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View details Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
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Shiraz Viognier Durif / / NewSouthWales
A solidly fruit focused, complex Shiraz Viognier, with a tot of Durif providing Je Ne Sais Quoi. Dry, arid conditions prevailed around southeast Australia's winegrowing regions, yet below average temperatures were experienced – very similar to the conditions of the classic 2002 vintage. The result was a refined and delicately flavoured Shiraz Viognier, with amazing depth of flavour and virility. 27.6% Hilltops, 25.7% Limestone Coast, 12.9% Heathcote, 11.4% Orange, 7.8% Riverina, 6.1% Barossa Valley, 3.1% Eden Valley, 3.1% Fleurieu, 2.3% Yarra Valley.
View details Hanwood Estate Shiraz 2012
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Shiraz 2012
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Shiraz / / NewSouthWales
Established 1917 amongst the unique agricultural landscapes which form the environs of Griffith, Hanwood Estate stands today as a pillar of winemaking excellence, passionate about making wines of distinction. Within the expanse of operations at Hanwood lies a small winemaking facility, dedicated to handling minimal amounts of the choicest fruit, treated to state of the art vinification techniques and traditional standards of excellence. Hanwood assembles the pick of Shiraz from local vineyards, Heathcote and Gundagai, Hilltops and the Coonawarra.
View details Hanwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014
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SauvBlanc / / NewSouthWales
McWilliam's Hanwood Estate is one of the nation's most dependable labels, wines fashioned from high quality fruit grown to the finest vineyards. The town of Hanwood itself is a historically significant place, the original site where John James McWilliam was inspired to establish viticulture in 1913. Today's Hanwood makes wines which are enjoyed throughout Australia and in markets around the world, a stylish young Sauvignon Blanc that's crisp and revitalizing, ideally alongside crumbed oysters or freshly tossed chicken caesar.
View details Hanwood Estate Pinot Grigio 2015
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Pinot Grigio 2015
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PinotGris Grigio / / NewSouthWales
McWilliams were amongst the earliest pioneers to identify the sunny soils along River Murray as being Terra superiore for the husbanding of vine. Hanwood in particular, was an area John McWilliam earmarked for having the potential to service the growth in domestic and export wine consumption. Hanwood Estate takes great care in the nurture of it's italianate varietal vines, painstakingly hand picking the grapes, taking great measure to include only the perfect parcels of fruit for vinification into a vigorous, beautifully fruit driven Pinot Grigio wine.
View details Hanwood Estate Chardonnay 2013
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Chardonnay 2013
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Chardonnay / Riverina / NewSouthWales
From the up and coming, newly established McWilliam vineyards on the Riverina, Hanwood Estate can proudly claim a conspicous win at Chardonnay Du Monde France! The Hanwood district in particular, was an area that John James McWilliam had identified early in the twentieth century as offering best potential to service the burgeoning wine markets. Hanwood is one of the most consistently awarded Chardonnay at its price point and arguably, the most enduring, reliable range of approachable, stylish wines in Australia.
View details Hanwood Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
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CabernetSauv / / NewSouthWales
McWilliam's extensive vineyard resources translate into wines which are consistent in quality and style from year to year. Hanwood Estate fashions tightly fruit focused, complex wines with great structure and superb integration. The highly awarded winemaking team reaches out from Hanwod's environs along the Riverina to assemble grapes from sites trained to yield small, intensely flavoured berries which can be vinified into a stylish effort that's highly representative of the great Australian tradition of mouthfilling Cabernet Sauvignon wines.
View details Hanwood Crisp Chardonnay 2012
$ 9.99 Hanwood Crisp Chardonnay 2012
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Chardonnay / /
McWilliam's are Australia's most awarded winemaker and Hanwood was at the start of it all. One of the nation's great historical wineries, distinguished by its barrel shaped cellar door and array of memorabilia on display in the estate's bottle shaped museum. Today's Hanwood team can source Chardonnay from the finest vineyards, some picked earlier than others to achieve a tantalizingly crisp balance of flavours. In contemporary fruit forward styling, exhibiting a racy expression of Chardonnay, refreshingly brisk with a lively clean finish.
View details Hanwood Crisp Chardonnay 2011
$ 9.99 Hanwood Crisp Chardonnay 2011
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Chardonnay / /
Hanwood Estate finds the best grapes, grown to the extensive resource of McWilliam's vineyards, to create Chardonnays which are consistent in quality and style from year to year. Each edition holds it's own unique place within the pantheon of reputable McWilliam brands. Hanwood Crisp is a zesty, lifted and fruitier style than your typical everyday Chardonnay, offering good structure and excellent fruit intensity. A freshly fruit driven, tightly focused wine that's excellent on it's own yet resplendent with chicken caesar, gourmet pizza or veal pasta.
Plant a six-inch nail in this soil, water it and in a year you will have a crowbar

So said John James McWilliam when he arrived in Hanwood in 1913. The development of the Riverina region as a major wine producing area was primarily due to the foresight of the McWilliam family. The Riverina, and Hanwood in particular, was an area John James McWilliam the son of McWilliam's founder, Samuel McWilliam had identified earlier as having the potential to service the growing domestic and export wine markets.

 Hanwood Estate

In 1913, John James McWilliam planted the first vines at Hanwood, just 8kms south of the thriving agricultural town of Griffith in New South Wales; and in 1917 he established McWilliam's Hanwood winery. Today, this same winery is a large modern facility, one of the largest in the region - with an average crush of 18,000 tonnes and a storage capacity of more than 22 million litres.

Not only was he responsible for the trial of premium varieties previously unknown in the district, he was also responsible for leading the way in developing the winery technology necessary to produce table wines in a hot summer climate. Just as John James led the way in 1913, so it was Glen McWilliam that pioneered the region's move into table wines during the mid-1950s.

The Riverina is today credited with producing more than two-thirds of New South Wales wine and almost one-quarter of Australia's total wine production. The constant, even rainfall, rich and fertile soil and warm temperatures during the ripening season make the Riverina ideally suited to viticulture.

McWilliam's Hanwood Estate - one of Australia's leading premium quality wine ranges, is a blend of high quality fruit from a range of vineyard sites within South Eastern Australia. McWilliam's Hanwood Chardonnay is one of the most consistently awarded white wines at its price point and arguably the fastest growing Chardonnay in the domestic market.

Fruit is predominantly sourced from the Riverina and Hilltops regions in New South Wales, the Yarra Valley in Victoria, and Coonawarra in South Australia. The diverse fruit supply provides the winemaking team with a broader range of blending options and enables them to produce a range of wines that are high in quality and consistent in style from one year to the next.

McWilliam's Hanwood winery is distinguished by its barrel-shaped cellar door tasting room and the large array of old bottles and winery memorabilia displayed in a 17 metre-long museum in the shape of a bottle. McWilliam's range of red, white and fortified wines, as well as limited-release Cellar Door only wines, are available for tasting at McWilliam's Hanwood Cellar Door.

Hanwood Estate

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