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View details Yellowglen Yellow NV
$ 8.99 Yellowglen Yellow NV
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Yellowglen were at the forefront of the resurgence in Victorian viticulture decades ago, they have since continued to set the style of sparkling wine for discerning palates across Australia. Synonymous with fashion, festivity and the relaxed enjoyment of life, Yellowglen are shared at every social occasion, by people with a taste for flavoursome, stylish and approachable sparkling wines. It begins with the quality of fruit and skill in winemaking, because a job well done has its own rewards, as the girls who make Yellowglen, love to drink it too.
View details Yellowglen Vintage Pinot Chardonnay
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Vintage Pinot Chardonnay
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Chardonnay PinotNoir / / Victoria
The finesse of Yellowglen's exquisite range of sparkling wines, is due in no small part to the quality of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, sourced off the finest sites. Vines are husbanded to yield grapes specifically for sparkling wine, exhibiting good natural acid structure, generous with flavour. Treated to the full Methode traditionelle, bottle fermentation, lees maturation and bottle ageing, Yellowglen complex, developed flavours and a creamy elegant mousse. The highly revered Yellowglen styling, exciting fruit characters, a crisp dry finish and excellent length.
View details Yellowglen Vintage Cremant
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Vintage Cremant
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Chardonnay / / Victoria
Australia's number one range of sparkling wines, Yellowglen puts the endowment of superior quality fruit and appreciation of chic styling back into bubbly. Established in the 1970s, Yellowglen is named after a goldrush mine that was discovered during the establishment of Victoria's finest sparkling wine vineyards. The petulant Yellowglen Cremant is fashioned to be slightly more toothsome than the normal effusive sparkler, a deliciously soft and satisfying wine which is sweetly perfumed, luscious and richly flavoured, textural and creamy on the palate.
View details Yellowglen Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
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SauvBlanc / /
A splendid example of what sparkling wine can be, when we look beyond the traditional mix of grapes. An exciting, deliciously fruit driven sparkling wine style that lets you enjoy the height of summer, whatever the season! Yellowglen has selected the finest harvests of Sauvignon Blanc, to fashion a wine that shows lifted herbaceous and lemongrass characters over a length of ripe tropicality. It's revitalizing and full of zest, Yellowglen delivers a freshness and charm which makes the perfect aperitif wine, it's also a match to modern, cosmopolitan faire.
View details Yellowglen Pink Sparkling
$ 9.99 Yellowglen Pink Sparkling
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Chardonnay PinotNoir / /
Named after a Victorian goldrush mine, Yellowglen today delivers treasure of a different colour, it's Pink! Yellowglen is Australia's favourite sparkling, with a soft rose petal colour, brimming with delicious flavours of cherry, strawberries and cream. Not just another bubbly with good looks, Pink is a well made wine, displaying delectable Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietal fruit characters. Pop Pink open for that leisurely luncheon or sophisticated chicken champagne brunch. Enjoy Pink by itself, for a lively night out, or relaxed evening in.
View details Yellowglen Pink Piccolo 200ml
$ 4.99 Yellowglen Pink Piccolo 200ml
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Chardonnay PinotNoir / / Victoria
It's bubbly, deliciously light and fresh, it's tiny and it's Pink, packaged in handy handbag sized 200ml piccolo bottles! Now it's even easier to get the celebration started with Pink piccolos. The perfect party drink whatever the occasion, Pink piccolos are sure to be a hit with all the girls! Distinctive Pinot Noir aromas of strawberry and cherry, refreshing Chardonnay flavours of melon and nectarine, tangy citrus and luscious tropical fruit all the way to the finish. There's no finer Rosé to enjoy at anytime and nothing cuter to look at anywhere.
View details Yellowglen Piccolo 200ml
$ 4.99 Yellowglen Piccolo 200ml
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / / Victoria
Good things in cute packages, think parties, celebrations, friends and fun, think Yellow! Yellowglen's popular sparkling is now available in 200ml Piccolo, a vibrant and fruity style that's brimming with lifted melon, pineapple and citrus flavours, before a wonderfully refreshing crisp, dry finish. There isn't anyone who doesn't love Yellowglen in Piccolo, the girls will be glad you brought a few along for that spontaneous soiree, the boys are sure to go through a slab or two on those weekend get togethers around the flat screen during grand final season.
View details Yellowglen Perle 2009
$ 24.99 Yellowglen Perle 2009
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Chardonnay PinotNoir / / Victoria
Vintage Perle is uncompromisingly sophisticated, the gem of the Yellowglen portfolio. As with all premium Yellowglen, Perle is driven by the intensity of Pinot Noir and finesse of Chardonnay, grown to vineyards which are husbanded to produce exclusively sparkling wines. Impeccably balanced with elegant mousse and rich textural mouthfeel, the palate is laden with beautiful berry flavours, citrus notes and hints of quince which develop into complex nut and yeast characters. Perle is further enhanced by an addition of the aromatic Pinot Meunier.
View details Yellowglen Peacock Lane
$ 17.99 Yellowglen Peacock Lane
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Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeuniere / / Victoria
A blend of Yellowglen Reserve wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from Vintage 2013, dressed in a stunning design by Tasmania's eminent fashion illustrator Kelly Smith. The neck of Peacock Lane sparkling, is adorned in true peacock style with Samantha Wills signature Bohemian Bardot ring. Samantha Wills captures the effervescent spirit of celebration, natural chic and romance of the Australian lifestyle. Indulge in the decadence and beauty of a secret garden, under the sparkling stars and chandeliers of Peacock Lane.
View details Yellowglen Bella Pink Moscato
$ 14.99 Yellowglen Bella Pink Moscato
Currently out of stock
Frontignac / /
Soft and juicy, pretty and delicious? You bet, fruity and feminine too. Made from the delightful Frontignac grape, a varietal that displays, more so than any other, the fragrance and flavours of ripe fresh grapes. Frontignac is perfect for fashioning into a luscious, pink hued, fruit forward sparkler. Serve at fancy chicken and wine breakfasts or at lazy afternoon teas, Bella makes the ideal accompaniement to savoury nibbles or romantic, shared desserts. Enjoy Bella chilled to make every occasion a success and just a little bit special.
View details Yellowglen 65 Calories Sparkling
$ 9.99 Yellowglen 65 Calories Sparkling
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Chardonnay / /
Lower in alcohol and lighter on the kilojoules, at only sixty five calories per glass, Yellowglen 65 means that devotees of the modern style in sparkling can indulge at any time of day and at every occasion. A revitalizing Chardonnay wine, endowed with the enduring Yellowglan balance, elegance and finesse, you'll forget that you're enjoying a low kilojoule, low alcohol wine from the first sip. A mouthfilling efferevescence which offers a lighter alternative, Yellowglen 65 delivers all the fun and glamour of the finest sparkling, for those decidedly bubbly moments.
View details Yellowglen 65 Calories Pink
$ 9.99 Yellowglen 65 Calories Pink
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay PinotNoir / /
The talented team at Yellowglen can go straight to the top of their class, after introducing this decidedly decadent endeavour, blushingly Rosé pink Pinot Chardonnay, lower in alcohol than sibling Yellowglens, while being only sixty five calories per glass. Yellowglen Pink 65 is light, playful and fabulously fresh, the colourful alternative that tastes as good as it looks. Who said that slim isn't in? Pink 65 is toothsome to the palate while being easier the following morning, the perfect accessory for a beautifully bubbly, blushingly colourful, fun in the sun lifestyle.
Australia’s most successful and prestigious sparkling wine venture was established in 1971 as a hobby by Ballarat businessman Ian Home

The Yellowglen vineyard at Smythesdale, 18km south west of Ballarat was originally planted to red grape varieties destined for table wine. The name Yellowglen was given to the winery after a gold mine was discovered in the middle of what are now pinot noir sites. It soon became clear however that this cool climate area would be far better suited to the production of world-class sparkling wine. Ian himself recognised that a gap had developed in the market for sparkling wine in Australia. French champagne was priced at $12.99 and Australian sparkling wine at $3.99


Sparkling wine was made for the first time at Yellowglen 1982. Ian Home went into partnership with Dominique Landragin, born and bred in the Champagne region in France. Two years later the classic yellowed labelled Yellowglen Brut NV was released as a premium Australian sparkling wine priced at $6.99. By 1984 Yellowglen had also grown rapidly. Ian and Dominique recognised that capital was required to grow the business to its full potential. Mildara Wines saw the opportunity Yellowglen offered, and took control of the winery that year. Jeffrey Wilkinson from Brown Brothers was employed as head winemaker for Yellowglen in that year.

The first Cuvee Victoria was released from the 1983 vintage. At the same time, Yellowglen released the now justly renowned Brut Cremant, a creamier and softer style than the Brut NV. 1989 The first Yellowglen Vintage wine was released in 1989. It was made from the 1987 vintage and it has gained a reputation as being one of Australia’s finest single vintage sparkling wines.

Following Jeffrey Wilkinson’s departure, the Chief Winemaker for Yellowglen became Adam Eggins, who was Dux of the Oenology Degree at Roseworthy College in 1990. Yellowglen introduced the Y Premium with its unique ceramic printed label, a first in the sparkling wine market, and a blend of wine from Yellowglen’s best vintages. Yellowglen was again at the forefront of innovation when it introduced the Y, its unique and striking ceramic printed label and a more up-front flavoursome Chardonnay driven style ensured it was an immediate success. Yellowglen had cemented itself as Australia’s most successful premium sparkling wine producer.


Yellow Sparkling was successfully launched and became an instant success in 1996. Launched as an entry point into the Yellowglen brand, Yellow was a fun, uncomplicated, casual offering to the consumer. The packaging was simple, the style fresh and flavoursome. The popularity of Yellow grew rapidly and it became a standout success for the brand. In 1999 Charles ‘chilly’ Hargrave was appointed Head Winemaker at Yellowglen.

In 2000 the Yellowglen Red Sparkling was successfully launched. This product expanded the small category that was red sparkling wine at this time, and became the number one best selling sparkling red wine in Australia. In 2000 Yellowglen Pinot Noir Chardonnay Piccolos were launched and were a huge success that Christmas. The year 2000 also saw the launch of the Seriously Bubbly advertising campaign. The Bubble Dress concept was introduced to the Yellowglen advertising, and now has become synonymous with Yellowglen. The concept for the advertising campaign centred on the excitement that accompanies drinking Yellowglen – it was, and continues to be, feminine, fun, celebratory and seriously bubbly!

A super premium bottle of sparkling was added to the Yellowglen range in 2001, Yellowglen’s Hargrave. A special release wine of limited quantity, Hargrave is sourced from Yellowglen winemaker Charles Hargrave’s premium vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.

The seriously bubbly advertising campaign took its next innovative step, when the Australian Public were given the opportunity to star in the 2003 advertising campaign. The Yellowglen team travelled throughout Australia, with media celebrity Symantha Perkins, to meet hundreds of Bubbly Girl hopefuls, eager to become one of the three faces of Yellowglen. The winners of the competition were Belinda Kelly, Bianca Cheah and Sussan Mourad – who all went on to appear on billboards throughout Australia.


Using world first technology by Adshel, the bubbly girl images were animated with real-life bubbles. The bubbling Metrolite displays bring the Yellowglen Bubbly Girls to life with actual fluid bubbling inside the panel and synchronised with the photographic image. Yellow Sparkling was relaunched with updated packaging – introducing a new brand identity for Yellowglen to be used on all packaging, merchandising and advertising. Yellowglen’s Pinot Noir Chardonnay was also relaunched as a vintage product in 2002.

In July 2003 Pink Sparkling was launched, closely followed by mini sparkling Pink and Yellow piccolos. A soft ice pink colour in the class, Australia goes crazy for Pink – which is almost a sell-out on release. Pink was met with instant approval by consumers, the trade and the wine media. The result of extensive consumer research and sensory work, pink has filled an obvious gap in the market for a sweeter, premium sparkling wine. Adding an extra element of glamour and excitement to the Bubbly Girl search, a competition to design the best bubbly girl dress was launched. 3D images of the Seriously Bubbly Campaign appeared around Australia.

Yellowglen, as market leader, is committed to providing innovation to the sparkling market, continually monitoring consumer wishes and tracking their behaviour in order to determine the needs of the market. Together with a commitment to continually invest in the sparkling category, Yellowglen is clearly the brand driving growth and stimulating consumer demand in Australia.

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