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View details Tequila Espolon Reposado 700ml
$ 49.99 Tequila Espolon Reposado 700ml
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Espolon Reposado, 100% pure Agave, hand crafted to the traditional Tequila making process, aged six months in American oak barrels. Espolon is the real Mexico, a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and ancient mythology. The internationally acclaimed San Nicolas facility in the Los Altos highlands of Jalisco, is recognized as the finest distillery in all Mexico. Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza, has a passion for perfection and brings decades of expertise to Espolon.
View details Tequila 1800 Reposado 750ml
$ 69.99 Tequila 1800 Reposado 750ml
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Made from 100% Agave, 1800 Reposado raises the bar among luxury Tequilas, the sophisticated choice for fine spirit enthusiasts. Packaged in an iconic bottle with a stopper which doubles as shot glass. One of the most enduring brands of pure Agave Tequila, 1800 Reposado is blended and filtered to achieve crystal clarity and exceptionally crisp palate. Indispensible as a base for the most refined cocktails, with the complexity and smoothness to engage the most discerning connoisseur, served plainly over ice or with a light spray of spritzer.
View details Tapatio Tequila Excelencia Extra Anejo 1 LITRE
$ 299.99 Tapatio Tequila Excelencia Extra Anejo 1 LITRE
Currently out of stock
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An extremely limited release, 100% pure blue agave Anejo, produced solely for the enjoyment of the Carlos Camarena family and friends. Small consignments are from time to time, allotted for export. Made to traditional techniques at La AlteƱa distillery in the mountains of Arandas at Jalisco, Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Anejo is one of the most desired fine spirits in the world, its rarity continues to frustrate and elude discerning enthusiasts. A singularly profound experience on a par with the most exclusive single Malts and finest Cognac.
View details Sierra Tequila 700ml
$ 39.99 Sierra Tequila 700ml
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View details Porfidio Single Barrel Anejo Tequila 750ml
$ 299.99 Porfidio Single Barrel Anejo Tequila 750ml
Currently out of stock
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A Tequila aficianado's dream, rare and precious, bottled in hand blown glass. Porfidio AƱejo Single Barrel has been the winner of the World Champion AƱejo Tequila Award over four consecutive years, receiving the highest qualification ever given to a Tequila, scoring 98/100. Normally Tequila AƱejo is stored in a number of oak barrels and blended prior to bottling. Each bottle of Porfidio Single Barrel AƱejo however is drawn directly from a single barrel. The hand blown cactus bottle has also received numerous awards for it's beautiful and innovative design.
View details Porfidio Silver Tequila 750ml
$ 69.99 Porfidio Silver Tequila 750ml
Currently out of stock
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A selection of the finest Tequilas, assembled into a single bottling and sought by discerning Tequila collectors around the world. Porfidio may vary from year to year but the devoted qabal of enthusiasts behind the brand spare no expense in appropriating the finest stocks to achieve the finest and most desirable, artisanal cactus spirit. The packaging is remarkable for it's individual hand blown glass and insert of bauble cactus.
View details Monte Alban Tequila Mezcal 700ml
$ 49.99 Monte Alban Tequila Mezcal 700ml
Currently out of stock
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Distilled and bottled in Mexico from the agave plant according to centuries-old tradition and technique. The authentic Mezcal with the worm in the bottle. A unique taste...and a strong appeal to today's trend-setting drinkers. The famous worm lives in the agave plant and are hand-harvested during the rainy summer season. They are stored in mezcal, drained and sorted, and placed in bottles near the end of the process. The worm is what makes mezcal unique, it is added as a reminder that it comes from the plant from which the alcohol is made.
View details Milagro Barrel Reserve Agave Anejo Tequila 700ml
$ 149.99 Milagro Barrel Reserve Agave Anejo Tequila 700ml
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An exclusive, highly limited edition of Tequila, distilled from estate grown Blue Agave, harvested by hand from the highlands of Jalisco, before being treated to a rigorous sorting process to include nothing but the pick of the crop. A most exquisite tasting experience for the fine spirit enthusiast, serve Milagro Select Barrel Reserve AƱejo Tequila neat, topped by freshly shaved chocolate shards for a thoroughly decadent Tequila experience.
View details Jose Cuervo Tequila Platino 700ml
$ 129.99 Jose Cuervo Tequila Platino 700ml
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Once reserved exclusively for the Cuervo family's private enjoyment, Jose Cuervo Platino is the first ultra premium Silver Tequila, by a family with a two hundred year history of making the world's finest. You may have heard it was coming. If you don't know what all the hype is about, at a recent blind tasting by the Beverage Testing Institute, Jose Cuervo Platino was ranked as the number one Silver Tequila, outperforming all other ultra premium Tequilas. Jose Cuervo Platino received the Institute's highest rating ever, 96 out of 100.
View details Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila 700ml
$ 44.99 Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila 700ml
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View details Cantina Tequilla 700ml
$ 29.99 Cantina Tequilla 700ml
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View details Avion Espresso Liqueur 700ml
$ 69.99 Avion Espresso Liqueur 700ml
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Avion make the world's finest Tequila, a luxury level of Silver Anejo, brewed from the pick of Agave and blended with the finest choice of Italian espresso, a marvelous experience for those on a quest to indulge in the most wickedly dark extravagance. A fine liqueur of the highest provenance, generosity of flavour and exquisite balance, its beguiling medley of sweetly aromatic coffee bean and piquantly spiced Avion savouryness, form an alchemy to excite and engage aficianados of the dark and dulcet indulgent arts.
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