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View details Escarpment Pinot Noir Te Rehua
$ 67.99 Escarpment Pinot Noir Te Rehua
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
Grapes for Te Rehua are grown to the elite Barton Vineyard on Huangarua Road Road, from mature vines over twenty years of age. Planted to deep alluvial gravels, for which the Martinborough terraces are renowned, the site supports various clones, all growing in a very sheltered spot. Fermented in barrel, hand plunged and sensibly oaked, one of New Zealand's most compelling constructs of Pinot Noir.
View details Escarpment Pinot Noir Pahi
$ 67.99 Escarpment Pinot Noir Pahi
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
The zenith of new world Pinot Noir, welcome to the Escarpment wonderland, showcasing the prodigious acumen and skill of viticultural maestro Larry McKenna. Vinified from grapes grown to the closely planted Pahi parcel, a pure and delineated expression of a small yet exceptional site. Treated to the labour and love of hand plunged ferments, followed by a long and languid term of age in an artisanal selection of the finest French oak Cuvée. An aromatic plunge into bramble berries, rich florals and earth, ripe, silky texture, incredible length and lingering, technicolour peacock's tail.
View details Escarpment Pinot Noir Kupe
$ 84.99 Escarpment Pinot Noir Kupe
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
From fruit picked off some of the oldest vineyards in Martinborough, an internationally renowned Pinot Noir appellation. Blessed by superior drainage and cool summers, a combination of slightly heavier soils and bespoke clones on own roots, always render a particularly eloquent Pinot Noir, so very articulate of clime and of place. Escarpment excels at formulating single vineyard wines from their small, but excellent, retinue of sites. Like the best wines of Burgundy, these individualistic editions offer marked differences in character and charm.
View details Escarpment Pinot Noir Kiwa
$ 67.99 Escarpment Pinot Noir Kiwa
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
When the Kirbys and McKennas met for the first time, they quickly realized they shared a great passion for Pinot Noir, the project to develop Escarpment was born. Collectively all four directors bring to Escarpment a world of experience, skill and understanding about the nurture of an exceptional site and the creation of sublime Pinot wines. After twenty one years of viticulture in Martinborough, Larry McKenna defines New Zealand Pinot Noir through an assemblage of exceptional sites growing some of the oldest vines in the region.
View details Escarpment Kupe Chardonnay
$ 49.99 Escarpment Kupe Chardonnay
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
Grown to the Martinborough Terraces along, Te Muna Road, where the free draining alluvial gravels yield complex mineral flavours, extravagantly oak barrel fermented to indigenous yeasts and aged ten months on sedimentery lees. Its bold yellow hues presage a ripe but restrained nose of savoury pomme fruits, judiciously oaked over a flinty mineral backbone, the ultimate exemplar of the august North Island style. Kupe Vineyard evolves gracefully, ideally matched to the freshest shellfish and Boston cray, New Zealand mussels and grilled hapuka.
View details Escarpment Estate Pinot Noir
$ 49.99 Escarpment Estate Pinot Noir
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
Escarpment is a joint venture by Heathcote Estate/ Yabby Lake's dynamic duo, the Messrs Kirby and McKenna. No expense was spared, the pick of Pinot Noir rootstock and clones were established to precious alluvial gravel terraces at the base of Aorangi Ranges. Inspired by the classics of Burgundy, Escarpment expresses the distinctive character of Martinborough's unique terroir. Engaging perfumes, elegant flavours and soft ripe tannins are all hallmarks of the finest Martinborough Pinot Noir.
View details Escarpment Estate Chardonnay
$ 39.99 Escarpment Estate Chardonnay
Available in cases of 6
Chardonnay / Wellington Martinborough / NewZealand
The Kirbys and McKennas are airborne winemakers, Escarpment is an artisanal project for both families. For a house that is devoted to the creation of world class Pinot Noir in the Burgundian style, the rendering of a full bodied Chardonnay wine comes naturally. Escarpment have aspired to release a flagship white which can be sibling to the elite single Vineyard Kupe Pinot Noir. Their salubrious parcels yield the exceptional quality of fruit required to realize the ambition and construct a rich golden wine, the pinnacle of New Zealand Chardonnay.
View details Escarpment Artisan Pinot Noir
$ 31.99 Escarpment Artisan Pinot Noir
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Martinborough / NewZealand
View details Escarpment Artisan Pinot Gris
$ 29.99 Escarpment Artisan Pinot Gris
Available by the dozen
PinotGris Grigio / Martinborough / NewZealand
Mature Pinot Gris vines planted to alluvial gravel soils on Martinborough Terrace allow grapes to ripen wonderfully, yielding parcels of powerful, opulent fruit which are treated to barrel fermentation techniques for the creation of a rich, French inspired Pinot Gris. A faithful expression of Martinborough's unique terrior, the touch of residual sugar has enhanced the distinct fruit characters for which Pinot Gris is so renowned. Complete malolactic and lees stirring has enhanced the texture and mouthfeel allowing the juicy palate to match most entree dishes.
View details Escarpment Artisan Pinot Blanc
$ 29.99 Escarpment Artisan Pinot Blanc
Available by the dozen
PinotBlanc / Martinborough / NewZealand
Situated just 5 kilometres east of Martinborough village, Escarpment's 24 hectares of distinctive alluvial gravel, terraced land stretches out along the banks of the Huangarua River

Overlooking the vineyard are the Aorangi Ranges, the very hills made famous by Kupe the great Polynesian voyager who discovered New Zealand, according to Maori legend. Kupe left his three canoes, Nga Waka, on top of the range, giving rise to the now familiar landmark of the district, the three flat-topped hills on top of the range, which resemble unturned canoes. This warrior and his story provide the inspiration for the vineyard's distinctive brand and logo


Escarpment's aim is simple, to continually produce the very best of tomorrow's definitive New World wines. Complexity, texture and structure are key words and motivators. Under Larry McKenna's leadership the team aims to reward wine lovers with progressive and suggestive wines that encourage them to venture to the edge of wine loving and appreciation. Escarpment Vineyard was established in 1999 as a joint business venture between Robert & Mem Kirby (of Australia's Village Roadshow) and Larry & Sue McKenna. Collectively, these four directors bring to Escarpment a world of experience, skill and understanding to the nurturing and making of fine, deliciously sublime wine.

It goes without saying the impetus behind establishing this vineyard came from the four's deep love for Pinot Noir. Meeting by chance in 1999 through Dr Richard Smith, Larry and Robert quickly hit it off and realised they had more than a love for the grape in common. Serious talk about establishing a definitive New World vineyard began in earnest even then and the idea whose time has come has resulted in one of the most significant vineyard developments in the New Zealand district of Martinborough.

Making the decision to establish their own vineyard was one thing, finding that special piece of land that offered the essential ingredients required for optimal grape growing and wine making was another. Although they considered other wine growing areas in New Zealand, Larry and Sue kept coming back to the Martinborough area. They knew the area intimately having grown grapes there and making wine there for years. They were convinced Martinbrough offered the rich mix of elements they required to grow and make fine New World wine, particularly their pinots.


They soon discovered the Te Muna river terraces across the other side of the hill and knew this was it for them! Basically being an extension of Martinborough's famed terrace land, the Te Muna site offered all the right attributes, with land a-plenty for their purposes. Larry and Sue firmly believe the Te Muna valley is the new future of Martinborough. Evidence for this is seen in the range of new vineyards being established in the area, including much talked about Craggy Range, whose planting alone will double the current output of Martinborough.

A special place and name Te Muna, means secret or special place, and that is exactly how the people at Escarpment feel about the land and what it means to live, grow and make wine there. Deciding the vineyard's name took far more soul searching with ideas bandied about for weeks on end, creating confusion rather than clarity! It wasn't until Robert's brother in law, David Glass, went out walking along the eastern boundary of the property one dusky evening that the inspiration came to him in a flash

Looking out from this point all he could see was the expansive kilometre-long escarpment dropping sharply down to the river for a further 30m (it is so steep it can only just be walked up and such daring activity is certainly not recommended after sampling the spoils of the vines when visiting – take the long route!). And so the idea for Escarpment was conceived. Standing at this point you are treated to the most spectacular views of the surrounding country and it is here the vineyard buildings will eventually rest, soaking in the inspiring vista from dawn to dusk.

Escarpment's varietal selection consists of 70% Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Gris, 5% Riesling and 5% Pinot Blanc. While the majority of these grapes are grown on-site, Escarpment also sources grapes from two other local vineyards growers who grow and supply grapes to Escarpment: Station Bush for additional Pinot Gris and Cleland Vineyard for additional Pinot Noir. Escarpment's deep commitment to Pinot Noir is supported by significant plantings of the latest clonal material available on modern rootstocks. Two plant spacings have been utilised to exploit optimal value from the precious soils, while providing significant quality benefits. While these spacings are considered closely planted by New Zealand standards, it is believed greater complexity will be achieved as a result.


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