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View details Smith Hooper Reserve Merlot
$ 23.99 Smith Hooper Reserve Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Wrattonbully / SouthAustralia
A compliation of the most outstanding parcels Wrattonbully Merlot, sourced off the best blocks established by the Smith and Hooper families, trained from the ground up to be exceptional sites, whence careful management yields a superior harvest of Merlot. The Smith & Hooper philosophy demands the terroir be allowed to speak for itself and it does. The auspicious climes provide ideal ripening conditions, while rich Terra rossa soils over limestone forces the vines to struggle for survival, ultimately producing a wine of intensity and finesse.
View details Smith Hooper Merlot
$ 18.99 Smith Hooper Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Wrattonbully / SouthAustralia
The term Terra rossa means red earth, a rich, free draining soil that is considered by many as the viticultural equivalent of discovering gold. Beneath the strata of red earth at Wrattonbully sits a layer of ancient limestone, a winegrower's dream as it allows free drainage of water, yet ensures vine roots stay close to the surface, putting natural stress on the vine and limiting its vigor and yield. An attractive wine upon release and destined to develop complexity, just perfect alongside crispy skinned pork belly. In sticky sauce of course.
View details Smith Hooper Cabernet Merlot
$ 18.99 Smith Hooper Cabernet Merlot
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv Merlot / Wrattonbully / SouthAustralia
Wrattonbully is blessed by some of the most desirable winegrowing terrains in Australia. Smith & Hooper are sourced entirely from two Wrattonbully estate vineyards, adjacent properties which have long been owned and operated by the Smith and Hooper families. These are premium red wines from exceptional sites where the philosophy is to let the terroir speak for itself, and it does. The elements of soil and climate are so exceptional, that they elevate the noble cepage of Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon into a profound wine of distinction and finesse.
View details Slightly Soiled Superstars
$ 39.99 Slightly Soiled Superstars
Currently out of stock
/ /
Watershed Awakening claims distinguished accolades with every release, vintage 2010 chalked up seven national trophies and multi international wine show awards. Ken Helm AM is a direct descendant of Rhine Valley vignerons and arguably understands Riesling better than anyone else in Australia, his Canberra Rieslings are national flagships. Central Otago's Grasshopper Rock achieved international acclaim after receiving an outstanding classification from Wine Advocate. Slightly label stained at a wholesale price, for discerning wine enthusiasts with an eye out for value.
View details Sir Paz Parker Road Bin 8 Shiraz Merlot 2007
$ 29.99 Sir Paz Parker Road Bin 8 Shiraz Merlot 2007
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Yarra Valley / Victoria
Confined to a precious precinct of Yarra Valley, is a belt of superb red earth renowned for producing wines of exceptional quality. Sir Paz produce award winning red on red wines, crafted from red grapes planted to Terra rossa soil. Formerly a chestnut tree grove, the elevated site is perfectly suited to vines, as the grapes experience cool conditions, ripening slowly for maximum flavour development. A racy Victorian accord of Merlot and Shiraz with sophisticated oak handling, a wine of style and character, worthy of a place in any cellar.
View details Shingleback Shiraz 2010
$ 23.99 Shingleback Shiraz 2010
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / McLaren / SouthAustralia
Shiraz was Shingleback's first choice, the inaugural vintage of 1998 was released to highly encouraging critical acclaim. Shingleback can now lay claim to a succession of superlative vintages which have collected an industry wishlist of coveted trophies and gold. Generously flavoured, intense with complexity, enhanced by an extravagant oak treatment, vinified from the finest Shiraz grown to the Davey Family Vineyard, home of the 2006 Jimmy Watson. Crafted from vine to bottle without excessive manipulation, gently handled right through to extended ageing.
View details Shingleback D Block Reserve Cabernet 2005
$ 56.99 Shingleback D Block Reserve Cabernet 2005
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Gold Mundus Vini International Wine Awards + the 2006 Jimmy Watson Winner. A spectacular red wine fashioned from a small batch of superlative Cabernet berries with intense fruit flavours, out of an outstanding McLaren Vale vintage. Brothers Kym and John Davey planted their family vineyard in the Willunga Basin, on land acquired by their grandfather in 1959. Within a small niche, the soil, climate and vines combine to create something special - the fruit that is ultimately hand-crafted to become D Block Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.
View details Shingleback Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
$ 23.99 Shingleback Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Shingleback know about Cabernet Sauvignon, having claimed a Jimmy Watson Trophy in 2006. Winemaker John Davey selects the best blocks of vine, then picks them right at the precise moment that both sugars and flavour are mature. With the right fruit, minimal handling is required and the character of the luscious McLaren Vale Cabernet grapes shines through. A fully aromatic, blackberried wine with rich earthy flavours, made in the ripe fruit forward style that has distinguished Shingleback as one of the McLaren Vale's finest ever Cabernet Sauvignon.
View details Shelmerdine Heathcote Shiraz 2010
$ 22.99 Shelmerdine Heathcote Shiraz 2010
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
Shiraz is sourced from two estate vineyards at opposite ends of the Heathcote region, the Merindoc property in Tooborac to the south and Willoughby Bridge at Colbinabbin in the north. The vines at Merindoc are grown to gravelly, low fertility ironstone soils which infuse the wine with minerality, structure and cooler clime, slower ripened fruit character. Willoughby Bridge is planted on the precious strip of Cambrian rich red dirt, one of the oldest soil types in Australia, internationally renowned for the production of Heathcote's intensely flavoured Shiraz.
View details Shaw Smith Shiraz
$ 42.99 Shaw Smith Shiraz
Available in cases of 6
Shiraz / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Shiraz grapes in the Adelaide Hills ripen slowly and evenly resulting in spicey, intense expressions in the fruit. Shaw + Smith is a star performer, sourced from the carefully managed warmer sub-area of Macclesfield which provides structure and richness. The cooler climes of Balhannah yield a truly exciting new wave Shiraz with loads of clean pepper, spiceyness, concentration and palate weight to match. A brilliantly structured wine with great concentration of fruit flavours, a modern Australian expression with less reliance on oak, vibrant and bright.
View details Shaw Smith Pinot Noir
$ 40.99 Shaw Smith Pinot Noir
Available in cases of 6
PinotNoir / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Pinot Noir is the most temperamental of wine grape varieties and remains the ultimate challenge for many makers. Shaw + Smith have accepted the challenge, albeit in a highly exacting, small batch way. Site selection, the right clonal mix, miniscule yields and fastidious vineyard management are essential to success. A single vineyard wine from vines planted at a density of 2780 per hectare, to a select mixture of Burgundy's highly regarded 777 clone, as well as MV6, the backbone to many of Australia's finest editions of Pinot Noir.
View details Shaw Smith Lenswood Vineyard Pinot Noir
$ 79.99 Shaw Smith Lenswood Vineyard Pinot Noir
Available in cartons of six
PinotNoir / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
View details Shaw Smith Balhannah Vineyard Shiraz 2015
$ 79.99 Shaw Smith Balhannah Vineyard Shiraz 2015
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Adelaide Hills / SouthAustralia
Shaw & Smith make nothing but the best, exemplars exhibiting the finest balance and most exquisite elegance, always offering greater palate weight, character and charm. A low yielding vineyard at Balhannah is at the heart of Shaw & Smith, yielding the most exceptional harvest, year in and year out. Inimitably Adelaide Hills, enhanced by the rich flavours and luxuriant tannins of pampered vines. An intensely currant flavoured rendition of Shiraz, supported by pliant, licorice tannins and seasoned by curls of fragrant tradewind spice.
View details Seville Estate Barber Pinot Noir 2017
$ 21.99 Seville Estate Barber Pinot Noir 2017
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Yarra Valley / Victoria
When Dr Peter McMahon planted the first vines at Seville Estate in 1972, it marked the rebirth of Yarra Valley viticulture. Barber are the entry level to Seville's superlative range, hand crafted to classic Burgundian techniques. Four decades of the Yarra Valley's most inspiring Pinot Noir have consolidated the style and ensconced Seville as a leading marque in Yarra Valley. The aim is to create an earthy, elegant style with gamey, toasty flavours. Low cropping levels ensure the intensity of fruit flavours, maturation in French oak contributes refined complexity.
View details Sevenhill St Ignatius Cabernet Merlot Franc 2014
$ 35.99 Sevenhill St Ignatius Cabernet Merlot Franc 2014
Available in cartons of six
CabernetSauv Merlot CabernetFranc Malbec / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
A profound construct of noble red varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc drive the palate, tempered by the forward drinking Malbec and plum juicyness of Merlot. The story dates back to a deluge upon the Sevenhill vineyards in 1974. Winemaker emeritus Brother John May was not convinced that the crop was up to standard, so he blended all the grapes together. Impresario Doug Crittenden declared that it was the closest thing to Pomerol he had ever tasted! Named for the founder of the Jesuit Order, St Ignatius remains to this day a wine of immense stature.
View details Sevenhill St Francis Xavier Riesling
$ 30.99 Sevenhill St Francis Xavier Riesling
Available in cartons of six
Riesling / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
St Francis Xavier is really made in the vineyard. Fruit is sourced from a prized parcel at Sevenhill that captures the very essence of Clare Valley Riesling. St Francis Xavier is grown and made with great devotion to the preservation of flavours nurtured in the vineyard. The highly regarded clone from Geisheim is planted to a protected site, a block referred to as Herr Weikert.
View details Sevenhill Inigo Shiraz
$ 20.99 Sevenhill Inigo Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Sevenhill conjures up visions of Clare Valley idyll, serene pastoral vistas and ancient cellars full of patiently maturing Shiraz wines. One of our nation's great viticultural endowments, Sevenhill were the first ever cellars to be established in Valley Clare. Winemaking is still carried out under the direction of the Jesuitical Manresa Society, sacramental altar wine still accounts for a third of the estate's production. Inigo is an intense yet balanced Shiraz with the requisite character and charm to articulate the grace of vines up to 140 years of age.
View details Sevenhill Inigo Merlot
$ 20.99 Sevenhill Inigo Merlot
Available by the dozen
Merlot / Clare / SouthAustralia
The old vine D3v14 clone planted on two blocks at Sevenhill is not known for great concentration, yet Sevenhill produces Merlot wines of greater colour, palate structure and character than most. We see Merlot's finest qualities of violet perfume and silky texture coming from the uniform but not rich, clay loams of Sevenhill's vineyard. Secondly, it's all in the timing. The aim is to encourage all berries to ripen simultaneously and evenly. A fine accompaniement to osso buco or veal, Inigo makes the most of a slow cooked leg of rosemary garlic lamb.
View details Sevenhill Inigo Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
$ 20.99 Sevenhill Inigo Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Available by the dozen
CabernetSauv / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Clare Valley Cabernet is renowned throughout the world of wine for its elegance, delicacy and finesse. Sevenhill can count on harvests from the oldest vines in Valley Clare, established by the Jesuits Society in 1851, they are still managed by a dedicated viticultural team who treat their land with a reverence worthy of the seven hills of Rome. Real clergy, crafting true wine, aged under one of the nation's most ancient cellars, Inigo is a richly coloured wine, redolent with lifted eucalypt berry perfumes, supported by pious, graceful tannins and a robe of the most reverent oak.
View details Sevenhill Inigo Barbera
$ 20.99 Sevenhill Inigo Barbera
Available by the dozen
Barbera / Clare Valley / SouthAustralia
Clare Valley's original winery, established by the Jesuits in 1851, Sevenhill still make all their wines from fruit grown to seventy two priceless hectares of estate vineyard, the ancient wineworks are nestled amongst the vines, very near the historic St Aloysius Church. Today's approach to winemaking is all about the encouraging harvests of the most intensely flavoured fruit off an endowment of low yielding vines, followed by traditionally small batch, old world winemaking techniques to extract rich opaque flavours and a measure of fine silky tannins.
View details Sevenhill Brother John May Reserve Shiraz 2010
$ 77.99 Sevenhill Brother John May Reserve Shiraz 2010
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Clare / SouthAustralia
Brother John May planted a block of low yielding Shiraz vines during his stewardship of Sevenhill Cellars in the 1970s, naming his beloved parcel Ignatious, after the builder of a historic shrine which overlooks the precious patch. Grapes are crushed into an ancient five tonnes, open slate fermenter, gently plunged for up to a fortnight and basket pressed into the luxury of completely new French oak for two years maturation. Its opaque density, opulent structure and polished, seamless tannins define John May as Clare Valley's tour de force.
View details Setteporte Nerello Mascalese DOC
$ 69.99 Setteporte Nerello Mascalese DOC
Available in cartons of six
Nerello Mascalese / Etna / Sicily
View details Setteporte Etna Rosso DOC
$ 36.99 Setteporte Etna Rosso DOC
Available in cartons of six
Nerello Mascalese Cappuccio / Etna / Sicily
View details Serristori Sangiovese Toscana 2015
$ 16.99 Serristori Sangiovese Toscana 2015
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / Toscana / Italy
View details Sero Syrah Dolcetto
$ 12.99 Sero Syrah Dolcetto
Currently out of stock
Shiraz Dolcetto / King Valley / Victoria
From the King Valley in Victoria's high country, a good deal of pruning and thinning of Syrah and Dolcetto vines, together with some hand picking and selection of fruit. Cane cutting techniques have shrivelled the berries, concentrating the sugars and bittersweet grape tannins, whilst still on the vine. A wine of explosive Dolcetto characters with flavours akin to the shed dried styles of Italy's Veneto region, De Bortoli have achieved, an exciting fresh red, fully Euro in styling with the emphasis on fruit, suppleness and food friendliness.
View details Sero Merlot Sangiovese 2006
$ 9.99 Sero Merlot Sangiovese 2006
Currently out of stock
Sangiovese Merlot / King Valley / Victoria
A totally different style, this one is made for immediate drinking, and is packed with vibrant cherry fruit. A true barbecue stopper. Excellent value and highly recommended.
View details Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2011
$ 89.99 Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2011
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Serafino Maglieri came to McLaren Vale in 1968 and devoted his life to wine. From picking to pruning to cellarhand, he worked his way up to plant his own vines and build his first winery. He was twice crowned McLaren Vale Bushing King and claimed Trophy for Best Shiraz at the 1997 Great Australian Wine Challenge. He gained international renown after winning Trophy for Best Shiraz and Red Wine of the Year at the prestigious London International.
View details Serafino Reserve Sangiovese 2009
$ 35.99 Serafino Reserve Sangiovese 2009
Available by the dozen
Sangiovese / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Giovanni Maglieri worked at Pirramimma in the late 1950s. He was joined by 17 year old Serafino in 1963, the father and son team bought forty hectares of scrub and set about the task of clearing it for vines. After founding one of McLaren Vale's most eminent wineries, Serafino embarked upon his own label, establishing a lineage of the most memorable vintages in McLaren Vale viticulture.
View details Serafino Magnitude Shiraz 2013
$ 36.99 Serafino Magnitude Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
A collation of superior parcels from the Serafino estate vineyards in McLaren Vale, vinified in small, open top fermenters, pumped over twice daily for optimal extraction, pressed into French and American oak hogsheads for a luxurious twenty months maturation. Magnitude's mocha and mulberry spice nose precedes a full bodied palate of intense red berry fruits, sublimely integrated oak and mocha chocolate richness, all supported by an exquisite length over a carriage of supple, velvetine tannins.
View details Seppelt Victorians Shiraz 2014
$ 11.99 Seppelt Victorians Shiraz 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians Bendigo Heathcote / Victoria
Predominantly from the Seppelt property in the Grampians, a third of the fruit is picked off good vineyards at Bendigo, a further component is sourced from splendid Heathcote sites. An assemblage of Shiraz grown to somewhat different terroirs across the finer viticultural precincts of Victoria, the cooler climes of Grampians contributing a richness of fruit to balance the earthy tannins of warmer aspects to the north. An elegant, peppery wine, with expressions of berries, plum and soft tannins, mellowed by oak and resolving on a long, savoury finish.
View details Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 2014
$ 69.99 Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 2014
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
Outstanding Langtons Classification. A historic wine, the stuff of which legends are made, Victoria's answer to Grange. St Peters is the signature Grampians Shiraz by the House of Seppelt, crafted from mature vines fruit, hand picked off a canon of distinguished and superior old parcels, the backbone from St Peter, Imperial and Great Western Vineyards, established during the 1930s. Harmony defines the integration between layers of complexity and tightness of structure, a concentration of black plum and fragrant spice persists over a framework of tightly knit oak.
View details Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 1998
$ 69.99 Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 1998
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
From the parched and wizzened old vines on the austere and distinguished St Peters vineyard in Victoria's dry western grazing lands. The Seppelt St Peters Grampians Shiraz is a legendary wine from the House of Seppelt, combining the fruit of precious low yielding old vines with one and a half centuries of experience. St Peters embodies the unique style of Grampians Shiraz and demonstrates the ability of these old vineyards to yield extraordinary wines with outstanding palate structure, immense weight of fruit and refined, elegant tannins.
View details Seppelt Silverband Sparkling Shiraz N.V
$ 26.99 Seppelt Silverband Sparkling Shiraz N.V
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
Since 1851, The House of Seppelt has built a reputation for exceptional western districts Sparkling Shiraz. Silverband is composed of various select tirage wine components with an average vintage age of six years. These parcels were initially trial lots, carefully selected by the winemakers for their ability to age gracefully and develop intense varietal and regional characters. Over time, these batches were identified and blended to craft this unique and delightful Grampians Sparkling wine, sealed under crown cap. Peak drinking right now.
View details Seppelt Silverband Grampians Shiraz 2005
$ 29.99 Seppelt Silverband Grampians Shiraz 2005
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians / Victoria
This regional Shiraz is sourced from unique viticultural meso-climates that were formed from the gradual weathering of the Grampians over millions of years. These quality vineyards were identified by the winemakers on the basis of good Shiraz fruit, the fermented juice was aged in separate batches. From these batches wines that expressed high quality, regional fruit characters were selected to create a Shiraz that displays purity of fruit, elegance and great aging capacity, classic characteristics of the Grampians region.
View details Seppelt Mount Ida Heathcote Shiraz 2012
$ 46.99 Seppelt Mount Ida Heathcote Shiraz 2012
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Heathcote / Victoria
Seppelt are in possession of some of Victoria's most distinguished vineyards. Their approach is to harness the strength and characteristics of each site and create elegant wines. One of Australia's eldest estates, the Seppelts of today strive for the same standards of excellence which brought iconic status to some of their most renowned vintages. Planted in the mid 1970s, Mount Ida Vineyards were decimated by Ash Wednesday fires in 1983. A richly flavoured and intense Shiraz wine, Mt Ida exhibits a dense powerful palate of extraordinary complexity.
View details Seppelt Chalambar Shiraz 2015
$ 17.99 Seppelt Chalambar Shiraz 2015
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Bendigo & Grampians / Victoria
Originally crafted by the legendary Colin Preece and labelled as Burgundy, Chalambar has become one of the most highly sought Seppelt releases each year, due to its consistency, quality and value. The House of Seppelt are custodians to one of Australia's most auspicious cellars, constructed by miners who took up viticulture when the Victorian gold ruch was in decline. Their efforts have left a legacy which provides the ultimate environment for ageing stocks of Seppelt Chalambar, a fully engaging Shiraz of layered fruit and disciplined tannins.
View details Seppelt Chalambar Shiraz 2013
$ 21.99 Seppelt Chalambar Shiraz 2013
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Grampians Heathcote / Victoria
The legacy of early Victorian vineyards is maintained through a curious canon of place names on Seppelt labels, Chalambar is a tribute to unemployed miners who turned to viticulture as the gold rush came to an end. Deriving its name from the picturesque mount near Great Western, Chalambar is a true regional icon that's been playing to packed houses since 1951. An immediately approachable Shiraz with the enigmatic capacity to age gracefully, flavours of spicy dark berry fruits and chocolate are supported by fine tannins and gentle cedary oak.
View details Seppelt Benno Shiraz 2007
$ 44.99 Seppelt Benno Shiraz 2007
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Bendigo / Victoria
Seppelt were so excited about the quality of their Bendigo Shiraz that it was decided to release the precious parcels as a single label wine. Named Benno to celebrate the late, great Benno Seppelt's endeavours to promote Victoria as the nation's premiere wine growing region, Seppelt maintain the tradition begun in 1851, of producing Grand Cru quality Victorian Shiraz, a responsibility that the winemaking team do not take lightly. A distinctive single vineyard Shiraz with a great breadth of fruit and flattering, supportive oak over solid, complimenting tannins.
View details Sedona Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
$ 24.99 Sedona Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv / Goulburn / Victoria
A boutique, hands on winemaking enterprise of extremely limited production. Sedona take aim each vintage to construct a bold varietal style of Cabernet Sauvignon, showing vibrant characters of blackberry and cassis, with a power and weight of fruit that has become a Victorian benchmark. The superb efforts of Sedona can be found on some of the most exclusive wine lists in the country.
View details Secret Stone Pinot Noir
$ 19.99 Secret Stone Pinot Noir
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Marlborough / NewZealand
View details Second Nature Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2011
$ 17.99 Second Nature Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2011
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Shiraz Merlot / McLaren Vale / SouthAustralia
Certain grape varieties are naturally suited to particular climes whence they can create superior wine, it's simply second nature. Is there any mix of grapes in the world of wine that can replace the affinity between Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot? Likely not. It's up to the devoted growers of Dowie Doole to bring together the most suitably symbiotic batches of fruit from their superlative McLaren Vale sites. Vinified to the most exacting standards, treated to the most fasidious handling, mellowed after a spell of ageing in the highest quality seasoned oaks.
View details Seabrook Great Western Shiraz 2010
$ 34.99 Seabrook Great Western Shiraz 2010
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Pyrenees / Victoria
A warming, western districts Shiraz with strong regional expression and concentration of fruit on the palate. Hamish Seabrook comes from a long line of wine merchants, most notably W.J Seabrook & Son. He has made the most of his family's contacts in the industry to isolate and secure parcels of the finest Pyrenees Shiraz, grown to good vineyards, husbanded by the most devoted local vignerons. Crafted to an old fashioned claret style, with cedary oak to the fore, followed by an engaging length of spiced cherry and savoury chocolate plum characters.
View details Scotchmans The Hill Cabernet Shiraz 2015
$ 9.99 Scotchmans The Hill Cabernet Shiraz 2015
Currently out of stock
CabernetSauv Shiraz / / Victoria
Ever since the establishment of Scotchman's Hill to the balmy maritime aspects of Bellarine Peninsula, the award winning team have been on the lookout for harvests collated from climes further afield which are worthy of the estate label. In this case, the pick of Cabernet and Shiraz grown to choice vineyards, has been assembled into a solidly structured accord, exhibiting prominent spiced plum and berry flavours supported by firm stalky tannins, all fashioned into the enduring Scotchman's Hill style.
View details Scotchmans Hill Shiraz 2013
$ 29.99 Scotchmans Hill Shiraz 2013
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Bellarine / Victoria
One of Victoria's stellar performers puts their stamp on Australian Shiraz. The windswept maritime aspects of Bellarine Peninsula punish vines into extracting the maximum amount of cool climate spice while developing the ripest, luscious berry flavours. The Scotchman displays an engaging intensity of Shiraz fruit characters, pliant tannins and crisp acidity in support of liquorice and plum notes, along with vibrant Bellarine expressions of freshly milled spice, minerality and brine.
View details Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir 375ml
$ 17.99 Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir 375ml
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Bellarine / Victoria
View details Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir 2014
$ 29.99 Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir 2014
Available by the dozen
PinotNoir / Bellarine / Victoria
One of Australia's most perennially feted and esteemed Pinot Noir, generously flavoured, brilliantly balanced, stylish and approachable. The Geelong/ Bellarine area has a long history of viticulture, which dates back to colonization by Swiss immigrants in the 1840s. Curiously, Pinot Noir is a wine that performs well in the cooler climes of the lower Swiss Alps. It remained however for Scotchmans Hill to establish Geelong as one of Australia's leading winegrowing regions, due in no small part to the quality and consistency of their splendid Pinot Noir.
View details Schild Estate Shiraz
$ 19.99 Schild Estate Shiraz
Available by the dozen
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
By one of the Barossa's most internationally renowned harbingers of fine Australian wine, a big hit in America for all the right reasons. Elegantly structured and seamless, the exploit of quality fruit and skilled winemaking. This vibrant, personable Shiraz is a true expression of Barossa generosity, gracefully endowed with an attractive full bodied palate, showing exceptional balance between quality new oak and judicious alcohol, ripe acids and layers of savoury fruit.
View details Schild Estate Pramie Shiraz 2013
$ 59.99 Schild Estate Pramie Shiraz 2013
Available in cartons of six
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Growing just a short distance north of Lyndoch Township, the feted vines on Schild's Liebich and Angus Brae blocks are meticulously husbanded to fully exploit the bounty of influences offered by the exceptional terroir and clime. Each vintage, certain parcels emerge as the stars. The Schild team set aside the pick of harvest for a highly deferential treatment, a minimal movement of juices throughout the vinification, as truly great wine needs to be unperturbed in the making, a generous style of unsurpassable excellence, elegance and finesse.
View details Schild Estate Moorooroo Shiraz 2015
$ 149.99 Schild Estate Moorooroo Shiraz 2015
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
Grapes for the stately Moorooroo super premium Shiraz are sourced from the oldest commercial vineyard in Australia, the fruit of two centuries viticulture in the Hundred of Moorooroo, between Jacob’s Creek and North Para River. Planted just eleven years after the foundation of South Australia, the ancient Moorooroo rootstock yields a wine of rare complexity, very different to the modern style of Australian Shiraz. Old vines are also very low yielding, so the most that can ever be made of Moorooroo Shiraz is two hundred cases annually.
View details Schild Estate Moorooroo Shiraz 2013
$ 99.99 Schild Estate Moorooroo Shiraz 2013
Currently out of stock
Shiraz / Barossa / SouthAustralia
One of the new world's most exclusive, ancient vineyard wines, awaited annually by the most discerning Shiraz enthusiasts around the globe. Only ever bottled in the finest vintages, fruit is sourced from the superior Ahrens Vineyard at Lyndoch and the historic Moorooroo site at Jacobs Creek, which for more than 120 years, ended up with Orlando. Moorooroo is made from the four remaining rows of the original Wiliam Jacob Shiraz plantings, saved from the government sponsored vine pull schemes of the 1980s by estate patriarch Ed Schild.
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