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View details Grant Burge 5th Generation Semillon Sauvignon
$ 17.99 Grant Burge 5th Generation Semillon Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
Semillon SauvBlanc / Barossa Eden / SouthAustralia
Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc complement each other and coalesce into a delightful accord when made just right. A component of 5th Generation is sourced from two of the oldest plantings in Barossa Valley, vines up to a hundred years of age, these wonderful old sites yield a quality of Semillon endowed with exceptional intensity and charm. The supple richness of Semillon's delicate perfume mingles alluringly with the piquancy of Sauvignon Blanc. Treated to an extravagant mix of vinification techniques, the finished wine shows exquisite balance.
View details Grant Burge 5th Generation Pinot Gris
$ 16.99 Grant Burge 5th Generation Pinot Gris
PinotGris Grigio / Barossa Adelaide / SouthAustralia
Barossa Valley is unique in that it offers a synergy of climactic factors and terroir, ideally suited to vintages of white wine characterized by their softness, elegance and finesse. Grant Burge can trace a family history in Barossa viticulture which dates back to 1855, he is friends with the best growers and retains access to the choicest fruit. The Adelaide Hills were home to the earliest commercial vineyards in the colony, they remain home to our nation's most distinguished vineyards and yield parcels of the most exquisite Pinot Gris in the nation.
View details Grant Burge 5th Generation Chardonnay
$ 17.99 Grant Burge 5th Generation Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Barossa Eden / SouthAustralia
The history of the Burge family and their long association with winemaking in Barossa Valley can be traced back to March 1855, when bespoke tailor John Burge immigrated with his wife and two sons. A fifth generation of the Burge dynasty now brings together the exquisite elegance of Eden Valley with the soft velvetine textures of Barossa, into a remarkable Chardonnay wine. Fashioned to be enjoyed youthful and vibrant alongside seared tuna, salade nicoise or your favourite chicken recipe.
View details Grant Burge 5th Generation Cabernet Merlot
$ 17.99 Grant Burge 5th Generation Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Barossa / SouthAustralia
As the largest independent grower in Barossa Valley, Grant Burge has access to substantial harvests of the finest fruit, combined with the estate's economy of scale to deliver a superior quality of wine at every pricepoint. Parcels of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are collated from Grant's very own vineyards, as well as sites owned and operated by distinguished Barossa growers. A wine of refinement and structure, a great match to a wide range of cuisine, beef ragu, barbequed meats and comforting tomato pasta recipes.
View details Grant Burge 10 Years Tawny Port
$ 28.99 Grant Burge 10 Years Tawny Port
Available in cartons of six
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Vinified from the Barossa's traditional Port varietals, mostly Grenache, the balance Mourveprdre and Shiraz, assembled to an average age of ten years. Grant Burge craft their exquisite Old Tawny to the Iberian Solera system, achieving a higher standard of fortified wine year after year. The spicy fruit flavours are delivered by the high proportion Grenache and add a lifted freshness to the more complex rancio characters in the background. The palate is smooth and rich, its moreish opulence is balanced by an elegant, drying finish.
View details Gramps Shiraz
$ 17.99 Gramps Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Padthaway / SouthAustralia
Johann Gramp planted the Barossa's first commercial vineyard along the banks of Jacob's Creek in 1847. He had no intention of establishing a brand, he just needed wine. Today's Gramp is vinified from a collation of the finest parcels grown to superb sites in McLaren Vale. Regular inspections of vineyards with a proven record for quality, consistency and character are conducted to pinpoint the most opportune dates for harvest. Following a traditional vinification and extended ageing, only those barrels of exceptional quality are included into the finished wine.
View details Gomersal Barossa Reserve Shiraz
$ 24.99 Gomersal Barossa Reserve Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
In 2000, a group of enthusiasts who shared a passion for making and imbibing in wine were inspired to breathe life into an old, run down operation in the small western district of Gomersal. The forty two acres of low yielding vines now deliver a limited yield of Shiraz each vintage, a precious harvest of grapes exhibiting remarkable concentration and intensity of flavour. Working amongst the vines and sampling berries as the growing season reaches climax, picking never commences until the team are completely satisfied that complete ripeness has been achieved.
View details Glen Eldon Kicking Back Shiraz Cabernet 2014
$ 14.99 Glen Eldon Kicking Back Shiraz Cabernet 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz CabernetSauv / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Glen Eldon are blessed by an inventory of splendid vineyards scattered throughout the principal viticultural precincts of Barossa Valley and Eden Ranges. Sites in Tanunda and Mt McKenzie, Springton and Mt Pleasant indulge the winemaking team with an opportunity to assemble those parcels which can best coalesce into a keen and approachable, contemporarily styled Cabernet Shiraz with good fruit, smooth tannins and gentle background oak. True to it's moniker, a warming drop to kick back and relax alongside nibbles, good company and tall yarns.
View details Glen Eldon Dry Bore Shiraz 2014
$ 26.99 Glen Eldon Dry Bore Shiraz 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Prior to launching Glen Eldon, Richard Sheedy consolidated on his experience as winemaker by taking charge at two world class purveyors of Barossa Shiraz, the equally eminent houses of Elderton and St Hallett. Sheedy knows from Barossa Shiraz, his estate vineyard at Tanunda on the Valley floor was selected for its mesoclime and distinctive flavours imparted to the wine. An alchemy of soil and rainfall, row facing and pruning, combined with attention to detail in vineyard management yields small yet concentrated bunches of vibrant Shiraz grapes.
View details Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz Grenache
$ 19.99 Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz Grenache
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Grenache / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Wallace is the ancestral name of Colin Gaetzer's wife, whose family hail from the old market town of Cupar in Fife. Judith's Celtic ancestry is reflected in the three elements of the Wallace label, a thistle, the cross and the arcane Celtic knot. Wallace takes on the traditional Barossa mix of Shiraz and Grenache in a thoroughly modern way. Few winemakers understand old vines fruit as well as Barons of the Barossa Ben and Colin Glaetzer, as they fashion Wallace into a comforting and indulgent mix of old world charm, dark forest fruits, cigarbox and spice.
View details Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz
$ 29.99 Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Only ever made in the finest vintage years, the backbone of this substantive Shiraz is exceptional old vine fruit from a qabal of famed, gnarled and dry grown Barossa vineyards at Ebenezer. Bishop is assembled from components which are up front and generous, showing animated, youthful characters, as opposed to the more restrained and structured components of the sibling Glaetzers. These old veterans are young at heart, a coterie of old, very old and ancient blocks, up to a hundred and thirty years of age, are called upon to make a contribution towards the Bishop.
View details Glaetzer Barossa Shiraz 2001
$ 45.99 Glaetzer Barossa Shiraz 2001
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Glaetzer Shiraz is the flagship wine, rich with intensity and the Glaetzer hallmarks of complexity and elegance.
View details Glaetzer Anaperenna
$ 47.99 Glaetzer Anaperenna
Available in cases of 6
CabernetSauv Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Anaperenna is the Roman goddess of New Year. She is also a seamless fusion of fruit from dry grown, low yielding, very old vines, some over a century of age, planted to ancient sites within the elite Ebeneezer appellation in the Barossa's north. A mostly Shiraz wine, the very low cropped Cabernet component contributes intense fruit flavours with a low extraction rate of smaller berries, large seeds and greater skin to flesh ratio. The savouryness of Cabernet combines with the generosity of Shiraz to give Anaperenna great texture and power, structure and finesse.
View details Glaetzer Amon Ra
$ 79.99 Glaetzer Amon Ra
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
From a canon of distinguished, ancient vine blocks of Shiraz in the Barossa hamlet of Ebenezer. The eye of Horus is represented as a figure of six parts, corresponding to the six senses, touch and taste, hearing and thought, sight and smell. Ben Glaetzer takes aim at balancing the extraction of all the elements into this flagship Barossa Shiraz, rather than endeavouring to maximize them. The fruit holds such powerful expression that focus must be brought to bear on preserving the characteristics of outstanding old vines Shiraz.
View details Gipsie Jack Terrier Shiraz Cabernet
$ 17.99 Gipsie Jack Terrier Shiraz Cabernet
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Shiraz / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
A collation of Cabernet and Shiraz from distinguished local growers is assembled around a backbone of old vines fruit from the Messrs Glaetzer & Potts very own sites, achieving a generously proportioned, silken textured wine of dulcet perfumes and conspicuous weight of fruit, perfectly poised on an exquisitely balanced palate.
View details Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek Shiraz
$ 17.99 Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
Much of the fruit behind Australia's most memorable wines has hailed from Langhorne Creek, stellar vintages which are commemorated for decades throughout the globe, as the most outstanding efforts in new world Shiraz. These precious old vineyards are productive to this day, yielding finer harvests than ever. The Messrs Glaetzer & Potts have been retaining the best for Gipsie Jack, no two industry identities can be more adroit at treating the pick of Langhorne Creek, to a standard of vinification which defines the penultimate Aussie Shiraz.
View details Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek Malbec
$ 17.99 Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek Malbec
Available by the dozen
Malbec / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
There are few family names in the Australian wine industry as eminent and enduring as Glaetzer and Potts, they each own and operate many of the oldest and most precious vineyards in Langhorne Creek. Malbec is a regional tour de force, few places in the world can yield the quality of Malbec that comes naturally to Langhorne Creek, the secret ingredient to many of the nation's most memorable vintages. A stunning wine of lifted violet florals and spice, the palate flows with ripe plum and black fruit flavours over a bed of soft and subtle, silky blueberry tannins.
View details Gipsie Jack Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 17.99 Gipsie Jack Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
John Glaetzer is the winemaker behind Australia's most legendary sequence of Jimmy Watson Trophy winning vintages. Langhorne Creek is a place of spectacular editions Cabernet Sauvignon, powerfully structured, beautifully aromatic wines of edifying regional eloquence, gorgeous dark fruit flavours and lusciously gummy tannins. Gipsie Jack is crafted from the pick of Glaetzer's crop and vinified alongside parcels from the finest local growers. Silky with cassis and blackcurrant flavours, a mouth filling Cabernet defined by its opulence, elegance, balance and length.
View details Gibson Reserve Shiraz
$ 47.99 Gibson Reserve Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Over many years, Rob Gibson (ex Penfolds and Peter Lehmann as chief viticulturalist) has crafted meagre amounts of the most stately wines from his tiny operation in the Barossa Hills. Vintage 2002 claimed silver at the VISY Great Aussie Shiraz Challenge and vintage 2003 came within a hair's breadth of the Jimmy Watson. Gibson knows the Barossa and all its best growers, varietal selection is expertly matched to site and minimalist winemaking is complemented by assembling the choicest components into the most exquisite balance.
View details Geoff Merrill Reserve Shiraz
$ 43.99 Geoff Merrill Reserve Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
A living legend of the Australian wine industry, Merrill Reserve has claimed Australia's most prestigious awards, including Jimmy Watson and Visy Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. Merrill Reserve is a compilation of his best wines, as selected from a vintage of small parcels which have been treated to an extended maturation. Merrill Reserve can be best described as voluptuous and seductive, laden with complex chocolatier flavours and tensile textures, beckoning and beguiling before revealing the stately structure within.
View details Geoff Merrill Reserve Chardonnay
$ 26.99 Geoff Merrill Reserve Chardonnay
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay / McLaren Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
The pick of the Geoff Merrill harvest, a collation of Coonawarra and McLaren Vale estate vineyard parcels, treated to a luxurious course of French oak barrel ferments and ten months age. Fashioned into a finely fleshed, generously proportioned styling, its innate melon and nectarine fruit characters are wrapped in a textural linen of mineral leesyness, summer straw and toasty cashew oak. Mate Mr Merrill to the ripest cheese and finest gourmandise, ideally a gently grilled dover sole or crisp fry of the freshest whiting tempura.
View details Geoff Merrill Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 39.99 Geoff Merrill Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv / McLaren Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
Following traineeship at B Seppelt & Son, a stint in South Africa, tours of duty at Thomas Hardy and Chateau Reynella, Geoff Merrill acquired the beautiful but derelict Mount Hurtle wineworks in 1985. Merrill devoted years of love and hard work to restore the winery vineyard to its former glory. The property yields some of the finest Cabernet in McLaren Vale. An equal part of Cabernet Sauvignon from Graymoor in Coonawarra completes an immaculate wine, matured thirty one months in small oak barrels and assembled after a cull of the most superior stocks.
View details Geoff Merrill Pimpala Vineyard Cabernet Merlot
$ 31.99 Geoff Merrill Pimpala Vineyard Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Three choice acres of viticulture surrounding the Mount Hurtle wineworks, were established to a fortuitous planting of Reynella clone Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines in 1985. Picked to varying schedules of ripeness, they are vinified into a sensational accord of remarkable complexity and finesse. Matured an extravagant thirty two months in the choicest French oak hogsheads, Pimpala Vineyard is redolent with a prominent Cabernet nose of cassis, black olives and mint, its affable, muscular tannins in support of Merlot plummyness, dark brambles and pastille.
View details Geoff Merrill Jackos Blend McLaren Vale Shiraz
$ 25.99 Geoff Merrill Jackos Blend McLaren Vale Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Take your pick from the estate cellars of Geoff Merrill Shiraz, richly aged two years in a selection of French and American oak hogsheads and puncheons, assemble into the essential meat and vegetable McLaren Vale style. Blood red, mulberry and currant spice, moccha and milled pepper throughout, a lick of menthol, the savouryness of leather, black olive and savoury smoked meats. Jacko's the drink to open and to breathe for service alongside your favourite recipe of red wine casserole, kipflers and shallot, dutch carrots and Jus.
View details Geoff Merrill Henley Shiraz
$ 139.99 Geoff Merrill Henley Shiraz
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Henley demands a sensory evaluation to identify the finest barrels of Geoff Merrill Shiraz. The choicest parcels are earmarked and set aside each year for a course of maturation in the finest French oak. After fifteen months, the stocks are sampled to identify a short list of the very best, refilled to oak for a further course of maturation into the eminent Geoff Merrill Reserve. The final cut of this elite cull represents a strictly limited edition of the most superlative Shiraz in all McLaren Vale, only ten barrels each vintage are worthy of bottling under the Henley moniker.
View details Geoff Merrill GW Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 25.99 Geoff Merrill GW Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / McLaren Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
An assemblage of Cabernet Sauvignon, harvested off three prestigious vineyards, one in Coonawarra for peppermints and violet, black olives and bay, two in McLaren Vale for chocolateyness, bramble and char. Mr Merrill is one of Australia's most peer respected vignerons, a veteran winemaker of our nation's most illustrious brands, an eminent Jimmy Watson winner. He has settled on nothing but the finest, collating the pick of harvest from three superior sites, to be vinified at a grand old wineworks and aged twenty two months under the historic Mt Hurtle cellars.
View details Geoff Merrill Cilento Sangiovese
$ 23.99 Geoff Merrill Cilento Sangiovese
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Sangiovese and McLaren Vale share a great affinity, a home away from home for the vines, stimulated by the sultry Mediterranean climes around Gulf St Vincent. Geoff Merrill's grandfather grew up amongst the pastorals of old Italy, he would wax poetic about the delights of Tuscan wine and ultimately inspired Merrill to plant Sangiovese. Treated to a lavish thirty two months in American and French oak puncheons, followed by an extended term in bottle, Joseph Cilento has evolved into a more elegant, European style, commendable with Cotoletta, ideal with Agnello.
View details Geoff Merrill Bush Vine Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre
$ 23.99 Geoff Merrill Bush Vine Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre
Available by the dozen
Grenache Mourvedre Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Equal parts Shiraz and Grenache, a tenth of Mourverdre, all picked off blocks of dry grown McLaren Vale vines, treated to a traditional old world vinification and sent to a selection of American oak hogsheads and puncheons for an extended twenty months maturation. Brick red in colour, leading with an animated nose of savoury spiced meats and wild berry fruits, the tannins are seen but not heard, perfectly in tune with the piquant Rhonesque acidity to deliver impeccable balance and seamless structure, all before a long dark chocolate finish.
View details Geoff Merrill Bush Vine Grenache Rose
$ 19.99 Geoff Merrill Bush Vine Grenache Rose
Available by the dozen
Grenache / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
What to do with a humble harvest of precious parcels old vine Grenache? Hand picked bunches are liberated off rows of vine sixty to ninety years of age and sent to fermenters for a short term of cold soak. The eye candy of its rakish pink hues presage a blossoming palate of violets, cherry and jube. Its understated elegance and affability belie sound structure, well defined fruit and genteel, leathery tannins, articulate of its pastoral Grenache provenance and alluring old vine charm, just the ticket for pink fleshed fare, belly of tuna, salmon or duck.
View details Gemtree Uncut Shiraz
$ 20.99 Gemtree Uncut Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Perfect balance in wine cannot be manufactured, it occurs naturally. Gemtree achieves this elusive idyll. Uncut has distinguished itself throughout the vintages with Double Gold in San Fransisco, Blue Gold in Sydney and Silver Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. Hand selected from forty year old vines grown to the estate's Tatachilla Road Vineyard, Uncut Shiraz requires very little intervention. The synergy between fruit and oak, acid and tannin are seamless and sublime.
View details Gemtree Phantom Mourvedre Verdot Franc
$ 39.99 Gemtree Phantom Mourvedre Verdot Franc
Currently out of stock
Mourvedre PetitVerdot CabernetFranc / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
A beautifully balanced Bordeaux meets Rhone style, an assemblage of McLaren Vale╩╝s best for a classically arranged c├ępage of fruit. An Aussie claret with a difference! Cabernet Franc provides aromatics, structure and tannin, Mourvedre contributes juicyness and Petit Verdot is the funk. The Phantom is a product of exacting care in the vineyard, a high percentage of Verdot enhances the complexity and ensures the wine will develop magnificently. Only the most expressive and standout parcels are included into The Phantom.
View details Gemtree Luna Roja Tempranillo
$ 22.99 Gemtree Luna Roja Tempranillo
Available by the dozen
Tempranillo / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Gemtree established a block of Tempranillo on heavy clay soils at McLaren Flat in 1999, significant in being the first estate vineyard to be bio dynamically husbanded and to receive organic certification. Grapes are all hand picked and fermented on skins for a fortnight, hand plunged, pressed off skins and drained into a selection of well seasoned oak puncheons for ten months, racked and bottled without any fining or filtration, to retain pastoral sauvage. Think cranberry and raspberries, black olive, prosciutto and spice, delectable savouryness from nose to finish.
View details Gemtree Luna de Fresa Tempranillo Rose
$ 19.99 Gemtree Luna de Fresa Tempranillo Rose
Available by the dozen
Tempranillo / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
There's a rapport between Tempranillo and the McLaren Vale, a place that's predisposed to the balmy maritime climes and auspicious soils that are so evocative of Tempranillo's ancestral home. Rosewater pink, perfumed with strawberries and honeysuckle bloom, jasmine and orange blossom notes, a comely pink drink that tastes as good as it looks, Luna De Fresa articulates the quality of fruit and sanctity of soil. When grapes in the vineyard taste this good, all Gemtree need do is wait for the ferments to occur naturally and allow the wine to make itself.
View details Gemtree Ernest Allen Shiraz
$ 36.99 Gemtree Ernest Allen Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Ernest Allan Rivers was a highly gifted agriculturalist who possessed an uncanny understanding of the soil, seasons and harvest. The Gemtree viticutural team have assembled parcels of Shiraz from a number of elite blocks, picked to a schedule holistically determined by the vagaries of vintage for optimal flavour and tannin ripeness, naturally fermented on skins for a fortnight, pressed and drained into French oak barriques for aging on gross lees over the course of twenty months. Assembled to a style that's characterised by seamlessness, generosity and warmth.
View details Gemtree Cinnabar GSM
$ 22.99 Gemtree Cinnabar GSM
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Gemtree are back to basics, allowing the outstanding quality of their bio organic fruit to seak for itself. Roughly equal parts Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre, fashioned to engage the senses and to be flattering to all good food. Driven by its mineral savouryness and salacious fruit, a mere five months in seasoned French oak barriques, just enough to coalesce all parts into a seamless whole. A delicious, mouthfilling wine, resplendent with gorgeous raspberry flavours, licorice, bay leaf and black olive notes, creamy cherry oak and suave, velvetine tannins.
View details Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz
$ 19.99 Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Viognier / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Bloodstone was originally intended for the UK Oddbins retail chain. It turned into a runaway success and went on to claim a litany of international accolades, 5 Cuisine Magazine Stars & Best Buy, as well as Gold & Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco International. A wine that exhibits extraordinary balance and integration in its youth, sourced from Gemtree's home block, within the oldest vineyard along Tatachilla Road. Shiraz is co-fermented with a tot of Viognier to enhance the aromatics, sweeten the palate and tame the tannins.
View details Galway Vintage Traditional Shiraz 2013
$ 13.99 Galway Vintage Traditional Shiraz 2013
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
Yalumba have been making the Galway range of wines since the 1940s, named in honour of Colonel Sir Henry L. Galway, governor of South Australia from 1914 to 1920. He was a keen wine man with a good palate and was a regular visitor to the Yalumba wineworks at Angaston. Success with the early editions of Galway were the foundation upon which Yalumba built it's peerless reputation for fine Barossa reds. Galway is still made to the enduring traditional style with rich colour, distinctive spicy fruit and perfectly integrated oak, balanced and elegant.
View details Galway Pipe 12 Year Old Grand Tawny
$ 30.99 Galway Pipe 12 Year Old Grand Tawny
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Tokay / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Named after Sir Henry Galway, Governor of South Australia from 1914 to 1920. Governor Galway was a frequent visitor to the Yalumba wineworks, on each occasion he would conduct a tasting of the finest 500 litres oak barrels of Port. Whichever was most to his liking was set aside and inscribed as Galway's Pipe, the particular blend that was to be used exclusively for service at Government House. The many components of today's Galway Pipe have an average age of twelve to fifteen years, precisely the same as it was back in Galway's day.
View details Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Red
$ 23.99 Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Red
Available by the dozen
Shiraz CabernetFranc CabernetSauv / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Have you ever imagined yourself sipping on a luscious effervescent red wine? Vixen makes makes it very real. Your friends will be jealous, past party escorts will seem dull by comparison and all eyes will be on you as you stride into your next party with Vixen on your arm. Vixen is McLaren Vale born and bred, a pure estate wine from the Fox Creek vineyards. One of the region's flagships and a stellar performer at national wine competitions, Vixen has been showered with medals, trophies and accolades from around the world.
View details Fox Creek Three Blocks Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 32.99 Fox Creek Three Blocks Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
An accord of three very different parcels of superior McLaren Vale vineyard, vinified on skins for a week and a half in traditional open vats, followed by transfer to a selection of seasoned and new French oak barrels for completion of malolactic and eighteen months maturation. The individual Blocks of Cabernet were cannily shifted between different cooperages of oak to impart layers of flavour and enhance structure, the final assemblage is a judicious draught of vineyard parcels to achieve layers of flavour and opulent tannin profile.
View details Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz
$ 29.99 Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Short Row is crafted from harvests of intensely flavoured Shiraz grapes, sourced off the best McLaren Vale blocks and from Fox Creek 's own short rows of vine, adjacent to the estate cellars. Short Row boasts an illustrious history of wine show triumphs ever since inaugural release. Endowed with rich and powerful aromas, an amazing palate of blackberry fruit, toast and sweet red berries, all wrapped in velvety soft tannins, culminating with a long and dry, flavoursome finish. The classic McLaren Vale style, it responds well to a course of decanting.
View details Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz
$ 74.99 Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Excellent Langtons Classification. An eminent performer on the international wine show circuit, one of the nation's most celebrated Shiraz, the best of McLaren Vale. Fox Creek Reserve is assembled from a ruthless barrel cull of the best parcels to come out of each vintage. Offering great weight of fruit on the palate, an extraordinary range of flavours, the finish is long and legendary. Highly cellarable yet fully approachable when young, a Shiraz of great purity and unequivocally fine acidity, decanting and breathing are a must.
View details Fox Creek Red Baron Shiraz
$ 16.99 Fox Creek Red Baron Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
The Baron is back, gladly exchanging his bright red triplane for a bottle or two of good red wine. This suave Shiraz is crafted from some of the best Fox Creek estate grown fruit, much in the same way as the eponymous flying ace took out his pick of prey in the skies over France. A smooth, satisfying effort by one of Mclaren Vale's baronial winemaking estates, rich in character, distinctive in style and silky in texture, guaranteed to charm and to captivate. Introduce the Baron to barbequed scotch fillets or a potato crusted meatball pie.
View details Fox Creek Postmaster GSM
$ 25.99 Fox Creek Postmaster GSM
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Physicians traditionally harbour a penchant for good red wine. Their analytic skills come in handy when it comes to choosing a site and establishing McLaren Vale vines. Meet the Fox Creek's bespoke elixir for good health and happy life, the perfumed lift of Grenache, juicy red berry fruits, Shiraz for fleshy plum and spice, old vine tannins for elegance and structure. Mourvedre ties the palate together as it adds tannin volume and earthy texture. An, intense berry ridden palate, which will leave you looking forward to the next sip.
View details Fox Creek JSM Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Franc
$ 24.99 Fox Creek JSM Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Franc
Available by the dozen
Shiraz CabernetSauv CabernetFranc / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
James Stanley Malpas, born of Willunga, served with the 27th Infantry Battalion AIF during World War I in Gallipoli and France, decorated with the distinguished Military Cross, he returned to McLaren Vale and cleared the land known as Fox Creek. Three quarters old vine Shiraz, a fifth of Cabernet and soup├žon of Franc, JSM makes a wine of complexity, substance and panache, it's all luscious fruit, framed by long textural Cabernet tannins, fully integrated and balanced by the patience of nineteen months in the pick of well seasoned oak.
View details Fox Creek Jims Script Cabernet Merlot Verdot Franc
$ 25.99 Fox Creek Jims Script Cabernet Merlot Verdot Franc
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot CabernetFranc PetitVerdot / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Fox Creek began to flow when a group of medicos decided to realize a lifelong passion and create the best possible wines out of bare earth and sunshine. The Fox Creek vineyards were established from the ground up to be the most environmentally friendly, whilst the vines themselves are spoiled with attention. Dr Jim Watts writes the recipe for a whole that's greater than the sum of parts, Merlot for elegance and plummy fruit, the silk of Cabernet tannins, aromaticness of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot for titillating spice and dazzling blueberry fruit.
View details Fox Creek Chardonnay
$ 19.99 Fox Creek Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
McLaren Vale yields a generously proportioned yet gentler style of Chardonnay, Fox Creek is made more complex by treatments of battonage, a course of lees resting and luxurious barrel ferments. Grapes are harvested throughout the cool of early morning, retaining all the crisp, clean charm of McLaren Vale Chardonnay. The peachy varietal stonefruit characters becomes prominent, together with a noticeable mineral quality and the beginnings of honey toast as it evolves. Wonderful upon release, expect Fox Creek to be at its very best alongside fine food.
View details Four Sisters Pinot Chardonnay NV
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Pinot Chardonnay NV
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier / / SouthAustralia
The Four Sisters are a joint venture between Trevor Mast of Mount Langi Ghiran and Alistair Purbrick of Chateau Tahbilk. Purbrick contributed the quality of fruit, to which Mast applied the style of winemaking which have established all three holdings as hugely successful labels. The Four Sisters represent Sparkling of the highest order, an effervescent Cuv├ęe of immense flavour and zing. The cherry berryness of Pinot Noir are distinct, harmonizing beautifully and adding weight to the golden, peachyness of Chardonnay.
View details Formby Adams Old Well Shiraz Cabernet
$ 19.99 Formby Adams Old Well Shiraz Cabernet
Available by the dozen
Shiraz CabernetSauv / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
View details Formby Adams Leading Horse Cabernet
$ 19.99 Formby Adams Leading Horse Cabernet
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
In 1891 William Formby wielded his leading team of Clydesdale horses into action, planting the first two acres of Cabernet Sauvignon at Metala. Today his great, great grandson continues the family tradition. Guy Adams grows fruit for some of Australia's most esteemed labels. The pick of the crop however, from four individual plantings on the eminent Metala property, is held back for Formby & Adams, the Cabernet contingent from Brothers in Arms.
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