulgence, the artisanal exploit of an ancient technique which concentrates fruit into a wine of remarkable intensity. This is Amarone country, where the traditional grapes of Valpolicella Classica, Corvina, Rondinella e Molinara, are spread out on bamboo racks in winter, appassimento style, to air dry the berries into little treasures bursting with flavours and perfume. Its opaque ruby colour precedes an unctuous palate of plum and cherry syrup richness, seasoned by curls of cocoa and coffee oak.
View details Coriole Sangiovese 2015
$ 24.99 Coriole Sangiovese 2015
Sangiovese / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Some would say that if you've not yet acquired a taste for Sangiovese, that you need a holiday in the Italian countryside, preferably Tuscany or Umbria! The Sangiovese grape was pioneered in Australia by Coriole Vineyards. It was first planted in 1985 with the aim of creating a wine which would be the stylistic contrast to Shiraz. With several different clones from which to select, off fully mature vines up to thirty years of age, the Coriole team can produce a profound varietal expression of this audacious and engaging Italian grape.
View details Cleanskin King Valley Merlot Sangiovese 2011
$ 9.99 Cleanskin King Valley Merlot Sangiovese 2011
Currently out of stock
Merlot Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
Here's an exciting King Valley red that offers a spectrum of fragrances and flavour over lively tannins, a mouthfilling assembly of Merlot and Sangiovese grown to cool climate, high country vines. An engaging red with a seamless palate and distinctive Italianate stylishness to savour with all good food, exhibiting many of the meaty spice and plum characters of the lofty Tuscans. A nose and palate of dark fruits and pepper, wrapped in subtle toasty oak, the tannins are brisk, the flavours are long, fully integrated yet complex, the acids invigorating and dry.
View details Chrismont La Zona Sangiovese 2013
$ 21.99 Chrismont La Zona Sangiovese 2013
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
Such a substantial wine is Sangiovese, so named for it's kinship to the blood of ancient Gods, mythically speaking of course. La Zona engages you with its deep, vibrant red colour, redolence of black cherries and spice on the bouquet, followed by a brazen savouryness which makes it perfect with robust cuisine. The acidity balances well with the generous round, fleshy front palate and velvety tannin structure which carries through to a dry, firm finish. A perfect food match for La Zona would be a slowly cooked Tuscan recipe such as Stufato alla Fiorentina.
View details Chrismont La Zona Rosato Rose 2015
$ 16.99 Chrismont La Zona Rosato Rose 2015
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese Tempranillo / King Valley / Victoria
A luscious candy hued wine, unlike any other, by virtue of a unique cépage Tempranillo and Sangiovese. La Zona may be pink but she's no frivolous lightweight. Grapes are all picked by hand off fully mature vines, fifteen years of age, grown to labour intensive trellising at an altitude of 260 metres. The juicy strawberryness of Tempranillo and savoury cherry charm of Sangiovese, make a comely coloured wine with captivating ripe fruit flavours and exciting berry perfumes, bring La Zona along for a soiree with good friends and a feast of tantalizing nibbles.
View details Chapel Hill Il Vescovo Sangiovese 2011
$ 21.99 Chapel Hill Il Vescovo Sangiovese 2011
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Sangiovese / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Il Vescovo is the Bishop, a medium bodied Sangiovese wine, vinified from grapes grown to the cooler climes of Kangarilla in McLaren Vale. Sangiovese is endowed with a distinctive and unique personality that exudes savouriness and rustic earthiness. The quintessential Italian red, it possesses vivacious natural acid levels which work closely with silky tannins to make it an exemplary accompaniement to food. Styled to the new wave of super Tuscans, Il Vescovo exhibits lifted berry fruit flavours, solid structure and a multi dimensional palate.
View details Brezza Barolo Cannubi 2004
$ 139.99 Brezza Barolo Cannubi 2004
Nebbiolo / Barolo / Italy
The Commune of Barolo, in the Piedmont region of Italy's northeast, makes one of the world's great wines, it carries its own Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. Barolo have a long established reputation for heavy, overtly tannic, Nebbiolo varietal wines which required many years to soften before drinking. Enter Brezza, one of the principal estates in Barolo and chief protagonist of the Barolo wars, who have taken the lead in fashioning a vigorously fruit driven style with congenial tannins and judicious, supportive oak.
View details Brezza Barbera dAlba Cannubi 2009
$ 49.99 Brezza Barbera dAlba Cannubi 2009
Barbera / Piedmont / Italy
Barbera are made from low yield fruit, treated to long macerations and ageing in large oak barrels. In Australia the name Brezza has become synonymous with the Barbera from Piedmont. The Barbera d'Alba Cannubi is a taste of the hospitality shown by the Brezza family in their Hotel Barolo, and the robust, authentic wines Enzo Brezza produces in his winery below the hotel. Cannubi is one of the most famous Barolo vineyards, and Brezza have resisted the temptation to replant this precious plot of Barbera with more lucrative varietals.
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