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View details The Bruiser Rutherglen Durif 2010
$ 21.99 The Bruiser Rutherglen Durif 2010
Available by the dozen
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
Viticulturist David Dunn, winemaker Roland Kaval and cellar rat Danny Shaw have joined forces to produce a single vineyard Durif, in the traditionally rich, hearty style for which Rutherglen is justifiably famous. Pound for pound, Durif delivers intensity of colour and flavour above all other red varietals. Rutherglen yields the world's most outstanding Durif, planted to ancient pre phyloxera rootstock. The distinction and exclusivity of the Rutherglen appellation is secured by a ban on replanting of any vines outside of the region, for quarantine reasons.
View details Stanton Killeen Vintage Port 2007
$ 34.99 Stanton Killeen Vintage Port 2007
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Touriga Durif TintaCao TintaBarroca TintaRoriz / Rutherglen / Victoria
The contributions of the Stanton and Killeen families to the history of Rutherglen and to the development of Australia's most exclusive wine region are the stuff of legend. Stanton & Killeen are renowned internationally for their peerless fortifieds. An assemblage of cellar aged wines, crafted from precious parcels of fruit grown to quarantined vines, Shiraz and Durif with a host of Portuguese varietals, Touriga and Tinta Cao, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz, a complex mix of rare Rutherglen fruit in astonishing balance.
View details Stanton Killeen Durif 2011
$ 37.99 Stanton Killeen Durif 2011
Available by the dozen
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
One of Australia's finest examples of the abstruse hybrid grape, an accord of Shiraz and Peloursin, grown to one of the world's most exclusive appellations, crafted by one of Australia's most capable custodians of Durif. A history of phyloxera has served to quarantined the vines and preserve the sacred old rootstock. Rutherglen is fortuitously endowed with the most precious productive parcels of Durif anywhere in the world. A meaty, toothsome wine of dense loganberry fruit flavours, dusky pastille and mouthcoating bitter chocolate tannins.
View details Rutherglen Estates Red 2013
$ 15.99 Rutherglen Estates Red 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
RED is made for real red wine enthusiasts, a mouthfilling peppery Shiraz wine with a component of Durif. Rutherglen has the soils and climate to ripen fruit evenly and completely, allowing the development of engrossing complexities. Rutherglen is in a declared phylloxera quarantine, which means all the grapes grown within the region have to be vinified locally, itself a guarantee of quality. Crafted to encourage the development of bright, fresh berry flavours and juicy tannins which complement the complexity of exciting barrel ferment characters.
View details Morris of Rutherglen Sparkling Shiraz Durif NV
$ 19.99 Morris of Rutherglen Sparkling Shiraz Durif NV
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
Rutherglen is possibly the only productive enclave of world class Durif wines anywhere on earth. It also yields a quality of Shiraz that's unique in the world of wine, by virtue of the region's quarantine of vines due to phyloxera. The Morris family have been making wine at Rutherglen since 1859. Within thirty years of establishment, their flourishing operations had made Morris the largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere. Introductions aside, Morris make an effervescent red wine of remarkable intensity, richness and class.
View details Morris of Rutherglen Durif 2010
$ 22.99 Morris of Rutherglen Durif 2010
Currently out of stock
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
George Francis Morris established a small vineyard in 1859, just two miles east of the current Mia Mia Morris family wineworks. The first Durif vines were planted in the 1920s but it was not until Mick Morris, the first Morris family winemaker to be university educated, released his Durif under the pseudonym Claret in 1954. A Rutherglen specialty, Durif is a characteristically big wine, originally imported from Hermitage by Victoria's legendary viticulturalist Francois de Castella circa 1908.
View details High Plains Durif 2004
$ 15.99 High Plains Durif 2004
Currently out of stock
Durif / King Valley / Victoria
Fruit is sourced from a single vineyard located high on the northern facing slopes of King Valley. The winemaking team taste and assess fruit as it ripens on the vine every few days, to ensure a harvest of optimal ripeness and ideal tannin. Vertically shoot positioned vines and double wire trellising permit maximum penetration of sunlight through the canopy, vital for Durif to develop fully as it requires greater sunlight than other grapes. A brave, mouth filling high country wine to accompany baked pasta, braises and grills.
View details Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
$ 9.99 Hanwood Estate Shiraz Viognier 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier Durif / / NewSouthWales
A solidly fruit focused, complex Shiraz Viognier, with a tot of Durif providing Je Ne Sais Quoi. Dry, arid conditions prevailed around southeast Australia's winegrowing regions, yet below average temperatures were experienced – very similar to the conditions of the classic 2002 vintage. The result was a refined and delicately flavoured Shiraz Viognier, with amazing depth of flavour and virility. 27.6% Hilltops, 25.7% Limestone Coast, 12.9% Heathcote, 11.4% Orange, 7.8% Riverina, 6.1% Barossa Valley, 3.1% Eden Valley, 3.1% Fleurieu, 2.3% Yarra Valley.
View details Deen Vat 1 Durif 2015
$ 9.99 Deen Vat 1 Durif 2015
Currently out of stock
Durif / Riverina / NewSouthWales
Durif has been grown in the Riverina for many years, where it produces strong heady wines with good colour, excellent tannins and exciting varietal fruit characters. A native of the Valley Rhone with a susceptibility to rot under inhospitably cooler climes, De Bortoli's Durif is grown to sunny vineyards in the Riverina which favour the grape and stimulate the development of piquant flavours. A medium bodied yet intensely flavoured red wine with upfront Durif complexity, supported by firm tannins and supple oak.
View details Connor Park Durif 2005
$ 21.99 Connor Park Durif 2005
Available by the dozen
Durif / Bendigo / Victoria
The Connor Park vineyards were planted by industrialist Tom Connor in the 1960s, with a view to establishing a test site for the development of the automatic grape harvester. It was acquired by the Lougoons in the 1980s, a family of pastoralists who learned quickly about the synergy between grazing and winemaking. A small parcel of closely cosseted Durif vines at Lake Marmal near Bendigo, yields a precious harvest of world class Durif grapes. A powerful, opaque wine with sizeable tannin, countered by a palate of remarkable intensity and profound length.
View details Coldstone Zibbibo Rose
$ 12.99 Coldstone Zibbibo Rose
Available by the dozen
Muscat Durif / Alpine / Victoria
Coldstone has taken the pick of their Muscat crop and fashioned an irresistible, effervescent Rose. The post-modern pink wine with an easy to enjoy flavour profile, fresh and lively, packed with intense aromas, displaying a creamy, fruity palate. Zibbibo Rose is the perfect party sparkler to put the festive touch into every occasion.
View details Campbells Shiraz Durif 2014
$ 15.99 Campbells Shiraz Durif 2014
Available by the dozen
Shiraz Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
The Campbells of Rutherglen are one of the nation's great winemaking dynasties, internationally recognized for their profound expressions of profoundly Australian Shiraz. They remain custodians to some of the world's last remaining plantings of pre-phyloxera Durif. Two of Rutherglen's defining varietal grapes have been assembled into a finely integrated, complex and engaging wine. The Shiraz component contributes full flavours with spicy berry fruit, Durif adds violet and black cherry characters, solid structure with length and a firm tannin finish.
View details Campbells Barkly Durif 2010
$ 42.99 Campbells Barkly Durif 2010
Currently out of stock
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
Rutherglen may have the only major plantings of genuine Durif in the world, due to the Phylloxera vine disease. Rutherglen can also lay claim to the oldest productive examples in all of Australia. From within their quarantined vineyards at Rutherglen, Campbell's have been the protagonists of Durif for generations. Unquestionably, Durif at its finest, Campbells release The Barkly only in years when vintage conditions are exceptional.
View details Buller Calliope Durif 2014
$ 39.99 Buller Calliope Durif 2014
Available in cases of 6
Durif / Rutherglen / Victoria
Calliope is the name of the original vineyard established by Reginald Langdon Buller in 1921. Calliope is also the Buller estate flagship, reserved for outstanding vintages. Durif has been grown at Rutherglen for over a century, arguably the world's most precious enclave, due to the long standing phyloxera quarantine. Rutherglen Durif is famous throughout the world, Calliope continues to endure as a wine of concentrated dark plum and brambleberry fruit, supported by the most statuesque, lingering tannins.
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