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Cognac, Armagnac and Fine Brandies
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View details Vecchia Romagna Brandy 700ml
$ 59.99 Vecchia Romagna Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
The Brandy of the Medici, distilled from stocks of Vina Trebbiano di Romagna, patiently aged in fine oak casks under the Montenegro estate cellars. Established 1820, Vecchia Romagna continues the tradition of refinement and excellence, it remains Italy's most exceptional grape Spirit, labelled with the merry visage of Baccus. A sophisticated inclusion to top shelf Brandy based cocktails, sublime in a snifter, the perfect accompaniement to good espresso, chocolate puddings and rich, flaming desserts.
View details St Agnes XO Imperial 20 Years Brandy 700ml
$ 194.99 St Agnes XO Imperial 20 Years Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
St Agnes has been Australia's favourite Brandy for nigh on a century. Dr William Angove established his Renmark Distillery in 1910, he was consumed by the pursuit of excellence in making his Brandy and completed the spiritual pilgrimmage to Cognac. XO Imperial is the final word in luxury and refinement, assembled from Australian eaux-de-vie averaging twenty years, she arrives in a leather case, lined with red velvet, bearing a numbered certificate of authenticity by John Angove. An exceptionally fine Spirit of greater complexity and richness than any other XO.
View details St Agnes XO Grand Reserve 40 Years 700ml
$ 739.99 St Agnes XO Grand Reserve 40 Years 700ml
Cognac / /
St Agnes have been the first and final word in Australian grape Spirit for a century. No other brand in the land retains such a priceless endowment of Aussie eaux de vie. A rare opportunity to engage with the nation's most distinguished stocks of Fine Brandy, the earliest dating back to 1970, all averaging an extravagant forty years of age. XO Grand Reserve takes its time to awaken and reveal a timeless and enduring heritage of the most profound complexity, old oak barrel characters and chocolatey prune richness articulate its imposing age.
View details St Agnes XO 15 Years Australian Brandy 700ml
$ 89.99 St Agnes XO 15 Years Australian Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
It takes generations of dedication and attention to detail, before the fine art of Spirit making can achieve the unequivocal marque of unsurpassable excellence. The Angove brandyworks at Renmark on Murray in South Australia's Riverland, have been refining their technique since 1925. St Agnes Very Old XO made history in 1964 at the Concours International de Degustation Foire International de la Vigne and Vin in Montpellier, when it claimed the Championship Cup for World's Best Brandy.
View details Remy Martin Louis XIII  Cognac 700ml
$ 3299.99 Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 700ml
Gift Boxed with Crystal stopper
Cognac / Stunning Gift Box! /
View details Remy Martin Cognac VSOP 700ml
$ 79.99 Remy Martin Cognac VSOP 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
View details Remy Martin Cognac Extra 700ml
$ 299.99 Remy Martin Cognac Extra 700ml
Currently out of stock
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View details Remy Martin Cognac Excellence XO 700ml
$ 199.99 Remy Martin Cognac Excellence XO 700ml
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View details Metaxa 7 Star Brandy 700ml
$ 42.99 Metaxa 7 Star Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
The exquisite charm of Metaxa evolves over time, as precious stocks of fine Muscat Brandies slowly age in an extravagant selection of French Limousin oak casks under the Metaxa estate cellars. Only when the maturation is complete, does the Brandy Master assemble his eaux de vie with the pick of ripe Muscat wines, a choice parcel of rose petals and a bouquet of bespoke Mediterranean herbs. The fine art of Brandy making, an indulgence for the fine Spirit enthusiast and a highly distinguished marque of uncompromising excellence.
View details Metaxa 5 Star Brandy 700ml
$ 34.99 Metaxa 5 Star Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
Greece has a long history and proud tradition of making the world's most delicious Muscat wines. Spyros Metaxa established the Brandy which bears his name in 1888, his success was due in no small part to the quality of Muscat wines he could source. Metaxa is still made to the same uncompromising statndards, the finest Muscats are chosen for inclusion, so essential to the signature smoothness and exquisite aromatic charm.
View details Maxime Trijol  XO Cognac 700ml
$ 99.99 Maxime Trijol XO Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
A true Napoleon Cognac in the literal sense, the prestigious house of Maxime Trijol was established during the 1850s under the reign of Napoleon III. An exclusively Grande Champagne Cognac, Maxime Trijol is assembled from Eaux-de-vie sourced off estate vineyards and splendid sites within the distinguished appellation of Grande Champagne. A remarkable aromatic richness, offering exquisite liquorice and vanilla notes, lingering with an extraordinary length on the palate to a smooth, soft and polished finish.
View details Martell Creation Cognac Grand Extra 700ml
$ 899.99 Martell Creation Cognac Grand Extra 700ml
Cognac / /
A recreation of the first Cognac ever recorded in the Martell company's oldest tasting archives. Creation Grand elegantly redefines the Extra category. Rare, exclusive and extravagantly luxurious, Creation is reserved for true connoisseurs who are not content to simply leave their mark on history, but are driven to engrave it. In hand carved Baccarrat Crystal decanter, a balance of fruity Eaux-de-vie from exceptional the Crus of Borderies, combined with spice and almond characters from the spirits around Grande Champagne.
View details Martell Cognac X.O Supreme 700ml
$ 259.99 Martell Cognac X.O Supreme 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
Martell was founded in 1715 and to this day remains the oldest major house of Cognac. Nine generations of the Martell family have been involved in the business and the Presidency is still held by the founding family. Martell XO Supreme extra old, 40 to 45 years old, is the oldest XO of its category coming from the two cellars “Purgatoire” and “Paradis” where Martell keeps its finest cognac. Presented in a beautifully crafted decanter, it is a powerful complex Cognac full of flavour with hints of almonds and vanilla and a long aftertaste. The ultimate gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life.
View details Martell Cognac V.S.O.P 700ml
$ 84.99 Martell Cognac V.S.O.P 700ml
Cognac / /
Martell has a long tradition of quality, being the largest landowner in Cognac and controls over 60% of the best area - Borderies - noted for the roundness, smoothness and full aroma of the cognac produced there. Martell VSOP very superior old pale, 10 to 12 years old, has been enjoyed all over the world since 1874. It has a golden amber colour, a touch of vanilla and a smooth complexity of dry fruit and a hint of sweetness. A classic rich full Cognac.
View details Martell Cognac V.S. 700ml
$ 64.99 Martell Cognac V.S. 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
Martell practices the Art of Individuality and each grade of Cognac has its own particular taste. Only Martell ages its cognac in long-aged Troncais oakwood and holds the largest stock of cognac 210,000 barrels. Martell VS is the best selling brand in the Martell range and the number one Cognac in Europe. VS is the perfect introduction to Cognac, ideal for creating long drinks and classic cocktails. Light and gold in colour it has a mild aroma and a mellow fruity flavour with a hint of wood.
View details Martell Cognac Cordon Bleu 700ml
$ 229.99 Martell Cognac Cordon Bleu 700ml
Cognac / Gift Boxed /
Cognac region is divided into six growth areas, Borderies, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois Ordinaires. Martell only uses the first four of these areas, which are the most prestigious. Martell Cordon Bleu 35 years old, is the flagship of the Martell range. A truly exceptional Cognac with a uniquely balanced, rich satisfying flavour, still served in the original 1912 bottle shape and design. The Cordon Bleu shows a deep golden hue, rich in fruit and wood flavours with a delicate after taste due to long ageing.
View details LOr de Jean Martell Cognac 700ml
$ 4999.99 LOr de Jean Martell Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
L'Or de Jean Martell is the ultimate expression of Cognac, named for the founder whose principles are based on the pursuit of perfection. Martell has long been linked with the sense of French refinement, each bottle embodies the experience of unrivalled craftsmanship, growers and cellar masters, coopers and distillers, all whom employ skills handed down from generation to generation. It is the dedication and vision of these craftsmen that has made the House of Martell an icon of French excellence, culminating in the L'Or de Jean Martell, the eternal statement of luxury.
View details Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 700ml
$ 89.99 Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
Thomas Hine left his home in Doreset at the age of sixteen. He arrived in Jarnac with a vision of learning to make Cognac, his father's favourite tipple. Two years before Louis XVI was deposed in 1796, Hine married into the family of an emiment Cognac négociant. He made the Hine name famous by creating bespoke Cognac for the English. H for Hine VSOP is a harmonious assembly of twenty Eaux de Vie aged for a minimum of four years, a fine distillate of fruit grown to the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne appellations, the two finest Cru of Cognac.
View details Hine Triomphe Grande Cognac 700ml
$ 549.99 Hine Triomphe Grande Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
The House of Hine stands on the banks of River Charente, deep within Cognac country. The manor is one of the oldest in Jarnac and has always been the headquarters of the operation, little has changed in 250 years. From the quay right out in front of the estate, destined for the first stage of their journey to all parts of the world, barges have been loading Hine's precious Cognacs since the 18th century. Under the ancient cellars behind, always kept locked and under strict security, barrels of the finest Cognac vintages have been ageing for over two centuries.
View details Hine Cognac XO Premier Cru Antique 700ml
$ 199.99 Hine Cognac XO Premier Cru Antique 700ml
Cognac / /
Originally created in 1920 by Georges Hine for his family and close friends to enjoy. A fine accord of over forty Eaux de Vie, all aged a minimum of ten years, assembled exclusively from grapes grown to Grande Champagne, the finest cru of Cognac. A double microdistillation on sedimentery lees, progressively eliminates all but the most elite components. The finest Limousin and Troncais oak barrels are delicately toasted to infuse the ageing Cognac with a richness of chocolate, honey and vanilla characters.
View details Hennessy X.O Exclusive Coffret 700ml
$ 249.99 Hennessy X.O Exclusive Coffret 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
Maurice Hennessy was driven by a consuming passion to create an Extra Old Cognac of great rarity and consumate modernity. XO is an assemblage of a hundred Eaux de Vie from the finest Cognac vineyards, aged for untold years under the Hennessy cellars. This exceptional and refined spirit expresses a complexity of seasoned oak and spiced vanilla, matured fruits and cinnamon. Giles Hennessy suggests that adding ice to XO immediately unlocks the subtle flavours and aromas of this most magnificent marriage of precious Cognacs.
View details Hennessy Richard Cognac 700ml
$ 3499.99 Hennessy Richard Cognac 700ml
Cognac / Superbly gift boxed /
In 1765, Richard Hennessy laid the foundations of a priceless collection made up of his most exceptional Eaux-de-vie. Since then, eight generations have enriched the Founder's Warehouse with their own contributions of the finest Cognac produced in their lifetimes. Richard Hennessy is an assemblage of over one hundred of the most exceptional Eaux-de-vie, aged up to two centuries. Each one has been selected for its unique qualities. The finesse is a statement of years spent slowly maturing in oak barrels, the world's most desirable Cognac.
View details Hennessy Prive Cognac 700ml
$ 499.99 Hennessy Prive Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
In 1920, James Hennessy ordered Master Blender Alfred Fillioux to create a Cognac which would be well structured yet elegant, a reflection of the Art Deco movement within the medium of the world's most refined spirit. PRIVE was created as a private release, with which James Hennessy would indulge intelligentsia and members of the arts community at his home in Cognac. With its elegant decanter and Art Deco crocodile leatherette gift box, Hennessy Privé is an elite edition of Cognac designed for appreciation by the most demanding fine spirits enthusiasts.
View details Hennessy Private Reserve Cognac 700ml
$ 249.99 Hennessy Private Reserve Cognac 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
The Hennessy family have long maintained a private reserve of Cognac to share with family and friends. Today, Hennessy is pleased to offer the new, limited edition Private Reserve, a revival of the Cognac originally formulated in 1865 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Hennessy Cognac with family, friends and true aficianados. Hennessy Private Reserve is an assembly of eleven Eaux-de-vie from fruit grown within the distinguished commune of Grande Champagne, the most exclusive grape growing appellation in all France.
View details Hennessy Paradis Imperial 700ml
$ 2499.99 Hennessy Paradis Imperial 700ml
Cognac / /
The most exquisite and refined assemblage of over a hundred Eaux de Vie, aged for a minimum of thirt years, with components dating back to the middle of the 19th century, inspired by the legend of a rare` edition made exclusively for Tsar Alexander I of Russia. Originally formulated by Jean Fillioux in 1818, recreated by Yann Fillioux in 2010, a Cognac unlike any other, of unparalleled stature and noble birth, redefining the meanings of eminence and sublime.
View details Hennessy La Paradis Extra Fine Cognac 700ml
$ 999.99 Hennessy La Paradis Extra Fine Cognac 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
Richard Hennessy established a small store on the right bank of the River Charente, circa 1774 to house his rarest Eaux-de-vie, now known as the founder's warehouse. It is from these stocks that Maurice Fillioux was able in 1979 to recreate the tradition of Cognac's finest assemblage of rare spirit. Paradis is the fruit of successive marriages between hundreds of different Eaux-de-vie aged up to a hundred and thirty years of age, nurtured to maturity by successive generations of the same family of paladin cellar masters.
View details Hennessy Futura VS Limited Edition 700ml
$ 59.99 Hennessy Futura VS Limited Edition 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
A collaboration between Hennessy and artiste célèbre Futura, in a very limited edition bottle which celebrates the rapture of fine Cognac and evocative nature of street art. Internationally renowned graffiti artist Futura has always been ahead of his time. From his early New York days in the 1970s, Futura pioneered a movement based on individual style, with dynamic graphics and high energy. Futura and Hennessy combine to deliver a timeless and enduring experience of taste, as defined within a post modern, thought provoking style.
View details Hennessy Cognac XO 700ml
$ 229.99 Hennessy Cognac XO 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
Originally formulated in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy through an alchemy of ancient Eaux-de-vie, X.O was reserved exclusively for the indulgence of his family and friends. Assembled from more than a hundred very old Eaux de vie, selected from the four premier appellations of Cognac and aged up to thirty years, Hennessy X.O is heir to a tradition of refinement and exclusivity. A spirit of masculinity and generosity, paradoxically complex while exhibiting seamlessness, delicate and gracious yet powerful and profoundly structured.
View details Hennessy Cognac VSOP 700ml
$ 79.99 Hennessy Cognac VSOP 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
King George IV appointed Messrs Hennessy to supply him with a very superior, old and pale Cognac. By the end of the 19th century, V.S.O.P as it had become known, was firmly established with a reputation for unparalleled exellence and consistency amongst the nobility of Great Britain. Still assembled from a canon of over sixty Eaux-de-vie aged up to fifteen years, VSOP is sourced from the four leading Cognac vineyards, to be matured in a selection of old, well seasoned oak barrels, of which the tannins have been purposefully extracted.
View details Hennessy Cognac V.S. 700ml
$ 64.99 Hennessy Cognac V.S. 700ml
Cognac / /
Inspired by the decorative handle on his office window, Maurice Hennessy created the star symbol which he would use to classify his products. Thus was born Three Star Cognac. Hennessy Very Special is the descendant of Three Star, a fine assembly of over forty Eaux-de-vie from the four prime appellations of Cognac, aged up to eight years. Hennessy is the first choice for Cognac enthusiasts who prefer the classic brandy balloon, cradled in the palm of one's hand, swirling the spirit as it warms, slowly releasing it's treaure trove of aromas.
View details Delord Bas Armagnac 1985 700ml
$ 149.99 Delord Bas Armagnac 1985 700ml
Cognac / /
Situated in Bas-Armagnac, the Delord vineyards are planted to Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche vines. The distillery itself is to be found in the village of Lannepax, the ancestral home of the Delord family. The refinement of wine into spirit takes place from the beginning of November through to the end of December, the most essential and fascinating stage in the production of Armagnac. The ancient Sier Armagnac alambics which are at the heart of the distillation process produce less than thirty litres of eau-de-vie each hour.
View details Delord Bas Armagnac 1982 700ml
$ 219.99 Delord Bas Armagnac 1982 700ml
Cognac / /
Established 1893 in the superior appellation of Bas-Armagnac, the Delord vineyards grow Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes. The distillery itself is in the village of Lannepax, the ancestral home of the Delord family. Distillation, the most essential and fascinating stage in the production of Armagnac, takes place at the beginning of November through to the end of December. Antique Sier Armagnac alambics, ancient stills which the DeLord family wouldn't part with for all the gold in the world, produce less than thirty litres of Eau-de-vie per hour.
View details Delord Bas Armagnac 1979 700ml
$ 189.99 Delord Bas Armagnac 1979 700ml
Cognac / /
It was Prosper Delord, a travelling distiller, who initially fell in love with the magnificent eau-de-vie of Armagnac. In 1893, he founded the Maison Delord which became the Armagnac Delord Brothers, when his two sons Gaston and Georges took over the alambic still and followed in their father's footsteps with the same passion for Armagnac. The ancient cellars contain treasured vintages and include more than 700 oak barrels which protect and age the Armagnac Eau-de-vie dating from the early twentieth century to the present day.
View details Delord Bas Armagnac 1972 700ml
$ 259.99 Delord Bas Armagnac 1972 700ml
Cognac / /
View details Delord Bas Armagnac 1966 700ml
$ 279.99 Delord Bas Armagnac 1966 700ml
Cognac / /
View details Delamain Pale Dry Cognac XO 700ml
$ 139.99 Delamain Pale Dry Cognac XO 700ml
Cognac / /
Produced exclusively from Grande Champagne, the first growth of Cognac, aged for many long years. An assemblage of old Grande Champagne Eaux de Vie, each Cognac is separately matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks. Draped in bright, light amber robes with flashes of gold, named Pale because it is discernibly paler than most other Cognacs of it's age, and Dry because it retains only the natural sweetness of the distillate. The humid old cellars near the river infuse Delamain with intense perfumes and exceptional length of fragrance.
View details Courvoisier XO 700ml
$ 124.99 Courvoisier XO 700ml
Cognac / /
One of the world's most revered Spirits, Courvoisier XO is a luxurious blend of the finest old Cognacs. Its evocative perfumes have evolved over the course of two decades, the perfect balance of intensity and elegance have been achieved through painstaking maturation under the warm Cognac sun, within the historic humid warehouses along Charente River. Double distilled from the four finest Crus of Cognac, Courvoisier is matured in the most precious oak casks, coopered from an ancient bequest of oak tress in the Limousin region of France.
View details Courvoisier VSOP 700ml
$ 74.99 Courvoisier VSOP 700ml
Cognac / /
The making of Courvoisier is focused throughout every stage of the process, at infusing the utmost elegance and palate richness. Only the finest wines of Cognac are considered for inclusion. Distillation on gross sedimentery lees is a complex and meticulous part of the technique but it imparts VSOP with a luxury and excellence that are the hallmark of Courvoisier. Crafted and assembled with an intricacy and attention to detail which are without peer in the art of fine Spirit making, its sublime jasmine, peach and toasted almond complexity are a signature of the timeless VSOP style.
View details Courvoisier VS Cognac 700ml
$ 69.99 Courvoisier VS Cognac 700ml
Gift Boxed
Cognac / /
An assemblage of the finest eaux de vie in all Cognac, the character of each is shaped by terroir and fruit, cask and term of age. The most highly aromatic grapes are essential to the excellence of Courvoisier, distillation in bequest of smaller 25 hectolitre Alembic pots achieves a Spirit of the greatest refinement. Maturation in the pick of French coopered oak casks mellows the Spirit and infuses rich cocoa complexity, without overpowering the exquisite fruity and floral aromatic virtue.
View details Chabot V.S.O.P Armagnac 700ml
$ 69.99 Chabot V.S.O.P Armagnac 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
Armagnac is made in the southern province of Gascony. There are three appellations, Bas Armagnac, Haut Armagnac and Tenareze. Armagnac is the finest of all the French distillates and is mentioned in records dating back to the 15th century. The Chabot family can trace the origins of their production to the village of Labastide D'Armagnac. Winemakers and suppliers of wine grapes, they established their own brand in 1828. Chabot remains family owned and operated, one of the most significant exporters of exceptionally fine Eaux de Vie in France.
View details Chabot Napoleon Armagnac 700ml
$ 99.99 Chabot Napoleon Armagnac 700ml
Cognac / /
View details Chabot Armagnac X.O Superior 700ml
$ 149.99 Chabot Armagnac X.O Superior 700ml
Cognac / /
The Chabot family established their repute in the wines and spirits trade circa 1828. Based in the village of Labastide d'Armagnac, Chabot came to the attention of Cognac man Michel Camus, who was instrumental in making Chabot into Armagnac's biggest export. Armagnac is distilled in much lesser quantities and by much smaller producers than neighbouring Cognac, achieving a finer, more complex, oak influenced spirit.
View details Camus XO Elegance Cognac 700ml
$ 229.99 Camus XO Elegance Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
An elixir of Eaux de Vie from the finest districts within Cognac, aged under the ancient estate cellars. To construct such a rich palate, with an infinite wealth of aromas and a flamboyant colouring, the Cellar Master calls on a selection of venerable Eaux-de-Vie from exceptional vineyards, with a strong presence of the signature Camus Borderies. A radiantly beautiful bottle, an engraved heavy metal stopper and a luxurious presentation case are designed to do justice to the seductive charm of XO Elegance.
View details Camus Cuvee Limited Edition Cognac 700ml
$ 2999.99 Camus Cuvee Limited Edition Cognac 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
The highest standard of Cognac, a super premium flagship effort by the noble House of Camus, an assembly of Eaux de vie, each over forty years of age, from distinguished vineyards described by the Camus Cognac Master as exceptional harvest, the extremely limited release of something really special. As each edition becomes scarce, a new Cuvée of rare Eaux de vie is assembled and released, ensuring something different, but outstanding, on each occasion.
View details Camus Cognac XO Borderies 700ml
$ 269.99 Camus Cognac XO Borderies 700ml
Cognac / /
The only single Cru of it's kind, made entirely of aged stocks from Jean Paul Camus own vineyards in the superlative Borderies district, itself known for producing the rarest and most aromatic Cognacs. Drawn exclusively from private stock, Cognacs from the Borderies are highly prized for their intense, floral bouquet, which is often likened to the smell of dried violets, and for their excellent ageing qualities. Borderies is matured to a venerable XO age, then captured in a decanter symbolizing the excellence and complexity of its fragrance.
View details Camus Cognac VSOP 700ml
$ 77.99 Camus Cognac VSOP 700ml
Cognac / /
A distinctively aromatic Cognac assembled from parcels grown to the finest growths within the province of Cognac, including components of the extravagant Borderies, which contributes floral, nut and fruit. Camus is the oldest remaining, great family owned Houses of Cognac, custodian of the most valuable, aged stocks, reposing under its ancient cellars. VSOP is a profound composition of more than sixty distillates representing the four superlative appellations of Cognac, exhibiting a harmony of fresh fruit characters and delicate oak.
View details Cadenheads Charpentier 30 Year Cask Strength Cognac 700ml
$ 244.99 Cadenheads Charpentier 30 Year Cask Strength Cognac 700ml
Cognac / /
Denis Charpentier comes from a long line of gourmandes, his father retained one of the finest wine cellars in all Paris. Taking an enthusiastically epicurean approach to the selection of Eaux de Vie from the superior appellation of Petite Champagne, Charpentier have availed Cadenhead's of a unique parcel of exceptional Cognac, indentured a breathtaking thirty years. Bottled at a très supérieure Cask Strength 52%, an exclusive edition from a single vintage year, it continues to unravel extraordinary complexity as it evolves in the glass.
View details Bisquit Cognac VSOP 700ml
$ 74.99 Bisquit Cognac VSOP 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
View details Bisquit Classique Cognac 700ml
$ 69.99 Bisquit Classique Cognac 700ml
Currently out of stock
Cognac / /
View details Asbach Original 3 Year Old Brandy 700ml
$ 69.99 Asbach Original 3 Year Old Brandy 700ml
Cognac / /
Hugo Asbach worked for the most prestigious French brands before establishing his own Distillery at Rudesheim am Rhein in 1892. He knew that if he sourced the finest parcels of Charente grapes that he could create a Brandy to rival the finest Crus of Cognac. Asbach has since earned countless accolades and international awards throughout the decades. Treated to a term of age in the pick of French Limousin oak barriques, Asbach is a simply elegant experience in fine Brandy, which would engage and excite the most fastidious connoisseur.
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