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View details Grove Estate The Italian Nebbiolo Sangiovese
$ 24.99 Grove Estate The Italian Nebbiolo Sangiovese
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese Nebbiolo Barbera Primitivo / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
Mostly Nebbiolo with judicious measures of Sangiovese, Primitivo and Barbera, vinified through the actions of wild yeasts, sent to a repose of seasoned oak for a languid course of cordial integration and timely age. Do these evocative Italians really mix? Indeed they do but it takes the craft and guile of a highly accomplished team to introduce equity and to coalesce the accord into a whole that's so much greater than the sum of parts. Fashioned in the old world way to accompany piquant, fire roasted vegetable recipes or the comfort of succulently braised meats.
View details Grove Estate Shiraz
$ 19.99 Grove Estate Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
Grove Estate became the go to vineyard for esteemed national brands on the hunt for stellar quality Hilltops Shiraz, some very choice parcels of Grove Estate found their way into the winner of the Finest Australian Shiraz Trophy. Immediately identified by early settlers who planted vineyards and made great wine, the Hilltops are renowned for a unique confluence of superior winegrowing aspects. The region's elevated altitudes and slow ripening climes encourage the sultry Shiraz to develop luscious fruit esters and piquantly spiced, milled pepper characters.
View details Grove Estate Flanders Fields Methode Champenoise
$ 24.99 Grove Estate Flanders Fields Methode Champenoise
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay PinotNoir / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
There's a very special block of exquisitely good Chardonnay called Flanders Fields, adjacent to the Grove Estate wineworks. Vinified alongside a superior parcel of local Pinot Noir and treated to the full regimen of Méthode Traditionelle, an astonishingly full flavoured effervescent wine brimming with lozenge citrus and underpinned by the toasty richness of sedimentery lees autolysis. An opportune confluence of higher altitudes and chilly climes, ripens the grapes to mesmerising intensity. A zealous adherence to the ways of la Champenoise completes a sensational Cuvée.
View details Grove Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 19.99 Grove Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
New South Wales Hilltops breed a very special style of Cabernet, structured and well endowed, a slightly more savoury palate with brooding bouquets, ripe and ready for early appreciation. Grove Estate played an important role in the development of Hilltops as a significant Cabernet Sauvignon growing region, supplying much of the finest fruit to esteemed national brands before establishing their own label. Fragrant of cocoa curls and melty Swiss chocolate around currants and black bramble, exquisitely balanced along a long line of refined, affable tannins.
Grove Estate was acquired in 1989 with the aim of producing premium cool climate wine grapes

The property already had a long history of involvement with the wine and grape industry, as vines were originally planted on the property back in 1886. Croatian settlers moved into the Hilltops region after leaving Dalmatia, bringing with them bundles of vine cuttings, some of which survive at Grove Estate today. Established to rich red volcanic soils at 500m above sea level on Murringo Road, just three kilometres from the town of Young, some of these ancient vines remain productive on their original parcels. The Flanders, Kirkwood and Mullany families acquired the land and re established Grove Estate vineyard as a supplier to national brands in 1989. Over the years, 40 hectares of vines have been planted, including the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay and Semillon.

 Grove Estate

In 1997 the partners of Grove Estate decided to retain a small parcel of fruit for their own branding, producing a range of premium wines under their own label. The first wine released was a 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon and now a full range of reds and whites exist, Zinfandel and Shiraz, Chardonnay, Semillon and Basazi, which is a blend of Barbera, Sangiovese & Zinfandel. Grove Estate’s 35 Hectares of vineyards make up just part of the story. The Kirkwood’s, Flanders and Mullanys also own another 55 Hectares of vineyards that supply the Grove Estate label. Mark and Vickie Flanders have vineyards adjoining Grove Estate on Murringo Road. Peter and Suzanne Kirkwood have Shiraz less then a Kilometre from Grove Estate and Brian and Suellen Mullany have Cabernet, Barbera and Sangiovese in the same area. Brian and Suellen along with Michelle and Vince Fernon have another 30 hectares, around 10 kilometres from Grove Estate towards the small village of Wombat.

This diversification of sites and soil types, along with the unique micro climates on each vineyard, allows for a great ability to produce a diverse style of wines from the one GI. This together with the huge range of varieties, including Nebbiolo, Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese, Viognier, all make Grove Estate a really exciting winery.

The Hilltops have become one the great wine growing regions in Australia. Wines from the Hilltops, including choice harvests from Grove Estate vineyards, have won the most prestigious national awards. Jimmy Watson Trophy in 2010 and Finest Shiraz in Australia at the great Australian Shiraz Tasting. One of the original buildings on the property has now been transformed into a cellar door outlet, which offers wine tastings and sales.

Trophy winners Best Red Sydney International Wine Competition • Trophy Best medium bodied Red Sydney International Wine Competition • Blue Gold/Top 1OO Sydney International Wine Competition • Gold Vintage Cellars National Wine Show of Australia • Gold 2005 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show • Gold Canberra Regional Wine Show • Silver Decanter London World Wine Awards

Grove Estate

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