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London Dry Gin and International Gins
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View details Westwinds Sabre Gin 700ml
$ 54.99 Westwinds Sabre Gin 700ml
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Inspired by rhymes of ancient mariners and the walkabout lifestyle of modern adventurers, West Winds owes its genesis to a Gin taste off at a Balaclava bar. Within a year, the new Distillery had release The Sabre, a decidedly new world style, incorporating ripe citrus fruits and an elixir of real Aussie botanicals, lemon myrtle, peel of lime and toasted wattle seed. Inaugural releases of West Winds have been met with spectacular critical acclaim and industry accolades, including Double Gold at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.
View details Vickers London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 32.99 Vickers London Dry Gin 700ml
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Recognizable in its distinctive packaging, Vickers Gin is made to the traditional London Dry Gin style with the finest of botanicals, delivering the highest quality Gin, that is light, clean and crisp whilst smooth and delicate. Vickers Gin can be enjoyed in every way, with an olive as the traditional Martini, with a pickled onion for a Gibson, as a long, refreshing mixed drink with juices, crushed over ice or blended with your favourite fresh fruit, for chilling out throughout the summer months or warming oneself beside an open fire alongside good company.
View details The London No1 Gin 700ml
$ 109.99 The London No1 Gin 700ml
Currently out of stock
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A luxury London Dry Gin, one of the very few that are actually distilled in London. The highest quality Suffolk and Norfolk grains are sourced, distilled four times in small batches to an ancient pot still system in the uncompromising pursuit of excellence. To the traditional juniper, coriander and angelica are added lemon peel, cassia bar, liquorice, cinnamon, almond, angelica, savory, orris root and orange root, bergamot and gardenia and bergamot. Rested for three weeks following distillation, the result is a modern classic.
View details Tanqueray Gin No Ten 700ml
$ 69.99 Tanqueray Gin No Ten 700ml
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Since 1830 Tanqueray Distilled English Gin has been made to the same unique recipe laid down by it's creator Charles Tanqueray. Today it still bears the Tanqueray family's pineapple crest. Tanqueray No. TEN is an exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting gin that makes the most refreshing martini. It is handcrafted in small batches using fresh citrus fruits, grapefruits, oranges, limes and other fine botanicals. Tanqueray No. TEN has won numerous awards since it's launch in 2000 and is the only spirit to have been voted ‘Best White Spirit' at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for three consecutive years.
View details Tanqueray Gin 700ml
$ 43.99 Tanqueray Gin 700ml
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The smooth, clean taste of Tanqueray sets it apart from any other gin. Tanqueray's distinctive flavour is exceptionally dry and strong in juniper with a sweet, fruit edge. Imported from England and made only from the purest grain spirit, the dry pleasing taste of Tanqueray will add the perfect touch to cocktails and martinis. The original distilling instructions which are carefully followed to create Tanqueray's unique flavour, are a closely guarded secret and are kept under three locks in a black ledger known to the company as "The Bible". The unique and distinctive bottle is based on the shape of a cocktail shaker.
View details Star Of Bombay Gin 700ml
$ 74.99 Star Of Bombay Gin 700ml
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For all those passionate Bombay aspirants in search of a richer, more complex, higher alcohol experience in superior Gin, Bombay Sapphire introduces the Star of Bombay. A further inclusion of Bergamot orange peel from Calabria and Ambrette seeds from Ecuador, to the traditional Bombay blend of botanicals dating back to 1761, marks Star of Bombay as a profound and highly sophisticated edition of small batch distillate, painstakingly produced according to London Dry tradition at the Bombay Sapphire Ginworks in Laverstoke Mill Hampshire.
View details Sipsmith VJOP Dry Gin 700ml
$ 137.99 Sipsmith VJOP Dry Gin 700ml
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Sipsmith make their exquisite Gin by hand in genuinely small batches, just a few hundred bottles a time. The long, slow, painstaking process is the only way to craft a fine spirits of the quality that is Sipsmith Gin. Imagine the ingredient botanicals of a fine Gin as components in an orchestra, Juniper takes the lead, amplified in the ensemble that is VJOP, raised to an edifying decibel rate by an enhanced proof of alcohol, a virtual symphony in J Major, in Very Junipery Over Proof.
View details Sipsmith Sloe Gin 500ml
$ 99.99 Sipsmith Sloe Gin 500ml
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Sloeberries are like tiny little plums, hand harvested in early winter and pricked with a barb of the blackthorn bush, steeped in Sipsmiths London Dry, they make the most exquiste and refined, fruit filled elixir. Designed to bespoke requirements and hand crafted by the oldest Still manufacturers, Prudence was the first copper Still to be employed in London for two centuries. A small batch of Sipsmith London Dry Gin, infused with a harvest of Dartmoor Sloe berries, the essential ingredient for that unforgettable Sloe Comfortable Screw.
View details Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 77.99 Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml
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Sipsmith assemble ten bespoke botanicals from around the globe to create the quintessential expression of a classic, traditional London Dry Gin. Bold, complex and aromatic, smooth enough for a Martini, but rich and balanced, the ultimate GT. An exquisite elixir of Macedonian juniper berries and Bulgarian coriander seed, French angelica root, Spanish liquorice and Italian orris root, Spanish ground almond and Chinese cassia bark, Madagascan cinnamon, Sevillian orange peel and Spanish lemon peel.
View details Seagrams London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 29.99 Seagrams London Dry Gin 700ml
Currently out of stock
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The satin-smooth quality of Seagram's Gin comes from the delicate distillation of the finest grain-neutral spirits and exotic botanicals followed by an exclusive mellowing process in oak casks that locks in its clean, mellow taste. Seagram's London Dry Gin offers a mild gently sweet aroma of fresh pine, honeycomb, citrus and hot juniper that makes Seagram's the first choice of bartenders and cocktail specialty houses, the world over. Throughout the year's seasons, Seagram's is renowned for its unparalleled smoothness, superb martini making, and versatile great taste. Enjoy!.
View details Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin 700ml
$ 84.99 Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin 700ml
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Bottled sans filtration to protect the vigorous flavour and perfumes of an extravagant inventory of bespoke botanicals, a superior distillate which will please fine Spirit enthusiasts and cohorts alike, made for aspirants of big, engaging Gins, all those who delight in the powerfully complex nose and palate which define the biggest, boldest, most beautiful Juniper infused eaux de vie. Aficianados who indulge in the unadulterated experience of sublime cold Gin, be warned, Poltergeist is wickedly unfiltered and may ghost when served over ice.
View details Poltergeist True Spirit Gin 700ml
$ 84.99 Poltergeist True Spirit Gin 700ml
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Established by Gamaliel Butler, just outside of Hobart circa 1819, Shene Estate remains functional to this day as a cattle and sheep farm, its ancient ironstone edifices are the stuff of legend, home to a rich lore of legends and haunts. Enter the Poltergeist, a redolently fragrant, revitalizing draught of flavours and perfume in the London Dry Gin style. To balance the wickedly amoral tonic of botanicals and herb, True Spirit is discreetly filtered to ensure each individual component expresses its unique elemental character and constituent charm.
View details Plymouth Original English Gin 700ml
$ 59.99 Plymouth Original English Gin 700ml
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Plymouth Gin has taken the premium awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, winning a Double Gold medal in the gin category, Best of Show in the gin category and the coveted Best of Show for overall white spirit with its unique smooth taste. The Plymouth recipe uses sweet orange peel (as opposed to bitter orange) which adds a delightful freshness and sweetness. Both the orange and lemon peels chosen have to be very rich in essential oils, the best come from Spain. Juniper berry, the main botanical ingredient in all gins, is less dominant in Plymouth than most other gins.
View details Pink 47 London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 79.99 Pink 47 London Dry Gin 700ml
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One of the world's most satisfying and engaging top shelf Gin, de rigueur for enthusiasts of the finest spirit. A bespoke accord of botanicals from all corners of the globe, Tuscan juniper and Moroccan coriander, Saxon angelica roots, Spanish citrus and almond, Italian orris root and Chinese liquorice, Vietnamese cassia bark and African nutmeg. The final distillation infuses Pink 47 London Dry with captivating complexity and a rakish rose diamond hue, the Gin of choice for extraordinary cocktails and the most memorable Martrini.
View details No.3 London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 69.99 No.3 London Dry Gin 700ml
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No.3 is a London Dry Gin distilled to the proprietary recipe of Berry Bros & Rudd, London's oldest wine and spirit merchant. The name No.3 refers to the address in St James Street, home to Berry Bros & Rudd since 1698. No.3 is unmistakably traditional London Dry Gin, Gin that tastes as Gin should, with juniper at its heart. All throughout the design and making of No.3, Berry Bros & Rudd summonsed the world's highest authorities in the art and science of gin distillation, determined that No.3 will be the last word in Gin for the perfect Dry Martini.
View details Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 500ml
$ 79.99 Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 500ml
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A bespoke tonic of no fewer than forty seven botanicals, including spruce tree fruits, blackberry, cranberry and lingonberries, all brewed in the Black Forest and named after an eccentric monkey at the Berlin zoo during allied occupation. Crafted to the most artisanal techniques, extracts are steeped in French molasses and brewed through a precious Arnold Holstein Disttill, rested three months in earthenware pots before cutting with pristine Schwarzwald water and bottling without any filtration.
View details Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin 700ml
$ 67.99 Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin 700ml
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Andrew Marks graduated from Roseworthy with a degree in oenology, followed by tours of duty at Penfolds and Victoria's Gembrook Hill vineyards. He has a penchant for the London Dry style and makes a small batch Gin at his boutique Distillery in the Yarra Ranges, just outside of Melbourne. A secret recipe of botanicals, are all separately distilled in a copper pot bain marie alembic, to be blended according to taste and brought to bottle strength by the inclusion of Gembrook rain water. Every bottle is individually numbered, satisfaction is assured.
View details Martin Millers Gin 700ml
$ 79.99 Martin Millers Gin 700ml
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Smooth enough to drink neat, energetic enough to be the base of a cocktail, Martin Miller's Gin cruises ahead of the pack as the drink of choice for the fashionista. "This award winning gin comes in a presentation package and is a vastly superior product. True gin connoisseurs will enjoy the aroma of juniper berries, a palate of citrus fruits and a long, fiery aftertaste." -Evening standard. “So complex, sophisticated, pricey, beautifully packaged and well travelled – I have to admit Martin Millers Gin is pretty hard to beat in the personality stakes”. -Ronan Sayburn, Head Sommelier, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London.
View details Kilderkin Scoundrel London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 74.99 Kilderkin Scoundrel London Dry Gin 700ml
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View details Kilderkin Larrikan Australian Gin 700ml
$ 79.99 Kilderkin Larrikan Australian Gin 700ml
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Distilled in a doublet of handmade Hobart pot stills and brewed in Ballarat, Kilderkin are the first liquor works to operate in the sovereign hills for a century. The moniker Kilderkin denotes a small eighteen gallon oak cask, traditionaly employed for spirits and ale. One of the world's very few Distilleries to produce limited editions of barrel aged Gin, Kilderkin craft the Larrikan to a style that's identifiably Australian, infused with juniper, coriander and a tally of bespoke botanicals, with a view to engaging the most discerning fine Gin enthusiast.
View details Ironbark 313 Dry Wattleseed Gin 750ml
$ 79.99 Ironbark 313 Dry Wattleseed Gin 750ml
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View details Ironbark 313 Dry Gin 750ml
$ 74.99 Ironbark 313 Dry Gin 750ml
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View details Hobart No 4 Batch Distilled Gin 700ml
$ 99.99 Hobart No 4 Batch Distilled Gin 700ml
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No place makes a finer Gin than Tasmania, consider the pristine highlands water and indigenous botanicals, add your favourite garnish and indulge in Hobart No.4, an exquisite Dry Gin, characterised by its piquancy of anise and lemon myrtles, local lanceolata and wild wattleseed. Sullivan's Cove take a no expenses spared approach to defining the finest malted barley Spirit, infused with a bespoke gazette of wild weed, tonics and herb, a marvelous experience of Gin with profound structure, character and style, it will delight and impress from the very first sip.
View details Hendricks Small Batch Scottish Gin 700ml
$ 74.99 Hendricks Small Batch Scottish Gin 700ml
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The days of staid, conformist, and often interchangeable brands of Gin are over. Hendrick is an iconoclastically produced, small batch Gin, distilled at Ayrshire in Scotland. The unusual distillation process combined with some oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one of a kind gin that's passionately loved by a tiny yet growing handful of aspirants all over the world. Hendrick brags that only one out of every thousand Gin enthusiasts prefers its eccentric flavor, no other Gin tastes like it because no other Gin is made like it.
View details GVine Floraison Dry Gin 700ml
$ 89.99 GVine Floraison Dry Gin 700ml
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Once a year, in mid June, the vine flower blossoms to life for a few days just before giving birth to a grape. The French call it floraison. G'Vine Floraison captures the essence of this ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance and the warmth of summer's arrival. The transparency of the bottle reflects the smooth, natural and fresh essence of G'Vine. The chic, green coating on the shoulders reflects the brightness of the vineyard at spring time. A seductive, floral and juniper infused eax de vie of refinement and finesse.
View details Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 700ml
$ 69.99 Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 700ml
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A super premium Gin created from a selection of the finest botanical ingredients and treated to a unique distillation process in an ancient fishing village on the Costa Dourada. The first true Mediterranean Gin to employ an extravagant inclusion of the rare Arbequina olive and the choicest selection of traditional garden grown citrus and herbs, basil, rosemary and thyme. A separate handling, macerations and processing of each individual component through a precious Florentine still is followed by a delicate infusion of citrus oils in a selection of unique vats for a year.
View details Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 700ml
$ 68.99 Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 700ml
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The timeless classic Dry Gin, ostensibly London style, with a twist and a flair which would fascinate and delight even the most conservative Gin purist. Australian citrus is highly aromatic, Four Pillars include whole oranges to support the canon of spicier dry botanicals. Cinnamon and star anise impart rich fruitcake notes, Tasmanian pepperberry leaf contributes warmth, lemon myrtle is the perfect Aussie alternative to the traditional lemon peel. Distilled from naturally filtered water which flows through eucalyptus foliage, ferns and rocky streams, Yarra Valley eaux-de-vie.
View details Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin 700ml
$ 99.99 Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin 700ml
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Four Pillars are all about the four essential elements in making the finest new world Gin. The purest Yarra Valley water, distillations in the most invaluable copper pot tinkered by the world's most distinguished Still maker, a draft of the most fragrant new and old world botanicals, an unconditional love for the fine art of making Dry Gin. The inclusion of Judy Everbearing's finger limes and hand chosen organic oranges makes Navy Strength a highly seasonal affair, only a single batch can be made in any year, rare and bespoke, awarded Master status at the Global Gin Masters.
View details Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 700ml
$ 99.99 Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 700ml
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Not far from the Four Pillar Ginworks at Healesville, are some of Yarra Valley's most auspicious vineyards. The Four Pillars team draw inspiration from the traditional purple hued sloeberry Gins, taking the pick of Shiraz grapes from each vintage, to craft a brightly coloured, piquantly juniper flavoured Eaux de vie. The felicitous berries are treated to daily stirring over the course of eight weeks maceration, to be bottled without any filtration, for the development of expansive fruit richness and engaging Yarra Valley Shiraz complexity.
View details Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin 700ml
$ 94.99 Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin 700ml
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Wilma plays a major role in defining the excellence of Four Pillars, she was hand crafted at the oldest and most distinguished producers of copper Stills in the world, one of only twenty five of her kind to be made each year. Four Pillars have taken the art of fine Gin to another level, by treating their Rare Dry Gin to the ancient Solera system. Passage through a selection of French oak Chardonnay barrels imparts deeper colours and intriguing secondary characters, the fruit of Chardonnay and vanillin of oak coalesce into a mesmerizing experience in fine Gin.
View details Forty Spotted Rare Tasmanian Gin 700ml
$ 69.99 Forty Spotted Rare Tasmanian Gin 700ml
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View details Finsbury 47 London Dry Gin 700ml
$ 54.99 Finsbury 47 London Dry Gin 700ml
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Established 1740 and branded after the plenitude of eponymous London parks and pubs, streets and squares that bear the distinguished name, Finsbury are one of the most long lived and enduring marques in fine Spirit. Still made to the closely guarded, original recipe of botanicals and herb passed down to Joseph Bishop by his forebears, Finsbury is Distilled to a unique single batch process refined during the 18th century, calling on an assiduous brewing in ancient copper vats. Blissfully aromatic, the Gin of choice for those pretty Pink Ladies, Martinis and Slings.
View details Daringly Dry Premium Cut London Gin 700ml
$ 99.99 Daringly Dry Premium Cut London Gin 700ml
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Welcome to a true London Dry Gin, bone dry as the bottling asserts, crafted at the Langley Ginworks of D.J. Limbrey in Mayfair. A very British inclusion of countryside nettles to the essential narrow cut, triple Distillate of citrus and juniper, almond and cassia, liquorice, anjelica and orris, makes a remarkably refreshing white Spirit to delight the most ardent enthusiast. Daringly Dry's evocative blackcurrant bouquet precedes a palate of tropical teas and barber shop tonics, match with mint for an unforgettable experience in cocktail, the nicest Negroni, greatest Gibson and gratifying Gimlet.
View details Cadenheads Old Raj Dry Gin 700ml
$ 94.99 Cadenheads Old Raj Dry Gin 700ml
Currently out of stock
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One of the most unique and stimulating experiences in Gin, as provocative for its prowess and boldness of flavour as it is remarkable for its exquisite balance and striking poise. Distilled in Scotland from a bespoke tally of botanicals and herb, he wouldn't be Old Raj without the inclusion of a good pinch Saffron, which adds a comely citrus hue and je ne ce quoi of sweetly savoury spice. A profound palate of flavours and perfume, bottled at an enthusiastic 55%, Cadenhead is Gin for the adventurous, the epicurean, hedonists and connoisseurs alike.
View details Bombay Sapphire Gin 700ml
$ 44.99 Bombay Sapphire Gin 700ml
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Bombay Sapphire is one of the world's most immediately recognizable fine Spirits. Exquisite with a delicate hint of juniper, Bombay is also flavoured with almonds and lemon, liquorice and orris root, angelica and coriander, cassia bark, cubeb berries and grains of paradise including pepper, lavender, oranges and chocolate. The further inclusion of unmentionable liquors and essences remain a closely guarded secret, they give Bombay its intricacy and sophistication, all finished by the addition of pure water from an ancient lake in Wales.
View details Beefeater Crown Jewel Peerless Gin 1000mL
$ 139.99 Beefeater Crown Jewel Peerless Gin 1000mL
Currently out of stock
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The uniqueness of Crown Jewel Peerless is defined by the complex recipe of extravagant, high quality, exotic botanicals sourced from bespoke locations around the world. A highly demanding distillation process and consistency of production determines Beefeater's unique, exceptional taste. It's hand chosen botanicals are steeped in pure grain spirit, an exacting, yet gentle courting of flavours and triple distillation, bestows upon Crown Jewel, a delicate citrus aroma and complex flavour with exceptionally dry, clean finish, befitting a Gin that's peerless.
View details Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 700ml
$ 74.99 Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 700ml
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Pick your pewter and pour a potion of dinkum Sydney Gin, brewed to the canon of traditional old world elixirs and herb, infused through a very Australian draught of indigenous botanicals and distilled under the flight path of Kingsford Smith. A native compound of lemon myrtle and blood lime, dorrigo pepperleaf and river mint, suffuse the timeless juniper medley with the briny balmyness of a Sydney beach, the evocative pungence of feral game and arid musk of the Aussie outback.
View details Antipodes Gin Certified Organic Spirit 700ml
$ 69.99 Antipodes Gin Certified Organic Spirit 700ml
Currently out of stock
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