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View details Yering Station Shiraz Viognier 2015
$ 32.99 Yering Station Shiraz Viognier 2015
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Viognier / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Yering Station's Shiraz Viognier is crafted to techniques which are similar to those employed by the old world winemakers who developed this unique style. The art of Shiraz Viognier is a process the Yering Station team continue to enjoy and refine with each new vintage. Co-fermentation of Viognier skins and Shiraz berries, picked to a similar time frame, the extraction of aromatics, colour and flavour profile, makes for a superb and edifying wine that has found a home away from home in the ideally suited, temperate climes of Yarra Valley.
View details Yering Station Reserve Shiraz Viognier 2003
$ 69.99 Yering Station Reserve Shiraz Viognier 2003
Shiraz Viognier / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Shiraz Viognier is an obsession which consumes the Yering Station team, as they continue to enjoy and refine the artisanal process with each new vintage. Co-ferments of Viognier skins and Shiraz berries, hand picked off closely managed vines to the most opportune schedule, the careful extraction of aromatics, flavours and colour, make for a wonderfully perfumed, complex wine with velvet tannins and prolonged, engaging finish.
View details Yendah McLaren Vale Shiraz Viognier 2006
$ 15.99 Yendah McLaren Vale Shiraz Viognier 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
2 Trophys Best Red + Best Shiraz & Gold Cowra, Gold Medals Brisbane, R.A.S.Q, Royal Adelaide and Griffith Wine Shows. Yendah is the headquarters of the Casella winemaking operations, and the name of a beautiful Aboriginal girl who once lived with the Tumut tribe. The beauty of the mythical Yendah is captured in the landscape surrounding the village that today bears her name, nestled below the Cocoparra Range in the Riverina. Decadent aromas to this oustanding, dashing table red, enticing flavours of apricot, and yummy hints of cherry.
View details Yarra Yering Dry Red No2 2013
$ 84.99 Yarra Yering Dry Red No2 2013
Shiraz Viognier Marsanne / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Yarra Yering's Dry Reds are national flagships, based around complex varietal blends. Assigning the mercurial cépage of grapes a unique bin number, has liberated the winemaker to modify the mix as styles evolve. No.2 Dry Red is a perfumed, mostly Shiraz wine, rich and generous, co-fermented with inclusions of Mourvedre, Viognier and Marsanne for vibrancy, suppleness and an extra dimension to the range of expression. Feminine and seductive, beguiling yet elegant, with long, lingering impressions of violets and eucalypt, cherries and spiced plum.
View details Yarra Burn Shiraz Viognier 2006
$ 22.99 Yarra Burn Shiraz Viognier 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Heathcote + Yarra Valley / Victoria
Elegance and finesse are the signature of Yarra Burn, their distinguished releases are the reward of consistently superior viticulture and uncompromising skill in the vinification. The essence of these qualities is captured in this classic wine, stylistically similar to the famous siblings of France's RhĂ´ne Valley. A five percent dash of the sweetly aromatic Viognier, softens and adds figure to the components of mighty Heathcote and Coldstream Shiraz. A gently perfumed wine exhibiting characters of apricot, violet and strawberry, it drinks beautifully upon release.
View details Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier 2015
$ 11.99 Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / / SouthAustralia
Y Series is fashioned to express the magical synergy between the unique rapport between Viognier and Shiraz, co-fermented to capture their extraordinary affinity. Beautifully perfumed and plushly lined with aromatic strawberry plum fruit flavours, treat Y Series Shriognier to an American style spread of barbequed steak and dressed ribs, or a travellers feast of Shanghai style, pork and seafood dumplings.
View details Yalumba Distinguished Sites Shiraz Viognier 2012
$ 34.99 Yalumba Distinguished Sites Shiraz Viognier 2012
Available by the case 6 pack only
Shiraz Viognier / Eden Valley / SouthAustralia
Yalumba have nurtured the finest Eden Valley vineyards for decades, Distinguished Sites are a family of exceptional wines. Yalumba now boast some of the most significant Viognier plantings in the world. Shiraz from two choice sites stood out for their elegance and style, to be vinified with small volumes of Viognier for the construct of a highly perfumed red wine in the style of a CĂ´te RĂ´tie. Viognier adds an extra dimension and a wonderful fragrance to the bouquet. Assembled from the finest barrels, unique in style and rich in concentrated fruit.
View details Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz Viognier 2008
$ 12.99 Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz Viognier 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / / SouthAustralia
One of the nation's most widely enjoyed and enduring range of wines, there is a tradition of quality, character and consistency that is universally synonymous with Yellow Label. Wolf Blass can rely on some of South Australia's finest vineyards for parcels of Shiraz grapes with superb concentration of flavours, developed natural sugars and markedly smooth tannins. The addition of a small portion of Viognier has an awesome effect on Shiraz, contributing wonderful floral fragrances, embellishing the colour and adding fine textures to the palate.
View details Wolf Blass Gold Label Syrah 2012
$ 19.99 Wolf Blass Gold Label Syrah 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Gold Label is an ever evolving proposition, as emergent and resurgent genres in wine serve to enthuse the impassioned team at the House of Blass. As a prolific award winner, Gold Label inspires Wolf Blass to produce a beautifully perfumed, piquant style of Shiraz, endowed with a chewy palate of complex Rhonesque fruit. Viognier contributes lift without dominating, bringing winsome aromatics and Fleurs blanches, apricots and Frais des Bois.
View details Wirra Wirra Catapult Shiraz 2014
$ 21.99 Wirra Wirra Catapult Shiraz 2014
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
The late, great Greg Trott, patriarch of Wirra Wirra, saw many of his unusual dreams realised, such as the construction of a cyclopean fence which girts the entrance of the wineworks. One consuming vision however continued to elude him, the building of a medieval siege machine called a trebuchet. Why? To use as a catapult for bombing neighbouring properties with bottles of wine in the hope they would retaliate! A splendid, opulent rendering of Shiraz, brimming with intense fruit, a hint of varietal spice and a touch of Viognier to be different, just like Trotty.
View details Wild Oats Shiraz Viognier 2013
$ 14.99 Wild Oats Shiraz Viognier 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / / Victoria
Wild Oats emulate the beautifully perfumed red wine styles of Valley Rhone, where small portions of the white grape Viognier are co-vinified alongside a solid backbone of Shiraz. It produces a soft but delightfully lively red that, of all the topical varietal blends, suits Australia's climate best. Wild Oats impresses as a smooth generous Shiraz wine that's enhanced by the fruity, spicey apricot allure of Viognier. Refined in textures and structure, detailed and generous in personality, setting the scene for every occasion.
View details Whitebox Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012
$ 15.99 Whitebox Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012
Shiraz Viognier / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Who better to craft luscious Yarra Valley Pinot Noir than one of Australia's leading chocolatiers? The passionately gastronomical Peter Wilson also spent ten years making wine at the illustrious Yarra Yering. He settled on a site of pristine natural endowments and fortuitous climes, a place which yields harvests of the most splendid Yarra Valley fruit. The viticulture here is completely holistic, achieving the quality of Pinot Noir which can articulate fully its provenance and sense of place. Match with crackling pork, your favourite duckling or cĂ´te de veau.
View details Turners Crossing Shiraz Viognier 2012
$ 19.99 Turners Crossing Shiraz Viognier 2012
Shiraz Viognier / Bendigo / Victoria
Bendigo offers some of the nation's most charming and distinctive accords of Viognier and Shiraz. Sergio Carlei makes wine from the heart, his passion has moved him from the family garage to a fully fledged artisanal winemaking operation. Carlei and his grower Paul Jenkins have combined their respective talents to craft the superlative line of Turners Crossing wines. Enter a Shiraz Viognier that's complex and integrated, richly flavoured yet tightly structured, expressing the essence of Bendigo terroir, rich, warming, full bodied and immensely satisfying.
View details Torbreck Descendant Shiraz Viognier 2013
$ 119.99 Torbreck Descendant Shiraz Viognier 2013
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Excellent Langtons Classification. A single vineyard wine, the Barossa Valley's first ever co fermented Shiraz Viognier, from fruit grown next to the winery block on Roennfeldt Road, planted to cuttings off old RunRig vineyards, some of the oldest genetic material in Australia. Built to last and evolve for many years as time unlocks layers of cryptic complexity within, the Descendant's immediate charm can be enjoyed immediately upon release, after a few hours of essential breathing. A wine of remarkable concentration, supported by silky tannins, suave sophistication and impeccable balance.
View details Terra Felix Shiraz Viognier 2015
$ 16.99 Terra Felix Shiraz Viognier 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / / Victoria
The radiant Rhône Valley cépage of Viognier with Shiraz, surprising to find an Australian version carrying it's own signature style, flavour profile and complexity. Terra Felix have claimed prestigious awards at the Decanter International Wine Awards, Australian Small Winemakers Show and Royal Melbourne. Exhibiting deep colour and intense flavour, co-fermentations with Viognier draw out additional spice, perfume and plum from the Shiraz.
View details Taylors Eighty Acres Shiraz 2014
$ 12.99 Taylors Eighty Acres Shiraz 2014
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Viognier / Clare / SouthAustralia
Eighty Acres are the world's first ever 100% carbon neutral range of wines, based upon an ISO 14044 compliant Life Cycle Assessment which accurately measures carbon dioxide emissions at every step in the product lifestyle. A harvest of ripe Clare Valley Shiraz grapes is assembled and vinified alongside a percentage of Viognier, the aim is to produce the essential RhĂ´ne style, sweetly scented and engaging over a solid structure of supportive oak and refined, elegant tannins.
View details Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2015
$ 24.99 Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2015
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier / Nagambie / Victoria
Victorian accords of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre are sufficiently rare, ideally, an estate must have a heritage which dates back to early settlement before they can consider crafting such a wine. The first nascent plantings at Tahbilk were sown with cuttings from Valley Rhone. Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre have taken to the local surrounds and today yield the finest harvests in Victoria. A deeply charismatic wine of provocative sweet and savoury fruit characters, exquisitely balanced over a length of elegant, tensile tannins.
View details Starvedog Lane Shiraz Viognier 2008
$ 19.99 Starvedog Lane Shiraz Viognier 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
From superb vineyard sites in the slightly warmer sub regions of Adelaide Hills, specifically Hahndorf and Kuitpo. Each vintage, Starvedog Lane strive to produce intensely flavoured and finely structured wines that profile the best of the Adelaide Hills cool climate, it's great aspects and free draining soils.
View details Starvedog Lane Shiraz Viognier 2006
$ 22.99 Starvedog Lane Shiraz Viognier 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Back to back Max Schubert Trophies Winner, Gold & Trophy Royal Melbourne for Best Other Varieties Red. It seems the 2006 Shiraz Viognier can't go anywhere these days without bringing a trophy home! Starvedog Lane knows from good grapes, it's the combination of styles that gives Starvedog Lane it's characteristics, offering plenty of the kind of flavours that make a really good wine. A hero of the Adelaide Hills, proving yet again what a great champion the Starvedog Lane wines are in the area of innovative wine styles.
View details SC Pannell Adelaide Hills Syrah 2015
$ 34.99 SC Pannell Adelaide Hills Syrah 2015
Shiraz Viognier / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
By the winner of the 2014 Jimmy Watson Trophy! During his time as chief red wine maker at Hardy's, Stephen Pannell became intmate with many of the greater Adelaide region's most splendid sites. A predominantly Syrah wine with a de rigueur inclusion of good Viognier, all picked off a superior low yielding Adelaide Hills vineyard. An outstanding and engaging new world articulation of the timeless Rhone Valley style, elegant and refined, an underlying sense of power and depth of flavour, a delight to share alongside appropriately five star cuisine.
View details Sanguine Progeny Shiraz 2015
$ 18.99 Sanguine Progeny Shiraz 2015
Shiraz Viognier / Heathcote / Victoria
Pietro D’orsa found work in Australia as a winegrower circa 1868, quenching the thirst of miners during the Victorian gold rush. Several generations later, Pietro's progeny returned to viticulture, Sanguine Estate's inaugural release was universally embraced by enthusiasts of fine Heathcote Shiraz, the entire vintage sold out within a week. Sanguine employ traditional winemaking practices, Shiraz and a small component of Viognier, are hand picked and co-vinified, to achieve a marvelous expression of Heathcote, solid, seamless and exquisitely fragrant.
View details Sandalford Margaret River Shiraz 2015
$ 16.99 Sandalford Margaret River Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Margaret River is realizing it's potential as one of the world's great Shiraz producing regions. Sandalford have lead the way in premium Margaret River wines for over 150 years, fine tuning their regimens from vintage to vintage. The changes reflect modern practices, yet maintain the tradition and mystique behind the winemaking process. A mostly Shiraz wine with a portion of Viognier for aromaticness and complexity, Sandalford still practice small batch processing of all fruit, while insisting on maturation in nothing but the finest selection of oak.
View details Mr Riggs Piebald Syrah 2012
$ 24.99 Mr Riggs Piebald Syrah 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / Langhorne & McLaren / SouthAustralia
Piebald is a reference to co fermentation of black grapes with white, an old world tradition which has been enthusiastically adopted by the canniest of Australia's winemakers. Viognier carries a measure of phenolic tannin grip, imparting blackness of colour and deep, savoury tannins. The highly perfumed Shiraz Viognier style was famously described by a UK impresario as smelling like a lady's handbag yet tasting like a man's wallet, exactly the effect that Mr Riggs is aiming for. Match with game fowl or duck, roasted spring lamb or spiced venison bangers.
View details Mount Camel Ridge Shiraz 2008
$ 39.99 Mount Camel Ridge Shiraz 2008
Shiraz Viognier / Heathcote / Victoria
The key to making a great wine lies in the creation of a great vineyard that's managed by dedicated growers. Mount Camel Ridge was planned and executed in just such a manner, to establish a site which can yield controlled amounts of the most resplendent Shiraz wine. Yields are kept low and the property is farmed to sustainable land management techniques, the results are worth the painstaking efforts. Already integrated and drinking beautifully now, Mount Camel Ridge exudes a lively lifted nose due to the inclusion of a judicious amount of Viognier.
View details Millbrook Barking Owl Shiraz Viognier
$ 17.99 Millbrook Barking Owl Shiraz Viognier
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Geographe & Perth Hills / WesternAustralia
Millbrook is a boutique winery situated in the historic town of Jarrahdale on the Perth Hills. The origins of the estate's Chestnut Farm winery date back to the nineteenth century when the original owner, Joseph Batt, planted an orchard and the first grapevines in 1860. Today's Millbrook has been specially designed for high quality, small batch wine production. Barking Owl over delivers in terms of balance and generous fruit, a long, savoury finish with an added dimension of oak and complexity at the close of this wonderful Shiraz.
View details Maxwell Little Demon GSM 2011
$ 15.99 Maxwell Little Demon GSM 2011
Available by case dozen only
Shiraz Grenache Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
In 1871 Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a thought experiment which involved a hypothetical creature known to physicists as Maxwell's little demon, it has stirred debate in the science community ever since. Maxwell of Mclaren Vale have built a solid reputation for hand made, rich and robust red wines that combine exquisite fruit with solid structure and finesse. Little Demon offers the delightful perfumed lift of Viognier before a rich and effusive fruit filled Shiraz Grenache palate, absolutely exquisite, even in it's youth.
View details Kalleske Rosina 2016
$ 19.99 Kalleske Rosina 2016
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Anna Rosina, together with husband Karl Heinrich, established and farmed the Kalleske vineyard from 1853 until the 1880s. They were amongst the earliest pioneers in the salubrious Barossa winegrowing village of Greenock. Old vines still eclipse the property and a 1940s planting of Grenache forms the backbone of Rosina. A component of Shiraz and a dash of Viognier contribute wonderful complexity. A juicy, mouthwatering Rosé with plenty of fruit and a touch of restrained sweetness, from grapes harvested early in the season to capture vibrancy.
View details Kalleske Moppa Shiraz 2016
$ 24.99 Kalleske Moppa Shiraz 2016
Shiraz PetitVerdot Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
The Moppa district was a flourishing settlement of pioneering farmers and gold miners. When the Kalleske vineyard was established in 1853, there were few schools in the region, so local parents established the Moppa Public School to provide their children with a formal education. Located right on the Kalleske property, generations attended this school until its closure in 1935. Sourced entirely off the Kalleske Certified Organic Moppa Vineyard, a trace of Viognier and Petit Verdot are added to Shiraz, achieving a stylish and contemporary edge.
View details Kaesler Bogan Shiraz  2013
$ 49.99 Kaesler Bogan Shiraz 2013
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
The first Kaesler Vineyards were established circa 1893, the Bogan Block at Marananga was planted in 1899. Kaesler are the grateful custodians of these marvelous old vines, which have seen the federation of a nation, two world wars and several generations of blood sweat and tears. The amazing quality of fruit from Bogan are combined with parcels from Kaesler's 1965 Nuriootpa block, planted to the same clonal material as the precious Old Bastard vineyard, crafted to form a synergy between the finest Barossa Shiraz and quality new oak.
View details Innocent Bystander Syrah 2014
$ 20.99 Innocent Bystander Syrah 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Very much in the style of a RhĂ´ne Syrah, aromatic, elegantly structured and suave, offering violet and white pepper notes, blueberries and soy over fine cherry tannins. Just a dash of Viognier imparts ethereal, teasing perfumes of honeysuckle and turkish delight. Fruit is hand picked from choice vineyards in the Pyrenees and Yarra Valley, treated to a course of old world style, whole berry ferments. Syrah is a great food wine, match with capsicum recipes and wild rice, the innocent bystander loves to feed!
View details Henschke Henrys Seven 2015
$ 27.99 Henschke Henrys Seven 2015
Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre Viognier / Eden Valley / SouthAustralia
The archetypal Rhonesque fusion of Shiraz and Grenache, Viognier and Mourvedre which dates back to the early pioneering days and reflects the history, religion and culture of Barossa Valley. Henrys Seven is a tribute to Henry Evans who planted the first seven acres of vineyard at Keyneton in 1853. He quickly developed a reputation for producing the best wines in the southern colony. Following Henry's death in 1868, his widow Sarah exercised her principles of temperance by closing the winery and uprooting all the historic vines.
View details Heathcote Winery Mail Coach Shiraz 2013
$ 29.99 Heathcote Winery Mail Coach Shiraz 2013
Shiraz Viognier / Heathcote / Victoria
One of the earliest commercial winemaking operations ever established in Victoria. Heathcote Winery can also boast some of the oldest Australian plantings of Viognier. The winery building dates back to 1854 when it serviced miners seeking their fortune in the heady days of the Victorian gold rush. Shiraz with a splash of Viognier is predominantly sourced from estate vineyards on the periphery of Heathcote township, harvested just when the chunky tannins, cherry acids, natural grape sugars and bold red Heathcote earth characters are at their peak.
View details Head The Blonde Stonewell Shiraz Viognier 2015
$ 37.99 Head The Blonde Stonewell Shiraz Viognier 2015
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
There's a legend about Comte Maugiron who owned the steeply terraced hills of Cote Rotie. He was blessed with two beautiful daughters, one a blonde, the other brunette. When the good Count retired he passed the two Cotes to his daughters. They are still referred to as Cote Blonde and Cote Brune. Head's Blonde comes from a single vineyard at Stonewell, a site of sandy loam mixed with quartz over limestone base, unique blonde soils, which translate into a wine of accentuated perfume and profound complexity.
View details Head Red Barossa Shiraz 2015
$ 22.99 Head Red Barossa Shiraz 2015
Shiraz Viognier / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Alex Head works from a short list of idiosyncratically named sites to make pure, single vineyard wines of individual character and charm. Always very limited in production and highly attractive to the most devout Shiraz aficionados, the wines of Mr Head are crafted to accomodate the vagaries of vintage and their influence on the fruit of the vine. Assembled from a barrel cull of single site batches, Red represents Mr Head's entry level Shiraz, immediately approachable and exquisitely balanced, a whole that's so much greater than the sum of parts.
View details Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier Durif / / NewSouthWales
A solidly fruit focused, complex Shiraz Viognier, with a tot of Durif providing Je Ne Sais Quoi. Dry, arid conditions prevailed around southeast Australia's winegrowing regions, yet below average temperatures were experienced – very similar to the conditions of the classic 2002 vintage. The result was a refined and delicately flavoured Shiraz Viognier, with amazing depth of flavour and virility. 27.6% Hilltops, 25.7% Limestone Coast, 12.9% Heathcote, 11.4% Orange, 7.8% Riverina, 6.1% Barossa Valley, 3.1% Eden Valley, 3.1% Fleurieu, 2.3% Yarra Valley.
View details Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz 2015
$ 17.99 Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Bloodstone was originally intended for the UK Oddbins retail chain. It turned into a runaway success and went on to claim a litany of international accolades, 5 Cuisine Magazine Stars & Best Buy, as well as Gold & Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco International. A wine that exhibits extraordinary balance and integration in its youth, sourced from Gemtree's home block, within the oldest vineyard along Tatachilla Road. Shiraz is co-fermented with a tot of Viognier to enhance the aromatics, sweeten the palate and tame the tannins.
View details dArenberg Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier 2012
$ 26.99 dArenberg Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier 2012
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
The vineyards and bushland which surround d'Arenberg winery are home to the native black and white kookaburra, famous for its distinctive laughing call. Much to the amusement of the winemaker's family, Chester Osborn's daughters, Alicia and Ruby, named their two wild pet kookaburras the laughing magpies. A good branding for McLaren Vale's first ever combination of the black Shiraz grape with the sweetly perfumed white Viognier. Declassified parcels of the icon Dead Arm Shiraz are assembled into the final Magpie mix.
View details Coldstone Shiraz Viognier 2006
$ 9.99 Coldstone Shiraz Viognier 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Alpine / Victoria
A perfect harmony executed to perfection by one of the most proficient high country winemakers. Shiraz is co-fermented with the highly aromatic Viognier to complete a soft, elegant wine with alluring perfumes. Viognier plays the pivotal role in this style, delivering an intriguing fruity, floral lift to the nose, enhancing the appearance with a brilliant colour and taming the tannins of Shiraz.
View details Clonakilla ORiada Shiraz 2010
$ 36.99 Clonakilla ORiada Shiraz 2010
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
Sean O'Riada is one of the heroes of modern Ireland. A talented musician and composer, he is credited with taking traditional Irish music out of the pubs and bringing it to the world. O'Riada Shiraz is made from fruit grown to four very special vineyards around Murrumbateman, co-fermented with a dollop of Viognier.
View details Black Chook Shiraz 2015
$ 15.99 Black Chook Shiraz 2015
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Langhorne / SouthAustralia
There are few winemakers as predisposed as Ben Riggs, to appropriate the best parcels of McLaren Vale Shiraz, which are vinified alongside a component of superlative Langhorne Creek fruit, to achieve a juicy and textural, mouth filling wine. Riggs long and intimate association with McLaren Vale gives him a comprehensive knowledge of the most splendid sites and dedicated growers. A stylish construct of Shiraz with an alluring bouquet, layered complex palate and malleable tannins, Black Chook has gained fans across Australia and around the world.
View details Black Chook Free Range Grenache Shiraz 2008
$ 17.99 Black Chook Free Range Grenache Shiraz 2008
Currently out of stock
Grenache Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Clare Adelaide / SouthAustralia
Shiraz and Grenache from good vineyards in McLaren Vale and the Clare Valley are vinfied alongside components of Grenache and the aromatic white grape Viognier grown to choice sites in the Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills by the intrepid and illustrious team at Galvanized Wine Group.
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