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View details Rosemount O
$ 22.99 Rosemount O
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Frontignac Muscat / /
Style influencers, design luminaries and fashionistas all agree on Rosemount O, a moreishly juicy white wine, specially designed to be served over ice. Like biting into a cool crisp grape, Rosemount O has luscious, sweet fruit flavours with a beautifully balanced acidity to ensure that its structure, spritz and intensity are retained. Slightly lower in alcohol, Rosemount O creates a new Over-the-Ice subcategory, in a lighter, more refreshing styling. Full of flavour, Rosemount O is enhanced when served over ice, and everyone agrees, she's simply gorgeous to sip.
View details Rosemount MV Collection Grenache Shiraz Mataro
$ 19.99 Rosemount MV Collection Grenache Shiraz Mataro
Currently out of stock
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Few winemakers have played as significant a role as Rosemount, for bringing Australian wines to appreciative enthusiasts around the globe. Quality is the key to success, traditional techniques such as natural yeast ferments, malolactic and luxury oak, remain at the core of winemaking methodology. At the Rosemount McLaren Vale wineworks, a collection of old open vats, a century of age, are still employed to craft parcels of Grenache, Mouverdre and Shiraz, selected from the finest local vineyards, on the basis of fragrantly perfumed aromatics, intensity of complex flavours and ripe, velvet tannins.
View details Rosemount GSM Grenache Shiraz Mataro
$ 39.99 Rosemount GSM Grenache Shiraz Mataro
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Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Rosemount have drawn many of their most memorable vintages from McLaren Vale, they retain an inventory of the finest sites and know the best growers. First released in 1994, GSM is Rosemount Estate’s ultimate rendering of McLaren Vale, the rich, spicy fruit flavours of old bush vine Grenache balances the opulence and power of Shiraz, the firmness of structure from Mourvèdre. A highly fragrant style, bursting with a cornucopia of red cherries, mulberry, violets and lifted floral spice, its dark plum palate is underpinned by a length of white chocolate and nutmeg oak.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / /
Rosemount have long been one of Australia's leading labels, with a reputation for excellence in Shiraz, a product of fruit grown to the finest vineyards, along with a consuming dedication to quality, innovation and style. Rosemount's unique diamond shaped label serves as a beacon for enthusiasts everywhere, a long list of international accolades attests to the consistency. Stylish and sophisticated, Diamond Label Shiraz displays the fruit forward, easy drinking sensibility of Rosemount, making it delicious from the first sip to the last delectable drop.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Sauvignon Blanc
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Sauvignon Blanc
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / /
Rosemount continue to craft some of South Australia's most approachable Sauvignon Blanc. As contemporary tastes evolve, Rosemount have remained at the forefront with consistent improvements to the quality of their fruit and innovations in the way the wines are fashioned and presented. The Diamond Label Series are at the heart of Rosemount, as the team take aim to assemble parcels of Sauvignon Blanc from choice vineyards into a wine with an intensity of bright varietal fruit flavour, clean aromaticness and overall softness on the palate.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Pinot Noir
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Pinot Noir
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Merlot / /
Rosemount have always created popular wines that appeal to the Australian palate, one of the few labels that are well recognized overseas and continue to play an important role in satisfying the local enthusiasm for quality and value. Rosemount's timeless and enduring range of wines serve as a beacon for enthusiasts around the world, countless international accolades bearing testament to the tradition of excellence. Diamond Label takes aim at finely tuning the established Rosemount style to satisfy today's evolving appreciation of Pinot Noir.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot
Currently out of stock
Merlot / /
Rosemount work to the philosophy that a quality wine will always be appreciated. They have established a wide variety of vineyard sites around Australia, well positioned to take advantage of the most favourable soil types and mesoclimes. Diamond Label has remained a staple around bistrot tables across Australia for decades. Everyone can appreciate the consistency of quality, seamless palate structure and lively fruit. A stylish Cabernet Merlot, delightfully smooth, displaying all the easy drinking qualities which have made Diamond Label so popular.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Chardonnay
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Chardonnay
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / /
Diamond Label has remained a staple around restaurant tables throughout Australia for decades. Everyone can appreciate it's consistency of quality, seamless palate, lively fruit and easy to enjoy styling. The bottle's diamond shaped footprint is a reflection of Rosemount's distinctive label, which has served as a beacon to lovers of good wine. A Chardonnay which can lay claim to being the most popular offering within it's range each and every year, it remains the first choice for today's relaxed lifestyle, refreshing, universally appealing and completely satisfying.
View details Rosemount Diamond Label Cabernet
$ 15.49 Rosemount Diamond Label Cabernet
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / /
Approachable and profoundly fruit driven, smooth and easy drinking, well balanced and highly suited for today's relaxed lifestyles. The affable nature of this wine keeps lovers of satisfying, everyday drinking Cabernet Sauvignon returning to Rosemount. From their wide expanse of bountiful vineyards, Rosemount have selected the best of their harvests to fashion into a stylish, structured and flavoursome red wine, properly attired to partake with red meats or pasta, unbeatable alongside tasty cheeses and essential at late night soirees with good company.
View details Rosemount Blends Traminer Riesling 2014
$ 9.99 Rosemount Blends Traminer Riesling 2014
Currently out of stock
Gewurztraminer Riesling / /
Rosemount Estate is enjoyed throughout the world, best known for its delicious white wines and distinctive Diamond Label. By blending components of the spicey Traminer with harvests of good Riesling, the Rosemount team have fashioned a richly flavoured and stylish young wine, suitably attired in a funky label that tells you it's Rounded & Zesty. This refreshing blend of fruits mates beautifuly with boldly flavoured recipes or ripe cheese. The essential easy drinking, fruit forward style for which Rosemount has became famous.
View details Rosemount Blends Chardonnay Semillon 2014
$ 9.99 Rosemount Blends Chardonnay Semillon 2014
Currently out of stock
Semillon Chardonnay / /
Since the 1970s Rosemount has been one of Australia's leading labels, producing wines that reflect a dedication to quality, innovation and style. A new chapter has now opened on the Rosemount story, with the release of Bright & Aromatic. A fashionable and exciting blend of amicable white varietals, expressing the minerality of Semillon as it harmonizes beautifully with the riper orchard fruit flavours of Chardonnay, assembled into a refreshing wine with enough appeal to sip as an aperitif or pair off with your favourite faire.
In a little over 30 years, Rosemount Estate has established itself as one of Australia's most dedicated, innovative and leading wineries

Much has changed over the years at Rosemount Estate however, the commitment to quality that defined the original vision for Rosemount Estate's humble beginnings in the Hunter Valley has remained intact. This vision has remained pivotal to the progress and success of the now world famous winery that is Rosemount Estate.


Bob Oatley established Rosemount Estate in 1969 after a career in the coffee industry where he was awarded the British Empire Medal for his services in Papua New Guinea. Bob Oatley instilled at Rosemount Estate a mentality learned in the coffee industry, that a quality product will always be sought out and appreciated. Bob Oatley's wish to establish a reputation for fine wine production was satisfied early and has led Rosemount Estate to establish a wide variety of vineyard sites around Australia that take advantage of the varied soil types and regional climates. In 1992 he was awarded the Graham Gregory Trophy for 'Significant contribution to the Wine Industry of New South Wales.'

The Rosemount Estate crest reflects the Upper Hunter Valley setting of the Rosemount Estate and the passions of the founding Oatley family. The horse silhouette on the top left denotes the many stud farms of the Upper Hunter Valley and the Oatley family's long association with thoroughbred horse racing. The adjacent rose represents the beautiful rose gardens that lead up to the cellar door at the Rosemount Estate Denman Vineyard. The bunch of grapes below signifies the long, and successful history of viticulture at Rosemount Estate.

Rosemount Estate's essential philosophy to winemaking is an incredible drive to draw the very best from the materials at their disposal - not only the fruit, but also the oak and the winemaking equipment.

"I believe that the Australian legacy to the world of wine is a focus on varietal flavour. At Rosemount Estate, I have taken this further to make wines that are renowned for their full flavour, yet easy-drinking nature. This is the hard option, so it's no surprise that it's also the most rewarding." - Ex-Rosemount Estate Winemaker, Andrew Koerner


As the grapes approach maturity, the winemaker works closely with vineyard managers across the estate, travelling the country to assess sugar levels and flavour levels in order to define the point of optimum ripeness. When the winemaking team believe the grapes are ready, the vintage can begin. On arrival at the winery, each load of grapes is appraised to ensure that quality standards are at their peak. The winemaker will then decide upon appropriate crushing, pressing and fermenting techniques to harness and optimise the potential of every batch.

State of the art winemaking equipment is available to the Rosemount Estate team, guaranteeing their ability to nurture each batch of wine to retain clear varietal and regional character. From rotary fermenters to computer monitored temperature control, Rosemount Estate Winemakers have the very best facilities at their disposal.

"Since inception I have always described Rosemount as 'The Prestige Wine of Australia'. I wanted everyone who worked for the company to feel they were involved in the best and only the best." - Bob Oatley, Founder

Winemaking technology does not, however, preclude traditional techniques such as natural yeast fermentation, barrel maturation and 'battonage' lees stirring, where appropriate. At the McLaren Vale winery in South Australia, for example, 100-year-old open vats are used to gain long-chain tannin extraction from fermenting must in the production of ultra-premium red wines.

As the young wines mature in barrel, they are regularly racked and topped. The Chief Winemaker has the final say on each of the finished blends, which are then carefully clarified prior to bottling. With so much at stake, it is little surprise that Rosemount Estate's quality standards extend to the very best in bottling line technology. This impressive facility is geared to ensuring that the wine flavours skilfully nurtured over long months by the winemakers are captured in each bottle for wine drinkers the world over to enjoy with every glass.


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