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View details Morambro Creek Shiraz 2012
$ 26.99 Morambro Creek Shiraz 2012
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Shiraz / Padthaway / SouthAustralia
Planted to original rootstock on the gently undulating plains of Padthaway Valley, the Morambro Creek vines are grown to rich Terra Rosa soils, enjoying excellent sun exposure, yielding grapes with the most concentrated flavours, deep colour and generous tannins. Heat generated during the day is moderated each evening by coastal winds that cool the vines, achieving an extended vintage. This extended time on the vine allows for grape tannins and seed to fully ripen before harvest, translating into wines that are rich and intense yet supple on the palate.
View details Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz Cabernet 2010
$ 15.99 Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz Cabernet 2010
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Shiraz CabernetSauv / Padthaway / SouthAustralia
The profound efforts at Jip Jip Rocks yield some of Pathaway's most accessible and compelling wines. The salubrious vines here are nourished by unique soils and stimulated by a exhilarating maritime climes. A long, extended growing season allows for the grape tannins and seed to ripen fully, achieving wines that are rich and supple on the palate. Crafted by the emiment team at Morambro Creek, Jip Jip Rocks has claimed salient international awards within a few vintages of inaugural release, including significant awards in London and San Francisco.
View details Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2010
$ 14.99 Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2010
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Shiraz / Padthaway / SouthAustralia
From those wonderful folks who bring us Morambro Creek. The sole objective with Jip Jip Rocks is to produce the best wine possible from a unique site. Planted on own rootstock and located in the Padthaway Valley which is endowed with rich Terra rosa soils, the Morambro Creek property enjoys excellent sun exposure to achieve grapes of optimal flavours, colour and tannin. Vintages can be dry with little or no rain during fruit set and growing season. Berries are quite small and yields are minimal, flavours are concentrated and the quality superb.
Since 1851, the Brysons have been involved in agriculture for five generations, and are committed to producing exceptional hancrafted wine from fruit grown on their low yielding Morambro Creek vineyard

The pursuit of great wine begins in the meticulous management of the vineyard. Planted on own rootstock in the Padthaway Valley, sited to rich Terra Rosa soils, the vines of this exclusive estate vineyard benefit from excellent sun exposure, yielding grapes of heightened flavour profiles and fine tannins. Morambro Creek Shiraz is an assemblage of select barrels of wines which best demonstrate the intensity of estate grown fruit and integrated oak.

 Morambro Creek

The plains of Padthaway produce wines of consistent quality and style. Although famously known as ‚ÄėChardonnay country‚Äô, the region produces excellent examples of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from old vine material. The Morambro Creek Vineyard consistently produces excellent fruit quality from low yielding vines, destined to be handcrafted into some of the Padthaway regions best wines.

The gently undulating country of Padthaway is neighbour to the famous Coonawarra. It has climatic similarities and a good slice of terra rossa, the famed soil of the Limestone Coast. The success of Coonawarra led viticulturalists to seek out similar ground. Back in 1944 the CSIRO had recommended the region for horticulture due to its rich soil and underground water supply. The climate is coined ‚ÄúMaritime‚ÄĚ with coastal influences. The vineyards here produce fruit for red and white table wine and sparkling wine.

Two plots of 210 acres each on rich Mediterranean climated Terra Rosa soil make up the Morambro estate. The warm summer days are moderated each evening by coastal winds that cool the vines and result in a longer ripening period. This extended period allows for the grape tannins and seed to fully ripen prior to being harvested, thus creating wines that are rich and supple on the palate. Low crop yields and small grape bunches of intense flavour are the priority, and whilst the latest technology is employed to capture vine balance and reduced vigour, fruit is only harvested when full flavour development is achieved.

 Morambro Creek

Wines by people, for people who value quality, style and efforts of a family-owned business. The family estate grew for a half century under the stewardship of Clive Bryson, who has now handed the day-to-day operations over to the next generation, his three sons, Andrew, David and Paul. David oversees every aspect of the business, from winemaking, packaging, stock control, to national and international distribution, sales and marketing. David’s knowledge and skills come from a successful 21 year career in Banking & Finance.

Andrew, is the resident viticultralist, he grew up on the family property at Padthaway and was instrumental in setting up the 210 acre Morambro Creek Vineyard in 1994 with the help of other family members. Andrew is the Senior Viticulturalist and has completed a diploma in Agriculture at Roseworthy College, a certificate in viticulture and contributes to a number of industry organizations.

Paul is the resident grazier and agricultralist, he grew up on the family property at Padthaway. Paul manages the families other 210 acre estate vineyard as well as running cattle and cropping operations. He has completed a certificate in viticulture together with several other industry certificates.

The family employ the specialised services of winemaking maestro Ben Riggs who has had 21 years of wine making experience. Ben spent 14 years at Wirra Wirra where he made such great wines as RSW Shiraz and Angelus, Australian benchmark wines. Ben now has his own label Mr. Riggs, and is involved in the Galvanised Wine Group. Ben has also presided over 8 international vintages in countries such as USA (Napa Valley), France (Bordeaux and Southern France), Greece and Italy. His extensive experience with a broad range of wine styles gives Ben the unique position of being a true Master Winemaker.

Morambro Creek

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