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View details Seppeltsfield Village Vermentino
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Vermentino
Available by the dozen
Vermentino / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Touriga
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Touriga
Available by the dozen
Touriga / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Shiraz
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Nero dAvola
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Nero dAvola
Available by the dozen
Nero dAvola / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Moscato 500ml
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Moscato 500ml
Available in cartons of six
Moscato / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
The dedicated vignerons at Seppeltsfield are very fond of a few choice parcels which grow an intensely flavoured Moscato. This is the vineyard block they call upon to fashion a very favourite drink, the elixir that revitalizes and refreshes at the end of a hard day's work. Fully ripe grapes, bursting with a concentration of juicy flavours are vinified to retain a toothsome natural sweetness. The sybarites of Seppeltsfield are people of passion, they are partisans of the rich moreish styles and indulge in the making of a Moscato that they themselves enjoy.
View details Seppeltsfield Village Mataro
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Mataro
Available by the dozen
Mourvedre / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Grenache
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Grenache
Available by the dozen
Grenache / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Village Eden Valley Riesling
$ 23.99 Seppeltsfield Village Eden Valley Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Eden Valley / SouthAustralia
View details Seppeltsfield Vera Viola Oloroso 500ml
$ 35.99 Seppeltsfield Vera Viola Oloroso 500ml
Currently out of stock
Palomino Grenache / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
A choice harvest of old vines Grenache, exhibiting outstanding intensity of flavour, is assembled with parcels of Palomino grapes, to create Vera Viola Oloroso, the richest and sweetest of new world style Sherry. Extended maturation through a traditional old world Solera system achieves a rich and generously proportioned, full bodied fortified wine with a delicate balance of sweet honeyed flavours, aged rancio complexity and lifted, judiciously drying finish. Vera Viola Oloroso is the winner of countless conspicuous wine show competition accolades.
View details Seppeltsfield Para Grand Tawny
$ 39.99 Seppeltsfield Para Grand Tawny
Available in cartons of six
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
Para Grand is named after the Para River that flows through the centre of the Barossa Valley. Instantly recognisable in its unique bottle, Para was first released in 1953 and quickly became an Australian legend with a distinctive style, highlighting rich fruit flavours and great aged complexity. Great intensity and rich, ripe fruit flavours, exhibiting the capacity to show all of the aged characteristics associated with the now famous Para style. A classically Australian Tawny that's totally toothsome, offering hedonistic aged rancio complexity.
View details Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Muscat DP63 500ml
$ 33.99 Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Muscat DP63 500ml
Currently out of stock
Muscat / Rutherglen / Victoria
Joseph Seppelt was one of many Silesian migrants who fled persecution to settle the new colonies of Australia. He sowed vines in 1851 and had the foresight to establish a brand which endures as one of the nation's great traditions. His son was Oscar Benno, also blessed with a rare sense of vision for the future, he took the selfless initiative to lay down barrels of the finest fortified wine for a one hundred year endowment. These priceless stocks serve as a backbone for the construct of the most lusciou fortified wines, treasured by enthusiasts around the world.
View details Seppeltsfield Extra Dry Flora Fino DP116 500ml
$ 27.99 Seppeltsfield Extra Dry Flora Fino DP116 500ml
Currently out of stock
Palomino / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
A classic, bone-dry flor style of great finesse, produced using the traditional Solera system, the finest example of its style in Australia. Fragrantly lifted and refined with a lively intensity of flavour, it is best served chilled as the ideal aperitif. Seppeltsfield (ex Seppelt DP 117 Barossa Valley Fino) is the winner of eight trophies and forty gold medals in Australian Wine Shows since 1990.
View details Seppeltsfield DP116 Aged Flor Apera 500ml
$ 31.99 Seppeltsfield DP116 Aged Flor Apera 500ml
Available in cartons of six
Palomino / Barossa Valley / SouthAustralia
Established by Joseph and Johanna Seppelt in 1851, just fifteen years after the settlement of South Australia, Seppeltsfield can be proud of a great heritage and national treasure of Australia's oldest fortified wines. DP116 Aged Flor is crafted from the Palomino grape, renown for its neutral flavour profile and suitability as a dry Apera. A layer of yeast or Flor is encouraged to form a cap on the ageing fortified Palomino wine, building richness and infusing wonderful bread notes into the refreshing dry style.
View details Seppeltsfield Centennial Collection Vintage 375ml
$ 899.99 Seppeltsfield Centennial Collection Vintage 375ml
Mataro Shiraz Grenache / Barossa / SouthAustralia
In 1866, plans to build a new stone cellar were sanctioned by Seppeltsfield's founder John Seppelt. In 1878 the stone cellar was completed by his son Benno. To celebrate, in a gesture considered innovative and inspiring, Benno selected a puncheon of his finest wine and gave instructions that it was not to be bottled for a hundred years. This became a magnificent tradition and Seppeltsfield Wines are now the only winery in the world to have significant stocks of wine laid down over consecutive vintages for more than a century.
View details Seppeltsfield Centenary 100 Year Tawny Para 375ml
$ 1999.99 Seppeltsfield Centenary 100 Year Tawny Para 375ml
Mataro Shiraz Grenache / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Seppeltsfield are the cautious custodians of a priceless endowment, which spans more than 150 years of artisanal excellence. This heritage includes an inventory of barrel ages fortifieds which are Australia's most distinguished bequeath of ancient wines. Over the generations, the 100 year old Para Vintage Tawny has retained remarkable consistency of style and character. Full bodied, awesome in its power and concentration, every drop holds the promise of an unsurpassable, life enriching experience.
View details Seppeltsfield Cellar No7 Tawny Port
$ 19.99 Seppeltsfield Cellar No7 Tawny Port
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Grenache / Barossa / Victoria
Cellar No7 Tawny is a contemporary take on the classic Australian Tawny style. Predominately Shiraz and Grenache grapes assembled with spirit from Cellar No.7 of the famous Blue Stone spirit bond building at Seppeltsfield, it offers vitality and intensity of fruit.
View details Seppeltsfield Cellar No. 6 Rutherglen Tokay
$ 19.99 Seppeltsfield Cellar No. 6 Rutherglen Tokay
Currently out of stock
Tokay Muscadelle / Rutherglen / Victoria
Seppeltsfield crafts a limited production, highly flavourful and satisfying fortified wine to a vibrant, fruit driven interpretation of Rutherglen Tokay. The Seppeltsfield wineworks at Nuriootpa embodies a tradition of wine making that remains unsurpassed in reputation for quality. Specially blended and carefully aged to create a modern style that's delightfully fresh and vibrant, expressing lifted plum pudding aromas, luscious honey flavours and a cleansing finish. Seppeltsfield is an ideal accompaniment to all desserts, ripe fruits and cheeses.
View details Seppeltsfield Cellar No 8 Muscat
$ 19.99 Seppeltsfield Cellar No 8 Muscat
Currently out of stock
Muscat / Rutherglen / Victoria
Seppelt Rutherglen is made from the Brown Muscat grape, harvested at peak ripeness and fortified to give an aromatic spirit lift. This immensely satisfying Cuvee marries batches of the ripest fruit with careful oak maturation, and a highly fastidious regimen of racking whilst under cellar, with skillful and artisanal blending, to create a flavoursome, yet easy to appreciate fruit driven style. Carefully matured at the estate's wineworks at Seppeltsfield, Cellar No 8 is fragrantly spiced with floral and rose petal aromas, the taste is rich and luscious.
The Seppeltsfield vineyard is one of the largest and most historic in the Barossa Valley, having been initially planted in the 1850s

The heart of Seppeltsfield is the unique collection of fortified wines slowly maturing in oak barrels, and dating back in an unbroken line to 1878. Today's Seppeltsfield believe the range to be the most comprehensive of any fortified house in the world, encompassing traditional European fortified styles- principally ‚Äúport‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsherry‚ÄĚ styles- but with an Australian twist- the grapes used for port style wines are traditionally the same as those which make the great Barossa dry reds- i.e. Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro (Mourv√®dre), and a such are quite distinctively different from those made in Portugals‚Äôs wonderful Douro Valley.


Seppeltsfield is proud to present a collection of Muscat and Tokay following the Winemakers of Rutherglen Classification System. Today, the vision is to revive the Seppeltsfield Village based around the unique and irreplaceable Seppeltsfield fortified wine collection. All the actions should meet the guiding principle of sympathetic development in harmony with Joseph and Benno Seppelt's original ideas. This means that whatever new activities are undertaken at Seppeltsfield should respect both tradition and environment.

Seppeltsfield comprises nearly 100 hectares of Barossa‚Äôs traditional grapes varieties Shiraz and Grenache, with Cabernet Sauvignon ( more recently introduced into these parts) and the traditional European fortified varieties of Touriga (for VP ‚Äď‚Äėvintage port‚ÄĚ style) and Palomino (for the ‚Äúsherry‚ÄĚ styles). Some of the grapes from this vineyard are targeted at the very highest products from the Penfolds stable- Grange, St Henri and RWT Shiraz. A VIP (Vineyard Improvement Programme) is in place to ensure the very highest standard of fruit is produced for the next century or two!

Seppeltsfield Cellar no 8 Rutherglen Muscat utilises ripe fruit and careful oak maturation to create a supple, fruit driven style. The Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Muscat is sourced from premium parcels of extremely ripe fruit and aged in small oak casks to create a wine of incredible richness, complexity and depth of flavour with a long, lingering finish. During the outstanding Rutherglen vintage of 1983 a parcel of fruit with amazing intensity of flavour and reaching an incredible ripeness of 36¬į Baume was identified and set aside for ageing in small oak casks. The fruit forms the basis of the Seppeltsfield Rare Rutherglen Muscat, a wine with an immensely rich, complex palate and outstanding length; the definitive aged Rutherglen Muscat.


Seppeltsfield Cellar no 6 Rutherglen Tokay is specially blended and carefully aged to create a modern, fruit driven style. Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Tokay is sourced from premium parcels of fruit and aged in small oak casks to produce a wine with luscious toffee honey flavours, rich aged complexity and lingering length. In 1983, Seppelt fortified Winemaker James Godfrey created a special blend from the finest and oldest Tokay barrels, some dating back to 1964, at the Seppelt Rutherglen Winery. This blend was then aged in small oak casks at Seppeltsfield before release as Seppeltsfield Rare Rutherglen Tokay. With a supreme balance of intense fruit flavours, aged complexity and incredible length this wine is the ultimate expression of aged Rutherglen Tokay.

Benno Seppelt designed and built this gravity-fed or gravity-flow winery in the 1890s and it was the main Seppeltsfield winery until the 1980s. Gravity fed wineries require a natural hillside and using gravity assist ‚Äúminimal intervention‚ÄĚ the holy grail for many winemakers. We are gradually recommissioning this wonderful winery, commencing in time for the 2008 vintage. Exclusive hand made reds will come from the old open fermenters, and we will even have some lagars- the traditional Portugese open fermenters designed for foot-treading, still used today for the finest Vintage Ports.

These buildings, dating from the 1850s and on were all purpose built for a very wide range of activities. In some cases we will aim to restore them to former use- in others they will be ‚Äúadaptively re-used‚ÄĚ, of course always respecting their construction and heritage status. Seppeltsfield also houses a modern winery capable of crushing up to 12,000 tonnes of fruit. Most of the wine to be processed here will be for Foster‚Äôs, the former owners, and will include both table and fortified wines of high quality.

The main activities undertaken at the Seppeltsfield Winery have historically included the receipt and processing of grapes, juice and wine, along with the storage of wine in tanks and barrels on site. Currently the site is focused on the production of fortified wines. The winery’s crush and pressing equipment was removed in 2005, however the core-infrastructure remains in place and is currently operating or may be recommissioned. Seppeltsfield has a combined tank storage capacity of approximately 5 million litres (excluding spirit and nonoperational storage). These tanks comprise 103 active storage tanks and 30 portable road tankers.


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