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View details Yellowglen Vintage Cremant
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Vintage Cremant
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / / Victoria
Australia's number one range of sparkling wines, Yellowglen puts the endowment of superior quality fruit and appreciation of chic styling back into bubbly. Established in the 1970s, Yellowglen is named after a goldrush mine that was discovered during the establishment of Victoria's finest sparkling wine vineyards. The petulant Yellowglen Cremant is fashioned to be slightly more toothsome than the normal effusive sparkler, a deliciously soft and satisfying wine which is sweetly perfumed, luscious and richly flavoured, textural and creamy on the palate.
View details Yellowglen Bella Pink Moscato
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Bella Pink Moscato
Currently out of stock
Frontignac / /
Soft and juicy, pretty and delicious? You bet, fruity and feminine too. Made from the delightful Frontignac grape, a varietal that displays, more so than any other, the fragrance and flavours of ripe fresh grapes. Frontignac is perfect for fashioning into a luscious, pink hued, fruit forward sparkler. Serve at fancy chicken and wine breakfasts or at lazy afternoon teas, Bella makes the ideal accompaniement to savoury nibbles or romantic, shared desserts. Enjoy Bella chilled to make every occasion a success and just a little bit special.
View details Yellow Tail Piccolo Moscato Bubbles Piccolo 200ml
$ 3.99 Yellow Tail Piccolo Moscato Bubbles Piccolo 200ml
Currently out of stock
Muscat Frontignac / Riverina / NewSouthWales
Where do we go to find a delightful cornucopia of lightly frizzante fruit. Muscat and the Riverina? It's a no brainer, the radiant climes here are well known internationally for producing the most exquisite Moscato wines. Abundant sunshine and bountiful soils stimulate the vines to grow luscious berries with intense expressions of crunchy white grapes and juicy, fruit driven natural sugars. [yellow tail] are the experts at this style of wine.
View details Waipara Hills Marlborough Cuvee Sparkling
$ 19.99 Waipara Hills Marlborough Cuvee Sparkling
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / Marlborough / NewZealand
What could be better than all the luscious, mouthfilling flavours of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, infused by a creamy mouthfeel and fine effervescence? Enter Marlborough Cuvee, an expression of the innate contrasts from New Zealand's deep south, full of all the vibrant Sauvignon Blanc characters that Waipara Hills are famous for. Marlborough Cuvee treats your palate to zesty, kiwi and gooseberry fruit flavours that come alive. The crisp acidity and refined bubbles are balanced by just a touch of moderating sweetness that's sure to get the party started.
View details Tulloch Verscato
$ 14.99 Tulloch Verscato
Currently out of stock
Verdelho Chambourcin / Hunter Valley / NewSouthWales
Tulloch decided to add a Moscato to their cellar door range. Unfortunately the weather gods had other ideas and Muscat grapes were off the agenda. Not to be deterred, Tulloch set about to make a style of wine in the same vein as Moscato from Verdelho. Verscato is Tulloch's slightly pink and slightly sparkling take on the more traditional Moscato style. Verscato is less than 8% alcohol, the perfect accompaniment for brunch, and positively lovely as an aperitif or dessert wine. Versatile and pretty, what more could you ask for?.
View details Taylor Ferguson Sparkling Moscato
$ 9.99 Taylor Ferguson Sparkling Moscato
Currently out of stock
/ /
Sparkling Moscato is a unique style of ripe and refreshing, fuit flavoured wine that's irresistable when served chilled. Taylor Ferguson reserve the pick of the crop, achieving the perfect bubbly to match with chicken caesar, pannacotta or Coeur à la creme.
View details Riccadonna Ruby Spumante
$ 19.99 Riccadonna Ruby Spumante
Currently out of stock
Malvasia Brachetto / Piedmont / Italy
A wonderfully refreshing wine, perfect for all occassions, Riccadonna Ruby is made exclusively from dark grapes, a creamy, indulgent sparkler oflifted berry fruit characters. Light, fruity and easy to enjoy, vinified from parcels of Malvasia and Brachetto, grown to fine old vineyards in Piedmonte. Ruby's rich and effusive bouquet is intense with perfumed florals, the palate is satisfyingly sweet, deriving all it's natural fruit sugars from vine ripened grapes. Perfect with desserts, nibbles and cheese.
View details Riccadonna Prosecco
$ 20.99 Riccadonna Prosecco
Currently out of stock
/ Piedmont / Italy
View details Riccadonna Asti Spumante Piccolo 200ml
$ 7.99 Riccadonna Asti Spumante Piccolo 200ml
Currently out of stock
Muscat / Piedmont / Italy
The Piedmont region of northwest Italy has been producing Asti since the 1850s, Riccadonna Asti is naturally fermented and contains no added sugar or carbon dioxide. The bouquet is pleasantly fragrant with inviting floral Muscat fruit characters. The palate is dominated by fresh, rich and flavoursome fruit complemented by a touch of sweetness. A marvelousy effervescent wine full of fresh grapey cahracters, the sweetness contributes to the roundness and attractive mouthfeel whilst the cleansing acidity is present to balance the wine.
View details Riccadonna Asti Spumante
$ 19.99 Riccadonna Asti Spumante
Currently out of stock
Muscat / Piedmont / Italy
Produced and bottled in Italy, Riccadonna is not only Australia's biggest selling Asti brand, it is also the biggest selling imported wine in Australia. Riccadonna is a classic example of the delicate and fragrant sparkling wines produced exclusively from the richly flavoured Moscato Bianco grape, grown within the accredited D.O.C.G of the renowned Asti winegrowing province in northern Italy's Piedmont. Originally known as Asti Spumante, Riccadonna is aromatic and intense, easy to enjoy and slightly sweet, a pleasantly fruity and food friendly wine.
View details Omni Pink Rose N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Pink Rose N.V
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir Chardonnay / / SouthAustralia
Select Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from within the Hardy's suite of vineyards, spread across the better winegrowing districts of southeast Australia were blended into a blushingly coloured Sparkling Rose that's brimming forth with tangy strawberry essences, cassis notes and superb sherbety flavours. Lively, fresh and effervescent in style, Omni Pink is a Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Rose that pleases all who enjoy a crackling good time with fun, warm company, and easy drinking wines. A gorgeous pink sparkler that's ideal for making everyday moments special.
View details Omni Citrus N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Citrus N.V
Currently out of stock
CheninBlanc Frontignac / / SouthAustralia
Omni is the Latin word meaning all and every, and is the perfect name for a sparkling wine with universal appeal. The fresh, lively characters and full flavours are ideal for all occasions. Omni Citrus is a vibrant sparkling wine made from the premium aromatic grape varieties Frontignac and Chenin Blanc, and enhanced with the zest of natural citrus fruits. A fresh and lively style of wine with a moderate alcohol content, it is ideal for all occasions. A wonderfully pleasant and summery Sparkling wine that offers lovely triopical flavours and a lively attitude. Enjoy with all foods and sweet company.
View details Omni Blue N.V
$ 9.99 Omni Blue N.V
Currently out of stock
Frontignac / / SouthAustralia
Hardys have delighted young and young at heart, fun loving palates across Australia with their lively and zesty Omni range of sparklers. While not actually being blue or blueish, Omni Blue is a sweeter, fruitier style of sparkling made from aromatic grape varietals like the luscious Frontignac. A fresh and lively wine with moderate alcohol, this is the perfect all occasion sparkler, best enjoyed chilled and young with good company. Celebrate your life every day, add colour to your world and create your own Omni sparkling moments.
View details Omni Bellini White Peach Cocktail Sparkling
$ 9.99 Omni Bellini White Peach Cocktail Sparkling
Currently out of stock
/ /
How nice was it of the girls on the Hardy winemaking team to come up with the perfect recipe for celebrations and everyday get togethers. A sumptuous sparkler in irresistible peach cocktail styling, with a gorgeous perfume of fresh cut fruits before a more-ish flavour of fleshy summer peach. Served nicely chilled or poured over ice, Bellini is the one thing that all your friends are sure to agree on.
View details Lindauer Sparkling Strawberry Fraise
$ 14.99 Lindauer Sparkling Strawberry Fraise
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir CheninBlanc / Marlborough Gisborne Hawkes / NewZealand
An exciting innovation in a Methode traditionnelle, enriched by strawberry. A component of Pinot Noir is treated to extended time on skins for perfect uptake of charming rose colour, to be blended back with Chardonnay after primary ferments. The Cuvee stays on lees an average of fifteen months, sediments are removed and the natural strawberry richness is infused. Gold pink salmon hues, her subtle strawberry bouquet is complexed by underlying yeasty toast notes, a decadent palate of moreish red fruits, elegance, stylishness and finesse.
View details Killawarra Dusk Sparkling Strawberry
$ 9.99 Killawarra Dusk Sparkling Strawberry
Currently out of stock
/ / SouthAustralia
Pink for the girls? Perfectly appropriate if it's laced with strawberries and sparkles! So Strawberry fields forever, until the weekends over, awesome! A subtle infusion of delicious red berries balances a bouquet of bright fruit characters. Every hostess with the mostess understands the importance of pleasing the crowds and showing good taste, so take no chances with the girls, serve as you yourself wish to be served. You don't have to be a Hollywood starlet to appreciate the luxury of fizzy Strawberry Killawarra Dusk, but it helps. Why not make it a Strawberry Sunday?
View details Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling
$ 11.99 Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling
Available by the dozen
/ / Germany
And how popular are we! A Sparkling Strawberry Cuvée fashioned for perfect celebrations and lively surrounds. An enticing wine made through a complex blend of fresh strawberry juices, chilled to perfection, effervescent and aromatic, the first choice for pure drinking fun. Katlenburger gives us that certain tingling feeling we all know and love, enhanced, made even more exciting with everyone's favourite strawberry. Enrich your friends summery evenings and relaxed long lazy lunches, by proposing that toast with Katlenburger Sparkling Strawberry!
View details Katlenburger Mango Sparkling
$ 11.99 Katlenburger Mango Sparkling
Available by the dozen
/ / Germany
Doctors Willy and Marie Demuth established the Katlenburger wineworks in 1925, together, they formulated a tonic based around natural plant extracts, including the white thorn berry Crataegus oxyacantha, naming their magic elixiir Catlenburger Clostertrunk. Over several generations, the cult following of foaming fruit grew and grew but the crafting of this unique and popular moreish mango remains a closely guarded secret. Salaciously sweet, frivolously fruity and wickedly wild? Yes indeed, decadent and deliciously so!
View details Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose
$ 14.99 Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose
Available by the dozen
Muscat / /
Moscato is a style of wine that's fashioned from Muscat grapes, a variety that's highly aromatic with intense fruit and floral expressions. A good Moscato is ideal as a refreshing, delicately flavoured sparkling wine. Jacobs Creek have added a tantalizing pink hue and infused this charming wine with darling expressions of juicy red fruit.
View details Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato
$ 14.99 Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato
Available by the dozen
Muscat / /
Jacobs Creek are well positioned to produce the most luscious and fashionable sparkling Muscat wines. The trick is to keep the flavour and characters of the wine as close as possible to the qualities of fruit in the vineyard. The ultimate achievement in a petulant Muscat wine, deliciously fruity and decidedly refreshing, displaying attractive delicate summer fruit flavours with a light, fresh taste. Innately suited to all festive occasions or quite nights at home, so easy to prepare and always eager to please. Simply chill and enjoy with friends.
View details Jacobs Creek Piccolo Moscato Rose 200ml
$ 5.99 Jacobs Creek Piccolo Moscato Rose 200ml
Available in cases of 24
Muscat / /
Jacobs Creek have added a tantalizing pink hue to its irresistible sparkling Muscat and infused the gorgeous with darling expressions of juicy red fruits. A good Moscato is ideal as a refreshing, delicately flavoured sparkling wine, even more so as a pretty Rose.
View details Jacobs Creek Piccolo Moscato 200ml
$ 5.99 Jacobs Creek Piccolo Moscato 200ml
Available in cases of 24
Muscat / /
The mission for Jacobs Creek is to improve the quality of wines with each passing vintage. The ultimate achievement in a petulant Muscat wine, deliciously fruity and decidedly refreshing, displaying attractive delicate summer fruit flavours and a light, fresh taste. Simply chill and enjoy.
View details Inniskillin Niagara Vidal Sparkling Ice Wine 375ml
$ 109.99 Inniskillin Niagara Vidal Sparkling Ice Wine 375ml
Currently out of stock
Vidal / Niagara / Canada
The aromatic French Vidal is the grape of choice for making Canadian Icewine. A long and steady ripener, it has rich, full aromas and flavours balanced by firm acidity. The ripe berries are dehydrated through constant freezing and thawing, a process that concentrates the sugars, acids and extracts, intensifying flavours and developing immense complexity. A joy for those who are accustomed to the best and appreciate the finest, delightful with fondue, sublime alongside recipes calling on roquefort, mascarpone or gorgonzola. Simply exquisite on its own.
View details Fresita Sparkling Chardonnay Sauvignon Strawberry
$ 16.99 Fresita Sparkling Chardonnay Sauvignon Strawberry
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay SauvBlanc / Colchagua / Americas
Fresita Sparkling is a base wine of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc topped up with 3% natural strawberry pulp. This most exquisite of sparkling fruity wines is naturally fermented with selected yeasts that give the Fresita it's magical flavours. The fresh and natural strawberry pulp is added to the sparkling wine before being bottled thus creating a fine, pleasant blend of aromas that result in a balanced and attractive celebration sparkler. Fresita is served chilled and is absolutely insatiable by itself as aperitif or as an an accompaniement to hors d'oeuvres and desserts.
View details Four Sisters Sparkling Moscato
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Sparkling Moscato
Currently out of stock
Muscat / / Victoria
Alluring and flirtatious, personable and intriguing. Four Sisters is an iconic Australian brand, much loved for their irresistibly fruit forward wines. Sparkling Moscato is quickly emerging as one of the nation's leading easy drinking styles. The Four Sisters fashion a luscious effervescent wine for relaxed drinking, a reflection of today's amiable attitudes and fun loving philosophy. Chic, sophisticated and contemporary, perfect for sipping at every occasion. People everywhere around the globe are getting to know the Four Sisters . and loving it.
View details Emeri Sparkling Pink Moscato
$ 9.99 Emeri Sparkling Pink Moscato
Currently out of stock
Muscat / /
Delight in the fresh sparkling flavours of the new Emeri Pink from De Bortoli and transform the everyday into a truly unexpected moment! Emeri Pink Moscato is so markedly different from all those other rather serious sparkling wines, because it bases it's appeal purely on the loveliness of it's lusciously sweet, cherry and strawberry-like fruit flavours. A sensational combination of tropical characters, incredible lipstick colour, and ready to please enjoy anytime styling. One sip makes life so very Emeri Pink Moscato.
View details Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco
$ 19.99 Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco
Available by the dozen
Prosecco / King Valley / Victoria
If ever there was a wine to counter the conventional wisdom, it must be Dal Zotto Estate Prosecco, the fun and fizzy Italian sparkling wine from the King Valley. Throw out those notions that proper bubbly must be hand made stuff, made from only the noblest of grapes. This is a classic Prosecco styling, the version which combines the varietal's aromatic quality with the exalted sapidity of its fine bubbles. To be opened for a dolce vita, anywhere and at anytime.
View details Coldstone Zibibbo
$ 14.99 Coldstone Zibibbo
Currently out of stock
Muscat Muscadelle / Alpine / Victoria
Muscat of Alexandria has flourished in the northeast of Victoria since settlement. Whilst it is well known for the thick, rich fortifieds that come out of Rutherglen, there are many clones, it is one of the few varietals that actually tastes of grape and can make the most refreshing wine. Coldstone's vineyards are situated on the higher altitudes of the Victorian Alpines, where wine grapes thrive under the cool climate conditions, crisp winters and warm summers. With or without food, a chilled Zibibbo is the ideal way to celebrate life.
View details Coldstone Zibbibo Rose
$ 14.99 Coldstone Zibbibo Rose
Currently out of stock
Muscat Durif / Alpine / Victoria
Coldstone has taken the pick of their Muscat crop and fashioned an irresistible, effervescent Rose. The post-modern pink wine with an easy to enjoy flavour profile, fresh and lively, packed with intense aromas, displaying a creamy, fruity palate. Zibbibo Rose is the perfect party sparkler to put the festive touch into every occasion.
View details Chandon Cuvee Riche
$ 32.99 Chandon Cuvee Riche
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / / Victoria
Fashioned to the French Doux style, a cépage of Chardonnay which brings creamyness to the palate and contributes structure. Pinot Noir adds middle palate dimension with hints of cherry and spice. A richly cake textured palate, warm and fruit driven, with a tingling acidity that cleans and refreshes. Superb as a richer style of aperitif, an accompaniment to canapes, a splendid dessert wine, it mates perfectly to quince tart or wet ripe cheeses, the perfect every occassion wine for those who appreciate the sweeter things in life.
View details Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling
$ 11.99 Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling
Currently out of stock
Muscat / Murray Milawa / Victoria
Zibibbo is a delightful young Muscat with modest levels of alcohol that's bursting with bubbles and summer fruit. A festive sparkler with magnificent flavours and a clean stylish finish, Zibibbo will add a sense of celebration to any occasion. Enjoy Zibibbo with food as it's a great match alongside desserts or fruit platters, hors d'oeuvres and cheese. Without food, Zibibbo is the choice sparkling wine to refresh any relaxed get together and to toast every happy occasion, it makes a refreshing after dinner drink and is the perfect aperitif.
View details Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa
$ 11.99 Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa
Currently out of stock
Muscat / / Victoria
Zibibbo Rosa is an exciting new addition to the Brown Brothers range. Zibibbo means raisin, a synonym for the Muscat of Alexandria grape. The Romans are believed to have given the grape its name as they found its distinctive aroma akin to that of musk, and hence called it Moscato. A deliciously refined pink Sparkler which is slightly drier than it's sibling pale Zibibbo, while still sharing its deliciously fruity style. Rosa is a beautiful pale pink colour, showing lifted aromas of strawberries and summer fruits, and certainly best enjoyed now.
View details Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco
$ 14.99 Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco
Currently out of stock
Prosecco / King Valley / Victoria
Everyone knows that Prosecco is the perfect accompaniement to relaxed long lunches and fun filled nights, its irresistible fruity charm and crisp effervescence will turn every occasion into a big success with the girls. Brown Brothers are renowned for luscious, toothsome wines, their cool ripening vineyards in King Valley have long yielded the nation's most popular sparklers. So get the gang together and match Summer Edition with the most moreish desserts or cheesy nibbles.
View details Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa
$ 10.99 Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa
Currently out of stock
/ Murray Valley / Victoria
Brown Brothers find the delectable fruit flavours of Muscat to be simply irresistible. They've been inspired to fashion a gorgeous rose coloured wine with plenty of sparkle and just the right amount of sweetness. But just how does Moscato get it's gorgeous pink colour? The secret to her comely coral blush is the addition of a special red grape called Cienna, an exciting new varietal invented right here in Australia by our very own CSIRO. The classic aperitif to be enjoyed at every occasion, Moscato Rosa is a match made in heaven alongside camembert or brie.
View details Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato
$ 10.99 Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato
Currently out of stock
/ Murray Valley / Victoria
A beautiful bubbly, refreshing and deliciously grapey, a gorgeous wine with the vibrancy and more-ish flavours you'd expect from Australia's favourite new style. Delicate and delish, a great way to get any celebration off and running. Keep a bottle or two in the fridge and invite the girls over for an evening of frolic and fun. What foods go best? Everything, from salads to nibbles, spicey asian and grills, fresh fruit, cheeses and dessert. Make sure you bring Moscato along with you at every opportunity and turn any everyday occasion into a lively party.
View details Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco
$ 21.99 Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco
Available by the dozen
Prosecco / King Valley / Victoria
View details Bellussi Prosecco Superiore DOCG
$ 27.49 Bellussi Prosecco Superiore DOCG
Available by the dozen
Glera / Spumante / Italy
Real Prosecco, from the exclusive DOC of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, crafted from the delightfully fruity Glera grape, exactly as it should be, finished to deliciously dry styling. The scenic landscapes and rolling countryside of clay ridden limestone slopes, invigorated by the Italian sunshine and tempered by the cool Mediterranean microclime, stimulates the vines and yields wines defined by their structural elegance and remarkably refined bouquets. The harmony of its elegant palate is accompanied by freshness and fragrance, its persistent perlage, ideal for every occasion.
View details Balgownie Sparkling Cuvee Rose NV
$ 19.99 Balgownie Sparkling Cuvee Rose NV
Currently out of stock
Shiraz PinotNoir / Bendigo & Yarra Valley / Victoria
A fusion of Balgownie's splendid Bendigo Shiraz with a component of fruit forward Pinot Noir grown to the estate vineyard in Yarra Valley. Hand picked grapes are lightly pressed, steeped briefly on skins to infuse the wine with a delicate salmon hue and treated to a cool fermentation for the retention of vibrant fresh fruit flavours and bouquet.
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