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View details Upton Run Reserve Shiraz 2005
$ 45.99 Upton Run Reserve Shiraz 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Strathbogie + Alpine Ranges / Victoria
Jimmy Watson Finalist 2006, Gold Medals Sydney International + Royal Melbourne, Silver National Wine Show. Shiraz for this wine came from superior Blocks 6 and 7, positioned to a north south aspect. The vines were planted in the nineties, making them the oldest and most balanced in the vineyard. Winemaker Michael Clayden has taken home gold and silver at many events, where he often participates as an associate judge. He has worked at several major Lindemans wineries, and his special passion is for Shiraz.
View details Terra Felix Marsanne Roussanne 2005
$ 16.99 Terra Felix Marsanne Roussanne 2005
Currently out of stock
Marsanne Roussanne / Goulburn / Victoria
Mostly a Marsanne Cuvee with a smaller proportion of Roussanne, the only white varietals allowed in France's northern RhĂ´ne appellations. Traditionally mated together, they produce a flavoursome white for those who like to experience a challenging and robust palate, preferably to the accompaniement of fine food.
View details Terra Felix Chardonnay
$ 18.99 Terra Felix Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Goulburn / Victoria
The best Chardonnay always exhibit conspicuous balance. Those fortunate enough to have countenanced the wines of Tallarook will understand why Terra Felix are so well received. The objective is to create a robust style of Chardonnay which can be enjoyed in its youth, without evolving too rapidly while in bottle. A measure of oak is perceptible yet inseparable from the fruit, characters derived from vinification contribute complexity without dominating.
View details Tallarook Roussanne
$ 27.99 Tallarook Roussanne
Currently out of stock
Roussanne / Goulburn / Victoria
Tallarook vineyards are situated on the northern slopes of the Great Dividing Ranges in Central Victoria. Originally planted in the mid eighties, some of the estate's sites have been specialized to grow Rhone varietals such as the esoteric Rousanne, winning much recognition and acclaim for Tallarook.
View details Tallarook Chardonnay 2007
$ 24.99 Tallarook Chardonnay 2007
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / Goulburn / Victoria
A smooth, powerful and intense Chardonnay of great complexity. Wild yeast, lees and elegant, well-integrated oak combine with Tallarook's intense green melon and citrus flavours, to form a harmonious palate with deeply satisfying texture and lingering, savoury aftertaste.
View details Tahbilk Viognier
$ 17.99 Tahbilk Viognier
Available by the dozen
Viognier / Nagambie / Victoria
The stately wineworks, beautiful gardens and scenic finger lakes of Tahbilk would not look out of place amongst the vineyards of the old world. Viognier cuttings from the distinguished Rhone Valley appellation of Condrieu were amongst the first vines established at Tahbilk in the 1860s. They continue to perform, yielding an absorbing white wine with an exquisite mix of fragrant stonefruit characters, the accompaniement of choice to mussel and shellfish recipes, pork with apple or white terrines.
View details Tahbilk Roussanne Marsanne Viognier
$ 22.99 Tahbilk Roussanne Marsanne Viognier
Available by the dozen
Roussanne Marsanne Viognier / Nagambie / Victoria
There's something very old world about the imposing wineworks and ancient cellars of Tahbilk. It should be no surprise that the indigenous Rhone Valley white varietals, planted by Tahbilk's founders, have performed so well within the temperate climes of Goulburn and Nagambie. An exciting cépage of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier, in true Côtes du Rhône styling, seamlessly assembled into a beautiful drink of charming perfumes and dulcet flavours.
View details Tahbilk Riesling
$ 17.99 Tahbilk Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Nagambie / Victoria
Tahbilk are one of Australia's historically significant, grand old winemaking estates. Founded in 1860 and labelled as Chateau Tahbilk until recent years, it is the home of seriously old, white varietal vineyards. Riesling is a style that Tahbilk do extremely well, cleanly fragrant and soft on the palate, with the distinctive presence of Goulburn Valley fruit, its crisp lime acid backbone supports an extended length of flavour, exquisite varietal complexity and graceful arcadian charm.
View details Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz
$ 39.99 Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
CabernetSauv Shiraz / Nagambie / Victoria
Tahbilk have the magic touch with old vines, custodians of a priceless prephylloxera block established in 1860 and productive to this day. Sourced from parcels averaging thirty to forty years of age, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are treated to a traditional old world style of open ferments in an ancient collection of 150 year old oak vats, followed by extended maturation in a mix of the finest French and American oak. The perfect accompaniement to seared rib, kipflers and red wine jus.
View details Tahbilk Museum Release Shiraz 2010
$ 29.99 Tahbilk Museum Release Shiraz 2010
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Nagambie / Victoria
Tahbilk are a bulwark of Victorian Shiraz, the original plantings are some of Australia's eldest productive vines. Traditional vinification techniques, as practised by Tahbilk's winemakers in the 1860s, are still employed, the original Chais of the wineworks remain to this day a most integral part of the operation. Wine & Spirits Magazine selected Tahbilk's original 1860 Vines Shiraz Vineyard as one of the great twenty five vineyards in the world, along with such illustrious icons as Romanee Conti La Tache and Chateau Lafite, Vega Sicilia and Chateau Y'Quem.
View details Tahbilk Museum Release Marsanne 2011
$ 23.99 Tahbilk Museum Release Marsanne 2011
Available by the dozen
Marsanne / Nagambie / Victoria
Many of the earliest pioneers to plant vines in the thirsty colonies of young Australia, favoured the characterful styles which were native to the south of France. Tahbilk was originally established with cuttings of the more charismatic varietals from Valley Rhone, bequeathing a legacy of the nation's most venerable Marsanne. Museum Release affords enthusiasts of classically evolved white wine, the opportunity to engage with the sumptuous applecake, nuttyness and flor of an estate matured Marsanne.
View details Tahbilk Museum Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
$ 29.99 Tahbilk Museum Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv / Nagambie Lakes / Victoria
Established circa 1860, amongst the scenic Nagambie Lakes, Tahbilk is one of Australia's most historic wineries, with a long and proud history of producing Victoria's most reliable Cabernet Sauvignon. Following his return from service after World War II, Eric Purbrick discovered a cache of wine hidden in 1876 under the Tahbilk cellars. Though pale in colour, it was sound and drinkable after 71 years. The promise of long lived red wine inspired Purbrick to establish new plantings in 1949, today they are some of Victoria's oldest productive Cabernet vines.
View details Tahbilk Marsanne 2017
$ 12.99 Tahbilk Marsanne 2017
Currently out of stock
Marsanne / Nagambie / Victoria
Tahbilk's history with Marsanne can be traced back to the 1860s when White Hermitage cuttings were sourced from St Hubert Vineyard. The grapes in fact were Marsanne and although none of these plantings have survived, Tahbilk still produces Marsanne from ancient stock dating back to 1927, some of the oldest in the world. Marsanne has immense individuality of flavour, good body and well worth trying if you want something different. A long and distinguished succession of Tahbilk Marsanne vintages have claimed multi trophy and copious gold.
View details Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre
$ 22.99 Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier / Nagambie / Victoria
Victorian accords of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre are sufficiently rare, ideally, an estate must have a heritage which dates back to early settlement before they can consider crafting such a wine. The first nascent plantings at Tahbilk were sown with cuttings from Valley Rhone. Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre have taken to the local surrounds and today yield the finest harvests in Victoria. A deeply charismatic wine of provocative sweet and savoury fruit characters, exquisitely balanced over a length of elegant, tensile tannins.
View details Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Shiraz
$ 59.99 Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Nagambie Lakes / Victoria
A profuse and intricate, old vines Shiraz, articulating the complex personality and extraordinary depth of character achieved through the legacy of historic estate plantings. The majority of fruit is picked off a precious endowment of vines planted 1933, treated to an old world style of vinification which has changed little since 1860. Stunningly perfumed before a penetrating palate, polished showroom tannins and velvet textures, a truly remarkable Shiraz to match with fragrant red wine braises and seared aged meats.
View details Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet
$ 59.99 Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet
Available in cases of 6
CabernetSauv / Nagambie / Victoria
Crafted from the best of vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, the choicest parcels collated from across the wonderful endowment of Tahbilk vineyards. It was the serendipitous discovery of a very old bottle Cabernet, unearthed just after WWII, from within the ageing Tahbilk wineworks, that inspired Eric Purbrick to re establish opearations after a long period of neglect. Tahbilk remain home to the eldest and most distinguished Cabernet vines. Eric Stevens Purbrick is dressed to impress, intensely flavoured with opaque berry flavours, sheathed in a veneer of graceful oak.
View details Tahbilk Chardonnay
$ 17.99 Tahbilk Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Nagambie / Victoria
Victorian Chardonnay is known for its affable nature and easy to appreciate apple fruit characters. Tahbilk have been one of the nation's most successful purveyors of Australian white wine since well before Federation. The fruit of their distinguished old vineyards was at the very fore of the resurgence of interest in Victorian table wines during the 1970s. A crystalline textured, beautifully rounded Chardonnay with an elegance of fine oak, seamlessly in support of its crisp, Goulburn Valley fruit palate.
View details Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne
$ 37.99 Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne
Available by the dozen
Marsanne / Nagambie / Victoria
From one of the oldest productive blocks of Marsanne in the world, an opulent white wine of remarkable complexity. The pick of fruit from this very special patch of ancient vines is crafted into a wine that's built to age beautifully in bottle, initially brooding and water white, evolving luxurious caramelled characters while unravelling layers of flavour. Within a few short years of inaugural release, 1927 Vines Marsanne continues to claim a breathtaking number of significant trophies, dozens of gold medals and countless accolades from the industry press.
View details Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz
$ 279.99 Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz
Shiraz / Nagambie / Victoria
Outstanding Langtons Classification. From one of the most famous vineyards in the world, a half hectare of ungrafted, prephylloxera plantings, amongst the oldest productive Shiraz vines to be found anywhere. Internationally renowned for its eloquence as well as its historic significance, 1860 Vines Shiraz is treated to an old world vinification in a collection of hundred years old, oak fermentation vats. 1860 is crafted to remain true to its ancient heritage, the smells and flavours of an old fashioned wine, within a structure of enduring elegance and timeless refinement.
View details T Gallant Juliet Sauvignon Chenin Blanc 2008
$ 16.99 T Gallant Juliet Sauvignon Chenin Blanc 2008
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc CheninBlanc / Strathbogie Barossa / Victoria
A refreshingly unoaked assembly of Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc, sourced from the Strathbogie Ranges and Barooga in Victoria, with further parcels from the Barossa Valley. An even ripening produces excellent fruit intensity, while retaining excellent balanced natural acidity. Passionate about the obscure and about fashioning a spectrum of styles, T'Gallant is driven by an extraordinary commitment to quality. The very best European winemaking techniques and philosophies have been applied in the vinification and it shows in the glass.
View details Sugarloaf Creek Estate Shiraz 2005
$ 14.99 Sugarloaf Creek Estate Shiraz 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Goulburn / Victoria
Sugarloaf Creek Vineyard is situated within the rolling hills of the Great Dividing Range, on the boundary of three geographical regions, the Goulburn Valley, Upper Goulburn, and Macedon Ranges. The cooloer climes here translate into a long and slow ripening period for the fruit. Established by the Blyth and Hunter families in 1998, the vines have been planted and nurtured to maturity completely by hand. The entire vineyard is planted with Shiraz PT23 vines on their own roots and is a labour of love, maintained by the two families.
View details Stone Dwellers Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
$ 21.99 Stone Dwellers Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Strathbogie / Victoria
The pictuesque Plunkett Fowles vineyards occupy choice sites throughout the rolling plateaux at the heights of the Strathbogie Ranges. The quality of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grown here are clearly within the Ivy League of the finest Victorian fruit. An assemblage of roughly equaly proportions Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The white grapes share their origin equally between a variety of blocks within the Plunkett Fowles Upton Run and Whitegate Vineyards. The black grapes are drawn exclusively from the Trevor's Block at Whitegate.
View details Stone Dwellers Shiraz
$ 24.99 Stone Dwellers Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Strathbogie / Victoria
Following decades of devoted viticulture, Plunkett Fowles have accumulated extensive local knowledge of soils and microclimes peculiar to the Strathbogie Ranges. Their efforts have crystallised into some of Victoria's most memorable wines. Stone Dwellers represents the fruits of labour and of experience, the best varietal expressions from Strathbogie Ranges each and every vintage. Roughly equal portions Shiraz are sourced from the estate's Whitegate and Upton Run Vineyards, to construct a wine with a generous palate and vibrant aromatic lift.
View details Stone Dwellers Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 24.99 Stone Dwellers Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Strathbogie / Victoria
A cool climate Cabernet wine of impeccable integration and exceptional balance. Sourced from the Trevor's Cabernet Block on Fowles Plunkett Whitegate Vineyard in Strathbogie Ranges, where harvesting generally occurs from late February through to early May. The sandy loam soils on the elevated and undulating, gently inclined site stimulate the vines into yielding the most intensely flavoured Cabernet berries with pungent aromatics and toothsome tannins. A very well balanced, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with a long flavourful finish.
View details Seppelt Fleur de Lys Pinot Chardonnay NV
$ 9.99 Seppelt Fleur de Lys Pinot Chardonnay NV
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / / Victoria
The House of Seppelt has created some of the most praiseworthy, historically significant, and highly awarded sparkling wines in Australian show history. Fleur de Lys is a popular, non vintage Cuvee, assembled from base wines across several harvests, bottle fermented to a level of complexity and consistency of style from year to year. Fashioned from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grown to Seppelt's extensive and specialised cool climate vineyards, Fleur de Lys is soft and elegant in style with subtle, integrated fruit and yeasty aromas.
View details Sedona Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
$ 24.99 Sedona Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Goulburn / Victoria
A boutique, hands on winemaking enterprise of extremely limited production. Sedona take aim each vintage to construct a bold varietal style of Cabernet Sauvignon, showing vibrant characters of blackberry and cassis, with a power and weight of fruit that has become a Victorian benchmark. The superb efforts of Sedona can be found on some of the most exclusive wine lists in the country.
View details Preece Merlot 2011
$ 12.99 Preece Merlot 2011
Currently out of stock
Merlot / / Victoria
In 1967 Melbourne entrepreneur Ross Shelmerdine commissioned industry maestro Colin Preece to find the best site for grapes. Preece chose an old grazing property in the Nagambie district of central Victoria for it's climate, soil and proximity to waterways. Preece Merlot is still vinified at the renowned Mitchelton wineworks, sourcing the best fruit from a diversity of vineyards to create a rich complex wine with expressions of plum and blueberries with a hint of vanilla oak.
View details Preece Chardonnay 2012
$ 12.99 Preece Chardonnay 2012
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / Goulburn / Victoria
Preece can be proud of a history spanning several decades and representing many of Victoria's most memorable vintage releases. The salubrious fruit growing terroirs of Goullburn are an idyll for the noble Chardonnay grape. Old and new world vinification techniques serve to place the quality of fruit right upfront, as framed by a judicious use of oak and supported by luxurious lees complexity. A generous Chardonnay wine delivering a punch of nectarine, rockmelon and vanilla flavours, offering good structure and lovely creamy textures.
View details Preece Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
$ 12.99 Preece Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / / Victoria
Colin Preece is one of Victoria's great trail blazing winemakers, for decades the chief at Seppelt Great Western. A backbone of Mitchelton fruit provides the foundation of rich flavours to one of Australia's most dependable Cabernet wines. Oak maturation has softened the tannins, imparting chocolate, vanilla and spice flavours.
View details Passing Clouds Sauvignon Blanc 2006
$ 19.99 Passing Clouds Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / Bendigo Goulburn / Victoria
Reams of Goulburn Valley varietal characters, a medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc, juicy with natural sweetness, yet dry on the finish, plenty of savoury personality as well as lively minerality.
View details Monichino Tramontino Shiraz 2014
$ 9.99 Monichino Tramontino Shiraz 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Goulburn / Victoria
Shiraz was one of the first varieties planted by Carlo Monichino in the 1960s, he recognized the suitability of Goulburn Valley for vitculture and set out to make wines as he did, while growing up amongst the undulating vineyards of Italy's Piemonte. Monichino remains a largely family run operation, neighbours and the extended relations all join in at vintage. A splendid Shiraz, crafted exclusively from estate grown fruit and treated to an extended maturation, for a thorougly charming wine of engaging complexity and exquisite balance.
View details Mitchelton Print Shiraz
$ 69.99 Mitchelton Print Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Heathcote Goulburn / Victoria
A flagship Victoran effort, traditionally crafted from Shiraz grapes picked off the oldest and most superior blocks within the Mitchelton estate vineyard. The vines receive little water so they drive their gnarled roots deep down through the sandy soil layers in search of moisture. These veteran vines are naturally devigorated and unirrigated, meticulosuly managed by hand, ensuring precious yields of small, intensely flavoured berries which are reserved for the creation of this eminent edition of Victorian Shiraz.
View details Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling
$ 16.99 Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Goulburn / Victoria
Mitchelton was originally a grazing property known as Blackwood Park. The soils and microclimate are significantly influenced by the presence of the pristine Goulburn River which surrounds the property on three sides, shaping the unique environment and mesoclime. In turn, geological shifts, ancestral river flows and climate have created distinct soil profiles on individual blocks. Priority is given to monitoring sugar and acid profiles while grapes are ripening, timing of harvest is critical to achieving optimum balance and intensity in the wine.
View details Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz
$ 29.99 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Strathbogie / Victoria
An exclusively Strathbogie Ranges Shiraz, most of the grapes come from Rocky Hill Block at Whitegate, with a further component from Block 6 at Upton Run. The magic of this wine evolves while ageing in a collection of very old, large English oak casks. These barrels are home to a hundred years of bugs and bacteria which impart complexity, allowing the wine to breath, integrating fruit and taming the tannins. A beguiling wine of striking colour and elevated aromas, pristine fruit and a persistent, flavourful finish which conjures up images of wilderness and game.
View details Keith Brien Vincenzo Block Mataro Shiraz
$ 28.99 Keith Brien Vincenzo Block Mataro Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Mourvedre / Goulburn / Victoria
The flagship of the Keith Brien range, a precious parcel of old vines Mourverdre vinified alongside a choice harvest of Shiraz, all picked off an exquisite low yielding vineyard. Keith Brien has been consumed by a passion for obscure old sites, ever since a tour of duty amongst the vineyards of La Bourgogne in the 1970s. He treasures his time spent inspecting the old plantings and ripening of fruit, earmarking the pick of crop for an old fashioned vinification and extended term of age, albeit amazingly accessible to the discerning enthusiast at large.
View details Keith Brien Old Vines Shiraz
$ 22.99 Keith Brien Old Vines Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Goulburn / Victoria
Small batch, artisanally crafted old world style Shiraz, from parched little grapes picked off a block of gnarled vines, established by Vincenzo Conte at Shepparton in the 1950s. Keith Brien was a commercial pilot who took a keen interest in all things oenological. He made the transition to viticulture after working vintages alongside eminent winemakeing identities in Pommard. Brien remains true to his principles of exceptional provenance, he sources from bespoke sites with limited yields and a quality of fruit that's second to none. Victorian Old Vine Shiraz at its sublime best.
View details Keith Brien Old Vines Mataro
$ 22.99 Keith Brien Old Vines Mataro
Available by the dozen
Mourvedre / Goulburn / Victoria
Vincenzo Conte immigrated to Australia in 1952, sowing Shiraz and Mataro vines on a property just outside of Shepparton. His son took over management of the precious low yielding vineyard until 2003, when the site came to the attention of a seasoned old salt with a deep penchant for small batch, Rhone varietal wines. Keith Brien makes old world styles, with a view to bottle development of each vintage before release. The powerful mouthfilling richness and velvet textures are complemented by a length of deep, fine tannins, the fruit of cosseted, unirrigated old vines.
View details Fowles Are You Game Shiraz
$ 14.99 Fowles Are You Game Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Strathbogie / Victoria
The Fowles family have been at the centre of Victoria's commerce and development since early settlement. Founders of Bendigo Bank and Fowles Auction Group, they also established the first Victorian winery ever to win Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. The Fowles brand have continued to deliver with the most celebrated editions and memorable vintages, drawing fruit from the pick of their Strathbogie vineyards to be aged in the luxury of completely new oak, the first choice for service alongside flavourful game recipes, suckling pork or lamb.
View details Fowles 490m Sauvignon Semillon
$ 14.99 Fowles 490m Sauvignon Semillon
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Strathbogie / Victoria
Alan and Noni Plunkett planted a small, unirrigated vineyard on Strathbogie Ranges in 1968, the first in the region. Today, the Plunkett Fowles vineyards occupy over five hundred acres of the choicest ground. At 490 metres above sea level, the vines are stimulated by the coolness of spring to produce small berries, while in summer the low rainfall and intense sunshine nurture fruit that is dense in colour and flavour. Cool and crisp, with a hint of the tropics, 490m is a refreshing Sauvignon Semillon, ideal for chilling with friends.
View details Fowles 490m Cabernet Merlot
$ 14.99 Fowles 490m Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Strathbogie / Victoria
Cabernet and Merlot perform brilliantly on the Strathbogie Ranges. Assembled into a single wine, they capture the heart of suitors in search of a soft, early drinking table red. 490m is an inspired effort by the team at Plunkett Fowles, who consumate the most gratifying wines from within the environment of their high altitude home. A vibrant accord of fruit, supported by the most congenial tannins. Soft and approachable, keen to cultivate your friendship, 490m loves pizza, a shared bowl of pasta or a quiet drink by the fire.
View details Euroa Creeks Reserve Shiraz
$ 54.99 Euroa Creeks Reserve Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Goulburn / Victoria
Euroa Creeks is a hand crafted single vineyard Shiraz, only sixty cases of the inaugural vintage were available in Australia. The eight acres of vine are nourished by a number of creeks that have traditionally brought just enough water to make the land arable. In recent years the area has been drier than usual, vines have truly struggled and tonnages are at their lowest, but the grapes have been packed with flavour. Vintage 2006 was an almost perfect growing season and 110 cases of Reserve were produced. Vintage 2007 was totally wiped out by frost.
View details David Traeger Three Centuries Shiraz
$ 22.99 David Traeger Three Centuries Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Nagambie / Victoria
David Traeger is an old hand with decades of experience, after a long and distinguished history of crafting an entire generation of the most memorable vintages. Viticulture has been an essential part of Victoria's lifestyle and culture over the course of three centuries. Traeger has drawn fruit from a shortlist of low yielding Heathcote vineyards, precious sites which can trace their genesis from the nineteenth century to the 21st. Each parcel imparts its own distinct complexity and character to the finished wine.
View details David Traeger Maranoa Verdelho
$ 18.99 David Traeger Maranoa Verdelho
Available by the dozen
Verdelho / Nagambie / Victoria
Maranoa is one of the oldest properties in Nagambie, originally a farming homestead planted to vines in the 1870s, it yields an amazing quality of Verdelho. David Traeger is one of the world's foremost protagonists in Verdelho, he is one of the nation's most successful and enduring viticulturalists, his name is synonymous with vintages of the most excellent Verdelho. Maranao is fashioned from the finest parcels, a wine of mouthfilling intensity and exquisite length, it ages surprisingly well, to become a toasty, complex and engaging table white.
View details David Traeger Cabernet Merlot  2003
$ 25.99 David Traeger Cabernet Merlot 2003
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Merlot PetitVerdot / Nagambie / Victoria
The fruits of growing season 2003, cellared by David Traeger until release, have developed beautifully and speak of a sensational vintage year. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a dash of Petit Verdot, crafted at the Sommerset Crossing Wineworks, matured twelve months under a combination of the finest French Nevers oak hogsheads, followed by an extended term under the Seymour cellars. A complex wine with an earthy palate and evolved, old spice characters, dark berry flavours and well perfumed, red and black currant notes.
View details Coueslant Pinot Chardonnay NV
$ 21.99 Coueslant Pinot Chardonnay NV
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Nagambie / Victoria
Francois Coueslant was a pioneering viticulturalist who made a major contribution to bringing Australian wines to the world. Winemaker manager at Tahbilk from 1877 to 1886, described in the Australasian at the time as a practical vigneron from France, a gentleman of progressive ideas, ever ready to adopt new and improved methods. Coueslant successfully lead the fight against the vine killing phylloxera louse, built the iconic estate tower and added Chateau to the Tahbilk label, a moniker which remained in use until 2000.
View details Chandon Cuvee 500 2008
$ 34.99 Chandon Cuvee 500 2008
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / King Macedon Strathbogie / Victoria
An elite Victorian Sparkler from some of the most superior sites, all over 500 metres above sea level, in King Valley, Macedon and Strathbogie Ranges. A multi dimensional wine, dominated by a slightly larger component of Pinot Noir, tightly woven from a tapestry of hand chosen parcels, the auspiciously high altitudes and regional diversity yields harvests of intensely flavoured fruit, with refined natural acidity and stylish balance. A wine of great persistence and integrity, character and charm, to be savoured at every opportune occasion.
View details Blackwood Ridge Shiraz 2008
$ 17.99 Blackwood Ridge Shiraz 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Strathbogie / Victoria
A stylish high country Shiraz, from fruit grown to the envigorating cool climes of Strathbogie Ranges. Plunkett Fowles retain many of Victoria's most splendid high altitude vineyards, the long cool ripening seasons yield harvests of the most intensely flavoured grapes with exciting milled spice characters and refined, velvet tannins. A choice component is treated to a term of age in a curious collection of large, highly precious 500 litre English oak casks which are over a hundred years of age.
View details Airstrip Marsanne Rousanne Viognier
$ 24.99 Airstrip Marsanne Rousanne Viognier
Available by the dozen
Marsanne Rousanne Viognier / Goulburn / Victoria
Half Marsanne, the balance of Rousanne and Viognier, sourced exclusively from the Mitchelton estate vineyard. Airstrip is a lively but tight blend of vigorous white fruit. Modest crop levels ranging from 2 to 3½ tonnes per acre give this wine its core intensity. Each individual block is managed and vinified separately to allow the different qualities of each variety, shaped by the unique vineyard site and soil profiles, to shine through. The individual parcels of fruit are moulded together during blending to produce the unique Airstrip style.
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