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View details Dutschke St Jakobi Shiraz 2014
$ 39.99 Dutschke St Jakobi Shiraz 2014
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Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
In 1934 Oscar Semmler purchased a vineyard and grazing property across the road from where he and his brothers grew up, at the southern end of Lyndoch in the Barossa, alongside the St. Jakobi Lutheran church and school. From a mere thirty two rows of vine, planted on five acres in 1975 by Oscar's son Ken Semmler, the site is blessed by a harvest of the most outstanding quality fruit every year. St Jakobi Shiraz makes a wine that's rich in spice, dark cherry and chocolate characters, offering great tannin structure for longevity in the bottle.
View details Dutschke Sami Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
$ 29.99 Dutschke Sami Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
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CabernetSauv / Barossa / SouthAustralia
At the tender age of six weeks, Samantha Dutschke was introduced to winemaking when her feet were dipped into a bucket of fermenting Cabernet, the idea being to make footprints on paper for her grandparents in America. Whenever a truly spectacular vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon comes around, a small amount of Dutschke Sami is set aside for a very special limited release.
View details Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz 2014
$ 58.99 Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz 2014
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Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Oscar Semmler added to the family farm in the 1930s, planting new rootstock to make port wine. His son returned from a tour of duty with the RAAF in the 1970s and re-established the site to yield fruit for good red table wines, it remains the heart of Dutschke vineyards. The most structured and mouthfilling parcels of Shiraz grown to the superlative St Jakobi Block are set aside each year for Oscar Semmler. Oscar is the reserve label for Dutschke, a flagship Barossa Shiraz representing the best of vintage from within the elite appellation of Lyndoch.
View details Dutschke Jackson Cabernet Shiraz 2013
$ 31.99 Dutschke Jackson Cabernet Shiraz 2013
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CabernetSauv Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Once upon a time, around the end of the nineteenth century, the Semmlers grazed cattle on what are now Dutschke vineyards. They always grew grapes and made their own wine but it wasn't until the 1930s that Oscar Semmler started taking viticulture just a little more seriously. True to the tastes of the time, most of the yield was made into rich ports and fortified styles. Dutschke wines have retained their luscious fruit character, crafted in the timeless old world way, Barossa village Cabernet Shiraz of impeccable balance, elegance and grace.
View details Dutschke Gods Hill Road Shiraz 2013
$ 28.99 Dutschke Gods Hill Road Shiraz 2013
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Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
The philosophy at Dutscke has always been to hand pick small parcels of fruit from the elite St Jakobi Block and make a range of superior, single vineyard wines. Until recently. Since shifting their operations to Gods Hill Road, there have been a few changes. GHR Shiraz is a small batch assemblage of parcels from precious vineyards within a tiny but exquisite Shiraz growing appellation, displaying elegance and controlled power, with a profound sense of place.
View details Dutschke Block 80 Merlot 2013
$ 24.99 Dutschke Block 80 Merlot 2013
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Merlot Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Dutschke are the birthplace of Barossa Merlot, originally sown in 1980 by Ken Semmler, cuttings from Block 80 were removed and replanted by the Vine Improvement Society into nascent sites on some of the nation's most prestigious vineyards. The inaugural harvest of 1990 was mixed with Cabernet and Shiraz under the moniker Willowbend. Since then the branding has evolved into Dutschke, the pick of the estate's Merlot is reserved each year for a pure, St Jakobi Vineyard wine.
Winemaker Wayne Dutschke is blessed by the foresight of his ancestors who planted the winery's vineyard at Lyndoch in the southern end of the Barossa Valley

Once upon a time around the end of the 19th century, this 72 acre patch of real estate included only a few acres of vineyard, with most of the area being dedicated to cropping and dairy cattle. At the start of the 1930's Oscar Semmler, winemaker Wayne Dutschke's grandfather bought the block and more vineyard was planted, but it remained primarily a grazing area for dairy purposes. Oscar's Semmler's Dad referred to the dirt as a wonder of creation, a fact borne out by the wine now coming from it. The vineyard of that time while reflecting the fortified market of the day, did not predict the potential to produce the rich varietal flavours found in current production.


Oscar's son Ken returned to the Barossa Valley in the early 1970's after first spreading his wings as a fighter pilot with the RAAF, dodging anti-aircraft fire above the jungles of Vietnam. Then in 1975, the transition began with Ken starting the planting of the beloved Shiraz, and it is this first area of Shiraz which provides the precious component of Dutschke Wines. Currently forty five acres are planted with Shiraz making up one third of that area, the balance including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Most of the fruit gets passed onto other Barossa winemakers.

Here at Lyndoch the growing conditions are reliable and consistent, allowing the production of premium wines year after year. It's rather fascinating to note that all varieties have performed well, both in an analytic sense and the all important consumer taste test!

In 1990 Ken and Wayne decided to keep some of these grapes for themselves and start producing wine of their own from this vineyard under the brand WillowBend. Production never intended to be a big time operation, with the bulk of the fruit each year being delivered to the Krondorf and Mildara Blass Winemakers.

With the 1998 vintage release, interest from the US led to the name being changed to Dutschke Wines and production for future vintages was revved up to support this market and many others that have followed.


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