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View details Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc
$ 10.99 Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc
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SauvBlanc / Murray Valley / Victoria
Established 1967, Deakin Estate sold their harvests until a winery was built in 1980. Many of the vines have now achieved considerable age, but the team's efforts remain focused on producing fruit of the highest quality and wines brimming with flavour. A brightly lit, fruit forward Sauvignon Blanc that's best enjoyed young for its zesty, youthful freshness. Classic food accompaniements are oysters and goat's cheese but shellfish and chicken asparagus would also be a great match.
View details Deakin Estate Merlot
$ 10.99 Deakin Estate Merlot
Currently out of stock
Merlot / Murray Valley / Victoria
The Deakin Estate range of wines was launched in the 1990s as a limited release. Since then the estate's bountiful vineyards have delivered world class wines that are being extremely well received internationally. The sun and rich soils of the Murray River Valley yield fully flavoured, easy drinking and intensely satisfying Merlot wines. Deakin Estate exhibits all the cherry/plum fruit flavours and soft tannins that's expected of good Merlot.
View details Deakin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 10.99 Deakin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Murray Valley / Victoria
Alfred Deakin was Australia's second Prime Minister, he held the office three times in the first decade of Federation. Deakin was a patriot and visionary who understood the importance of a scientific approach to Australian land management. Deakin left his mark on the Murray Darling basin by importing the expertise of California's Chaffey Brothers to prepare the vast inland valley for a century of state of the art agriculture. Deakin Estate Cabernet is a fully approachable and satisfying early syle, brimming with luscious bramble cherry fruit.
View details Azahara Sparkling Moscato
$ 13.49 Azahara Sparkling Moscato
Available by the dozen
Moscato / Murray Darling / Victoria
True lovers of life celebrate a little bit each day, what better way than with a glass of Azahara! A lusciously moreish sparkling Moscato, the perfect pre dinner starter, a great way to celebrate every occasion. You really must give Azahara a try, Spanish for orange blossom, the grapes are harvested from premier Deakin Estate vineyards, growing right next to rows of beautiful orange crush orchards alongside the sun drenched Murray Darling.
View details Azahara Pinot Chardonnay
$ 13.49 Azahara Pinot Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Murray Darling / Victoria
An exquisite accord of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, picked off the finest sparkling wine vineyards on the Murray Darling. An early picking, gentle processing of the purest free run juices and long cool ferment is followed by a luxurious course of sedimentery yeast lees ageing, achieving a wine of generosity and richness. Magnificently balanced between creamy biscuit characters, apple flan, stonefruits and tangy lemon creams, the Pinot Noir contributes a palate of ripe strawberry characters, winegums and cherries jublilee.
The Mildura region was transformed from an arid and scrubby no-man's land to an agricultural oasis in the 1880's

Deakin Estate vineyard and winery complex is at Red Cliffs, near Mildura in the Murray Valley of North West Victoria. Alfred Deakin, a former Prime Minister of Australia, encouraged California's Chaffey Brothers to bring their irrigation expertise to the vast inland valley of the Murray River in North West Victoria. Since then the region has become one of Australia's most productive and prosperous sources of high quality produce including citrus, olives, almonds and grapes.

 Deakin Estate

Purchased in 1967, Deakin Estate was planted to premium wine grapes which were sold as fruit until 1980 when a winery facility was built. By the time the Deakin Estate range was launched in 1994 some vines had achieved considerable age, whilst newer vines were being planted. An ongoing regime of viticultural innovation accelerated, ensuring the high quality, varietally specific fruit that has underpinned the success of the brand.

Deakin Estate now has 350 hectares under vine. It is warm and sunny where the great Murray River brings life to the region. Deakin Estate's efforts are focussed on producing fruit of the highest quality and expressive wines brimming with flavour and varietal character.

The Deakin Estate range of wines was launched in 1994 in limited quantities

Since then the investment in extensive vineyard plantings has allowed Australia to share Australian wines with customers around the world. Deakin Estate wines can now be found in 28 countries outside Australia. The devotion of the winemakers and grapegrowers deliver the high quality wines that have made Deakin Estate so popular. After crafting and bottling, the Estate takes great measures to oversee the wines on their journey from the winery to warehouses and shipping ports around the world.

 Deakin Estate

Behind the scenes at Deakin Estate is an experienced and enthusiastic team. From the vineyard to the winery and inside to the operations department, a culture of commitment and innovation drives Deakin Estate. The Australian spirit of openness, good humour and integrity unites the winery's team and contributes, along with their other attributes, to the ultimate success of Deakin Estate wines.

Stretching over 350 hectares (865 acres) near the Murray River at Red Cliffs, the Deakin Estate vineyard is a model of successful contemporary viticultural management. The Australian spirit of openness, good humour and integrity unites the winemaking team and contributes, along with their other attributes, to the ultimate success of Deakin Estate wines.

The Deakin Estate property and its wines are named in honour of visionary and early Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin

The major varieties grown are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. Deakin Estate are leaders in innovative vineyard techniques such as partial root zone drying, canopy management and yield monitoring. Agricultural research bodies and industry groups access the Deakin Estate vineyard for study purposes. In 2002 Deakin Estate received a Save Water Award for water conservation practices aimed at protecting the environment and future productivity of the region. Behind the scenes at Deakin Estate is an experienced and enthusiastic team. From the vineyard to the winery, throughout the entire operation, a culture of commitment and innovation drives the people of DEakin Estate, a quality ultimately reflected in the wines.

Deakin Estate

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