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View details Buller Valerie Merlot 2004
$ 29.99 Buller Valerie Merlot 2004
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Merlot / Rutherglen / Victoria
"FOUR STARS****!" Winestate. One of Buller's more outstanding offerings and certainly quite a superior effort for in a Rutherglen Merlot. It's Medoc like climate has yielded a sublime and velvety red that delivers, from nose onto the tongue. Harvested and plunged by hand and basket pressed, this intensely aromatic wine offers ripe plummy fruits, mint and dark chocolate on the nose. The palate is equally intense with dark fruits, dried herbs and enticing savoury and gamey characters. Not your average Merlot, albeit one that will continue to integrate and soften over the next 6 to 8 years.
View details Buller Sparkling Burgundy NV
$ 44.99 Buller Sparkling Burgundy NV
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Rutherglen / Victoria
Buller of Rutherglen holds amazing stocks of aged red in barrel which it calls upon from time to time, to blend into superlative and extremely limited releases. Inspiration and the high art of blending are the catalysts for this stalwart winery's precious little specials, and in this instance they've brought together an uncompromising cuvee of 15% 1972, 37% 1988 and 48% 1996 vintages which have been topped up with a liqueur doseage to undergo a second fermentation. A currant jelly-like colour and mousse bordering on whipped strawberry leads to a magnificently round and contented palate of dry and sweet ju-jube-like flavours.
View details Buller Fine Old Tokay
$ 23.99 Buller Fine Old Tokay
Available by the dozen
Tokay / Murray, Rutherglen / Victoria
The wines of Buller are the result of four generations experience growing the most superlative fruit and vinifying the most resplendent examplars of Rutherglen. Name for the sleepy hamlet at the heart of the Swan Hill winegrowing region, Beverford is a range of wines fashioned for contemporary Australian palates. An immensely satisfying, generous Old Tokay with a profoundly fruit driven palate and lusciously aged rancio characters. The older material in the blend provides weight and depth of flavour, the younger wines contribute freshness and vigour.
View details Buller Fine Old Tawny
$ 23.99 Buller Fine Old Tawny
Available by the dozen
/ Murray, Rutherglen / Victoria
Blessed with a sunny climate, good soils and ample water, the Buller vineyards at Beverford, nestled within the Swan Hill region, produce the richest, nut and citrus flavoured Old Tawny wines which can rival the finest in Victoria. A generously flavoured Old Port in the traditional style, Buller is endowed with great complexity. Sweet fruit and beautifully integrated oak combine to display all the developed characters of long term ageing. Along with the slow transformation in colour from bright ruby to deep tawny, have arrived the most exquisite changes of flavour.
View details Buller Fine Old Muscat
$ 23.99 Buller Fine Old Muscat
Available by the dozen
Muscat / Murray, Rutherglen / Victoria
Winner of 'Wine of the Year' at the.
View details Buller Fine Old Malmsey
$ 21.99 Buller Fine Old Malmsey
Currently out of stock
/ / Victoria
Time is an essential element in the making of the finest fortifieds. To create the rich and complex flavours, Malmsey is assembled from stocks of aged wines that have spent many years slowly maturing in old oak casks. Fine Old is more than a name, it is a reference to the skill and patience which are fundamental to the production of the highest quality fortified. Fine Old Malmsey has been a Buller family secret since it was first created by Reginald Buller in the 1950s. Originally labelled Madeira, Malmsey is very much in the style of the classically rich, nutty flavoured dessert wines.
View details Buller Caspia Rose 2010
$ 10.99 Buller Caspia Rose 2010
Currently out of stock
/ Beverford Swan Hill / Victoria
Caspia means flora and fauna, a tribute to matriarch Valerie Buller's lifelong interest in her garden and native birds. Caspia can be enjoyed at any time of the year as aperitif or alongside all good food.
View details Buller Calliope Rare Liqueur Tokay 375ml
$ 100.99 Buller Calliope Rare Liqueur Tokay 375ml
Available in cases of 6
Tokay Muscadelle / Rutherglen / Victoria
Prodigious, dark amber-colored, boasts colossal aromatics and flavors of melted caramels, coffee, toffee, candied fruits marinated in cognac, magnificent richness, and a huge finish that lasts over seventy seconds. These fortifieds must be tasted to be believed as they are among the world's most profound after-dinner fortified wines, 100 Points.
View details Buller Calliope Rare Liqueur Muscat 375ml
$ 100.99 Buller Calliope Rare Liqueur Muscat 375ml
Available in cases of 6
Muscat / Rutherglen / Victoria
Light amber color is followed by an intoxicating fragrance that includes scents of prunes, figs, maple syrup, molasses, and gobs of fruit. The glycerine is extraordinary, the acid level provides freshness and definition, and the finish lasts over a minute. Its freshness, good acidity, soaring aromatics, and unctuous flavors must be tasted to be believed, 96 Points!”,.
View details Buller Calliope Durif
$ 40.99 Buller Calliope Durif
Available in cases of 6
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
Calliope is the name of the original vineyard established by Reginald Langdon Buller in 1921. Calliope is also the Buller estate flagship, reserved for outstanding vintages. Durif has been grown at Rutherglen for over a century, arguably the world's most precious enclave, due to the long standing phyloxera quarantine. Rutherglen Durif is famous throughout the world, Calliope continues to endure as a wine of concentrated dark plum and brambleberry fruit, supported by the most statuesque, lingering tannins.
View details Buller Beverford Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
$ 13.99 Buller Beverford Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / King Valley / Victoria
Beverford has come from nowhere to become one of Victoria's best value, fruit driven, high country whites. This fashionable combo of varietal gapes takes well to the chilly microclimes around the elevated vineyards of the King Valley. A tight, fresh and very approachable style of everyday table wine, Beverford can be described as a white for the moment, flavoursome and tropical, yet dry and refreshingly zesty, immediately recognisable as perfect crowd pleaser. Ready to drink and enjoy, will go with any food and suit every taste, what else could we wish for.
View details Buller Beverford Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 13.99 Buller Beverford Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Swan Hill + King Valley / Victoria
Reginald Langdon Buller served in the Australian Navy during both world wars. In 1951 he acquired land at Beverford near Swan Hill for the purpose of expanding his winemaking operations outside of Rutherglen. Following the establishment of new vineyards, a winery and distillery, Buller looked forward to releasing wines under the Beverford label. After many vintages, the mature vines are yielding some of the region's most exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon. Beverford offers great depth, sophistication and weight of fruit in a completely satisfying everyday wine.
After a distinguished career in the Royal Australian Navy, Reginald Langdon Buller in 1921 took up land at Rutherglen in the winegrowing region of North East Victoria

The Rutherglen winegrowing region was then, as it is now, famous for its fortified wines, Muscats, and full bodied red wines. Reginald Buller called his vineyard Calliope after the British warship. Producing delicious luscious wines and gutsy, full-bodied reds, the backbone of this vineyard is Rutherglen Shiraz. Old Shiraz vines at Calliope are not irrigated so yields are low at about one tonne to the acre. Consequently the fruit from this vineyard produces intensely flavoured wines, but in rather small quantities, that Andrew Buller crafts into wines of great depth and elegance. There are also small plantings of some of the rarer varieties including Mondeuse and Cinsaut.


Principal red varieties grown are Shiraz and Grenache. There are also small plantings of the rare Mondeuse and Cinsaut, which are used to make the table wines. Fortified wines come from Muscat, Frontignac and Tokay (Muscadelle). Andrew Buller also has a second vineyard in the Rutherglen region at Indigo Valley, an elevated site east of Calliope. The grapes used to make the Rutherglen wines are hand picked, processed in open fermenters and generally handled using traditional methods that have not changed since the winery was first built. The wines are individualistic with a strong regional flavour.

After establishing Calliope in Rutherglen, and having weathered the storms of the Great Depression and the Second World War (during which he again served in the R.A.N.) Reginald Buller, joined by his son Richard, decided in 1951 to expand the operation. The site selected was at Beverford near Swan Hill in North West Victoria and Reginald purchased land there, establishing a new vineyard, winery and distillery. Beverford is a sleepy hamlet on the Murray Valley Highway in Northern Victoria, and enjoys the added security of irrigation - an insurance against the dry years.

Beverford is blessed with a sunny climate, good soils and ample water, the Swan Hill Winegrowing Region, as it turned out, was the ideal spot for vines. The district produces a wide range of fruits including citrus, stone fruits, dried fruit, table and wine grapes. The climate and soils of Beverford provide a favourable environment for growing wine grapes. Abundant sunshine and ample water ensure viable crops. The critical autumn ripening period is normally dry, allowing the grapes to come to the winery in good condition and free of disease.


Having access to grapes from two different areas also allowed for the production of a wider range of wines. While Beverford was being established, Richard, supported by his wife Val, further developed Rutherglen. In 1966 Bullers for the first time produced wines under their own label. Previously all the wine had been sold in bulk to retailers and merchants.

With the progressive addition of stainless steel storage tanks, modern equipment and refrigeration, the Buller production has grown significantly over the years. As well as grapes from the estate vineyards, fruit from good growers throughout the region is processed, some of whom have been supplying Buller for three generations. The Buller Estate also has its own 17ha Magee vineyard and 11ha Athorn vineyard.

It can be hard work running a family business, but brothers in wine Rick and Andrew Buller would have it no other way. Rick oversees management of the Beverford winery while Andrew is winemaker / manager of the Calliope vineyards and Rutherglen winery. Both brothers opted for a hands on approach to learning their craft, albeit following different paths. Andrew has worked vintages in regions as diverse as Gisborne, the Clare Valley, Portugal and Beaujolais, and shows particular skill in fortified and table wines. He won a gold medal at the Rutherglen Wine Show for his first vintage port in 1981 and makes the iconic Rutherglen Shiraz, Calliope. Rick is a board member of the Victorian Wine Industry Association, treasurer of the Swan Hill Food & Wine Society, and a member of Swan Hill Inc.


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