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View details Tscharke Stonewell Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 35.99 Tscharke Stonewell Cabernet Sauvignon
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CabernetSauv / Barossa / SouthAustralia
The worthy vineyards along Stonewell Road at Marananga, have been source of the most memorable vintages in Barossa Cabernet. Tscharke established a smaller block of vine here in 2001, the quality of fruit however belies its teenage years. The auspicious plantings were sown east to west, aimed at protecting fruit from the parching late afternoon summer sun. The accumulated skills of six generations in Barossa viticulture, have sired a precious site which yields a multi dimensional Cabernet wine of amazing depth, structure and length.
View details Tscharke Shiraz Shiraz Shiraz
$ 19.99 Tscharke Shiraz Shiraz Shiraz
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Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
No you're not seeing things, a Shiraz so nice, they named it thrice. An assemblage of fruit from the legacy of estate vineyards, planted to the oldest soils in Barossa Valley, very near the ancient hamlets of Stonewell, Gnadenfrei and Greenock Creek. A confluence of pastoral terroirs and more rugged terrains form a tapestry of unique mesoclimes, from which to fashion a velvet textured Shiraz wine with juicy fruit, crisp acidity and refined tannins.
View details Tscharke Only Son Tempranillo
$ 25.99 Tscharke Only Son Tempranillo
Currently out of stock
Tempranillo / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Tscharke are a highly traditional, family hands on operation who have tilled their soils and husbanded vines for generations. A resurgence of interest for the arcane styles of the old world, inspired plantings of the more abstruse varietal grapes in the 1980s and 1990s. Crafted from parcels of Tempranillo clones D8V12 and Requiena, picked off two choice sites at Stonewell and Gnadenfrei in the western precincts of Barossa Valley, the Only Son offers a deliciously complex fruit filled wine with a measure of suave, food friendly savouryness.
View details Tscharke Monepulciano Rose
$ 17.99 Tscharke Monepulciano Rose
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Montepulciano / Barossa / SouthAustralia
View details Tscharke Matching Socks Touriga
$ 20.99 Tscharke Matching Socks Touriga
Currently out of stock
Touriga / Barossa / SouthAustralia
A pure Touriga wine from the superlative Tscharke estate property at Gnadenfrei in Barossa Valley. The Nacional clone of Touriga vines were established 1985 to propitious weathered, quartzite rich, brown clay soils, they are now fully mature and yielding the most exemplary harvests. Damien Tscharke fashions his Touriga to a medium bodied style that drinks beautifully immediately upon release, ideally slightly, chilled alongside Mediterranean marinades and grills.
View details Tscharke Master Montepulciano
$ 25.99 Tscharke Master Montepulciano
Currently out of stock
Montepulciano / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Montepulciano hails from Abruzzo on the Adriatic, it makes an immensely popular style, of food friendly savouryness and soft, light tannins. Tscharke source their Montepulciano from the first such site ever established in Australia. Montepulciano likes to vintage just a little later in the year, the longer growing season yields better balance and riper tannins in the fruit. An astonishingly good drink alongside all fine fare, its engagingly complex nose and judiciously drying palate conjures up recipes of bay leaf and game, fenneled sausages and braised, cured pork.
View details Tscharke Grenache Mataro
$ 20.99 Tscharke Grenache Mataro
Currently out of stock
Grenache Mourvedre / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Two thirds Grenache, the balance in Mataro, picked off the Tscharke estate vineyards at Marananga. Preserving the integrity and retaining the eloquence of each variety is essential to the finished wine, both parts are encouraged to enunciate their uniqueness of character. A course of whole bunch ferments adds textural richness and introduces complexity, a separate term of age under seasoned oak permits the wines to mature and evolve as individuals. A seamless assemblage that's highly articulate of Barossa, as both parts express their personal charm.
View details Tscharke Gnadenfrei Shiraz
$ 30.99 Tscharke Gnadenfrei Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Damien Tscharke was born and raised a sixth generation Barossa winemaker, he grew up amongst the vines at Seppeltsfield while attending Marananga Primary and Nuriootpa High. Gnadenfrei is the oldest vineyard within the Tscharke estate portfolio, established over seventy years ago by Damien Tscharke's grandfather, the terroir and clime yield an exceptional quality of Shiraz. A substantially structured, youthful Barossa style, driven by fruit and kept vital by rich, cherry filled acidity.
View details Tscharke Gnadenfrei Grenache
$ 39.99 Tscharke Gnadenfrei Grenache
Currently out of stock
Grenache / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Tscharke are all about hand picking limited yields of the finest estate grown fruit, for the realization of outstanding, small batch Barossa wines. Following the traditions of several generations local viticulture in the ancient hamlet of Marananga, a precious parcel of Grenache at the pre eminent Gnadenfrei property is treated to the old world regimens of whole bunch ferment, foot stomping and seasoned French oak, achieving a richly complex Rhône style of dimensional fruit characters and the most exquisite balance.
View details Tscharke Gnadenfrei Distinction Shiraz
$ 90.99 Tscharke Gnadenfrei Distinction Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Distinction is the jewel in the Tscharke crown, only ever made in the most exceptional vintage years, crafted from priceless parcels of Shiraz, hand picked off the elite Gnadenfrei property in the ancient Barossa hamlet of Marananga. The mesoclime here is fortuitous for Shiraz, an auspicious terroir of conglomerate pink quartzite and shallow red brown clays, the ideal environment for low yields of the most intensely flavoured fruit.
View details Tscharke Girl Talk Savagnin
$ 15.49 Tscharke Girl Talk Savagnin
Currently out of stock
Albarino / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Damien Tscharke, proprietor, grower and winemaker is a sixth generation vigneron and Roseworthy baccalaureate who graduated with honours in viticulture. Girl Talk Savagnin is vinified from Albarino, an Iberian varietal that's native to the cool, windswept corner of northwest Portugal and Spain. Thick skinned, naturally acidic and an early ripening aromatic style, Damien Tscharke was convinced it would perform well at in the soils of Marananga. Girl Talk Albarino makes the perfect conversation starter, as well as being a deeply engaging food wine.
View details Tscharke Bed Hair Graciano
$ 17.99 Tscharke Bed Hair Graciano
Currently out of stock
Graciano / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Graciano is well know in northen Spain and parts of southwest France, it makes a well perfumed wine with substantial tannins, superb balance and excellent ageing potential. An essential inclusion into many of the Navarra and Rioja blends, it can be capricious to grow and requires a dedicated vigneron to produce good harvests. Tscharke have been a part of Barossa viticulture since early settlement, they are people of the land with the skill and love of winegrowing that's required to achieve the most exquisite vintages of new world Graciano.
View details Tscharke Barossa Grounds Shiraz
$ 23.99 Tscharke Barossa Grounds Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
The Tscharke family have been a part of Barossa viticulture for six generations, they know all the other heritage growers well and can access some of the region's finest Shiraz. Choice parcels have been assembled for vinification into a full bodied style of palate weight and opulence, purposefully fashioned to drink early as a young wine. The trick is to isolate those harvests which have been picked on the perfect day of optimal ripeness. A solid Shiraz of juicy fruit flavours up front, supported by sound structure and affable Barossa charm.
The Tscharke range has been a project seven years in the making and is the result of the vision of Damien Tscharke, proprietor, viticulturalist and winemaker

Damien is a sixth generation vigneron and Roseworthy honours graduate. Damien is also the proprietor and winemaker for the acclaimed wines produced under the Glaymond brand, which was established in 2001. His vision to explore and develop alternative varietals in the Barossa Valley led to the establishment of the Tscharke brand in 2004. Having worked on his family's vineyards for over 15 years he has developed an intimate knowledge of the vineyard sites and sub appellations of Marananga and Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley.


Whilst respectful of the tradition of growing classic European grape varietals in the Barossa Valley, he believes the climate offers the perfect location for new varietals to be introduced. Following extensive research Tempranillo, Graciano, Montepulciano, Zinfandel and Albarino were selected and planted on the family property between 1999 and 2002. The Tscharke portfolio consists of four wines based on these varietals. The philosophy behind the Tscharke range is to produce wines which are stylistically distinctive, that capture the warmth and richness of the Barossa, whilst offering ripe but balanced fruit with excellent varietal definition.

Damien is completely hands on throughout the process - from research through to planting the vines, vineyard management and winemaking. As a result of his work with alternative varietals Damien was the recipient of the prestigious 2004 Peter Olson Fellowship for Innovation and Outstanding Performance in agriculture.

All of the Tscharke Wines are estate grown and sourced from the Tscharke Vineyards located in Seppeltsfield and Marananga of the Barossa Valley. These vineyards have been farmed by the Tscharke family for generations. The grape varieties chosen for the Tscharke range were pioneered and established by Damien Tscharke, a vision of his to produce a range of wine styles grown from nontraditional grape varietals of Australia.


The wines give Damien the opportunity to express the terroir of the Tscharke Vineyards and viticultural practices used to grow the alternative grapes varieties. The boutique winery is situated on the Marananga Vineyard property situated along the Seppeltsfield road in Marananga. Damien uses open fermenters, a basket press and French and Hungarian oak to help hand craft the unique range of wine styles.

Albarino is a Spanish varietal traditionally grown in the cool wind swept corner of North West Spain and Portugal. Thick skinned, naturally acidic and an early ripening aromatic style, winemaker Damien Tscharke was convinced it would perform incredibly well at the Marananga vineyard. The beauty of Tempranillo is it's suited to a range of climatic conditions. In the warm conditions of the Barossa Valley it shows its ability to produce rich bold wines with excellent acid tannin balance. Like Tempranillo, Graciano is another Spanish varietal, traditionally blended with Tempranillo to produce classic wines. Zinfandel's traditional home is California where it often produces heady powerful wines. The key to this variety is harnessing the primary perfumed, spicy brambly characters whilst avoiding over extraction and jammy flavours. Try this with a juicy chargrilled t-bone steak!

Montepulciano is another exciting continental varietal grape at which Damien excells. Planted across much of Central Italy it is often confused with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano made from Sangiovese - this is not Sangiovese. In Italy it is better known for producing rustic reds, here in the Barossa it produces a style which shows intensity backed by fine drying tannins - the perfect partner to rich gutsy food!


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