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View details Mitchelton Toolleen Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz
$ 49.99 Mitchelton Toolleen Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
View details Mitchelton The Bend Pink Moscato
$ 16.99 Mitchelton The Bend Pink Moscato
Available by the dozen
Moscato / Goulburn / Victoria
Brown Muscat and Black Muscat, treated to a cool ferment on yeast lees alongside a parcel of Mourvedre for colour and complexity. Sunraysia is the place which ripens grapes to heightened levels of flavour and mouth filling complexity. A brisk vinification, aimed at retaining moreish fruit sweetness and capturing the crisp frizzante, is bottled while rejuvenatingly vibrant and preserved under crown seal. Refreshingly low in alcohol and brimming with pastel pink characters, this is the wine to serve alongside fruity nibbles or piquantly spiced Al fresco fare.
View details Mitchelton Print Shiraz
$ 77.99 Mitchelton Print Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Heathcote Goulburn / Victoria
A flagship Victoran effort, traditionally crafted from Shiraz grapes picked off the oldest and most superior blocks within the Mitchelton estate vineyard. The vines receive little water so they drive their gnarled roots deep down through the sandy soil layers in search of moisture. These veteran vines are naturally devigorated and unirrigated, meticulosuly managed by hand, ensuring precious yields of small, intensely flavoured berries which are reserved for the creation of this eminent edition of Victorian Shiraz.
View details Mitchelton Heathcote Vermentino
$ 28.99 Mitchelton Heathcote Vermentino
Currently out of stock
Vermentino / Heathcote / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Heathcote Shiraz
$ 39.99 Mitchelton Heathcote Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Heathcote Nero dAvola
$ 28.99 Mitchelton Heathcote Nero dAvola
Currently out of stock
Nero dAvola / Heathcote / Victoria
For those who believe that Australia makes an inimitable style of big red wine which could never have evolved elsewhere in the world of wine, Mitchelton presents Nero D’Avola. A boldly flavoured and opulently proportioned varietal that's dear to the hearts of Sicilians, it makes a wine of astonishing similarity to the earthy, mouth filling growths which gladden the palates of new world Syrah enthusiasts. Brimming with seasoned black berry characters, cherries and plum, Nero D’Avola's persistence of fruit and redolence of fragrant spice, resolves on a warm, savoury length of dark, bramble tannins.
View details Mitchelton Heathcote Fiano
$ 28.99 Mitchelton Heathcote Fiano
Available in cartons of six
Fiano / Heathcote / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Estate Shiraz
$ 24.99 Mitchelton Estate Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Goulburn / Victoria
The opulence of mature vines Shiraz, grown to the fertile blocks along Goulburn River, banked by mighty red gums and surrounded by propitious billabongs, an essential part of the terroir and clime which make the wines of Mitchelton so structured and refined. Goulburn is a shangri la for winegrowing, harvests are measured but the quality of fruit is breathtaking. Redolent of spice and juicy black plums, mullberries and milkbox, reductions and fruit, supported by the leather savouryness of ripe oak tannins, Shiraz which defines the enduring Victorian style, generously proportioned yet elegant and poised.
View details Mitchelton Estate Marsanne
$ 24.99 Mitchelton Estate Marsanne
Available by the dozen
Marsanne / Goulburn / Victoria
The very wine which defines the greater Nagambie Lakes district as a region that's so opportune for the the fleshy white styles of Côtes du Rhône. Marsanne was an early pioneer of Goulburn Valley viticulture, it has found a home away from home in the Victorian midlands, evolving into a refreshing, yet engagingly complex genre of table white that goes astonishingly well with fine food. Its radiant goldish hues presage a blossoming bouquet of peaches and white floral, a textured, mineral palate of juicy savouryness, almonds and nougat, before a refined, delicate finish.
View details Mitchelton Estate Chardonnay
$ 24.99 Mitchelton Estate Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Goulburn / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 24.99 Mitchelton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Goulburn / Victoria
Cabernet Sauvignon are among the earliest planting at Mitchelton, they have thrived under the balmy climes and yield an outstanding harvest with each vintage. A compilation of fruit from some of the oldest blocks have been treated to a traditional vinification and term of age in the pick of luxury oak barriques. Elegantly structured, intense savoury aromas are complemented by sweet leather and musk, the palate is all about concentrated black and red fruits layered over tasty tar and savoury black olives, fine, chewy tannins draw the palate out to exquisite length.
View details Mitchelton Cuvee Blanc de Blancs Sparkling
$ 23.99 Mitchelton Cuvee Blanc de Blancs Sparkling
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay / Goulburn / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Crescent GSM
$ 28.99 Mitchelton Crescent GSM
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz Mourvedre Grenache / Goulburn / Victoria
Half Shiraz with a quarter each Grenache and Mourvedre, all treated to a separate ferment and course of age before assembling into the final Cuvée. Victoria grows structured yet elegant Shiraz, the Rhonesque Mourvedre and Grenache require a sultry clime to encourage full development of piquant varietal characters, Mitchelton's plenitude of scenic lakes provide the optimal environment. An engaging mix of juicy red fruits and ripe black cherry, mocha notes and exotic spice, layers of complexity over a length of lovely silky tannins, coating the palate with peppery bramble, seamless and refined.
View details Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling
$ 20.99 Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / Goulburn / Victoria
Mitchelton was originally a grazing property known as Blackwood Park. The soils and microclimate are significantly influenced by the presence of the pristine Goulburn River which surrounds the property on three sides, shaping the unique environment and mesoclime. In turn, geological shifts, ancestral river flows and climate have created distinct soil profiles on individual blocks. Priority is given to monitoring sugar and acid profiles while grapes are ripening, timing of harvest is critical to achieving optimum balance and intensity in the wine.
View details Mitchelton Blackwood Park Late Harvest 375ml
$ 20.49 Mitchelton Blackwood Park Late Harvest 375ml
Available in cartons of six
Riesling / Goulburn / Victoria
View details Mitchelton Airstrip Marsanne Rousanne Viognier
$ 25.99 Mitchelton Airstrip Marsanne Rousanne Viognier
Available in cartons of six
Marsanne Rousanne Viognier / Goulburn / Victoria
Half Marsanne, the balance of Rousanne and Viognier, sourced exclusively from the Mitchelton estate vineyard. Airstrip is a lively but tight blend of vigorous white fruit. Modest crop levels ranging from 2 to 3½ tonnes per acre give this wine its core intensity. Each individual block is managed and vinified separately to allow the different qualities of each variety, shaped by the unique vineyard site and soil profiles, to shine through. The individual parcels of fruit are moulded together during blending to produce the unique Airstrip style.
In 1967 Melbourne entrepreneur Ross Shelmerdine commissioned wine industry stalwart Colin Preece to find the best site for premium wine grape growing anywhere in south eastern Australia

Preece chose an old grazing estate, then known as Blackwood Park, in the Nagambie district in central Victoria for its climate, soil and proximity to the waterways. The site's history stretches back to 1836, when the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell crossed the river on his 900 kilometre journey from Sydney to Melbourne, at a place called Mitchellstown. Ross Shelmerdine called his fledgling winery Mitchelton, a derivation of Mitchellstown and the vineyard's first sod was turned in 1969. Don Lewis joined Preece for the fledgling winery's first vintage in 1973, and assumed the winemaker's mantle when Preece retired in 1974. That same year, Mitchelton's winery and spectacular cellar door complex, designed by renowned Australian architect Ted Ashton and complete with 55 metre tower, was officially opened.


Highly Awarded Mitchelton has developed a reputation for consistently high quality table wines. The first trophy won in 1978, was for a Riesling, a variety Mitchelton is well respected for. In 2007, Mitchelton’s Blackwood Park Riesling celebrated 33 vintages. Mitchelton’s Shiraz wines have garnered great accolades. In a 1991 stunning double, Mitchelton won the Jimmy Watson Trophy for best dry one year old red for its 1990 Mitchelton Print Shiraz as well as winning Vineyard of the Year. Mitchelton won its first export award in 1986 and now offers its wine in 18 markets outside Australia including the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and South America.

The evolution of Mitchelton’s focus in the vineyard continues apace. Joining the Petaluma Group of wineries in 1994 and then the Lion Nathan wine group, Mitchelton’s wines continue to go from strength to strength. The investment in quality winemaking and viticulture practices that Mitchelton has always employed has seen the development of a strong mentoring culture which has woven a deep thread of Mitchelton’s home grown philosophy throughout the team.

Combining years of hands-on experience and an intimate understanding of the estate, the Mitchelton philosophy is to harness the vineyard’s potential by unlocking the best from individual blocks through innovation and attention to detail in the vineyard and the winery. Coupled with judicious use of innovative winemaking techniques, this approach gives shape and definition to the expressive qualities of the Mitchelton vineyard, creating wines of distinct personality, finesse and longevity. With the focus on individual block-targeting, each soil profile is planted with the most suitable grape variety, clonal and rootstock combination. This intensive approach nurtures individual blocks separately, allowing every vine to achieve its full potential, revealing grapes of superior flavour and structure.


The team at Mitchelton are dedicated to managing their backyard, acting as custodians of a sustainable and distinct eco-system. The estate’s influential and ever-present neighbour, the Goulburn River demands a holistic winery and vineyard approach. Banked by red gums and widening into billabongs, the river is an intrinsic part of a sensitive natural cycle. Eco-friendly initiatives include: Establishing a unique and innovative winery wastewater wetlands system using indigenous native reed species to treat process water for irrigation reuse in the vineyard. This has involved community engagement through Landcare Victoria, the local Shire Council, schools and Catchment Management Authority.

In 2004, following 30 years of successful winemaking and leadership of the Mitchelton team, Don Lewis made the decision to pursue other challenges. Toby Barlow and John Beresford, as winemaker and viticulturist, continued to shape Mitchelton’s focus on working with the estate, the Rhone varieties and crafting Victorian shiraz. In 2007, Mitchelton’s assistant winemaker Ben Haines, after working with Toby and John for several vintages stepped into the role of Winemaker for Mitchelton. Mitchelton remains committed to producing superb regional wines from the varieties that do best here, Shiraz, Viognier, Riesling and Marsanne

Mitchelton’s Victorian Range showcases the region’s ability to cultivate superb shiraz, viognier and riesling. Mitchelton’s Heathcote Shiraz explores the distinctive nuances of shiraz from the Heathcote area, a unique and distinctive region located in Mitchelton’s backyard. The three blends in Mitchelton’s Cursive Range, Airstrip, Crescent and Parish, are expressive of the innovative spirit of Mitchelton. The wines showcase its heritage in crafting distinctive wine from Rhone varieties. Print Shiraz is the pinnacle of Mitchelton winemaking. It honours the noble red variety originating in the Rhone Valley.


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