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View details West Cape Howe Two Steps Shiraz
$ 25.99 West Cape Howe Two Steps Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Mount Barker / WesternAustralia
Two Steps is a wine of stately black fruit flavours and elegant spice character, crafted from parcels grown to mesoclimes which are being recognized the world over for the the sterling quality of Shiraz. The warm days of Mount Barker deliver a perfect measure of sunshine for optimal ripening, the chilly, often frosty nights, extend the growing season, developing flavours and tannins to the fullest. Restraint in the vinification achieves a highly articulate Shiraz of power, structure and grace, to mate alongside the finest gourmandise.
View details West Cape Howe Two Peeps Sauvignon Semillon
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Two Peeps Sauvignon Semillon
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Albany / WesternAustralia
A collation of parcels grown to the balmy, maritime windswept vineyards at Albany, near Two Peoples Bay. Treated to the old world style of French oak barrel ferment and a course of maturation in the way of Loire Valley's Fume Blanc, a sensational, mouthfilling accord of Semillon and Sauvignon fruit, engagingly complex and wickedly balanced. Distinctive cut capsicum characters along with delicate citrus and floral notes, gently spiced, lemongrass and slate over a whisper thin wafer of milky, thistle, cypress oak.
View details West Cape Howe Styx Gully Chardonnay
$ 25.99 West Cape Howe Styx Gully Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Pure elegant Chardonnay, taught, terrific and trim, with a sense of West Australian vibrancy, an exemplar of the outstanding potential that Great Southern represents as a winegrowing region. The idyllic growing climes of Mount Barker, restrained yields, exacting standards of viticulture and an artisanal vinification are what make West Cape Howe a truly memorable experience. The most stylish parcels of Chardonnay are reserved for Styx, a clean textural wine with effusive citrus character and attractive weight of fruit before a wonderfully crisp finish.
View details West Cape Howe Semillon Sauvignon
$ 16.99 West Cape Howe Semillon Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Margaret Pemberton Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Dutch explorer Gulden Zeepaard was not the first tall ship to chart the coast of Western Australia but she did predate Captain Cook by a century and a half. Today, Gulden Zeepaard's logo adorns the label of West Cape Howe. Headquartered within the grounds of their undulating home vineyard at Mount Barker, the West Cape Howe team collate parcels of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc from across the finer viticultural precincts of the Australian west, for the construct of an intense wine which would unnerve it's laureate siblings from across the Tasman.
View details West Cape Howe Old School Chardonnay
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Old School Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Frankland Barker / WesternAustralia
West Cape Howe own and operate vineyards throughout the expansive viticultural precincts of Australia's largest winegrowing region. It is here at Great Southern that the balmy West Australian growing season and salubrious mix of terroirs, form mesoclimes which are heaven sent for good wine, while permutating into a diversity which favour specific grapes and styles. From choice blocks on the Russell Road Vineyard at Frankland River, a golden buttery, oak fermented Chardonnay, engaging as aperitif and perfect match to fine gourmandise.
View details West Cape Howe Mt Barker Sauvignon Blanc
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Mt Barker Sauvignon Blanc
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / Mount Barker / WesternAustralia
West Cape Howe were visionaries who took the initiative to exploit the endowments of West Australia's great southern land, they pioneered viticulture and sowed many of the region's first vineyards. It is amongst these precious old vines that the team work to deliver perfect yields of evenly ripened Sauvignon Blanc, exhibiting intense aromaticness and concentration of flavour. Made to the profound and engaging West Australian white Sauvignon style, the perfect match while young and fresh, alongside white meats and the freshest fish.
View details West Cape Howe Mt Barker Riesling
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Mt Barker Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Mount Barker / WesternAustralia
West Cape Howe make wines that are very much in the spirit of West Australia's sensual new world style, crafted with minimal intervention, allowing the distinctive eloquence of regionality and fruit to speak for itself. Grapes are sourced from the elite Block 6 of the estate Langton Vineyard at Mount Barker, a region that's quickly gaining international renown for the quality of Riesling. A tightly wound wine, with juicy lime fruit characters over a sound, judiciously balanced, revitalizing chalky acid structure.
View details West Cape Howe Hannahs Hill Cabernet Merlot
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Hannahs Hill Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Frankland River / WesternAustralia
Frankland River is a region that's well known for the quality of its graceful Cabernet Merlot wines. West Cape Howe have spared no expense in acquiring some of the oldest established Frankland River vineyards. The finest harvests are treated to minimal intervention, for the realization of stately Cabernet Merlot wines. Hannan Hills is pure Frankland River, from estate properties which are closely managed to encourage strong vine development and achieve perfect yields of evenly ripened fruit, endowed with refined tannins and a concentration of flavour.
View details West Cape Howe Estate Tempranillo
$ 18.99 West Cape Howe Estate Tempranillo
Available by the dozen
Tempranillo / Frankland Perth / WesternAustralia
West Cape Howe began their journey with a respect for the land and a dedication to the welfare of the vine. No expense was spared in establishing a standard of viticulture worthy of the world's great terroirs. Today, their invaluable endowment of superior vineyards yields a quality of fruit which makes its own wine. Crafted with minimal human intervention, harvests from splendid sites along Frankland River and the Perth Hills, are assembled into an enchanting Tempranillo wine of exciting tension between savoury and sweet, stylishness and aplomb.
View details West Cape Howe Cabernet Merlot
$ 16.99 West Cape Howe Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Great Southern / WesternAustralia
From the precious Margaret River soils of Cape Leeuwin, to the balmy, richly endowed vineyards at Cape Howe, harvests of the finest fruit are brought to the estate wineworks near Mount Barker and assembled into a range of distinctly West Australian wines with an unparalleled reputation for quality and consistency. An intensely aromatic accord of Cabernet and Merlot, in an augustly brambleberried, structured and ebullient West Australia styling.
View details West Cape Howe Book Ends Cabernet
$ 24.99 West Cape Howe Book Ends Cabernet
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Mount Barker / WesternAustralia
One of the things that West Cape Howe do best, is to find the perfect site for each varietal grape and style of wine. They are certainly fortunate to be based within Australia's largest and most propitious winegrowing region, but their viticultural team demonstrate an uncanny feel for matching the ideal mesoclime to every wine. Mount Barker yields Cabernet Sauvignon of exceptional character. West Cape Howe take the pick of the crop, to create a profoundly structured red wine, offering remarkable intensity of flavour and stately, long lived tannins.
It is the quality of the Great Southern region and the combination of skill and artistry between viticulture and winemaking that makes drinking West Cape Howe wines a truly memorable experience

Within the Great Southern wine region is a collection of five sub regions, each with their own unique topographical qualities. These regions include Denmark, Albany, Porongurup, Mount Barker and Frankland River. With a typical maritime climate, the coastal towns of Denmark and Albany experience relatively mild summer temperatures and cool wet winters. These conditions enable fruit to ripen slowly and gradually, thus developing subtle layers of fruit intensity and are well suited to the earlier ripening varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot. Further inland to Mount Barker, Porongurup and Frankland River, the days are slightly warmer, and the nights are cooler (with a higher risk of frosts). With greater sunshine hours, these sub-regions are where Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties thrive.

 West Cape Howe

Situated 450 kilometres south of Perth, the coastline of Denmark rates among the most beautiful in the South-west. Denmark is commonly dubbed the town where the forest meets the sea. Towering eucalyptus including karri, marri and jarrah trees along with pristine, blue coastal bays, makes Denmark the perfect playground for bushwalking, fishing, surfing, swimming, snorkelling and boating.

Just a stone's throw away from the picturesque township of Denmark, West Cape Howe is one of the most southerly points, rising some 250 metres above the Southern Ocean. It is thought that the first explorers to the Cape Howe coastline were Dutch seafarers in 1627 aboard their Fluyt class vessel Gulden Zeepaard (Golden Seahorse). The rugged coastline is now home to some stunning beaches and great rock climbing sites.

Premium wine can only come from excellent fruit

It is for this reason that the West Cape Howe winemakers dedicate many months leading up to vintage, visiting and monitoring vineyards throughout the Great Southern region - ensuring that only the best parcels of fruit are selected and picked for the West Cape Howe range of wines.

 West Cape Howe

The sourcing of this fruit from specific vineyards, and in many cases specific blocks on the vineyard, is one of the most important factors in the production of West Cape Howe wines. The Landsdale Vineyard, located just outside the township of Mount Barker, Western Australia, provides the winery with the majority of the fruit. Planted in 1989, the Landsdale Vineyards are some of the most mature in the Great Southern, with some 80 hectares under vine. Premium fruit is also sourced from areas such as Denmark, Albany, Bridgetown and Boyup Brook.

With passionate winemakers and innovative wine styles, the stunning range of West Cape Howe wines demonstrates the exciting diversity of this unique region and is sure to impress.

The West Cape Howe's range of wines fulfils the promise of consistently over-delivering the fresh flavours of the Great Southern region at affordable prices

The Great Southern Range, elegant and vibrant, showcases the outstanding potential of the region in producing world class wines and styles. Limited in production, these wines are regularly applauded through outstanding wine reviews and awards from local and international wine shows.

Zeepaard is West Cape Howe's new export wine, named after the "Gulden Zeepaard" (the Dutch word for Golden Seahorses) found on our award winning logo. The Zeepaard range of wines are fresh, contemporary in style and distinctly varietal in flavour designed for immediate enjoyment.

West Cape Howe

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