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View details Cote Du Lion Grenache Syrah Mourvedre 2007
$ 21.99 Cote Du Lion Grenache Syrah Mourvedre 2007
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Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / Languedoc / France
Château des Karantes is a magnificent vineyard situated within the La Clape Appellation on Coteaux du Languedoc at the southwest of France. The domaine lies in a small valley just two minutes away from the Mediterranean between the seaside resort towns of Narbonne Plage and St. Pierre sur Mer. The site is named after a historic Bishop of Carcassonne who owned the estate hundreds of years ago. A cepage of Grenache, Syrah and Mourverdre are fashioned into an exciting wine of piquant fruit characters and crisp, refreshing tannins.
View details Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG
$ 109.99 Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG
Available in cases of 6
Corvina Rondinella Molinara / Veneto / Italy
Welcome to the final word in libatious indulgence, the artisanal exploit of an ancient technique which concentrates fruit into a wine of remarkable intensity. This is Amarone country, where the traditional grapes of Valpolicella Classica, Corvina, Rondinella e Molinara, are spread out on bamboo racks in winter, appassimento style, to air dry the berries into little treasures bursting with flavours and perfume. Its opaque ruby colour precedes an unctuous palate of plum and cherry syrup richness, seasoned by curls of cocoa and coffee oak.
View details Corte Giara Bardolino DOC
$ 18.99 Corte Giara Bardolino DOC
Available by the dozen
Corvina Veronese Rondinella Molinara / Veneto / Italy
View details Coriole Sangiovese
$ 24.99 Coriole Sangiovese
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Some would say that if you've not yet acquired a taste for Sangiovese, that you need a holiday in the Italian countryside, preferably Tuscany or Umbria! The Sangiovese grape was pioneered in Australia by Coriole Vineyards. It was first planted in 1985 with the aim of creating a wine which would be the stylistic contrast to Shiraz. With several different clones from which to select, off fully mature vines up to thirty years of age, the Coriole team can produce a profound varietal expression of this audacious and engaging Italian grape.
View details Coriole Redstone Shiraz
$ 19.99 Coriole Redstone Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren / SouthAustralia
Coriole release several different bottlings of Shiraz each year, Redstone takes its name from the prominently red coloured ironstones, common to the vineyards and buildings of McLaren Vale. Concentrated and highly aromatic, a savoury rather than sweet palate, the maturity of fruit character reflects the quality of older vineyards. Redstone is fashioned to the popular drink now McLaren Vale style, match to roast meats or a length of flame grilled, gourmandise snags.
View details Coriole Mary Kathleen Cabernet Merlot
$ 52.99 Coriole Mary Kathleen Cabernet Merlot
Available in cases of 6
CabernetSauv Merlot / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Coriole was first developed by Geoffrey Kay, a distant relative of the Amery Vineyard Kays. Dr Hugh Lloyd GP sewed the vines which produce Mary Kathleen during a period when the fashion was to plant in contours around the local Seaview highlands. Named after the estate's matriarch, Mary Kathleen is crafted from three small blocks, originally planted in the 1960s. Perennially lauded and famously received, Mary Kathleen is generously mouthfilling with sweet fruit, earthy regional hints and complex spice.
View details Coriole Lloyd Reserve Shiraz
$ 89.99 Coriole Lloyd Reserve Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Excellent Langtons Classification. Hugh Lloyd founded Coriole in 1967, his eponymously labelled flagship Shiraz is harvested off a single estate vineyard which yields tiny berries of the greatest intensity. Established 1919 by by the dauntless and seminal Geoffrey Kay, it is one of Australia's grand old vineyards, the wizzened old vines were originally planted in curiously winding arcs around the slopes and undulations of the property, presenting a spectacular panorama of a marvelous old vineyard.
View details Coriole Estate Shiraz
$ 26.99 Coriole Estate Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Coriole is one of McLaren Vale's most eminent, artisanal estates. Consecutive vintages of Coriole Shiraz have claimed a remarkable back to back San Francisco Double Gold. Exclusively estate grown, the majority of vines are some forty years of age. Coriole know from Shiraz, having grown the varietal since 1919 and rating Langtons Classification for the estate flagship Lloyd Reserve. Coriole is sylistically strong, showing exceptional concentration of flavour, elegantly lined by gentle tannins and supported by judicious oak.
View details Cookoothama Cabernet Merlot
$ 14.99 Cookoothama Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Riverina / NewSouthWales
Cookoothama means fertile land, an approachable accord of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from fruit grown to a special site at Darlington Point on the Riverina. Employing the best of old world viticultural practices and new world technology, Nugan Estate charge their devoted team with the pleasant task of making wine of the highest order. The two hands on the label represent the people who have lived and cultivated soils which lie along the banks of Murrumbidgee River, transforming it into the salubrious property it is today.
View details Connor Park Durif
$ 21.99 Connor Park Durif
Available by the dozen
Durif / Bendigo / Victoria
The Connor Park vineyards were planted by industrialist Tom Connor in the 1960s, with a view to establishing a test site for the development of the automatic grape harvester. It was acquired by the Lougoons in the 1980s, a family of pastoralists who learned quickly about the synergy between grazing and winemaking. A small parcel of closely cosseted Durif vines at Lake Marmal near Bendigo, yields a precious harvest of world class Durif grapes. A powerful, opaque wine with sizeable tannin, countered by a palate of remarkable intensity and profound length.
View details Collector Reserve Shiraz 2009
$ 49.99 Collector Reserve Shiraz 2009
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Canberra / NewSouthWales
By one of the most significant operations in Australia today, crafted from Shiraz grown to mature vines at Kyeema, on an elevated granite saddle near Murrumbateman.
View details Collector Marked Tree Red Shiraz
$ 29.99 Collector Marked Tree Red Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Canberra / NewSouthWales
Alex McKay worked as plongeur at a Canberra restaurant and filled wine on a bottling line before graduating to one of modern viticulture's most distinguished accolades as Dux in Oenology. Collector's amazing efforts at Shiraz are hand made for balance, character and depth of flavour, from fruit grown to some of the most remarkable Australian mesoclimes around Canberra.
View details Collector Marked Tree Hill Shiraz 2008
$ 26.99 Collector Marked Tree Hill Shiraz 2008
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Canberra / NewSouthWales
Collector produce limited quantities from fruit grown to vines planted in the lean pink granites and reddish shale loams of the Canberra district.
View details Coldstream Hills Reserve Cabernet 2004
$ 49.99 Coldstream Hills Reserve Cabernet 2004
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Founded by the great James Halliday, Coldstream Hills is as fastidious today under the stewardship of it's highly respected winemakers, as it was in the halcyon days of the re-emerging Yarra Valley boutique wineries. Vintage conditions permitting, Coldstream Hills releases a Reserve in excruciatingly restricted quantities, assembled from the most exceptional barrels of elite Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The intensive handling of this robust Cuvee includes fermentation under new French oak, followed by extended maceration and ageing.
View details Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir
$ 26.99 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Coldstream Hills make the quintessential Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, gentle and exquisitely balanced, well developed and engagingly complex. Whole bunch stalkiness and refined French oak add structure and interest. A gamey, earthy proposition displaying all the requisite varietal characters, a stylish wine of intensity and velvet textures, brimming with punnets of ripe berry flavours. Elegantly medium bodied, lined with silky tannins, the Pinot Noir of choice to accompany gourmandise venison, braised hare or succulently roast duck.
View details Coldstone Shiraz Viognier 2006
$ 9.99 Coldstone Shiraz Viognier 2006
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Alpine / Victoria
A perfect harmony executed to perfection by one of the most proficient high country winemakers. Shiraz is co-fermented with the highly aromatic Viognier to complete a soft, elegant wine with alluring perfumes. Viognier plays the pivotal role in this style, delivering an intriguing fruity, floral lift to the nose, enhancing the appearance with a brilliant colour and taming the tannins of Shiraz.
View details Cockfighters Ghost Merlot 2012
$ 17.99 Cockfighters Ghost Merlot 2012
Currently out of stock
Merlot / Orange / NewSouthWales
Cockfighter was a horse who met with an untimely death, his ghost haunts a billabong but the tale would be long forgotten if it wasn't for the award winning team at Pooles Rock. Merlot vines thrive on the New South Wales central ranges, where the cool, slow ripening climes of the up and coming Orange winegrowing district yields some of Australia's finest fruit. In keeping with its provenance, Cockfighter's Ghost is profuse with the rich blueberry plum and varietal spice characters of Merlot, all supported by an exquisite, soft and lingering tannin frame.
View details Cockfighters Ghost McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014
$ 19.99 Cockfighters Ghost McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
The stuff of legends, who is there in Australia who has never heard of Cockfighter's Ghost? Originally crafted from Shiraz grown to a small block of ancient Hunter Valley vines, the Cockfighter's range are still made at the historic Glen Elgin wineworks, established 1895. Harvests of the finest Shiraz grapes, exhibiting vibrant spiced plum flavours and lined by juicy tannins, grown to good vineyards in McLaren Vale, have been set aside for vinification into the deeply captivating Cockfighter's Ghost.
View details Cockfighters Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
$ 19.99 Cockfighters Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
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CabernetSauv / Langhorne Creek / SouthAustralia
Langhorne Creek can lay claim to the finest Cabernet Sauvignon. Vines are planted to sites which are rich in mineral and organic alluvial soils, nourished every year by annual floods. The ripening grapes are infused by the perfumes and chewy, gummy flavours of ubiquitous eucalypts, which line the shores of River Bremer. Cockfighter's Ghost found the ideal site, one that would yield harvests of the most exemplary Cabernet. An intense wine, brimming with blackcurrant and dark cherry flavours, fragrantly seasoned by a gentle frame of sweet French oak.
View details Cockatoo Ridge Cabernet Merlot
$ 9.99 Cockatoo Ridge Cabernet Merlot
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Merlot / Barossa / SouthAustralia
A mostly Barossa wine fashioned at an ancient wineworks that was once Hardy's Siegersdorf. The remarkably approachable Cockatoo Ridge has seamless wood and fruit balance that seems to call for another glassful! Rich and soft, an equitable arrangement between two of the most compatible noble red varietals.
View details Coal Valley Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
$ 36.99 Coal Valley Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Coal Valley / Tasmania
Tasmania is paradise for Pinot, a very special place which yields a quality of wine that's highly evocative of the eminent and renowned old world styles. Todd Goebel and Gill Christian are vignerons in the truest sense, taking a sojourn from careers in biology and engineering, to cane prune vines and lay down organic fertilizer. The fruit of their enthusiastic efforts is a remarkably complex Pinot Noir of excellence and refinement, presenting a unique pallet of discernible pastoral characters within each sip.
View details Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir
$ 44.99 Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Marlborough / NewZealand
Pinot Noir thrives throughout the favourable precincts of Marlborough, where Cloudy Bay have planted the best clones on the choicest sites, to realize harvests of the finest fruit. Crop levels are carefully controlled to ensure the grapes are brimming wth great concentration of flavour, selectively picked and treated to a regimen of old fashioned, tried and true, minimalist vinification techniques. Cloudy Bay are always richly layered with complexity, fruit driven yet exquisitely dry, finely structured and supported by ripe, licorice textured tannins.
View details Clos Figueras Serras del Priorat
$ 49.99 Clos Figueras Serras del Priorat
Available in cases of 6
Grenache Carignan Shiraz CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
Clos Figueras retain some of the oldest vineyards in Priorat, Serras del Priorat is a compilation of younger vine harvests, fifteen or so years of age, fashioned into a more fruit driven style for approachability, while remaining eloquent of the excellence and sophistication which define Priorat wines. A seamless, well rounded cépage, half Grenache, the balance in Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Syrah, redolent with the perfumes of the region, tightly wound around a core of berry lozenge characters, supported by a chamois of smooth, savoury tannins.
View details Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera 2012
$ 59.99 Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera 2012
Currently out of stock
Grenache Carignan Shiraz Mourvedre CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
When Charlotte and Christopher Cannan acquired Figueras in 1997, the primary attraction of the estate was a block of old Cariñena and Grenache vines, surrounded by an endowment of fallow terraces which beckoned to be brought back to productive health. Two decades later, the younger plantings of Cabernet, Mourvedre and Syrah are now fully mature, grown to grueling llicorella soils, capable of only the most frugal yields, picked by hand and treated to traditional open vat ferments, the fruit of a remarkable region which has been making wine for millennia.
View details Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
$ 66.99 Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
Available in cases of 6
Grenache Carignan Shiraz Mourvedre CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
Julius Caesar was born a Spaniard, he probably enjoyed the wines of Priorat at a time when ancient Romans built the very terraces which now yield Font de la Figuera. This majestic viticultural paradise was devastated by phylloxera and abondoned by agricuturalists in the nineteenth century. Rediscovered by fine wine enthusiasts and re established to productive vineyards in the 1980s, it delivers vintages of the most exquisite Grenache blends in the world. Layered with licorice and the seasoning of Mediterranean spice, a penetrating wine, seamless, stately and refined.
View details Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
$ 69.99 Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
Available in cases of 6
Grenache Carignan Shiraz Mourvedre CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
Vinified from the fruit of auspicious vines, established 1998 around an eminent block of ancient Cariñena and Garnacha. The soils here are unique, plantings are exposed to the temperate Mediterranean winds of Ebro Valley, brisk, envigorating breezes which extend the ripening season and encourage grapes to form remarkable esters. Font de la Figuera is the second growth from Clos Figueras, a wonderfully complex cépage of Cabernet and Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre and Shiraz, seamless and intense, cossetted by lithe, silken tannins.
View details Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
$ 61.99 Clos Figueras Font de la Figuera
Available in cases of 6
Grenache Carignan Shiraz Mourvedre CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
Cariñena and Garnacha are the topical red wine grapes of Priorat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are commonly included to create a structured, complex style. The soils here tend to be parched and stony, perfect for punishing the vines and intensifying flavour in the grapes. Fruit is all picked by hand into twenty kilograms boxes and poured over the sorting table. Parcels are vinified in a collection of good old fashioned 2500 litres oaken vats and pigeaged by hand, before filling to well seasoned 500 litres French kogsheads and puncheons for a course of timely maturation.
View details Clos Figueras
$ 129.99 Clos Figueras
Grenache Carignan Shiraz CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
Clos Figueras is a legacy block of old, to very old, Cariñena and Garnacha vines. This very special site is surrounded by ancient terraces which were re established to viticulture at the turn of the century. Cabernet and Syrah have traditionally been called upon by local vignerons to round out the palate of Priorat Grenache and to contribute structure. The most exemplary parcels are singled out for inclusion into Clos Figueras, achieving a finely chiselled wine which undulates with seamlessness, resonating under its opulent weight of fruit and dulcet complexity.
View details Clos Figueras
$ 129.99 Clos Figueras
Grenache Carignan Shiraz CabernetSauv / Priorat / Spain
The surrounds of Clos Figueras have been farmed since Roman colonization. There are groves of productive olive trees on the estate, some are centuries of age and yield the most delicious fruit. The original block of vines are also age unknown, returned to life after a period of disuse, they are now source to a Grenache Carignan accord of opulence and humbling virtue. Fermented in the luxury of completely new French oak casks, pigeaged by hand and treated to an extended maceration on skins, followed by a year's maturation in a selection of Allier hogsheads and barriques.
View details Clonakilla ORiada Shiraz 2010
$ 36.99 Clonakilla ORiada Shiraz 2010
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Viognier / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
Sean O'Riada is one of the heroes of modern Ireland. A talented musician and composer, he is credited with taking traditional Irish music out of the pubs and bringing it to the world. O'Riada Shiraz is made from fruit grown to four very special vineyards around Murrumbateman, co-fermented with a dollop of Viognier.
View details Clonakilla Hilltops Shiraz 2015
$ 26.99 Clonakilla Hilltops Shiraz 2015
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Hilltops / NewSouthWales
A collation of superior vineyard parcels, crafted by a boutique estate which has been recognized as one of Australia's leading wineries. Clonakilla is dedicated to making distinctive, handcrafted wines, only ever released in limited quantities, anything by Clonakilla can be hard to find, but they are worth the search. The house speciality is Shiraz, Clonakilla unashamedly borrow techniques from Burgundy and Vallée du Rhône. Clonakilla's inaugural vintage claimed two gold medals, one silver and two trophies in only three showings.
View details Cleanskin Yarra Valley Shiraz 2005
$ 9.99 Cleanskin Yarra Valley Shiraz 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Yarra Valley / Victoria
From parcels of fruit grown to choice vineyards in the premiere viticultural districts of Victoria. A style of Shiraz that is distinctly Yarra Valley, by a prominent winemaking estate, to surpass all expectations of what can be expected from a bottle without a label. Dominated by bright varietal fruit and lovely soft tannins, a medium bodied red wine with an attractive colour, alluring bouquet and mouthfilling palate. Representing excellent value, having developed complexity after a spell of ageing, its ripe and ready to enjoy today with all good faire.
View details Cleanskin Yarra Valley Cabernet 2012
$ 9.99 Cleanskin Yarra Valley Cabernet 2012
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, grown to the higher altitudes of fine Yarra Valley vineyards, are deeply enthused by the extended growing seasons, brought about by cooler climes. Such slower ripening conditions encourage layers of intense flavours and varietal complexity. This unlabelled Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon articulates the influence of the region and skill of the winemaker. Outstanding value in a Cleanskin, an effusive wine of ripe varietal blackberry and cassis characters, gentle background oak and measured, disciplined tannins.
View details Cleanskin Sunbury Pinot Noir 2011
$ 12.50 Cleanskin Sunbury Pinot Noir 2011
Currently out of stock
PinotNoir / Sunbury / Victoria
A flagship Pinot Noir from a heritage Sunbury vineyard established during colonial times. The fortuitous confluence of elevated aspects and favourable terroirs, rejuvenating maritime climes and limited yields of hand picked grapes, translate into a profoundly structured Pinot wine of layered intensity and stately cool climate elegance. A small amount of this splendid effort is currently on offer, bottled in cleanskin and sealed under good old fashioned cork, for a third the price of its otherwise labelled siblings. Indulge.
View details Cleanskin Mount Benson Shiraz 2012
$ 9.99 Cleanskin Mount Benson Shiraz 2012
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Mount Benson / SouthAustralia
The Mount Benson region has supplied fruit to many of Australia's celebrated wineries, it has also been the source of Shiraz for some of the most memorable vintages. Less than an hour's drive away lies Coonawarra, both regions share similarities but Mount Benson is cooler and the ripening season is longer. The remarkable quality of cool ripened Shiraz, inspired one of Coonawarra's pioneer winemaking families, to plant vines at Mount Benson, achieving a fragrantly spiced red of sound structure, concentrated fruit and amazing palate length.
View details Cleanskin Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
$ 9.99 Cleanskin Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Margaret River / SouthAustralia
Margaret River makes intensely flavoured, varietally articulate, astonishingly well balanced wines. The remarkable microclimes, within the exclusive coterie of vineyards on the peninsula between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, have a style all their own. Cabernet Sauvignon from these beatified soils makes a world class wine, eerily similar to it's varietal siblings from Bordeaux. An intensity of dark berry flavours, brimming with enticing perfumes and the most gracious tannins, culminate on an intense closet spice, currant and ribena finish.
View details Cleanskin King Valley Merlot Sangiovese 2011
$ 9.99 Cleanskin King Valley Merlot Sangiovese 2011
Currently out of stock
Merlot Sangiovese / King Valley / Victoria
Here's an exciting King Valley red that offers a spectrum of fragrances and flavour over lively tannins, a mouthfilling assembly of Merlot and Sangiovese grown to cool climate, high country vines. An engaging red with a seamless palate and distinctive Italianate stylishness to savour with all good food, exhibiting many of the meaty spice and plum characters of the lofty Tuscans. A nose and palate of dark fruits and pepper, wrapped in subtle toasty oak, the tannins are brisk, the flavours are long, fully integrated yet complex, the acids invigorating and dry.
View details Cleanskin King Valley Merlot 2013
$ 10.00 Cleanskin King Valley Merlot 2013
Currently out of stock
Merlot / King Valley / Victoria
The higher altitudes of King Valley yield harvests of the finest, slowly ripened fruit. Spring runoffs and retentive terroirs nourish the soils and stimulate the vines to infuse maximum flavour in the grapes. Merlot is an outstanding performer in the high country, taking full advantage of the cool climes to develop fully the rich fruit esters and refined, velvet tannins. Crafted by one of King Valley's stellar achievers and representing salient value, a generously complex yet exquisitely balanced Merlot wine of bespoke King Valley eloquence and remarkably elegant styling.
View details Cleanskin Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
$ 9.99 Cleanskin Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Coonawarra / SouthAustralia
Coonawarra Cabernet has established itself as a unique genre of Australian wine. The vibrant Terra rossa soils which lie under tiny Coonawarra's superlative vineyards, impart powerful flavours and magnificent richness to the finished wines. This unlabelled offering exudes the characteristic blackberry and currant highlights which distinguish the noble Cabernet, accompanied by spice and vanilla characters that are the hallmarks of quality oak. Excellent value, which in less bountiful years would be branded with the winemaker's label.
View details Claymore Youll Never Walk Alone GSM
$ 19.99 Claymore Youll Never Walk Alone GSM
Available by the dozen
Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
A compilation of parcels, dry grown Clare Valey fruit, Grenache for freshness and allure, Shiraz for structure, plummyness and spice, Mourvedre brings a measure of ribald richness, palate weight and pastoral funk. Claymore were established 1991 with a view to making good, healthy wine from an ancient block of terra rosa Grenache, the precious old site remains an inspiration to the team and delivers an amazing harvest of exceptional fruit with each vintage. Savoury earth and currant florals, a bliss alongside slow cooked, melt in the mouth pork.
View details Claymore Nirvana Reserve Shiraz
$ 36.99 Claymore Nirvana Reserve Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Clare Valley Shiraz of power and controlled grace, only just tamed after the profligate indulgence of two years maturation in a high proportion of new French oak. A palate of immense weight and stately presence of dulcet, regional blueberry fruit. Best when given some air, Nirvana's expansive perfumes build in the glass, its pretty, spiced oak nose gives way to dense plum fruit, anise and currant, briars and mint. Serve well aired alongside aged beef fillet or sharp matured cheddar, Nirvana defines the august opulence of truly statuesque Clare Valley Shiraz.
View details Claymore London Calling Cabernet Malbec
$ 19.99 Claymore London Calling Cabernet Malbec
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Malbec / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon with a quarter of Malbec, red wine for rockers, those who choose to give in to their hedonistic urges. Plush generosity and a layering of flavours, pretty up front but let the wine breathe and suddenly these dry, fine and lightly chewy tannins build on the back palate, lending a savoury edge to the dark fruit richness. A skerrick of Merlot from a block adjacent the Claymore cellar door, sits in the barrel store until called in for inclusion as a finishing aid, bringing structure and softness, achieving a seamless wine that leaps to the beat.
View details Claymore Ian Rush Reserve Shiraz
$ 79.99 Claymore Ian Rush Reserve Shiraz
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
A rigorous barrel cull of the most outstanding Shiraz of vintage, assembled after a stringent tally of superior blocks at Penwortham in Valley Clare. Sent to a high selection of new French oak for a term of extended age, candidate barrels are shortlisted after a year's oak maturation, returned to rest for another year before a serious sampling to determine the final cut. Full bodied, rich and intense Shiraz with powerful dark fruits and mouth filling savouryness, lifted spice intertwines with velvetine, spoon coating tannins, a generosity of fruit sweetness and opulent palate length.
View details Claymore Dark Side Of The Moon Shiraz
$ 21.99 Claymore Dark Side Of The Moon Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
This one tastes as good as it sounds, a full flavoured, elegantly structured Shiraz, hand crafted from a superior harvest of Clare Valley fruit, much of it grown to a seventy year old Terra rossa site. Despite it's sobering moniker, a stylish and refined Shiraz, full bodied, voluptuous and richly proportioned, layered with Clare complexity. Dak Side will delight Shiraz enthusiasts, its fragrant perfumes and polished structure are a match to fine cuisine, caramelized foie gras or escalope de veau.
View details Claymore Black Magic Woman Reserve Cabernet
$ 38.99 Claymore Black Magic Woman Reserve Cabernet
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv Merlot Malbec / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Only ever made in exceptional vintage years, from fruit grown to the old Cabernet vines on Churinga Vineyard just north of Watervale. These dry grown, gnarled old veterans yield the most superlative Cabernet Sauvignon in all Valley Clare. The harvest of this elite block is treated to a spell of extra ripening to further concentrate the intensity of flavour. The extravagance of two years French oak and minimal filtration achieve a wine of spellbinding depth and imposing structure, quite literally a beguiling Clare Cabernet to bewitch the senses.
View details Claymore Bittersweet Symphony Cabernet
$ 22.99 Claymore Bittersweet Symphony Cabernet
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Malbec / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Medical practitioners are conspicuously over represented statistically amongst the roll call of Australia's boutique wineries and grand, baronial winemaking estates. Is it all about the quest for a healthy mind and healthy body, or is it something rather more indulgent that our physicians are practising? Clearly not a depraved effort by any means, Bittersweet Symphony is a poised and gracious Cabernet wine, brimming with Clare Valley elegance, endowed with fragrant perfumes, layers of clean berry fruit and sleek, cultivated tannins.
View details Clairault Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 25.99 Clairault Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Margaret River makes mighty Cabernet but Clairault make a priority of gentle winemaking. Parcels are cannily crushed so that each berry is only, barely just split, affording the ferments minimal berry degradation, encouraging the retention of fresh, clean varietal Cabernet characters in the finished wine. Vinified on skins for optimal extraction and treated to a timely ten months in nothing but the finest French oak, a vivid articulation of Margaret River Cabernet, brimming with dark blue currants and cassis, its refined minerality resolving on a refreshing glace cherry finish.
View details Clairault Margaret River Cabernet Merlot
$ 20.99 Clairault Margaret River Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot PetitVerdot / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Clairault Estate is situated approximately ten kilometres south of Yallingup, within the superior Wilyabrup dress circle of Margaret River. The property contains four dams, forty hectares of grazing land and eighty of remnant bush. The vineyard itself has been cultivated with a commitment to local flora and fauna, it yields harvests of small but intensely flavoured grapes. Merlot and Petit Verdot are assembled around a solid backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon, a stately wine of penetrating bramble fruit characters and refined, tensile tannins.
View details Clairault Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 43.99 Clairault Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv CabernetFranc / Margaret River / WesternAustralia
Clairault are all about taking care of the little things to build a much greater wine, vineyards are all managed like a wildlife sanctuary and the vinifcations are treated as gently as one can. Berries must be only barely split, to iintroduce just the right amount of tannin while retaining a press of the purest juices. The most exquisite parcels Cabernet Sauvignon, a touch of Cabernet Franc for interest and finesse, are delicately fermented before eighteen months of age in an extravagantly high proportion of new French oak, the fruit of Margaret River at its finest, graceful and most eloquent.
View details Cirillo The Vincent Grenache
$ 19.99 Cirillo The Vincent Grenache
Available by the dozen
Grenache / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Light Pass was one of the first Barossa precincts to be planted to vine. A single Grenache vineyard remains from earliest settlement, still yielding the most precious fruit, it is likely the oldest productive planting of Grenache in the world. Marco Cirillo personally manages each and every vine on this invaluable block, his specialty is Grenache and he maintains a close watch over his priceless old plantings. Much of what he picks off the vine is destined for the mighty Torbreck, he retains a small amount from each vintage to release under his own label.
Results 1901 - 1950 of 2299
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