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View details Bream Creek Schonburger 2015
$ 24.99 Bream Creek Schonburger 2015
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Schonburger / Marion Bay / Tasmania
The team at Bream Creek are great fans of esoteric European wine styles and have introduced the avant garde Schönburger varietal to the southern hemisphere. I hear you ask, Schönburger? A rare German red grape, more commonly grown in England, Schönburger is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and another curious grape developed by I Birovano, itself a hybrid of Chasselas and Muscat Hamburg. An appealing, rich nose with ripe fig, rose petal and subtle tropical fruit, the palate is full and rich, exhibiting a lovely silkiness with a refreshing, clean finish.
View details Bream Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2016
$ 23.99 Bream Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2016
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SauvBlanc / Marion Bay / Tasmania
Bream Creek sits at the heart of a coastal community that's well known for it's artisans, overlooking the site where Abel Tasman first landed in 1642. Bream Creek excel at Sauvignon Blanc, having claimed multiple awards at conspicuous wine tasteoffs in Tasmania as well as prestigious accolades at national competitions. The classic and definitive Sauvignon Blanc style with aromas of citrus, gooseberry and hints of tropical fruit. A balanced wine offering a well structured, full flavoured and persistent palate, pleasant texture and refreshing finish.
View details Bream Creek Riesling 2014
$ 24.99 Bream Creek Riesling 2014
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Riesling / Marion Bay / Tasmania
Bream Creek have been producing fine Riesling wines since the original plantings went into the ground at Marion Bay during the early 1970s. The vines are now forty years of age and produce firmly structured Rieslings of character and finesse. Bream Creek have enjoyed considerable success over the years, largely due to the very long, mild growing season, the strength of the estate's viticultural team and the influence of vine age. Unlike many of its sibling Tasmanian Rieslings, a remarkable wine that offers some distinctly old world European qualities.
View details Bream Creek Reserve Pinot 2008
$ 36.99 Bream Creek Reserve Pinot 2008
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Marion Bay / Tasmania
A prolific award winner on the national wine show circuit, by virtue of a profound palate in the style of the old world's great Pinot Noir. A representation of great finesse, extremely limited in supply, very few barrels are ever bottled in line with the estate's policy of only releasing those parcels worthy of the Reserve label. Bream Creek is a powerful Pinot Noir with firm structure and enormous complexity. More savoury than fruit in style, the nose shows pepper, dried herbs and earth characters. The palate is powerful with great length and lovely fine grained tannins.
View details Bream Creek Pinot Noir 2013
$ 32.99 Bream Creek Pinot Noir 2013
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Marion Bay / Tasmania
Bream Creek is one of Australia's southernmost vineyards, one of the first commercialy operated sites in Tasmania. Crop yields are kept very modest, the focus being on harvests of small berries clustered into small bunches of fruit. Painstaking efforts achieve the essential cool climate Pinot Noir, grown to older vines in the lower latitudes of Tasmania's southeast. Such idyllic growing conditions deliver outstanding quality grapes which are vinified by an artisanal team into an elegant, velvety Pinot Noir with alluring aromatics and a profound, slowly ripened palate.
View details Bream Creek Gewurztraminer 2005
$ 24.99 Bream Creek Gewurztraminer 2005
Currently out of stock
Gewurztraminer / Marion Bay / Tasmania
The focus at Bream Creek is on painstakingly managing vines by hand to yield small quantities of pristine fruit for the vinification of classic cool climate Tasmanian wines. GewĂĽrtztraminer loves the cold. Slow ripening gives berries time to develop stimulating flavours and spicey fruit characters.
View details Bream Creek Chardonnay 2014
$ 24.99 Bream Creek Chardonnay 2014
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Marion Bay / Tasmania
Bream Creek are owned and operated by one of Tasmania's leading viticulturalists. The hand managed vines are grown to salubrious soils on one of the most spectacular coastal locations in Tasmania. The estate's focus is to produce small quantities of pristine fruit which can be vinified into wines which capitalise on the stunning flavours that originate from predominantly old vines. The stirling efforts of Bream Creek are crafted to drink beautifully on release. Chardonnay is treated to partial malolactic fermentation and lees stirring to achieve texture and elegance.
Overlooking the breathtaking seascape of Marion Bay and Maria Island, Bream Creek is one of the first commercial vineyards planted in Tasmania

The original consortium in 1973 planted 5 hectare of vines consisting mainly of Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, with some Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. In August 1990, the vineyard was purchased by Fred Peacock - one of Tasmania’s leading viticulturalists. Fred’s priority was to increase Pinot Noir plantings and introduce Sauvignon Blanc and Schonburger (the first commercial plantings in the Southern Hemisphere.) The Riesling vines are now over 30 years old, some of the oldest commercial vines in Tasmania. With Fred’s dedication and passion, the vineyard is now a 7.5 hectare showcase of premium Tasmanian varieties.

 Bream Creek

Marion Bay is steeped with history. The vineyard overlooks where Abel Tasman first landed in 1642, raised the Dutch flag and went ashore to also collect water. Later in 1772 French Navigator Marion du Fresne anchored his ships Mascarin and Castries in what is now known as Marion Bay. Today, the Bream Creek district is a rural area with a small thriving coastal community- well known for its artisans- painters, sculptors, fine furniture makers, jewellers and potters. Central to this inspired environment, Bream Creek Vineyard is an integral part of this mosaic as a unique, quality focused premium wine producer.

Bream Creek Vineyard is planted on a north-east ridge above Marion Bay on the edge of the Tasman Sea. This gently sloping site, coastal location and maritime influence, result in growing conditions that are characterised by long mild seasons to create premium fruit quality. The vineyard enjoys a cool frost free spring, long sunny summer days with sea breezes and an extended autumn ripening period. Surrounded by neighbouring forest and windbreaks, the vineyard is nicely sheltered from strong and cold winds.

Soils are deep and range from brown to black clay loams with a little small stone on the higher ground. Particular attention has been made to match varieties to the different range of soil types within the vineyard. The site features a large dam which is used sparingly for trickle irrigation. All vines are vertical-shoot positioned and trained. They are also hand pruned and picked. Crop yields are very modest with both small berries and quite small bunches. This allows low yields of exceptional cool climate fruit with enhanced varietal characters – perfect for winemaking and the production of truly premium cool climate wines.

 Bream Creek

Bream Creek wines are hand-crafted to capitalise on the stunning flavours that originate from predominantly old vines. The wines (both red and white) are made to age. Aromatic whites are generally whole-bunch pressed with skin contact creating balance and good structure. Chardonnay goes through partial malolactic fermentation and lees-stirring to create texture and elegance.

The red varieties, particularly Pinot Noir are created utilising traditional methods and on some occasions wild ferments. Wines are matured in carefully selected new and aged French oak. These methods retain delicate flavours with multiple dimensions, palate weight and structure. After years of deliberation at Bream Creek the estate released a Reserve Pinot Noir and it was a stand out from day one! Already a multiple trophy and gold medal winner, 2005 produced near perfect conditions for flowering, fruit-set and ripening. The bouquet is exquisite, and palate shows true finesse.

Bream Creek may be the only producer of the Schonburger style of wine in the southern hemisphere. For those who really enjoy their desert wines, this is one that is definitely on the agenda. The best way to describe this wine is luscious! It has alluring floral and honeysuckle blossom characters mingled with tantalising mandarin peel and apricot aromas. The palate is well balanced, rich and flavoursome, but with a clean snappy finish, particularly enjoyable with blue vein cheese or sticky date pudding.

When working away in the vineyard, the spectacular coastal location never ceases to amaze the Bream Creek winemaking team. This beautiful part of the world and the diligence of the viticulture continues to produce some classic cool climate wines. To complement the estate's 35 year old Riesling vines (the oldest commercially planted in Tasmania) more plantings were established. The result of a very strong demand for Bream Creek's spectacular Rieslings and the great suitability of this variety to a vey unique terroir!

Bream Creek

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