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Irish and Canadian Whiskeys
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View details Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 79.99 Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whiskey 700ml
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There are three styles of Uisce Beatha common to Ireland, Single Malt, Single Grain and Pure Pot Still. Peat is rarely used in the malting, giving Irish Whiskey a smoother finish. Pure Pot Still is unique to Ireland and traditionally made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley. Originally widespread in Ireland, a number of historical events led to a drastic reduction in the number of distilleries. Now one of Ireland's highest rated Whiskeys in Jim Murray's Bible, Writers Tears is leading the charge to recreate some of the great Whiskeys of the 19th century.
View details Wild Turkey Russells Reserve Single Barrel Rye 750ml
$ 99.99 Wild Turkey Russells Reserve Single Barrel Rye 750ml
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There are few personalities in the American Whiskey industry as distinguished and accomplished as Jimmy and Eddie Russell. There are few Distilleries anywhere in the world of fine liquor, as exacting and uncompromising as the whiskeyworks in Lawrenceburg, at the top of Wild Turkey Hill. The Russells had been planning this Special Release for years. Fortunately, Wild Turkey grow their own Rye, no one else's will do, distilled after being sour mashed with draughts of limestone filtered water from the Kentucky River, this is how Kentucky Rye was meant to be made.
View details Tyrconnell Single Irish Malt 700ml
$ 74.99 Tyrconnell Single Irish Malt 700ml
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Tyrconnell is distilled at the award winning Cooley Distillery, the single driving force behind the Irish Single Malt evolution. Most Irish Malts are blended into Whiskeys thus it is rare to find an Irish Malt in its pure form. Single Irish Malts are more complex in character than their blended cousins due to their rich malty flavours, absence of overt smokey characteristics and their smoothness. The absence of smoke in the malting process ensures that the clean taste of the malt and barley shine through in the final, Tyrconnell Single Malt Whiskey.
View details Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 49.99 Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey 700ml
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One of Ireland's finest whiskeys, Tullamore Dew was first distilled in 1829 in the small town of Tullamore in County Offaly in the heart of Ireland. The name derives from the initials of an early owner, Daniel E Williams - DEW. Tullamore Dew is a favourite among Irish whiskeys for its distinctive, accessible taste, enjoyed on its own, over ice or with a little water. Connoisseurs describe Tullamore Dew as subtle and smooth, exhibiting a pleasant maltiness combined with charred wood undertones and the natural flavour of golden barley.
View details Redbreast 12 Years Irish Pot Still 700ml
$ 119.99 Redbreast 12 Years Irish Pot Still 700ml
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A style of Whiskey which is unique to Ireland in general and to the Midleton Distillery of County Cork Cork, in particular. Crafted from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, to be triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills, Redbreast can be characterised by its full, complex flavours and wonderful, creamy mouthfeel. A strong contribution from distillates which have matured in Oloroso sherry casks give Redbreast its trademark Christmas cake character.
View details Pikesville 110 Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml
$ 169.99 Pikesville 110 Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml
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Established 1895, Pikesville were one of the thriving New England Rye Distilleries which were forced to close after the passage of the 18th Amendment. It re emerged as the oldest surviving producer of American Rye, albeit at the historic Bernheim Whiskeyworks in the green hills of Kentucky. Made to the original recipe which brought to the brand prosperity and fame, Pikesville Straight Whiskey is finished at 1OO proof, to deliver the most ardent enthusiast a satisfying experience in the enjoyment of the finest American Rye.
View details Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 294.99 Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey 700ml
Currently out of stock
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Midleton Very Rare is one of the most exclusive Whiskeys ever produced in Ireland. Exclusively matured in American oak barrels, Midleton is only available in strictly limited quantities as only a small number of casks are personally selected by the Master Distiller each year. An annual edition has been released every year since 1984, thusly very collectable, each bottle is individually numbered and bears the signature of the Master Distiller as a final guarantee of outstanding quality.
View details Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 44.99 Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey 700ml
Currently out of stock
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The Old Kilbeggan Distillery is the eldest continually licensed distillery in the world. Kilbeggan has enjoyed the good times and the tough times for Irish whiskey throughout it's two hundred fifty year history. Some of the stakeholders at Kilbeggan had such a special connection that they have decided to stick around for generations. Like everything Irish, Kilbeggan is easy going and approachable, in its own style. The finest grain and Malt Whiskeys are blended together for the smooth, sweet taste and lovely malty finish that is Kilbeggan Irish whiskey.
View details Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 79.99 Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml
Gift Cannister
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It has been over two centuries in the making but Select Reserve has been worth the wait. It all began when the Jameson Malt Masters identified precious stocks of Irish pot still Whiskey, to be assembled with a rare small batch grain Whiskey and matured in a selection of flame charred Bourbon oak barrels. As this refined Spirit matures, it develops deeply aromatic notes of caramel and char, exotic fruits and spice, the unmistakable rich and smooth character of Jameson Select Reserve.
View details Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve 700ml
$ 699.99 Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve 700ml
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All component Whiskeys in the magnificent Reserve are of an advanced age and contribute an immense collage of flavours to impart from their time in wood. The pick of older grain Whiskeys are brought together with some rare and charismatic pot still Whiskeys which have been matured in hand picked second fill bourbon oak casks. These are carefully married with a rare pot still Whiskey which has been aged to a fantastic mellow sweetness in specially commissioned port pipes. This resplendent union achieves a glorious, fruit rich character.
View details Jameson Irish Whiskey Cradle 4.5Litre
$ 359.99 Jameson Irish Whiskey Cradle 4.5Litre
Gift Boxed
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John Jameson's Dublin Distillery was founded in 1780 and laid down a tradition for quality and success. His family motto and guiding philosophy was Sine Metu, meaning Without Fear, which appears today on every bottle. He set new standards and invested in the latest manufacturing processes. When he discovered that certain strains of barley made a superior whiskey, he persuaded local farmers to grow them by providing seed grain every spring. He also insisted that only the finest casks available were used for maturation.
View details Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 41.99 Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml
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John Jameson & Son was the second largest distilling company in Ireland by the early part of the 19th century. News about the quality of the Jameson whiskeys travelled far and wide and demand was growing not just at home but abroad. The combination of fine whiskey ingredients and superior distilling processes was making quite a name for Jameson whiskeys worldwide. In 1858, a blight destroyed France's vineyards and supplies of brandy dried up. Traditional brandy drinkers switched to Irish whiskey, and Jameson sales soared.
View details Jameson Gold Reserve Whiskey 700ml
$ 79.99 Jameson Gold Reserve Whiskey 700ml
Currently out of stock
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Up until recently Jameson Gold Reserve had been the elusive family member who could only be found in the most esoteric circles. Since its creation in 1996, Jameson Gold Reserve, a marvelously rich pot still character Whiskey, has been the toast of Whiskey critics. Such praise is rare, as indeed was the Whiskey itself. Jameson Gold is still as precious as ever. A creative blend of three Whiskeys of advanced years, one of which is uniquely matured in virgin oak barrels, Gold Reserve is a blend of the finest Whiskeys available to Jameson.
View details Jameson 18 Years Limited Reserve 700ml
$ 119.99 Jameson 18 Years Limited Reserve 700ml
Currently out of stock
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Since inaugural debut, stocks of Jameson 18 Year Old Reserve are released in strictly limited quantities of individually numbered bottles. It's mellow, complex taste and lingering finale of wood, spice and toffee have been deftly created by the Master Blender. His hand picked selection of no fewer than three exquisitely poised Whiskeys serving as the light, shade and foreground in the chiaroscuro of this unique blend. Original and true, Old Limited Reserve is an exceptionally balanced Whiskey, the elder statesman of the Jameson Family.
View details Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt  700ml
$ 84.99 Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt 700ml
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The smooth sweet taste and complex peat flavours make Connemarra a truly unique Irish Whiskey. No other combines rich smoky tones with delicious fruitiness and vanilla hints whilst retaining the traditional smoothness associated with the finest Irish Whiskey. Connemarra is double distilled in two small pots to ensure a Whiskey full of flavour and robust expressions. It is left to mature for many years in American oak casks, allowing you to experience the rich malt and long fruit flavours with the exquisite, underlying full bodied peat characters.
View details Canadian Club Whiskey 700ml
$ 34.99 Canadian Club Whiskey 700ml
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Hiram Walker, a grocer from Massachusetts who set up business in Windsor Ontario, made the decision to distil whiskey after his first love — home-made cider vinegar — failed to set the world alight. Hiram's loss was very much the world's gain. He produced his first barrels in 1854, and they were an immediate hit with customers. Never one to miss the main chance, he bought two farm lots up the river from Windsor and built a whisky distillery. Club Whisky, the first Canadian whisky to have a brand name and to be sold in sealed bottles, was born.
View details Canadian Club Classic Whiskey 12 yo 700ml
$ 44.99 Canadian Club Classic Whiskey 12 yo 700ml
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Canadian Club Classic 12 is a blend of crafted whiskies, lovingly matured for 12 years. This 12 Year Old Canadian is a fine, smooth blend of the best whiskies that can be produced from Canadian Rye. Canadian Rye Whiskey has a mellow and slightly sweeter taste than the gaelic varieties, and are perfectly suited to being enjoyed neat, or on ice. "From patience comes perfection." Carefully selected, barrel-blended whiskies are matured for twelve years to create a blend rich in mellow and natural smoothness.
View details Canadian Club 20 Year Old 750ml
$ 79.99 Canadian Club 20 Year Old 750ml
Currently out of stock
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CC Black as it's known by adherents, the flagship of the Canadian Club range. Highly sought by the most discerning enthusiasts, CC is a favourite of the most sophisticated cocktail bars in the world's most dynamic cities. An exceptionally fine Canadian Rye of such sublime smooth character that it should be enjoyed neat or with a drop of water to unlock it's extraordinary qualities. The palate is deep and complex, layered and engaging before a long, flavourful finish, one of the new worlds great contributions to the culture of Whiskey.
View details Bushmills 21 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky 700ml
$ 249.99 Bushmills 21 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky 700ml
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Whiskey making at Bushmills draws on centuries of distilling tradition, including a royal license to distill Whiskey, granted to Antrim County in 1608. A passion for Whiskey making and pursuit of excellence in all stages of production are at the heart of Bushmills, ensuring that every bottle is Irish at its best. The ultimate indulgence in luxury Whiskey maturation, Bushmills 21 Year Malt is aged for almost two decades in a selection of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon barrels, followed by transfer to seasoned Spanish Madeira oak casks for a further two years.
View details Bushmills 16 Year Old Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 184.99 Bushmills 16 Year Old Irish Whiskey 700ml
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Bushmills is an ancient distillery with roots a thousand years old and maybe even more. The army of Henry II loved to drink Bushmills but it was not until 1608 that the distillery became officially licensed and recognized by King James I, and not until 1784 that it was registered as a company. The Irish diaspora carried the traditions of Bushmills to America and the new world, as did Bushmills victories at international spirit and whiskey competitions. The Old Bushmills Distillery, a world heritage site, is Ireland's oldest working distillery.
View details Bushmills 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 64.99 Bushmills 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey 700ml
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A millenia of tradition, Bushmills is one of the very few Irish Malt whiskeys available. Each drop of Bushmills Malt is carefully distilled three times and is made from 100% malted barley. One of the world's most distinctive fine spirits and ancients marques, the Bank of Northern Ireland issued a series of sterling banknotes that feature an illustration of the Old Bushmills Distillery. Bushmills 10 Year Old is treated to an extended period of maturation for at least ten years in American oak barrels that have previously been used to age bourbon.
View details Black Bush Irish Whiskey 700ml
$ 49.99 Black Bush Irish Whiskey 700ml
Cannister gift packed
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