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View details Goundrey Homestead Unwooded Chardonnay
$ 12.99 Goundrey Homestead Unwooded Chardonnay
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Chardonnay / Mt Barker Great Southern / WesternAustralia
The infectious enthusiasm of the late great Jack Mann, encouraged a small number of farmers in the Great Southern to try their hand at viticulture. The three Goundrey vineyards were amongst the first to be planted at Mount Barker, they remain meticulously managed and cared for by a dedicated team who work closely to ensure vintages of the finest fruit. The conspicuous freshness of Homestead Chardonnay is defined as much by the quality of harvest, as it is by a natural, minimalist winemaking approach, completely unwooded and unoaked.
View details Goundrey Homestead Shiraz
$ 12.99 Goundrey Homestead Shiraz
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Shiraz / Mt Barker Great Southern / WesternAustralia
The balmy aspects of Mount Barker yield the nation's most underrated Shiraz wines. Goundrey were here from the very start, amongst the earliest West Australian pioneers, they were inspired by the achievements of the great Jack Mann to take up viticulture in 1971. They now operate a priceless endowment of the most eminent vineyards in the region. Immediately engaging from first sniff, accessible to all, Great Southern Shiraz in the truest sense, ideally to be savoured alongside a serve of smartly dressed chops, either veal, pork or lamb.
View details Goundrey Homestead Sauvignon Blanc
$ 12.99 Goundrey Homestead Sauvignon Blanc
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SauvBlanc / Mt Barker Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Goundrey are based at Mount Barker, where the fortuitious microclimes deliver vintages of the most deeply flavoursome wines, which paradoxically seem more European than Aussie in style. The magnificent Langton estate property is home to Goundrey, recognized throughout the region as one of the most distinguished vineyards in all Great Southern. Essential to the superlative quality of their Sauvignon Blanc is the excellence of Mount Barker terroir, where the vines are stimulated to yield grapes of clean fresh flavours and intense, evocative aromaticness.
View details Goundrey Homestead Cabernet Merlot
$ 12.99 Goundrey Homestead Cabernet Merlot
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CabernetSauv Merlot / Mt Barker Great Southern / WesternAustralia
Homestead claimed conspicuous Gold Medal wins at the London International Wine & Spirit Competition for Cabernet Merlot two years in in a row, quite an achievement. The Langton Homestead property itself is the most suitable in all Plantagenet Shire for viticulture. It is also some of the oldest country to be settled by pioneers who grazed and established fruit trees. Only the best land was selected by these early settlers and Langton was their prime choice. Highly evocative of the classically French style in Cabernet Merlot, a match to hotpots or braised cheek.
With a colourful history dating back to 1839, Goundrey prides itself on consistently delivering reliable, flavoursome wines

Established in the Great Southern region of Mount Barker, the Goundrey vineyards were planted in the early seventies when the area was initially recognised for its viticultural potential. The infectious enthusiasm of the late West Australian wine identity, Jack Mann, encouraged a small number of farmers to diversify into grape growing, and pioneer the region.


Amongst Goundrey's original Mount Barker vineyards were 2 hectares of Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, planted by the Goundrey family in 1971 at the original property then named Windy Hill. Following the success of this hobby-sized development, further vines were planted at Windy Hill, and in 1976 the first commercial vintage was produced by Michael Goundrey in a modest garage shed, using very basic and borrowed equipment.

The brand underwent significant growth during the 1980's, and soon outgrew the premises. In 1987 a significant step was taken when the magnificent and historic property Langton at Mount Barker was purchased. A group of local investors joined the business, and in 1988, 70 hectares of vineyards were planted on the valley slopes and a large and modern winery was built. This original winery was a striking feature built of rammed earth and stunning Sheoak shingle roofing.

The new development saw Goundrey become the largest wine producer in the Mount Barker area. The label continued to grow strongly in the domestic market, and export also commenced to the United Kingdom and America in the following years. In 1996 and 1997, 100 hectares of vineyard were planted and extensions to the winery also commenced with a large focus on new oak barriques and improved winery equipment. A larger modern winery was completed at Langton in 1997 with the focus on producing award winning wines for the growing marketplace.


Through installing the latest in winemaking technology and equipment, Goundrey Wines is recognized as one of the most advanced production facilities in Western Australia. The impressive barrel room houses up to 2,500 barrels, barriques and hogs heads and can be seen from the cellar door through an observation window. Today Goundrey Wines is proud to be one of WA's leading wine companies dedicated to producing wines that embody everything that is uniquely West Australian.

There are three Goundrey vineyards established throughout the Mount Barker region that include the flagship Langton property together with Windy Hill/Chapel Hill and Fox River. These vineyards are meticulously managed and cared for by a dedicated team of Viticulturists headed by Cate Finlay and Rob Hayes (who, in addition to Goundrey, work closely with the contract grape growers) to ensure only the highest fruit quality makes the grade for Goundrey Wines. The magnificent Langton vineyard is home to Goundrey and is recognized as a prominent and respected Mount Barker landmark. The vineyard site is the most suitable land in the Plantagenet Shire for viticulture. It is also some of the oldest country settled by our early pioneers who originally grazed and established fruit trees at the site. Only the best land was selected by the early settlers and Langton was their prime choice.

The original Windy Hill/Chapel View vineyard was established in 1971 by the label's namesake founders Michael & Alison Goundrey and now accommodates fruit showing over 30 years' vine age. As a consequence, the vineyard has successfully reached full production, maturity and quality potential setting the standard for many of Goundrey's award winning styles. The Fox River vineyard (previously known as Williams Rest) was purchased in 2002 and is predominantly planted with the chardonnay variety. Prominently located on the Albany Highway, 50 kms inland from the Southern coastline, the Mount Barker property is furnished with a spectacular cellar door showroom facility.


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