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View details Xanadu Shiraz 2013
$ 22.99 Xanadu Shiraz 2013
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Shiraz is a wine that Xanadu does best. Their salubrious vineyards are situated within the best climes where conditions are nothing short of idyll. The vines seem to love producing the topical milled spice bouquets and firm palate structure of essential Margaret River Shiraz. An outstanding quality of harvest every year is treated to a close scrutiny of fruit, ensuring that nothing but the healthiest berries are considered. An artisanal vinification and extravagant barrel treatments achieve a piquantly aromatic Shiraz of virile game characters and toasty oak.
View details Xanadu Next of Kin Shiraz 2011
$ 14.99 Xanadu Next of Kin Shiraz 2011
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Owned by the same group who bring us Yering Station and Mount Langi, Xanadu is situated within an exclusive coterie of eminent Margaret River estates. Next of Kin may be the second tier label but nothing is done to a lesser measure at Xanadu. All vines are closely managed to yield fruit at full physiological maturity and complete tannin ripeness, for wines which are brimming with profound Margaret River regionality. A juicy Shiraz wine with the redolence of a fragrant Viognier perfume lift, a third of the wine is extravagantly aged in new French oak.
View details Xabregas Show Reserve Shiraz 2007
$ 24.99 Xabregas Show Reserve Shiraz 2007
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Xabregas are true terroirists, as the focus goes beyond the concept of new world wines. Xabregas don't adhere to the stereotype of an Australian style, choosing instead to bring the unique expression of their single vineyard estate to the fore. Vines were expertly planted to follow a strong line of alluvial iron based gravels that concentrate on the hill sides of each vineyard, reminiscent of the Rhone Valley's terraced slopes.
View details Xabregas Artisan Syrah 2012
$ 32.99 Xabregas Artisan Syrah 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Rousanne / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
An assemblage of Shiraz and Rousanne from the finest vineyards south of Mt. Barker, harvested throughout the cooler temperatures of early morning at closely timed passes amongst the vines to create a Syrah of structure and complexity. Each site contributes a uniqueness and influence adding a different personality to the final wine. An elegant, medium weighted Syrah with abundant spice and graceful tannins, co fermentation with portions of the Roussanne grape adds another layer of texture and depth to this emerging Mt Barker style.
View details West Cape Howe Two Steps Shiraz 2010
$ 26.99 West Cape Howe Two Steps Shiraz 2010
Shiraz / Mount Barker / WesternAustralia
Two Steps is a wine of stately black fruit flavours and elegant spice character, crafted from parcels grown to mesoclimes which are being recognized the world over for the the sterling quality of Shiraz. The warm days of Mount Barker deliver a perfect measure of sunshine for optimal ripening, the chilly, often frosty nights, extend the growing season, developing flavours and tannins to the fullest. Restraint in the vinification achieves a highly articulate Shiraz of power, structure and grace, to mate alongside the finest gourmandise.
View details Watershed Shades Shiraz Cabernet Merlot 2014
$ 14.99 Watershed Shades Shiraz Cabernet Merlot 2014
Available by the case dozen
CabernetSauv Shiraz Merlot / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Originally identified and reserved for the express purpose of growing only the finest grapes and crafting world class wines, the Watershed vineyard is endowed with the most idyllic viticultural and climactic conditions, for realizing harvests of the most splendid Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. Crafted by one of Margaret River's most experienced winemaking teams and assembled into a single wine, Shades is brimming with aromatic fruit and replete with ripe, stylish tannins.
View details Watershed Shades Rose 2015
$ 19.99 Watershed Shades Rose 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Merlot / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Watermelon hued, redolent with juicy fruit, piquant of spice, slightly tangy with revitalizing citrus acid, evocative of aeroplane jelly and iced tea. As exquisitely balanced as it is complex, Shades make a Rosé that stands apart from the rest, cannily fashioned to a mouthfilling Tavel styling, brief contact on skins makes the colour and infuses the palate with a lick of lip pursing tannin. A luscious pink wine, flavoursome enough to stand on it's own and sophisticated enough for pairing off with fine gourmandise.
View details Watershed Senses Shiraz 2013
$ 19.99 Watershed Senses Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A consistent wine show performer, previous vintages have claimed conspicuous gold medals at Mundus Vini Germany, Sydney International Wine Competition and Royal Sydney, silver at the prestigious Qantas and Decanter World Wine Awards. Vintage 2009 claimed Blue Gold Medal & Top 1OO Sydney International, Gold Qantas Wine Show WA, Silver Mundus Vini International Wine Show & Sydney Royal. A magnificent rendering of stylish Margaret River Shiraz, from one of the most meticulously planned and managed vineyards in Western Australia.
View details Voyager Estate Shiraz 2013
$ 31.99 Voyager Estate Shiraz 2013
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A continuation of the evolution in Shiraz from Voyager Estate and Margaret River. The idyllic growing conditions and low yields make for an invigorating wine of sound structure and luscious mid palate sweetness. The flavours in the grapes are tremendous, blueberries and blood plum, dark cherries and exotic trade spice. The restorative Margaret River Indian summers stimulate vines to achieve a harvest of intensely ripened, piquantly fragrant fruit. A vibrant wine of complexity and purity of fruit, retaining the finesse and elegance which are hallmarks of all things Voyager Estate.
View details Voyager Estate Shiraz 2008
$ 34.99 Voyager Estate Shiraz 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A rich and concentrated effort with driven fruit and silky tannins, defining a style of it's very own. Small batch fermentation and sensitive winemaking practices are employed to allow quality of fruit from to be fully expressed. An impressive Margaret River wine which continues the evolution of Shiraz at Voyager Estate.
View details Vasse Felix Shiraz 2013
$ 29.99 Vasse Felix Shiraz 2013
Shiraz Malbec / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Vasse Felix construct a vigorous Shiraz of considerable depth, concentration and solid structure whilst retaining elegance and finesse. Careful fruit selection and an astute use of oak achieve balance and complexity. One of the most satisfying examples of West Australian Shiraz, stylish and distinctively regional. Vasse Felix has the oldest Shiraz vines on the cape, while several slightly younger blocks provide an understated finesse and elegance that is so often lost in the rush to create a Margaret River Shiraz of opulence and power.
View details Valley of the Giants Classic Dry Red
$ 9.99 Valley of the Giants Classic Dry Red
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Shiraz Merlot / / WesternAustralia
Valley of the Giants can source grapes from the best West Australian vineyards, retaining access to the quality of fruit which can translate into stunning everyday wines. But but this does not mean the team can't do better. It's a priority to preserve and enhance the gifts of the vineyard through an attention to detail and minimal handling throughout the vinification. The uniquely Aussie cepage of Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz, offering a mouthfilling palate and early drinking tannins, ideal with pizza or tapas, barbeques and grills.
View details The Sum Great Southern Shiraz 2013
$ 16.99 The Sum Great Southern Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
The splendid surrounds and salubrious climes in the lower southwest of Australia's continental rump, yield a quality of Shiraz that's distinctive for its stellar structure and sensational style. Made for the red wine enthusiast with a palate for the bright, food friendlies that can match today's post modern, fresh and fusion modes of cuisine, The Sum smacks of ripe blueberries and freshly milled, savoury complexity, all supported by an exquisite length of fine grained tannins, framed by a veneer of well seasoned, stealthy French oak.
View details The Sum Great Southern Rose 2015
$ 16.99 The Sum Great Southern Rose 2015
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot Shiraz / Frankland River / WesternAustralia
Not just another pretty pink wine, The Sum is fashioned to a satisfyingly drier style, as beautiful to see at as it is to sip. This is true Saignée, a ferment of noble red grapes which are drained early off the musts to extract the ideal rosé complexion, for a comely pink drink. Brimming with a concentration of juicy pink fruit flavours, titillating with crisp, apple jack acidity, its delicate deep salmon blush and bright magenta hues go down perfectly alongside tasty nibbles and cheery company.
View details Streicker Bridgeland Syrah 2009
$ 29.99 Streicker Bridgeland Syrah 2009
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Bridgeland is one of the most picturesque properties in Margaret River. Originally prime farmland, it boasts one of the largest dams in the region, approximately a kilometre in length and covering eighteen hectares. Bridgeland is endowed with a unique confluence of terroir and clime, a longer, cooler growing season and slower ripening period to produce wines of the highest quality. A mere 250 cases produced, vintage 2009 claimed top trophy at the hotly contested VISY Great Australian Shiraz Challenge, the first time ever for Margaret River.
View details Sandalford Margaret River Shiraz 2015
$ 16.99 Sandalford Margaret River Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Margaret River is realizing it's potential as one of the world's great Shiraz producing regions. Sandalford have lead the way in premium Margaret River wines for over 150 years, fine tuning their regimens from vintage to vintage. The changes reflect modern practices, yet maintain the tradition and mystique behind the winemaking process. A mostly Shiraz wine with a portion of Viognier for aromaticness and complexity, Sandalford still practice small batch processing of all fruit, while insisting on maturation in nothing but the finest selection of oak.
View details Pitchfork Margaret River Shiraz 2013
$ 16.99 Pitchfork Margaret River Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A long and impressive history of the most memorable West Australian vintages, including tenures at the eminent Madfish and Howard Park, contributed to the success of Hay Shed Hill. The site itself is fortuitously positioned at the heart of Willyabrup, amongst some of the most renowned estates, where the first vines were planted and the great tradition of Margaret River was born. Pitchfork is an immediately approachable, generously proportioned Shiraz with light oak and gentle tannins, bearing the inimitable stamp of Margaret River.
View details Moondah Brook Shiraz
$ 15.99 Moondah Brook Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
The Shiraz of Australia's west possesses an individuality and charm, a uniqueness of character and a style all its own. At once, brighter and more piquant than Shiraz from any other region in the nation, it makes a richly complex, polished and engaging wine. Moondah Brook are a winery with a history, having planted their first vineyards half a century ago. They still retain access to these precious old sites, for a solid backbone of fine Shiraz, to be vinified alongside choice parcels, treated to an adroit vinification and aged in the finest oak.
View details Millbrook Barking Owl Shiraz Viognier
$ 17.99 Millbrook Barking Owl Shiraz Viognier
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Geographe & Perth Hills / WesternAustralia
Millbrook is a boutique winery situated in the historic town of Jarrahdale on the Perth Hills. The origins of the estate's Chestnut Farm winery date back to the nineteenth century when the original owner, Joseph Batt, planted an orchard and the first grapevines in 1860. Today's Millbrook has been specially designed for high quality, small batch wine production. Barking Owl over delivers in terms of balance and generous fruit, a long, savoury finish with an added dimension of oak and complexity at the close of this wonderful Shiraz.
View details Madfish Shiraz 2013
$ 15.99 Madfish Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret, Great Southern, Geographe / WesternAustralia
According to local folklore, the tranquillity of Mad Fish Bay is broken when two tides meet, driving schools of small fish to go quite completely bonkers, as they jump about to avoid being gobbled up by the incoming tide of larger, hungry fish. Exquisitly balanced, highly polished, affable and quaffable, a delicious red wine that's mouthfilling, approachable and complete, fashioned from fruit grown to a corner of Australia that does Shiraz so very well.
View details Leeuwin Siblings Shiraz 2012
$ 21.99 Leeuwin Siblings Shiraz 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Margaret River makes famously intense, deeply stylish Shiraz, somewhat more sanguine and evocative than its distant relations from winegrowing regions further afield. The balmy maritime breezes and cooler nights produce a Shiraz wine that conjures up impressions of the prevailing mistral winds of Valley Rhone. Slightly more forward drinking than the estate flagships, Sibling is endowed with layers of radiant olive/plum fruit characters and piquant spice characters, supported by excellent length of the most graceful tannins.
View details Kiss Chasey Red 2011
$ 13.99 Kiss Chasey Red 2011
Currently out of stock
Shiraz CabernetSauv Merlot / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A real crowd pleaser and a great choice for everyday drinking, Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz, seamlessly melded into a fruit filled wine, rich with plum and bramble flavours, seasoned by just the right touch of spice and supported by a length of soft easy tannins. A treat of a wine to be enjoyed as aperitif and un unmitigated pleasure when served alongside good food. Kiss Chasey is made for the young at heart, fashioned from the pick of West Australian fruit to achieve a seriously made red wine of generous flavour and solid structure, with fun in mind.
View details Howard Park Scotsdale Shiraz 2011
$ 34.99 Howard Park Scotsdale Shiraz 2011
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Frankland River / WesternAustralia
Howard Park's Scotsdale property is located at the foothills of the ancient Porongurup range. At 200 to 380 metres above sea level, it is among the highest vineyard sites in all Western Australia. The vines here are fastidiously maintained and gingerly nurtured with extraordinary attention to detail. Dividends arrive n the form of the most exceptional vintages in Frankland River Shiraz. Scotsdale 2000 was crowned by trophy at the Divine State of Origin, vintage 2004 claimed gold at the prestigious Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.
View details Houghton Crofters Shiraz 2014
$ 14.99 Houghton Crofters Shiraz 2014
Shiraz / Frankland River / WesternAustralia
Frankland River yields remarkable vintages of Shiraz, Houghton were at the very genesis of the region for viticulture, they retain the finest vineyards. A collation of the best parcels from choice sites have been assembled by the Crofters team, treated to vinification in traditional open top vessels, gently pressed to a selection of French oak for completion of ferments and a year of age. Its profound structure and piquantly spiced black currant fruit richness, makes a perfect match with game recipes, well seasoned lamb or freshly ground curry recipes.
View details Houghton Classic Shiraz 2013
$ 9.99 Houghton Classic Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
Houghton have been making wine for as long as many of the old world's great estates. The peerless quality of their fruit, exacting attention to viticulture, uncompromising excellence in vinification and exquisite balance are qualities which set the wines of Houghton apart. Shiraz was one of Houghton's earliest plantings, a succession of notable viticulturalists and winemakers continued the tradition of developing vines and improving the quality of fruit. The Houghton of today can lay claim to the most splendid Shiraz vineyards in Western Australia.
View details Houghton Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2013
$ 9.99 Houghton Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2013
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
The historic Houghton wineworks have been famous for producing regional benchmark wines ever since the inaugural release of 1859. Today, Houghton continues the tradition by consistently delivering award winning efforts of outstanding quality and affable regional charm. The very Australian mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz, collated from some of the finest vineyards in West Australia, is assembled into a generously proportioned, stylishly well rounded and approachable red wine.
View details Goundrey Homestead Shiraz 2013
$ 10.99 Goundrey Homestead Shiraz 2013
Shiraz / Mt Barker Great Southern / WesternAustralia
The balmy aspects of Mount Barker yield the nation's most underrated Shiraz wines. Goundrey were here from the very start, amongst the earliest West Australian pioneers, they were inspired by the achievements of the great Jack Mann to take up viticulture in 1971. They now operate a priceless endowment of the most eminent vineyards in the region. Immediately engaging from first sniff, accessible to all, Great Southern Shiraz in the truest sense, ideally to be savoured alongside a serve of smartly dressed chops, either veal, pork or lamb.
View details Forest Hill Estate Shiraz 2012
$ 26.99 Forest Hill Estate Shiraz 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Established 1965, Forest Hill is the oldest cool climate vineyard in Western Australia and the first ever commercial planting in all of Great Southern. This solidly structured Shiraz demonstrates the virtues of a region that's endowed with an outstanding potential to craft the most intensely structured Rhone style wines. A medium bodied, fleshy style, Forest Hill displays white pepper and subtle spice on the palate enhanced by delicate toasty vanilla and perfumed Burgundian oak flavours, fine chewy tannins and a full firm finish.
View details Forest Hill Block 9 Shiraz 2010
$ 49.99 Forest Hill Block 9 Shiraz 2010
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Forest Hill work hard at extracting the best possible Shiraz out of Block 9. Better soil maintenance with no herbicides and more composted material, while leaf plucking is applied earlier in the season and more diligently. The maturity of the vines, management of the property and evolution in the quality of fruit all impact on the excellence of the finished wine. Its long and fine, chewy structure is dominated by bold varietal fruit characters, while the background gamey nuances intensify the palate, along with subtle earthiness and sweet spice undertones.
View details Flametree Margaret River Shiraz 2015
$ 19.99 Flametree Margaret River Shiraz 2015
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
The length of Margaret River's coastline hosts a tapestry of terroirs, each expressing a subtle variation on the profoundly aromatic and intense regional style. Flametree have assembled a collation of fruit from five choice vineyards in the premier viticultural precincts of Wallcliffe, Wilyabrup and Yallingup. A well proportioned wine with seamless integration that's greater than the sum of parts, Wallcliffe grapes contribute a measure of pepper and spice complexity, fruit from vineyards further to the north add rich dark berry characters and a concentration of flavour.
View details Flametree Frankland River Shiraz 2009
$ 19.99 Flametree Frankland River Shiraz 2009
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Frankland River / WesternAustralia
A salient expression of Frankland River Shiraz by a rising star among West Australia's most conspicuous new winemaking operations. The secrets to Flametree's success are access to the best possible fruit and innate skill of the team to create beautifully crafted wines which capture the flavour of the region whence they originate. Choice grapes from exceptional sites have been vinified into a profound Shiraz wine with fresh and clean spice, liquorice and plum fruit characters over a framework of crisp tannins and delicately integrated quality oak.
View details Fermoy Estate Shiraz 2012
$ 22.99 Fermoy Estate Shiraz 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
From the Chelmsford and Seward family vineyards at the northern end of Margaret River. Fermoy Estate is situated on Metricup Road at the very heart of Willyabrup, one of the new world's great viticultural precincts. Despite a history of little more than a decade, Fermoy's wines have won an acclaim which belies the estate's modernity. An intensely aromatic and profoundly structured Shiraz wine with captivating berry fruit essences and pliant, peppery tannins, to accompany the finest faire and most succulent meats.
View details Evans Tate Redbrook Shiraz 2012
$ 39.99 Evans Tate Redbrook Shiraz 2012
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Shiraz is selected from vines grown to the central and northern part of Margaret River, parcels which have shown remarkable balance year after year, consistently yielding loose, intensely flavoured bunches with small berry size, critical to the Evans & Tate style. The superlative ripening conditions allow flavour and tannin development to catch up with sugar ripeness, producing an intensely coloured wine with ripe, concentrated flavours and fine, soft tannins. Evans & Tate have spared no expense and have pulled all the stops to deliver a world class Shiraz.
View details Evans Tate Metricup Road Shiraz 2010
$ 16.99 Evans Tate Metricup Road Shiraz 2010
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
No single achievement has meant more to the Evans & Tate team than winning best red wine trophy at the London International Wine Challenge for their Shiraz. An unbroken lineage of sterling vintage releases has rocketed Evans & Tate to global fame, whilst crystallizing the Margaret River region as a truly world class winegrowing appellation. Fruit is harvested from good vineyards in the Wilyabrup precinct, to be vinified by the Evans & Tate team into a generously flavoured Margaret River Shiraz with splendid aromaticness and fine tannins.
View details Evans Tate Classic Shiraz Cabernet 2010
$ 14.99 Evans Tate Classic Shiraz Cabernet 2010
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Shiraz / Margaret Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Evans & Tate played a major role in the Margaret River's rise to international recognition as one of the world's great winegrowing appellations. One of Western Australia's baronial estates, their salubrious vineyards are idyllically positioned to produce vibrant Cabernet and Shiraz grapes with attractive blackberry, plum and spice characters. Margaret River's renowned cool summer nights and sea breezes ensure that the fruit ripens fully at lower baumes to perfect levels of natural acidity, translating into a crisp and savoury, mouthfilling Shiraz Cabernet wine.
View details Evans Tate Classic Pink Moscato 2011
$ 16.99 Evans Tate Classic Pink Moscato 2011
Muscat SauvBlanc Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
The primary aim at Evans & Tate is to make wines that are truly expressive of the sensational winegrowing terroirs which make Margaret River so special. They have succeeded in capturing the sensational style of pinkly hued, lusciously grape flavoured wines that are finding a home within the hearts of Moscato lovers everywhere. A cepage of mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, with additions of Canada Muscat and Chardonnay, brought together in a brightly fruit forward, slightly petulant, toothsome fruit cup, best described as irresistible.
View details Empirica Uvaggio GSM 2012
$ 27.99 Empirica Uvaggio GSM 2012
Available by the dozen
Grenache Mourvedre Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
It's no puzzling coincidence that the three noble grapes of CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne have endured as one of the wine world's most engaging, long lived accords. The plump, juicy sweetness of Grenache provides an amenable foil to the rustic tannins and pastoral earthiness of Mourvedre. Add a dash of peppery plum Shiraz and you have achieved a harmonious construct which drinks beautifully while fresh, beguiling and evocative after a term of bottle age.
View details Devils Lair Hidden Cave Cabernet Shiraz 2013
$ 16.99 Devils Lair Hidden Cave Cabernet Shiraz 2013
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
Devil's Lair are auspiciously positioned at the heart of Leeuwin Peninsula, within the dress circle of Margaret River's most eminent wineries and prestigious vineyards. The climes here are very like the balmy maritime conditions of Bordeaux, red varietal grapes are intensely flavoured and lined by the finest tannins. There is a folklore of hidden caves and devilish marsupials which sets the background to Devil's Lair cryptic range of wines. A mostly Cabernet accord with a third of Shiraz, Hidden Cave is seamless and redolent, in opulent Margaret River claret styling.
View details Devils Lair Fifth Leg Red Blend 2014
$ 14.99 Devils Lair Fifth Leg Red Blend 2014
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot Shiraz / Margaret Geographe / WesternAustralia
Why the fifth leg? Recognised as one of Margaret River's leading estates, Devil's Lair is situated on the southern end of Leeuwin Peninsula, it produces some of the most meritorious wines in the Australian west. Devil's Lair know about stylish reds and have brought their smart vinification techniques to bear on the enduring Aussie blend. This funky ensemble of vibrant Cabernet, playing alongside the plummy beat of Merlot and rhythmic rumba of spiced Shiraz, will make your taste buds dance and groove and have some real fun.
View details Castelli Il Liris Cabernet Shiraz Malbec 2012
$ 57.99 Castelli Il Liris Cabernet Shiraz Malbec 2012
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauvignon Shiraz Malbec / / WesternAustralia
The enduring Aussie association of Cabernet and Shiraz, with a fair measure of the amenable Malbec for softness and style, the ultimate realization of the Castelli brothers no expense spared approach to making great wine. Australia's west grows powerful yet elegant red wines, the Cabernet Shiraz accord in particular can be breathtaking in its structure and scope. Castelli reserve the pick of vintage for Il Liris, only the most exceptional bunches are considered for inclusion, only the finest barrels are assembled into the finished wine.
View details Castelli Great Southern Shiraz 2014
$ 27.99 Castelli Great Southern Shiraz 2014
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Frankland Mt Barker / WesternAustralia
The Castelli brothers are highly accomplished international engineers with a no expense spared approach to making great wine. Choice harvests from superlative vineyards at Frankland River and Mount Barker are assembled for an outstanding construct of Shiraz. Frankland River contributes rich mulberry flavours, Mt Barker adds complexity and spiced black pepper characters. An attractive earthy richness is at the core of the fine boned, textural palate, the oak is seamlessly integrated with the layers of fruit, all supported by fine, savoury tannins.
View details Capel Vale Debut Shiraz 2013
$ 16.99 Capel Vale Debut Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / / WesternAustralia
Capel Vale have played an important role in the establishment of the Western Australian wine industry and the recognition of southwest Australia as a world class winegrowing region. They established their first vines in 1974 after determining that the Capel area, near Geographe Bay, was ideally suited to viticulture. Capel Vale have enjoyed runaway success for Shiraz with their second tier Debut label, having claimed national gold at the Canberra wine show and Blue Gold at the prestigious Sydney International.
View details Cape Mentelle Shiraz 2012
$ 29.99 Cape Mentelle Shiraz 2012
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
An assemblage of Shiraz from the estate Foxcliffe and Kayella vineyards, fashioned into a style which draws inspiration from the timeless classics of la Vallee RhĂ´ne. The wine is treated to the most extravagant techniques, a complete destemming, cold soaking, and a traditional vinification. Aged in a mix of large oak vats and small barriques to retain the refined fruit and floral characters along with the more savoury, spicy elements derived from the vineyard. The result is a highly concentrated Shiraz with great richness and depth.
View details Cape Mentelle Shiraz 2008
$ 32.99 Cape Mentelle Shiraz 2008
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Cape Mentelle draws inspiration from the tasty red styles of Vallée du Rhône. Fruit is treated to an old world style of vinification, aimed at retaining all the well defined Margaret River fruit characters, along with the more savoury, spicy elements of the vineyard. Growing season 2008 was quickly recognized by industry pundits as a great vintage year, yielding red wines of excellent tannin structure and exquisite length. The archetypal Margaret River Shiraz, endowed with alluring bouquets, a dense palate and ripe, gripping tannins.
View details Cape Mentelle Marmaduke Shiraz 2013
$ 14.99 Cape Mentelle Marmaduke Shiraz 2013
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
A superior backbone of estate grown Shiraz from Cape Mentelle’s Crossroads vineyard, to the south of Witchcliffe, is assembled around harvests from a collation of hand chosen Margaret River sites. Marmaduke is a fruit forward, soft and spicy red wine, offering a mouth filling palate of juicy cherry and black berry flavours, pepper and dusty spice, over a support of firm yet hospitable tannins, the distinctive hallmarks of refined yet approachable Margaret River Shiraz.
View details Brookland Valley Verse 1 Shiraz 2014
$ 14.99 Brookland Valley Verse 1 Shiraz 2014
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Since Margaret River makes Shiraz as good as it gets anywhere in the world, why trifle with nature's finest? Verse 1 is crafted with a minimum of intervention from the best quality fruit. Elegantly structured, an exciting Shiraz exhibting the stylish hallmarks of the region, medium bodied and flavoursome, maintaining true elegance and varietal definition. Expressions of spiced peppery fruit on the nose and palate, notes of berries and plum are enhanced by subtle nuances of cedar and French vanilla oak, the perfect accompaniement to osso bucco and lamb.
View details Breathing Space Margaret River Rose 2016
$ 14.99 Breathing Space Margaret River Rose 2016
Shiraz Semillon SauvBlanc Verdelho / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
The Breathing Space team have made the most out of the vivaciousness and vitality which define Margaret River fruit. Verdelho and Shiraz, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, the region yields the finest harvests in the new world, Breathing Space have assembled a choice parcel of each, to be fashioned into a satiating pink wine of unadultarated savouryness, fleshyness and style. The Verdelho component is treated to a rich course of barrel ferments in French oak puncheons, achieving a delightfully seductive, tittilatingly perfumed, Turkish delight and rose petal bouquet.
View details Bellarmine Pemberton Shiraz 2012
$ 24.99 Bellarmine Pemberton Shiraz 2012
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Pemberton / WesternAustralia
Bellarmine is a fully endowed, auspicuously high quality vineyard that yields restrained, savoury wines full of good flavour and fine balance. Since inaugural vintage, Bellarmine has been recognized for its stunning wines which have earned impressive critical acclaim. The property is an elevated site with gravelly laterite soils, established by Dr Willi Schumacher and his wife Gudrun. The couple are passionate about great wine and searched the world for a great site to plant vines before settling on the sensational property which is Bellarmine Vineyard.
View details Alkoomi White Label Shiraz 2013
$ 16.99 Alkoomi White Label Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Frankland / WesternAustralia
Located along the Frankland River of West Australia's Great Southern, Alkoomi means a place we chose. The balmy growing seasons here are so similar to those of Bordeaux, yielding parcels of fruit which translate into some of the best structured red wines in the country. A full bodied Shiraz with solid plum and dark cherry flavours, framed by a veneer of vanilla oak and seasoned by freshly ground aromatic spice, ready to enjoy right now alongside grills and juicy steak.
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