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View details Guaranteed Cleanskin Bendigo Shiraz 2011
$ 9.99 Guaranteed Cleanskin Bendigo Shiraz 2011
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Bendigo / Victoria
An exceptional edition of Bendigo Shiraz, sealed under good old fashioned cork, crafted by a five Halliday star winery, from fruit picked off an elite parcel of vine, destined for a superior vintage of $25 Shiraz. We love this outstanding value and are seeing it fly off the shelves at our retail outlets, as true Shiraz enthusiasts come back for more and more. An astonishingly rare quality of Cleanskin that merits stocking up, it's guaranteed to please and arrives, delivered without any freight fee by the dozen to every destination in Australia.
View details Greenstone Heathcote Shiraz 2013
$ 24.99 Greenstone Heathcote Shiraz 2013
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
Alberto Antonini and David Gleave make their living from Italian vino. Alberto is the winemaker and David is a UK agent importing some of Italy's top producers. When Mark Walpole showed Alberto Antonini the Greenstone site, Alberto wasted no time, immediately ringing David in London. A collaboration between Antonini and Morningtom maestro Sandro Mosele, Greenstone combines elegance with the depth and weight that characterises Heathcote Shiraz. A wine of impeccable balance, fine grained tannins and lifted, fruit filled acidity on the finish.
View details Grampians Estate Rutherford Sparkling Shiraz
$ 34.99 Grampians Estate Rutherford Sparkling Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
A voluminous and multi dimensional wine, decorated by a plummage of impressive accolades from prestigious competitions, including Australian Small Winemakers Show, Le Concours des Vins and Winestate of Year. The decadant fusion of effervescence and Shiraz, redolent with spiced plums and turkish delight perfumes, the palate is brimming with a generosity of flavour, bright berries and bramble fruits characters, an elegant and fulfilling wine that engages the senses while offering great richness and immeasurable length.
View details Gracebrook Stables Shiraz
$ 17.99 Gracebrook Stables Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / King Valley / Victoria
A decorous Shiraz wine in the robust, fully ripened, effusive plum and pepper style which can only be achieved from fruit grown to the higher, coolly ripened aspects of Valley King. The most intensely flavoured grapes are harvested off diligently husbanded vines, painstakingly pruned to limit yields and concentrate flavour. Treated to a traditional vinification, minimal handling and a spell of ageing in the highest quality French oak, The Stables fills the palate with dark plum fruit, well polished integrated oak, seasoned by complex high country spice.
View details Gracebrook Stables Merlot
$ 17.99 Gracebrook Stables Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / King Valley / Victoria
The higher altitudes and slower ripening climes of King Valley are a blessing to wine growers. Some of the more fortuitous sites boast soils and aspects which are nothing short of idyllic, yielding harvests of vibrant Cabernet Sauvignon. Gracebrook's Terra rossa Stables Vineyard has been producing high quality, classic cool climate Cabernet wines since inaugural release. Fully fragrant with engaging bouquets and a mouth filling palate, the inaugural vintage burst out of the stable to claim gold medal at the hotly contested Cowra Wine Show.
View details Gracebrook Stables Chardonnay
$ 17.99 Gracebrook Stables Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / King Valley / Victoria
The original block of Gracebrook Chardonnay was established in 1989, on a fertile river flat paddock that's sited very near the homestead. The first vintage of Chardonnay grapes were sold to Baileys of Glenrowan, subsequent vintages found their way into some of Victoria's most esteemed labels. In 1994 a small batch of estate made Chardonnay was entered in the King Valley Shed Wine Show where it won Best in Class. A superior effort in Chardonnay, from the salubrious cool ripening climes of Victoria's high country.
View details Gracebrook King Valley Savagnin Blanc
$ 22.99 Gracebrook King Valley Savagnin Blanc
Available by the dozen
Albarino / King Valley / Victoria
Victoria's King Valley makes the most of it's exquisite ripening conditions to develop fully the engaging characters which lie dormant within some of the more esoteric varietals. The Albarino grape has emerged from a blended hbrid to become quite popular as a pure varietal wine in Spain and Portugal from whence it hails. New world renditions of Albarino tend to be more fruit driven and complex than their Iberian siblings. Gracebrook is intriguingly fragrant, entirely suited to the enthusiast who is on the lookout for exciting new flavours in a white wine.
View details Gracebrook King Valley Sangiovese
$ 21.99 Gracebrook King Valley Sangiovese
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
The noble varietal grape of Tuscany and essence of the rich Chianti blends, sassy Sangiovese requires special care in the making. Selection of soils and of clone, aspects and microclimate, all play a significant role in unlocking the inimitable mix of fruit characters within this evocative grape. Gracebrook is a product of passion and skill in the vinification. The aim is to preserve the innate qualities of chewy tannins and titillating spice, to retain the masculine nose and muscular palate in a fruit driven style that has made King Valley famous for wine.
View details Gracebrook King Valley Pinot Grigio
$ 17.99 Gracebrook King Valley Pinot Grigio
Available by the dozen
PinotGris Grigio / King Valley / Victoria
Gracebrook understand the importance of matching the right terroir and microclime to each unique grape, maximizing potential of the finished wine. Fresh, aromatic Pinot Gris requires cool climates, a long growing season and low yields to keep it's acidity in check and to showcase the brightness of it's fruit, conditions that the King Valley offer aplenty and that Gracebrook Vineyard enjoy in particular. A juicy Pinot Grigio brimming with fine flavours, tantalizingly crisp and clean, judiciously fruit driven and of course, highly food friendly.
View details Giant Steps Yarra Valley Merlot
$ 29.99 Giant Steps Yarra Valley Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Great Merlot is made in the vineyard. At its best, it is like a fingerprint, inextricably linking the personality and mood of the land. Yarra Valley produces distinctive, elegant and complex Merlot wines. A single parcel of fruit, hand picked off Blocks 3 & 4 of Sexton Vineyard, are treated to an old world style of vinification, into a mostly Merlot wine, which can be topped up from year to year by portions of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Franc, to enhance the tannins and build enticing complexity.
View details Giant Steps Yarra Valley Chardonnay
$ 29.99 Giant Steps Yarra Valley Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Yarra Valley / Victoria
View details Giant Steps Wombat Creek Vineyard Chardonnay
$ 48.99 Giant Steps Wombat Creek Vineyard Chardonnay
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay / Yarra Valley / Victoria
View details Giant Steps Wombat Creek Pinot Noir
$ 55.99 Giant Steps Wombat Creek Pinot Noir
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Yarra Valley / Victoria
View details Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Syrah
$ 49.99 Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Syrah
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Established 1988 to a bounty of rich, grey loam clays at Tarrawarra, the eminent Tarraford site enjoys a fortuitously slower ripening season than its neighbouring climes. Planted to a diversity of aspect and clones, managed to a regimen of old world biodynamic farming practices, Tarraford delivers a magnificent harvest of Rhone styled Shiraz each year. Redolent with licorice, pepper and meats, pursing dark, cherry oak tannins and the astringency of wild bramble, its herb infused palate supported by characuterie notes, sasafras and game.
View details Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Chardonnay
$ 48.99 Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Chardonnay
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay / Yarra Valley / Victoria
View details Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir
$ 55.99 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Sexton Vineyard is wonderfully intricate, exuding notes of wild blackberry, dried mushroom, mulberry bush and braised plum, cinnamon stick and sour cherry. The coolest slopes of Sexton are planted to five Pinot Noir clones, managed according to biodynamic principles, providing several threads of expression to weave into the final wine. Sexton's fruit focus and fine tannins are enhanced by a judicious treatment of Burgundy styled oak.
View details Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Chardonnay
$ 48.99 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Chardonnay
Available in cases of 6
Chardonnay / Yarra Valley / Victoria
The Giant Steps team pointedly sourced several conspicuous clones of Chardonnay from California, Burgundy and Champagne, to be established on the coolest, lowest slopes of the superlative Sexton property. Vine vigor and yields are naturally low, encouraging a low intervention approach to hand managed viticulture. The crisp, cool ripening conditions and flinty, almost mean soils of Yarra Valley's temperate slopes yield a vibrant style of Chardonnay in the nectarine, citrus, melon and white peach range of flavours.
View details Giant Steps LDR Pinot Noir Syray
$ 29.99 Giant Steps LDR Pinot Noir Syray
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir Shiraz / Yarra Valley / Victoria
The Sexton family live in the middle of their eighty acre vineyard on the high north face of the Warramate Ranges, within the dress circle of Yarra Valley's most eminent estates. The vineyard is introducing organic practises with the express purpose of further distinguishing the site and improving grape and wine quality. An assemblage of Pinot Noir and Shiraz, treated to a traditional course of ferments and judicious term of oak, fashioned into an immensely satisfying, seamless yet complex and engaging, bucolic old world style.
View details Giant Steps Harrys Monster
$ 52.99 Giant Steps Harrys Monster
Available in cases of 6
CabernetSauv Merlot PetitVerdot CabernetFranc / Yarra Valley / Victoria
In exceptional years, parcels of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot are separately fermented. The best lots are assembled into a multiple trophy winer named Harry's Monster and treated to an extravagant maturation in the finest oak. Very strong in primary fruit, generosity and mouthfeel, its ripe seed tannins are simply singing in its youth, showing exceptional balance on a long lasting finish.
View details Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir
$ 55.99 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Yarra Valley / Victoria
The capriciousness of the hard to grow, early ripening Pinot Noir makes its expression of site all the more sublime. The winemaking at Giant Steps is holistic and closely micro managed, a particular objective is to enhance the natural microflora for the facilitation of indigenous fermentations in the winery. The Yarra Valley's cool, slow ripening aspects, afford Pinot Noir the time to develop its seductive labyrinth of aromas, showing bright red fruit notes underscored by earthy complexity.
View details Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Chardonnay
$ 48.99 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Chardonnay
Available in cartons of six
Chardonnay / Yarra Valley / Victoria
View details Geppetto Pinot Noir
$ 19.99 Geppetto Pinot Noir
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Mornington / Victoria
After decades of managing vineyards and making wine, Crittenden have formed strong and enduring relationships with Victoria's best growers. Geppetto is a blend of Pinot Noir clones MV6 and 114, 115 and D2V5, all picked by hand from good vineyards in Sunbury and Geelong, Tuerong and Patterson Lakes. Geppetto is judiciously aged in barrels of seasoned oak, the style is intentionally made for early enjoyment, increased vine age and gentle processing makes a wine that articulates the vitality of Victorian Pinot Noir.
View details Garden Gully Shiraz 2006
$ 25.99 Garden Gully Shiraz 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
After years of self management, the ancient Garden Gully vines have been nursed back to health, for harvests of the most exemplary fruit. Exacting regimens of pruning and the close husbanding of vines were an act of faith, the task was completed successfully and the ancient plantings were restored to their former glory. The old block closest to the cellar door, so true to enduring local folklore, yields harvests of world class Shiraz. Vintage 2006 claimed Judges Trophy and Best Wine Victorian Wine Challenge.
View details Garden Gully Riesling 2005
$ 23.99 Garden Gully Riesling 2005
Currently out of stock
Riesling / Grampians / Victoria
Garden Gully is steeped in early viticultural history, the ancient vines bear testament to its place in local folklore. As a Riesling, Garden Gully represents a magnificently poised palate of defined varietal flavours, as influenced by the brisk climes and parched terroirs of the Victorian Grampians. Tiny yields of very small bunches and long walks along the challenging terrains demand an extra effort from the pickers, the Garden Gully winemaking team however are always very pleased with the incedible quality of fruit.
View details Gapsted Valley Selection Riesling
$ 17.99 Gapsted Valley Selection Riesling
Available by the dozen
Riesling / King Valley / Victoria
Riesling is sourced from premium cool climate vineyards in Victoria's high country. A remarkable thing about the famous King Valley Rieslings, is that they are endowed with the most exquisite balance. The nutrition levels in the grapes and refreshing acidity mean that the Gapsted winemaking team need do very little when handling their harvest, the aim being to preserve natural integrity of superior quality fruit. Enjoy today as it's drinking brilliantly alongside good seafood, particularly olive oil and herb dressed and chargrilled squid.
View details Gapsted Valley Selection Bushranger Red
$ 14.99 Gapsted Valley Selection Bushranger Red
Currently out of stock
Dolcetto Shiraz Grenache / / Victoria
Shiraz and Grenache are erstwhile mates which are often paired for fashioning into a well structured, Rhone styled red. Gapsted retain some of the finest Dolcetto vineyards in Australia, the name of the grape is Italian for sweet, it makes a delicious match with Shiraz and Grenache, textural, seamless and soft, with a titillating sprinkle of spice. An amazing refresher when served slightly chilled, revitalizing as aperitif, the red wine of choice to accompany pork fennel sausages and applesauce, mozzarella lasagne or mushroom gruyere pie.
View details Gapsted Tobacco Road Merlot
$ 15.99 Gapsted Tobacco Road Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / King Valley / Victoria
Gapsted are real wines made by real people, a partnership between dedicated viticulturalists and a distinguished winemaking team. The propitious compact means that everything by Gapsted carries the signature and personality of the people involved, the charm of small vineyards and influence of choice microclimes. The labour of love and passion by mates who share a desire to create appealing and personable wines, Tobacco Road is a compelling example of high country Merlot, endowed by ripe red fruit flavours and supported by well structured tannins.
View details Gapsted Sparkling Saperavi
$ 34.99 Gapsted Sparkling Saperavi
Available in cartons of six
Saperavi / Alpine & King Valleys / Victoria
View details Gapsted Petit Manseng
$ 23.99 Gapsted Petit Manseng
Available by the dozen
Petit Manseng / King Valley / Victoria
View details Gapsted Fruity Moscato Rosa
$ 12.99 Gapsted Fruity Moscato Rosa
Available by the dozen
Moscato / Heathcote Barossa KIng / Victoria
View details Gapsted Fruity Moscato
$ 12.99 Gapsted Fruity Moscato
Available by the dozen
Gewurztraminer Frontignac Muscat / King Valley / Victoria
Inspired by the lush fruitiness of the Italian classic Moscato d'Asti, Gapsted is a blend in name and in style, of the piquant Traminer Musque grape and the wickedly luscious Frontignac Muscato bianco. Traminer is sourced from Whitlands Vineyard, grown to the higher, elevated aspects of Valley King, picked early to retain freshness and lively fruit character. This slightly spritzy Moscato drinks well on its own but also suits a range of lighter desserts such as pannacotta or soft cheese, dried fruits or peach almond recipes.
View details Gapsted Ballerina Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
$ 36.99 Gapsted Ballerina Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir Chardonnay / King Valley / Victoria
View details Gapsted Ballerina Chardonnay
$ 21.99 Gapsted Ballerina Chardonnay
Available by the dozen
Chardonnay / Heathcote Barossa KIng / Victoria
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Shiraz
$ 25.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Alpine & King Valleys / Victoria
An assemblage of King Valley fruit, some parcels acquire their individuality in the vineyard, while others develop their charm in the vinification and ageing. Previous vintages have claimed conspicuous accolades including a silver medal at the prestigious London International. Much of the fruit is sourced from eminent sites around Whitfield in King Valley, not far from the Gapsted wineworks. Growing conditions can be close to perfect in these higher altitudes and the team make it a priority to capture and preserve the exceptional quality of Shiraz.
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Sauvignon Blanc
$ 19.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Sauvignon Blanc
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc / King Valley / Victoria
The high altitude, cool ripening Gapsted vineyard at Whitfield in Valley King, facing east at an elevation of 375 metres, is ideally suited to harvests of the finest Sauvignon Blanc. Protected from the hot afternoon sun by hills behind the property, the managed canopy delivers vintages which are fully endowed with an intensity of aromaticness and flavour. As is always the case with good fruit, the wine virtually makes itself. Revealing just a hint of fine tangy acidity, Gapsted is lively, wonderfully balanced and refreshingly crisp, all the way to the finish.
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Rose 2014
$ 17.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Rose 2014
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese Tempranillo / King Valley / Victoria
Gapsted winemaker Michael Cope-Williams samples a myriad of candidate wines each vintage, to consider the option of Rosé styles. Five different wines from five unique varietals are made in the preparation of Ballerina Canopy Rose. In the end it is a balanced alliance between the parched dryness of Spain and savoury fruitiness of Italy, the torrid spice of the sun drenched Tempranillo marries beautifully with the cherry ripe of Sangiovese.
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Durif
$ 27.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Durif
Available by the dozen
Durif / King Valley / Victoria
View details Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Cabernet
$ 25.99 Gapsted Ballerina Canopy Cabernet
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Heathcote Barossa KIng / Victoria
Gapsted have taken the opportunity to acquire superior harvests, grown to the upper and middle reaches of Valley King, constructing a Cabernet Sauvignon of wonderful warmth, integrity and charm. A component of exquisite Barossa fruit contributes comforting chocolatey richness, a precious parcel from a choice site in Heathcote adds palate weight and splendid savouryness. A whole that's greater than the sum of parts, suede textural mouthfeel, generosity of fruit and sound structure, finishing in precisely the right direction.
View details Galli Estate Pinot Grigio
$ 19.99 Galli Estate Pinot Grigio
Available by the dozen
PinotGris Grigio / Sunbury / Victoria
Galli Estate produce a variety of quality wines from fruit grown on their vineyards at Sunbury and Heathcote. Galli Estate have been very well received by reviewers, and have been recognised for quality at competitions, already receiving Gold for their Pinot Grigio, a varietal that the winemaking team find very exciting. A milky white wine showing grapefruit, lime and green apple flavours with hints of musk and lemon. Sylish and modern for everyday enjoyment, Galli Estate is long and clean with titillating fruit and a refreshing finish.
View details Galli Estate Heathcote Block 2 Shiraz
$ 31.99 Galli Estate Heathcote Block 2 Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
Galli's Camelback vineyard, situated northeast of the Heathcote township, enjoys a warmer clime, and the rainfall is always very limited. Growing seasons are normally dry with relatively even temperature ranges during veraison. Shiraz wines from this vineyard are delightfully flavoursome with earthy notes and a finely structured palate of some elegance, distinctive varietal character and sturdy tannins.
View details Foxeys Hangout Red Fox Pinot Noir 2015
$ 23.99 Foxeys Hangout Red Fox Pinot Noir 2015
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Mornington / Victoria
Hand tended vines yielding harvests of hand sorted fruit to be vinified into hand made wines is the Foxey's Hangout way. After two decades of operating award winning Melbourne restaurants, Michael and Tony Lee followed their hearts to a property on Merricks North near the conspicuous Mornington junction at Foxeys Hangout. The brothers planted their first vines in 1997 and later assumed management of the eminent Massoni Vineyard. Red Fox is crafted by the Lee Brothers to be eminently drinkable upon release, in the most profoundly Mornington Pinot Noir way.
View details Fowles Are You Game Shiraz
$ 14.99 Fowles Are You Game Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Strathbogie / Victoria
The Fowles family have been at the centre of Victoria's commerce and development since early settlement. Founders of Bendigo Bank and Fowles Auction Group, they also established the first Victorian winery ever to win Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. The Fowles brand have continued to deliver with the most celebrated editions and memorable vintages, drawing fruit from the pick of their Strathbogie vineyards to be aged in the luxury of completely new oak, the first choice for service alongside flavourful game recipes, suckling pork or lamb.
View details Fowles 490m Sauvignon Semillon
$ 14.99 Fowles 490m Sauvignon Semillon
Available by the dozen
SauvBlanc Semillon / Strathbogie / Victoria
Alan and Noni Plunkett planted a small, unirrigated vineyard on Strathbogie Ranges in 1968, the first in the region. Today, the Plunkett Fowles vineyards occupy over five hundred acres of the choicest ground. At 490 metres above sea level, the vines are stimulated by the coolness of spring to produce small berries, while in summer the low rainfall and intense sunshine nurture fruit that is dense in colour and flavour. Cool and crisp, with a hint of the tropics, 490m is a refreshing Sauvignon Semillon, ideal for chilling with friends.
View details Fowles 490m Cabernet Merlot
$ 14.99 Fowles 490m Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Strathbogie / Victoria
Cabernet and Merlot perform brilliantly on the Strathbogie Ranges. Assembled into a single wine, they capture the heart of suitors in search of a soft, early drinking table red. 490m is an inspired effort by the team at Plunkett Fowles, who consumate the most gratifying wines from within the environment of their high altitude home. A vibrant accord of fruit, supported by the most congenial tannins. Soft and approachable, keen to cultivate your friendship, 490m loves pizza, a shared bowl of pasta or a quiet drink by the fire.
View details Four Sisters Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / / Victoria
Sauvignon Blanc as a sparkling wine is relatively unknown outside France's Loire Valley. It is only to be expected of the Four Sisters that they take up the lead and introduce this stylish, post modern drink to Australian palates. Known for their exquisite luncheon whites and celebratory sparklers, Four Sisters love nothing more than getting together with the girls over a bottle of good Sauvignon Blanc and glass or two of chilled fizz. They've combined the two into a single, gorgeous drink, just brimming with smart effervescence and elegant flavours.
View details Four Sisters Sparkling Moscato
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Sparkling Moscato
Currently out of stock
Muscat / / Victoria
Alluring and flirtatious, personable and intriguing. Four Sisters is an iconic Australian brand, much loved for their irresistibly fruit forward wines. Sparkling Moscato is quickly emerging as one of the nation's leading easy drinking styles. The Four Sisters fashion a luscious effervescent wine for relaxed drinking, a reflection of today's amiable attitudes and fun loving philosophy. Chic, sophisticated and contemporary, perfect for sipping at every occasion. People everywhere around the globe are getting to know the Four Sisters . and loving it.
View details Four Sisters Shiraz
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Shiraz
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / / Victoria
The Four Sisters are called upon countless times each day, at luncheon tables around the country, to deliver the quality of wine which makes a success out of every meal. The Four Sisters are the specialists, they love making wine almost as much as they enjoy drinking it. One of Australia's most cherished and enduring Shiraz, consistent and approachable, full of ripe plum and dulcet jube flavours, gently spiced and delicately enhanced by a treatment of supple oak, supported by a measure of soft, flattering tannins.
View details Four Sisters Sauvignon Blanc
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Sauvignon Blanc
Currently out of stock
SauvBlanc / / Victoria
The contemporary style of Australian white wine, vibrantly fruit driven and fresh, it delivers in terms of drinkability and offers unanimous appeal to all palates. Four Sisters are a staple of the dining-out lifestyle throughout the nation. An early drinking range of wines created by the legendary Trevor Mast, one of Australia's most eminent winemakers and a peer respected national wine show judge. This popular table white has been highly acclaimed, as much for it's kinship to good food as for ease of enjoyment and approachability when served young and chilled.
View details Four Sisters Merlot
$ 12.99 Four Sisters Merlot
Currently out of stock
Merlot / / Victoria
Winemaking legend Trevor Mast's daughters created the concept of the Four Sisters as a birthday surprise. Delighted with the idea, Trevor fashioned a small production wine from vines growing behind the family home. It has become one of the nation's most recognizable labels. Enter, Australia's favourite Merlot, a soft, rounded wine with delicate flavours and a subtle hint of sweet cocoa oak, a perfect match to mushroom risotto, beef teriyaki or peking duck.
View details Four Sisters Chardonnay
$ 13.99 Four Sisters Chardonnay
Currently out of stock
Chardonnay / / Victoria
Harvests of Chardonnay are collated from some of the finest vineyards, to be vinified and assembled by the Four Sisters team into a refreshing young wine. Grapes displaying peach and melon characteristics form the backbone, while parcels offering vegetal and minerality add to the complexity, masterfully harmonized into a lively fruit driven Chardonnay wine, the perfect luncheon white.
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